Ms. Marca Ch. 71


Chapter 71 Boyfriend Problems

Mr. Hill pulled it out, right in front of my face. It was magnificent. Not just big. Not just beautiful. This was a giant, perfect appendage, a gorgeous seductive monster cock. I felt my mouth hang open, and heard myself making small mewling sounds as I was overwhelmed with adoration of this vision, this dream cock, the stuff of sexual obsession and nightmare. About half hard, it was easily eight inches, and looked to be as fat around as my wrist, at least.

“Oh, my sweet, ah Jesus …,” I whispered, mesmerized. “Fuck,” I gasped as I watched it grow and harden, fighting against its own weight to stand straight, ten at least now, the velvety purple head threatening menace and glory, the smooth veined shaft promising painful stretching, punishment and ecstasy.

I would fuck this cock. This was not one of my high school fuck buddies dick, this was a real man size cock. I had to have it, had to experience this giant. This legendary cock that would turn my pussy into a gaping bruised cunt. I imagined it in my mouth, stretching my lips around it, fantasized the huge head pushing into my throat, gagging me, orgasm as I choked on the greatest cock I had ever seen in my young life. I reached to it unconsciously, wrapping my hand around the base, not surprised to see my fingers didn’t reach, and I felt my pussy drench itself in anticipation. No, I thought, a pussy is for dicks, this beast of a cock deserves my cunt, to stretch me, split me open, and pound my cervix. No mercy. Beat my cunt until it screams, leave me bruised and sore, ruined for all dicks but this one.

I never had thought like this. Sex with the guys at school was good, satisfying. It was regular, with regular frequency, and a normal amount of adventure, I thought. Maybe a little extra effort when I’d had a date out with two of them. My sex drive was normal. regular.

Until now. My normal, controlled, proper sex drive had blown away like yesterday’s newspaper. I was consumed with lust, staring at this giant beast. I felt the desire in my pussy, my nipples, my chest, my stomach. Jesus Christ, my knees were weak.

I had to have it. My hand tightened, feeling the heat at the base of the shaft, felt the pulse of the beast, and my nipples tightened and hardened in response. I heard whimpering, a plaintive expression of desire, of need. I realized it was my, expressing my own surrender, and I panted in submission. I thought the man was speaking, asking for a decision, calling my name, Mara, Marca. I imagined the cock was calling; it called to my, called my by name, suck me Marca, it said, suck me Marca, and I heard a hungry grunting breath escape my lungs as my mouth opened, and touched the head, stretching my lips around the velvety crown, feeling the spongy firmness on my tongue, and still stretching, forcing my jaw open until it hurt, and then it was finally inside, and I pushed my head down onto the shaft.

I leaned forward barely aware of him opening his pants and undressing as he spoke. “I guess I was right so far,” I heard, “and you’ve made your decision.” I reached up with my other hand now, both of them grasping the thick meat, encircling the shaft, while I tried to force the remaining portion into my mouth. “Let’s see if I am right about the rest,” I heard him tease. I didn’t want to tease it and lick it, no. Not this one. Not this dream cock. I pulled my mouth off for just a moment.

“Oh, God, I want this cock,” I gasped out loud, grateful for the opportunity to express my desire out loud, and at the same time astounded at the words as they came out. I felt liberated, like I had been holding in a secret. “I want it in my mouth. I want it to fuck my mouth, to gag me.” I stroked the shaft with both hands, unable to let go, oblivious to all things but this throbbing cunt destroyer, my contact with it, my obsession for it; my need. I wondered briefly how I could lose my control so quickly, then forgot that person, the controlled woman, and surrendered to my craving.

He pulled his dick away and my hands flailed in the empty air, desperate to reconnect. My face inched forward as I leaned in, and he swung it at me, striking my face with it; I felt the impact, and the sensation shot through me, alerting my nipples, and pushing straight through to my clit and my pussy, making me wet. Again he struck me and I opened my mouth, trying to suck it, knowing I could never capture it. I could only be conquered by it, and I stopped trying to catch it, I held my head still and received the blows on my face, heard the slap of flesh on flesh, felt the heat as it struck me, and I whimpered, “Please,” and opened my mouth. “Please,” I repeated, opened again, offering my open mouth to the cock that I must have, must serve. “Ple-“, I began, but then my wish was granted and it pushed into my open mouth, and I moaned with delight.

It pushed in, and stretched my mouth wide, and still it pushed; it bounced against the back of my mouth, and where I would normally konyaaltı escort pull back, I gagged, and accepted, and was eager to have more, fulfilled by the punishment. Already my mouth ached, but as the head brutalized the back of my mouth, I inhaled, and it pushed my throat open, blocking my airway, forcing tears to my eyes as my throat tried to close on the massive intruder. My hands went between my legs to rub my pussy, to thrill at the stimulation I received at serving my new cock master, proud of my submission, my debased achievement. The cock head fucked my mouth a few strokes as I furiously rubbed my crotch. Then it pulled back, and I gasped for air, my mouth still open, ready for more, and eager for more, and proud of the service my mouth provided.

He grabbed me, his fingers entwined in the hair on either side of my head, and pushed his dick a long stroke into my, fucking open mouth. “Damn baby you got the longest legs I ever seen and your butt is so slim and tight. But best of all you got a set of tits to die for, all the guys in school want to fuck you don’t they sweet tits?”

I nod yes, I’ll tell him anything if he will just take care of me, and I want it so. “Do you like my cock?” he asked as he withdrew, holding it in front of my lips, angling my head so I must look at him as I answered. I dutifully looked him in the eyes, the sweet promising cockhead brushing my face and lips.

“Oh, yes,” the hoarse whisper came out.

“Out loud, Marca!”

“Yes,” I obeyed.

“Louder. Like you mean it.”

“Yes,” I said proudly, with desire.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I like your cock.” As I finished the statement he put it back into my mouth again. I groaned in delight as the massive shaft filled my mouth, pushed against my throat, gagging me, making my eyes tear, and withdrew. I stole a breath as he spoke, blinking the tears away, delighted at my debauchery.

“Do you love it?”

“M-mm, yeah, I love your beautiful cock.” Again he penetrated my mouth, this time a second and third time he pumped into me, then slowly sliding out as he spoke. I opened my eyes to see he held a cell phone, pointing at my.

“Do you want my cock?” Was he recording me? I tried to care, and found I couldn’t. All I cared about was getting stuffed by the meat stick poised at my lips. I licked the tip before answering.

“O-oo, yeah, I want it bad, I want it in my mouth,” lick, “and then I want it in my pussy.”

“You’re what?”

“My pus- my cunt. I want this,” slow lick, “fuck monster in my cunt.” I was stunned at my voice, my language, as he pushed into my mouth again, and I saw the cell phone pointed at me as my eyes closed, felt him fuck my mouth several long, full strokes, using my mouth, banging into my throat. I wondered if I would be sore, then I didn’t care, I wanted to be sore. He pulled out and my mouth made a wet slurping sound around the head as it emerged, and I moaned; my mouth denied it’s desire.

“Do you need my cock?” He continued slapping my face with it, and my mouth opened automatically every time it came near my face. “Tell me how you need it.” Another slap, then bouncing it off my lips, bruising my lips with its weight. “Tell me what you will do to have it.” I felt the heated mass striking my, the sensation heightening my desire, some kind of animal instinct, and I felt my answers pouring out of my effortlessly, as though I were possessed.

“Fuck me, I’ll do anything. I swear I’ll do fucking anything.” I tried to catch it with my mouth as it slapped at me. “I’ll suck it. I want to suck it, I want you to cum in my mouth.” Images came to me in my mind of things I would normally recoil at with a man old enough to be my father, but now suddenly desired. “I want to feel it coming in my mouth, shooting cum on my face, please. Just let me have this cock.” My desire steered me, my need propelled me. “Fuck me with it, fuck my slut cunt, I’ll be your slut, your cock-slave whore cunt, please, I need your cock.” It slapped my open mouth and I felt it brush my tongue, and the tingle went straight through my body to my nipples and clit. “I want to suck it after you fuck me, I want to taste my stretched pussy on this meat stick,” another lick, and I moaned in delight. “Fill me with cum, fill my slut cunt with your cum, and I’ll clean the cum off this beautiful monster and lick my cunt juice from your balls.” I couldn’t believe the things I was saying.

“Will you do whatever I tell you?”

“Yes,” I blurted, not thinking, not caring. What would he ask? What would I think of myself? What would Robert think? Remember Robert, I thought? “Anything you say, anything.”

“Will you suck my dick in public?”

“Yes, I don’t care, I’ll do it.” Fuck, I thought, would I really do that?

“You will, in front of people … while they watch?”

“Yes.” Then, instead of potential fear, the idea of being watched started to excite my. Watching me suck this monster. “Yes, I want them to see me.”

“You want other men watching?”


“Even kültür escort your boyfriend? Would you suck my cock in front of your boyfriend?”

I startled for a moment, then forgot myself, lost myself in my selfish uncontrollable need, all the while my eyes darting from his face to the object of my lust, poised at my mouth. Fuck, Mr. Hill wanted to fuck me in front of his son, Robert? “Yes, please, anything. I’ll suck your cock in front of Robert, make him watch, let him see me swallow this monster down my throat, eat your cum, yes.”

“Will you fuck me in front of him?”

An image came to my head of Robert watching this monster stretch and ruin my cunt, and I imagined his face, the horror, and the — excitement?

“Fuck, yeah, fuck me while he watches, let him see this beauty stretch me open, make him see it go where his dick goes, just fuck me with it.” I felt the shift twitch in my hands, and I licked the head, and trembled with excitement. Would Robert watch me? Would he be angry? Would he like it?

“Open your mouth,” he commanded, and I did, wide, waiting in anticipation for the massive tool to penetrate my face. He pushed it in, and I swooned in relief as the shaft filled my mouth. He pulled out.

“Look at me.” I looked up, the cockhead resting at my lips, my tongue darting out, flicking the pre-cum oozing at the tip. He was holding the cell phone at me. “Tell me your name, then tell me what you want. What you will do”

“My name is Marca,” I said to the phone, knowing it was recording video, not caring. “I want to be a slut for this beautiful cock. I will do anything to have it in my slut mouth and cunt.” I licked the head, swirled my tongue around it, looking directly into the phone.

“Good,” he said, then pulled back from me, and turning, pushed a few buttons on the phone, then held it to his ear. I sat on the bed, watching him, phone up, pants undone, giant cock, semi-hard. “Yeah,” he said in the phone, “I got it, come in.”

I thought, Come in? Who is he talking to?

The door open and there stood Robert, my boyfriend, we had been dating just a few weeks. I saw the hurt look on his face and I looked at his father, Mr. Hill, I saw the smirk look on his face. Mr. Hill turned to look at his son in the door way.

“Son I told you she was a slut, shit she is a whore, you think this is the kind of woman you want for a wife?”

Robert just lowered his head and mumbled no, he turned and went back out of the room and down the hall. I looked up at the asshole father of I guess my ex-boyfriend.

“You bastard you said we were alone, you said he had gone to visit your ex, his mother for the weekend!”

“Hey big tits, I had to show my boy what kind of whore you are, what kind of woman you will be if he married you. You had him fooled, fucking everyone but him, making him the laughing stock of the school, telling him you loved him and you wanted to save yourself until you two were married, you fucking cunt!”

Just then I heard Robert’s motorcycle start and he was pulling out of his father’s garage and with that loud squeal of tires he was gone down the street and I guess out of my life. But I had one big problem facing me, Mr. Hill’s big cock was still in front of me and I was still naked on the bed in his guest bedroom.

“I guess you want me to go, get out of here?”

“It looks to me baby you are hot for cock, don’t you need some cock?” I pop open my eyes wider and my moth makes the big ‘O’ shape as I nod yes.

“You’re going to fuck me?” His eyes looked down at my slit, my juicy cunt and I lean back and spread my legs wide and used both hands to part my pussy lips and show him my pink.

His face went straight for my cunt. His tongue licked up and down my slit before working its way into my cunt. I use one had to pull my lips wider apart and the other I use to guild his head deeper into my teenage cunt.

“MMMMNNHHHHH… THAT FEELS SO GOOD … OH GOD … I THINK I’M CUMMING!!!!!!” M. Hill reached up and played with my breasts while his tongue worked its way deeper into my cunt.

Once I came down from my post orgasmic euphoria, reality started sinking in. “Marca you want to spend the night?”

“What about Robert, is he coming back?”

“Honey you and my son are history, so what if he comes back?”

I gave him a dirty look and stuck my tongue out at him as he chuckled. “I should probably call my parents to let them know. I don’t think it should be a problem, though.”

“Good. Call your parents and let me talk to one of them. I pick up his house phone in the bedroom and dial home.

“Hey mom I’m over at Roberts place, Mr. Hill has invited me to have dinner with him and Robert can I spend the night?”

“Damn Marca are you still leading that boy on? Are you still playing the sweet virgin?”

“Yes … oh thanks mom, I’ll be home in the morning.” I looked up and Mr. Hill motion for me to give him the phone.

“Mom, Mr. Hill wants markantalya escort to speak to you, hold on.”

I walked out of the bedroom o go pee and heard Mr. Hill tell my mother that he was grilling steaks and had a bottle of wine for the 3 of us to drink with dinner and didn’t want me to drive home late. I came back in the room and he was laughing and kidding my mother about how pretty I was and how she could pass as my sister, the asshole. After a few minutes he winked at me and gave me back the phone.

“Hey mom, so I’ll be home in the morning.”

“Marca he sounds nice is he good looking?”

“Yes …!” I turn my back on Mr. Hill and took a few steps away.

“You need to tell me all about him when you get home, be careful, love you baby.”

“Me too, bye!”

As I talked to mom I saw Mr. Hill take his clothes off. I hung up and I sat on the bed, leaning against the pillows. I started massaging my breasts as I smiled and gave him a sexy look. I took each breast and l lifted them to my mouth and sucked my nipples into my mouth. I bit each one and then pinched the nipples and continued massaging my breasts. I then let my hands travel down my stomach to my pussy. I rubbed my fingers up and down my slit, getting it very wet. I then opened up my slit with one hand while my fingers on my other hand entered my pussy. I pushed my fingers in and out, slowly at first, and then growing faster. I heard Mr. Hill moan, and I looked up to see him jacking his cock. He was watching my hands on my pussy very closely. I took my fingers out of my pussy, and brought them up to my mouth while I watched Mr. Hill’s eyes follow my hand. I sucked my fingers into my mouth while our eyes met. He crawled up on the bed to me and kissed me. He took my hand and sucked my fingers into his mouth one at a time.

“That was incredible. You been making my son go crazy not letting him have any pussy, you bad girl you. The poor boy comes home from a date with you and I hear him jerking off in his bathroom!” I giggled and run a finger over my pussy lips. “Will I have let him touch my tits a few times, once I let him kiss a nipple, but stopped him, he was not being a gentleman I told him.”

“All this time you been fucking other guys behind his back … fuck you are the bad one!”

“Mr. Hill you got me over here to break Robert and me up, not because I’m a nasty cum dump, but because you wanted my pussy all for yourself, didn’t you?”

“I been going nuts wanting to fuck you since I first saw you and after I found out you were fucking around I can’t resist you anymore. I have to have you.”

With that he pulled me by my legs until I was lying flat on the bed. He then lifted my long tan legs until they were on his shoulders. His cock head slowly entered my cunt, and he worked it in and out slowly, he was almost teasing me with it watching my face as he moved.

“Play with your breasts for me, Marca.” I did. I took them into my hands and pinched my nipples, hard. I pulled them and stretched them and massaged them. Mr. Hill was watching very intently. His pushed in a little and I moaned … “Oh yes, oh that feels so gooood!”

“Not too big for you baby?”

I roll my head from side to side and mumbled … “I like them big, big and fat, just like you are … mmm … do me!”

He pushed in deeper and I felt his balls hit my ass cheeks. I look up and with wide eyes say, “Oh you are big, got to be a good 9 inches.” “Damn baby that is right on the money, I’m 9 inches, what is the biggest cock you ever had?”

“Oh Mr. Hill don’t ask me that.”

“You want me to pull out and send you home girl?”

“Oh you wouldn’t?”

“Tell me how who and when.”

I looked at him and giggled … “how big, 12 inches, like a big summer sausage, who … coach Cook, when, last winter after one of the basketball games … he gave me and another cheerleader a ride home. He dropped her at her home first than took me home and I let him have some in my driveway, mom and dad were out of town.”

“Is he that black coach?”

Oh fuck this will turn him off, me getting it on with a black guy, shit, shit … you done it girl.

“Was he good?”

“He had a nice cock, but if he knew what to do with it, it would have been better!”

Hill chuckled and started pumping into me and I groan as he went back to giving me the big rod. After a few minutes of my m moaning and telling him and the world how good it was he, his pounding became more insistent. I took my left breast into my mouth, sucking my nipple. My eyes met with his again and I could see the lust in his eyes. He wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.

“That’s my girl. I can’t hold out much longer. Your cunt is so tight. It feels so good on my cock.” His thumb started playing with my clit, which sent me over the edge.


My pulsing pussy started milking his cock. He pulled out and shot his load all over my face and hair. When his cock was spurting his warm cream, he collapsed onto the bed next to me. “That was incredible.” He turned my face towards him, and kissed me.

I kissed him back and said. “I think we should take a shower to clean up.”

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