My 1st Time with Kurt BBC


Kurt was my 1st in a few categories. 1st BBC, gave me my first oral orgasm, 1st man I had intercourse with while married, 1st man I gave head while being married & looking back I guess he was the one & only man that shared me. He was very attractive & I had a crush on him since High School where he worked Security. He was now a cop & he packed a BIG gun, LOL. The only one with a bigger cock than Kurt was the NFL player one night stand I had a few years later. This is the 1st time we had intercourse. Since our 1st encounter in which I gave him head we had met up a few times. Every time resulted in me swallowing a very tasty load from me giving him car head. He was so anxious to be inside me but I was a bit intimidated. I lost my virginity to a well endowed guy but he was nothing compared to the Kurt. Kurt was not only really long he was really really thick & was blessed with a huge cock head to boot. I finally succumbed to his pleading & set forth some rules. He had to wear 2 condoms, bring plenty of lube & no “jackhammer” pounding. (Rules provided by friends that had experience with BBC & enormous cocks, LOL.) He set up a meeting at a friends house who was away for the weekend.

It was a Friday so I took off early from work & had my legs & pussy waxed. Did my hair, eyebrows nails & toenails done as well. Keep in mind I was barely 21 at the time & he was 10 years my senior so I wanted to make the best impression I could. My husband was home that night so I dressed casually & told him I was meeting up with some of my coworkers for drinks & plan out a project. I knew he wouldn’t mind as he would usually go fuck one of his side chicks every Friday. I met up with Kurt at the house. It was a large home in a nicer part of town. What struck me was this enchanting white animal skin rug in the middle of a huge living room. Kurt popped open a bottle of Champagne & quickly our lips were locked together. We were sitting in this white leather couch & the kissing was very heavy & passionate. Kurt wasted no time in undressing me. (He later confessed he was dying to see my skin color contrast against the sofa!) I stood up as he removed the last article of clothing but requested I keep my heels on. He stepped away & asked that I simply stand there & just turn slowly.

Very slowly, as he put it, “To take all of me in!” He was SMOOTH! As I was doing this he was undressing. When my back was turned he asked me to stop. He then began kissing my neck & massaging my breasts. escort ataşehir I was asked to sit down on the sofa & came face to face with his enormous erection. Kurt was holding his cock with both hands & he squeezed the tip of his dick & out poured out his sweet tasting pre-cum. “Saved it for you, Baby! I know you love my pre-cum. Taste!” OMG! Did I? I carefully picked his delicious nectar up with the very tip of my tongue. It was so thick it made a long unbroken string from the tip of his cock to my lips. Without it breaking I placed my mouth gently on the head & circled my tongue around. His pre-cum was very heavy & abundant. I picked some up with my finger & looking straight at him proceeded to “paint” my lips with his juices.

He had an intense gaze on his face & he was biting his lower lip seductively. By this time my only concern was the stain I was going to leave on this sofa as my pussy was now dripping wet. Before I could voice my concern Kurt pushed me back on the sofa, leaned down & gave me a quick wet kiss then gently parted my legs. Kurt had fingered me several times but never tasted me directly. He then knelt in front of me & began teasing me with his mouth & tongue. I felt his mouth gently biting my inner thighs & move his way up to my pussy. Masterfully he began using his tongue all around my pussy before entering & savoring my pussy walls. I was moaning uncontrollably & my hips were thrusting unto his face. Kurt kept his head shaved otherwise I would have pulled his hair from their roots! He found my clitoris & using his lips began nibbling it. I was unaware of anything but the euphoria that I was experiencing! I lost track of time. My legs are now over my head & the next thing I feel is this earth shattering wave rushing through my entire body. I am convulsing & shaking as never before. In the heat of the moment I scratched Kurt’s face! As the feeling subsides I find Kurt looking over me & his face is glossy with my juices. What just happened? I had never ever cum from getting eaten ever! This was now the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced to date!

Kurt gently helped me stand on my rubbery legs. Instantly I am greeted by a very moist cock head so I kneel before him & take him in my mouth. I wanted to return the favor but Kurt was dying to feel my insides. He lays me on the carpet reaches over for a condom. I see him struggle with it & am thinking to myself that making him wear two of them may be kadıköy escort very difficult, so I let go of that idea. Unbeknownst to me he goes over & picks up a camera & snaps a picture of me lying nude on this dreamy carpet. My eyes were closed & I was playing with myself to excite him even further. As he kneels down & I see him place his enormous cock in between my trembling legs. He applies a generous amount of lube & presses his cock head firmly at my opening. The very first thrust was gentle & I feel this massive stretching of my vagina. It is not enjoyable & I push him away. He re enters & the discomfort is still there but less so. I have one arm keeping him at a controllable distance. Due to my nervousness & arousal I am soaking wet in sweat & my pussy is drenched. He keeps the head in & it feels so full. My pussy is outstretched clamping his massive thickness. After what seemed a few minutes he gently goes deeper. I feel his lips on mine & he begins to kiss me in a lovingly fashion.

I have never experienced such a gentle touch ever. His massive cock was now deeper inside of me than anyone else before. Kurt is slowly thrusting me in a rhythmic fashion. I begin to match him move for move while his massive balls were slapping my ass. Once more I am lost in the moment. It is difficult to put into words the feeling I was experiencing. It was both painful yet pleasurable. I kept looking down to see his shaft enter me. It was so thick! I am about to explode when I see his abs tighten & his face contorting as he exclaims loudly “I’m cumming!” He thrusts deep inside me & it hurts like hell! I yelp & push him off instinctively. Suddenly my legs are shaking uncontrollably as another orgasm annihilates me. I felt awful doing that but he went in too deep! We both plop down on the carpet & I am STILL shaking! We eventually doze off for a few minutes. I wake up first & he is on that carpet looking so yummy. His huge cock is between his thighs & I know I have to record this for my friends to enjoy.

I snap a few pictures of him completely nude. I even take a close up of his massive manhood. Hope he’s ready for round two so I kneel down & gently grab his cock & begin licking his entire shaft. I lift his dick & start sucking his huge balls. He is beginning to harden with my touch as his eyes are still closed but he is beginning to moan. I waste no time in wrapping my mouth around his growing erection. I LOVE when a guy gets hard inside my mouth!! maltepe escort bayan As I am sucking him he opens his eyes in utter amazement. Once he was rock hard I asked him for a condom. I reach for one & place it on his massive erection. I then straddle him & begin to ride him. As I was controlling the depth I was astonished at how far up & down I was moving & he still was not close to being fully inside me!

He asks me to go on all fours. As I get up I notice the condom has broken. He tells me that was the last one. He removes what’s left of the condom & I put my fingers inside of me & use my juices to lube him. His enormous erection is glistening with my juices so I ask him to penetrate me now!. I get on all fours push my head down & arch my back offering him my body for him to enjoy. He enters me & instantly I am enthralled in the moment. He grabs my waist & begins thrusting deeper. Once he hits bottom he knows to back off & not go in any further, this allows me to thoroughly enjoy his massiveness without discomfort. I feel him add more lube & I am quietly thankful at his gesture. I begin moving my hips & controlling both depth & pace which he seems to appreciate by his moaning. I feel that surge again & another powerful wave overtakes my body. I begin to shake all over as my orgasm consumes me. I was captivated by Kurt’s lovemaking. Every now & then I catch myself moaning, he is talking to me with every thrust. This was so erotic to me. To hear this older, more experienced man tell me how much he desired me was driving me wild with lust!

Kurt took a very long time to cum. We switched over to many positions but never left that rug. He placed me on all fours (his favorite he would later admit) & after what seemed hours I feel another surge enrapture me completely. I must have been leaking my juices everywhere. He announces that he is about to cum. I had already cum two times while he was inside me. He stands over me & I reach over & take him in my mouth & swallow every drop of his juicy tasty cum! Again we plop down on the carpet & go to sleep. I awaken to Kurt gently caressing my face. We kiss but both know I have to leave. It is when we stand that we see the “aftermath” of our lovemaking. There were unmistakable stains on the carpet & the sofa that demonstrated the amount of pleasure we both had shared. Needless to say Kurt had quite the cleaning bill, LOL! I remember being so sore the next day. My pussy had never felt so used before. My legs were rubber! This would begin a nearly decade sexual relationship where he became “my man” & I was his “woman.” Kurt was always my first booty call & I was his. The adventures & experiences I shared with Kurt are priceless. I will share them in the near future.

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