My 1st Guy


I have tried to tell this story a few times and each time I drift from reality and embellish on the real story. This time I want to tell the story as it happened as I have been thinking of him so many times as of late, the reason for this is I found out he has moved back to town a while back.

My name is Bob the year was 1977, I was 19 and my friend Brian was 18. I was kind of a mix between a stoner & nerd, smart but wasted most of the time. Brian was more of just a nerd with what we would have called a bit of sissy about him. Don’t get me wrong he was a good kid & friend, he just got picked on a bit and although he was kind of forced on me as a friend, our parents were friends so I guess they thought that made us friends also, I did like him.

We never hung around much together until he joined an organization that I was in, it was then that we found ourselves alone since I drove him to the meetings that were a few towns over. As we spent time talking on those drives we got to be much better friends. After a year or so I had graduated high school & he was a senior, it was that year that our journey began.

I had been having thoughts wondering what it would be like to touch another guys cock and also having mine touched too. I thought, since Brian had always had that sissy in him, I wondered if he may have had those same thoughts. While driving home I worked up the nerve and after pulling off the road asked him if he ever thought of or if he ever had touched someone else.

After asking him I was almost sick to my stomach, if his answer was no would he tell everyone I asked. My anxiety was quickly relieved as his answer was he had thought about it many times but never had. Taking a big gulp my next question was if he would like to touch mine or me touch his.

I knew Brian’s answer would be yes once my eyes glanced at his hard cock tenting in his pants, then he immediately answered yes as I looked at him eyeing my own hard cock pushing at my pants.

After getting into the back seat of my dads station wagon we both unzipped our pants pulling them down to our ankles. Then after sliding off our underwear it was the 1st time I saw Brian’s cock, a wonderfully cut almost 7″ fairly thick unit. Brian being a skinny guy bahis firmaları his cock seemed even bigger. My cock back then was only about 5″ also cut but not as thick as his, I seemed to pale in comparison to his.

After taking a breath Brian was the 1st to reach out slowly running his fingers down slowly down the shaft. After wrapping his hand around my cock, he began slowly stroking my shaft. I had never felt anything so exciting and my cock became harder than it ever had before.

As he continued stroking my cock I reached my hand to his cock, I was amazed how soft the skin felt even though he was rock hard. Brian was the 1st to cum, his 1st stream shooting straight up almost hitting the roof of my car before landing on his stomach. The remaining streams went on my hand and his stomach.

As I sat there with my cum covered hand wrapped around his cock, Brian continued stroking my cock as I leaned back. After a couple minutes with his hand moving faster & faster, I shot my load covering his hand, arm and dripped down covering my pubic hair.

As we both laid back still holding each other’s cock, I told him it was wonderful asking him also if he liked it. Brian answered that he also liked it very much.

Since he answered yes I asked him if he thought he would ever want to do it again, he answered yes he would like to very much.

After cleaning ourselves up with some towels that were in the back of the car, we decided that the next meeting we would stop and do it again. Just before getting to his house Brian reached for my hand holding it as we drove.

As he got out of the car he leaned in and whispered that he couldn’t wait until the next meeting, then with a wink he left walking into his house.

The next 2 weeks before our next meeting seemed so far away. I jerked off every spare minute I had but stopped 2 days before as I wanted to save my load for him.

Finally the day came, I got to his house about 10 minutes early and his parents invited me in while Brian finished dressing. Talking with his parents those 10 minutes seemed like a lifetime, I just wanted to get out, have our meeting over with and then be alone with him.

On the drive Brian told me how much he wanted to feel my cock kaçak iddaa again, since the drive was going to be 20 minutes or so I said if he wanted I could pull my cock out for him while I drove. After unzipping my pants Brian pulled my cock out and began massaging it, not jerking me off just a kind of sensual massage. My cock got really hard but I was able to not cum during the drive. Just before pulling in the lot Brian told me it might be funny if I got out of the car with my cock pushing at my pants. I agreed and driving past the lot I pulled over at a cul-de-sac of a new development being built. Brian pulled my pants down after reaching into the back seat to get a towel he jerked me off holding the towel over my cock as my cum spurted into it.

After wiping me clean and pulling my pants up we went to our meeting, which seemed to take forever even though we finished early. We stayed for a few minutes having soda & donuts that were served after each meeting and quickly left the second we got the chance.

On the way home we stopped and jerked each other off, after I came Brian held a bit that landed on his hand to his mouth licking it off then said how good it was a bit salty but good.

The thought of him eating my cum excited me as I began jerking him off faster wondering when his cock shot it’s load would I have then nerve to taste his. It didn’t take long to find out as his cock spewed even more cum than that 1st night, streams shooting 2+ feet flooding his body. His last few shots landed onto my hand and after he was finished I pulled my hand to my mouth. After taking a deep breath I opened my mouth taking my tongue I then licked most of his cum off. As I held his cum inside my mouth I tasted that same salty flavor he described, it was also so warm I thought as I swallowed feeling the warmth begin filling my belly.

This went on for the next couple of meetings and then one day on the drive back, I asked him if he ever thought about putting a cock in his mouth. He told me he thought about what my cock would taste like all the time.

When we stopped this time, after Brian took my pants and underwear off he began slowly kissing my cock. After a couple of minutes he opened his mouth and took my cock inside lowering until kaçak bahis he bottomed out against my pubes. Finally his head began bobbing up and down as his lips held tight against my cock.

I was so excited having his mouth wrapped around my cock that I shot my load after only about 2 minutes. I was disappointed, hoping it would last much longer but it still felt so good. Brian swallowed every last drop slowly pulling his head up until his lips were wrapped tightly around it’s head then working from the base started milking my cock until the last tiny bit of cum forced it’s way to the tip. After he was finished, Brian asked me if I wanted to do the same which I answered yes.

As I began pulling his pants and underwear down I wondered what his cock would taste like. His cock was rock hard pointing straight up, as I lowered my head I licked the head and it jumped at my touch. I kissed his shaft from the base to the tip then opening my mouth it entered and I lowered my head. As the tip hit the back of my throat I began gagging a bit and pulled back up. I slowly started sucking and bobbing my head only taking 4″ or so in so it wouldn’t gag me again. As I pushed my head down his shaft one time his hips rose once again his cock hit the back of my throat then the head pushed inside. As it did I gagged again, when I went to pull up Brian’s hands held me so I couldn’t. I was going to push his hands away when suddenly I realized I wasn’t gagging anymore.

Brian then pushed his hips up sliding more of his cock down my throat, I gagged but only for a second, then with one more push the rest of his cock slid in as my nose now was pressed firmly against his pubes. Pushing his hands away I pulled my head up almost pulling his cock out then ramming my head down I took him deep in my throat again, my gag reflex kicked in again but only for a second or two. After pausing for a few seconds I did it again this time no gag reflex, then I began pounding his cock in and out of my throat getting faster and faster with each stroke.

After what felt like 5 minutes Brian’s cum began shooting, I held his cock inside my throat as his warm cum began filling my belly, I then milked his cock the way he milked mine savoring his cum to the last drop.

After dropping him off on my drive home all I could think of was sucking him and him sucking me I wasn’t sure which I liked better.

This is all I have for this part, I will wrap up the rest in part 2 to come.

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