My Affair with Gunjan


I am Dev a well-educated man well settled in life with my own business. I am very good looking and have always loved women and the women who have known me have reciprocated in return. I am well built and keep in shape with regular Jogs and exercising. I have brown hair cut short and light brown eyes to match.

Well here’s how the story goes of my affair with Gunjan. I met her on one of my trips to Tavern a pub in Bombay. I was waiting for a friend to show up. Seated at the bar sipping a glass of good whisky I let my eyes wander when I noticed her. She was a very beautiful lady tall about 5 ft 9 to my six-ft. She was big and very well endowed. Gunjan had a nice glowing skin, which was that perfect shade of tan. Her hair was straight and silky and cascaded to fall seductively on her shoulders. I caught her stealing glances towards me. She was seated at one of the tables with what I presumed to be her husband. Her guy was a handsome man tall and well built but seemed to have had a drink too many.

I took a general trip to the loo and on returning found my place at the bar taken. I took my glass in hand and scanned the floor for a place to sit. Gunjan’s table had a seat empty and I really wanted to take this chance and go up and introduce myself. At the same time our eyes met and I noticed a flush rise up in her cheeks expecting the inevitable. I walked up and asked her husband if I could take the seat. He was too sozzled to care and Gunjan really wanted me to sit down. She had quite a boring time with a drunk Guy next to her and really wanted to talk with someone. She introduced herself and her husband as Ajoy. We continued talking with her husband throwing in gibberish or two. He continued dunking one drink after another while we chatted on about a lot of things.

At about 10.30 Ajoy had had enough and slouched on his chair put his head on the table and went into deep sleep. His snoring caught on snickering glances from others around and Gunjan was really embarrassed. She asked me if I could help her put her husband into a taxi. I volunteered to drop them home in my car; I wanted to be with this lady as much as I could. She accepted without protest and I guessed that she also wanted to spend some more time with me. We had a couple of waiters help me almost carry her husband to my car. We tipped the waiters and asked the valet to park Ajoys car, which Gunjan told him that she, would make Ajoy take back the next day.

We sat in the car. Ajoy sleeping on the back seat, me driving and the exotic Gunjan sitting next to me. Th drive from Colaba to Hiranandani at Powai where they stayed was a long one but I enjoyed every moment of her company. She told me that Ajoy was a shippy and been out of a job for well over & months. He had taken to drinking and seemed to have almost lost the will to fight out of it and get a new job.

We reached her building she lived on the 11th floor. I offered to help take her husband home. We put our arms below his shoulders and took him to the elevator. We reached her flat and she opened the door with her keys. We put Ajoy to bed and as I was about to leave she asked me if I would like some coffee. I said I wouldn’t mind a drink if she had any. She said that was exactly what she wanted to offer but had thought that it was quite late and maybe I would like to go home. I told her that there was no way I would let go of a chance to spend some more time with such a beautiful girl. She got out two wonderful crystal glasses and a bottle of Chivas.

We went over to her balcony a lovely large semicircular one with a very beautiful marble table at the center with lovely cushioned low chairs beside them. She poured out the pegs and we both took large swigs off them. I moved over to the railing turning my back to the cool night outside and took a nice look at her. She was standing looking at me with her glass in her hand, she looked beautiful. She was wearing a bright yellow tight t shirt which ended right over her ice blue stretch jeans with buttons on her fly with a blue thick soled Adidas canvas sneakers on her feet. Her boobs were big and very firm and stretched the fabric defiantly. She had a very nice rounded arse with long not very slim but very shapely legs.

She was naturally big but very well shaped and you could make out there was not an ounce of fat on her body. She stared on with her wonderful black eyes. Slowly she moved over towards me took my glass from my hand and put it on the table. She moved in close put her hands on my chest and told me that she wanted me to kiss her. I put my hands behind her back and pulled her close and planted my lips on her luscious mouth.

We locked in a close embrace with her tits resting on my chest as a leaned back on the railing. Her mouth was very sweet and I probed in further with my tongue. She responded and we both started playing with our tongues. It was a long and very passionate kiss and she slowly moved on to unbutton my shirt. She placed her face on my chest konyaaltı escort nestling it in the hair. Gunjan mover her head and slowly started licking my nipples. She was getting quite wild now and though all lights were off in neighboring flats any one who cared to stay awake would have a great sight today. She suddenly moved off and closed the lights in her drawing room. Put on Enigma on her music system closed the door to the bedroom where Ajoy was sleeping. And walked back into the balcony.

She told me that she wanted me to make love to her in the open. Gunjan told me that her dearest fantasy was to get fucked by her husband and another handsome man together. Now that her hubby was stoned she at least wanted to have the other half of it. Saying this she kneeled in front of me an almost tore off my belt button and zip. She pulled my undies down and released my excited dick, which sprang free and slapped on her face. She held my cock with her hand and proceeded to lick the sides of my hard throbbing dick. Here I was standing in this wonderful place with every thing open to the world while this lusty goddess mouthed my prick.

She pushed the fore skin of my dick back to expose the large dark pink head. She looked at it lustily and smacked her lips with her tongue. She was quite unaware of me and seemed to just want that thing in her mouth. She kissed the head and slowly took me into her wet mouth. She kept her mouth closed in a very small opening and my dick felt like it was tearing into a tight virgin cunt. I knew instantly that she was an absolute expert in giving head and that I would be having a tough time controlling myself. She kept the prick in her mouth and started playing on it with her tongue.

She drew it out and pierced my pee hole with the tip of her tongue and flicked it all over the head. She was driving me quite mad and I could hear myself moaning with pleasure. Gunjan held my dick up and moved in to lick my balls, which were now tight with a torrent of semen held inside. She took both my balls into her wet mouth and started tickling them with her tongue. I could see her saliva glisten on my dick. She must have played with my balls for what seemed an eternity when she moved in for the kill. She thrust my dick into her mouth upto the hilt.

I could see my dick head making her throat bulge and my balls resting on her chin. She was almost chokeing but kept moving her head up and down over my burning prick ever time making my balls slap on to her chin. I held her hair in a tight fist and continued ramming my tool in her sweet mouth. I was close to coming when she removed my prick and told me that she wanted me to come in her mouth. She took my prick back in and slid a finger into my arse hole. This drove me mad and I started fucking her mouth furiously. Suddenly my legs went jelly and my balls started pulsating and let out a long jet of hot sperms into her mouth. She seemed to be ready and swallowed the first spurt but my balls were full and continued shooting. Stream after stream entered her mouth but as much as she tried it was a lot for her and I noticed the trickles of my love juice leaking out from her lips and rolling on to her chin.

She got up and went on to kiss me. I could taste my come on that sweet mouth of hers. She told me that she had a big pee in her and would go relieve herself and be back. I told Gunjan that there was no way I was going to let any slut who could do that to me get off without her punishment. I told her that her punishment would be that she would have to hold on to that pee till I was done licking her cunt. With that I grabbed he from the back and started unbuttoning her fly. I peeled her jeans down removing them slowly rubbing my palms along her gorgeous thighs as I stripped her.

Now all that this newfound fuck toy of mine was wearing was her T-shirt with lovely white lacy panties and her socks and Adidas sneakers on her feet. Her legs were clean of any hair and her fat butt looked very tempting. I kneeled in front of her held her arse with my hands and buried my face in her crotch. Her cunt smelled heavenly. She was almost begging with me to let her go and relieve herself before I continued. I was in no mood to listen and made her sit on the marble table on the center and seated myself on one of the low chairs. I put my hands on her shoulders and forcibly pushed her into a reclining position. She was now resting with the hands gripping the edge of the table with her butt on the edge and her panty covered cunt almost on my face her eyes stared down at me with a mix of pleading and defiance.

I kissed her cunt through her panties and felt that it was all wet. I slowly slid a finger into her panties and uncovered her love hole. I moved forward and kissed her moist cunt in a deep smooch and she moaned loudly. I moved a bit and started to flick her now erect clit with my tongue. I flickered over it like a butterfly’s wing and she kept pleading in moans. I held her clit in my kültür escort lips and sucked her hard she screamed and spasmed with her first orgasm and collapsed. Gunjan was now lying on the table with her head hanging. She was now getting wild and begging me to get a finger into her cunt. I slid my middle finger deep into her and started rubbing her G spot.

I drove my tongue deep in as far as I could go and started to move my face tongue fucking her. She was now oozing juices, which trickled down her arse cheeks and over to her arse hole. I moved over my tongue to her arse hole and started reaming it, it was now very wet with her juices. I spread her butt cheeks wide and pushed my tongue into her arse hole. She gave out a loud scream, which I bet must have woken the entire neighborhood. Anyhow none of the lights in other flats came on though I could have bet that behind every dark window there was either a man or a woman masturbating and fantasizing about joining us. I returned to playing with her G spot, impaled another finger into her arsehole and sucked her clit.

She was now climaxing with my three-way torture. She screamed to let her go or she would loose control of her bladder. I continued faster and harder rubbing the upper wall of her cunt while another finger twisted in her arsehole furiously while my mouth sucked her cunt lips and her clit almost tearing them off. Gunjan suddenly spasmed in a gigantic orgasm heaving her breasts skyward screaming like a wild slut. She shot out he piss intermittently in between her spasms. Her piss and her juices mixed were now shooting on to my face as I licked her.

I could feel her warm piss trickling along my chest and on to my cock and dripping away on to the floor of the balcony. She must have continued to piss and orgasm for at least 5 minutes and seemed to have lost all control of herself. I got up lay over her and kissed her mouth passionately. She was now slowly recovering herself. She whispered that it was wonderful and it was the first time she had done something as wild as piss and orgasm together and that she loved it. She said that she wanted to take a bath with me but after she had changed into a new swimsuit that her husband had bought but she never had the time to wear.

She walked on towards her bedroom and told me to follow her 10 minutes later. I fixed another drink and stood on the balcony naked and alone and let the night air caress my body. It was a wonderful night and I think I was already in love with Gunjan. Ten minutes flew by and I tiptoed into the bed room Ajoy was still asleep but I noticed that gunjan had got him naked. His prick was large and stood erect and glistened in the light coming from the slightly open door of the bathroom.

I was sure that Gunjan had given him a deep suck after getting him naked. I went into the bath. Gunjan stood with her back to me under the warm shower. She was wearing a beautiful Electric blue one-piece swimsuit. The back of the suit was deep and her back was totally exposed. Her butt was tightly held by the Lycra and exposed the lower end of her cheeks. She was wearing a black stiletto and swung around to look at me. She was all wet and her hair was now plastered unevenly around her face. Her big tits were pressed by the fabric into a massive cleavage into which water from the shower streaming down her face and hair flowed.

Her nipples were erect and seemed to want to tear the cloth. The thin shoulder straps were fighting to hold on to the weight of boobs, which were trying to break free. I walked on behind her pushed my crotch into her butt put my hands on the cloth over her breast squeezing them tightly and kissed her on her shoulder. She threw back her head on my shoulder and started grinding her arse on my crotch. Our embrace looked wonderful on the large mirror on the wall and I kept kneading her tits.

I whispered into her ear that if I wasn’t mistaken she had been sucking her husband. She told me I was right and that today was her birthday and that she wanted a double sandwich fuck as her gift. I turned her around kissed her lips wished her a happy birthday and told her that I would do every thing to make her day memorable. I picked her in my arms and told her that I first wanted her for myself. I walked out carrying her past the bedroom into the drawing room. I lay her down on the large soft bed on the floor. I lay my naked body on top of her and started to kiss her.

I slid her shoulder straps down and released her boobs. It was the first look I was having at her mounds. They were absolutely fantastic and her nipples were really screaming wanting to be sucked. I started flicking her nipples with my tongue. I pressed her breasts hard with my hands as I sucked furiously at them. Her breast skin was turning red with all the attention. I got up and slowly took off the entire suit. She was now lying stark naked only her stiletto’s on. I spread her legs took a nice look at the pussy I would be ravaging and slid markantalya escort my thick dick into her cunt.

She let out a squirm of delight and closed her eyes taking in the feeling of her new invader. I kept pumping furiously at her my balls slapping against her arse each time I thrust in. Gunjan was wild with delight and kept on prodding me to fuck her harder. I increased my tempo and force and she kept asking for more. I told gunjan that she was a very horny slut and she didn’t deserve to be one mans wife, she said should be the fuck toy of as many men & women who wanted her. She agreed to do so if I would pimp for her and join her in all of her fucks. I kept pumping her cunt furiously and could feel myself nearing another climax.

She was now ecstatic and kept pounding her hips into me each time I thrust forward. Her legs with the stiletto were now piercing into my arse. She squealed at me to keep pounding her and shoot inside her cunt. I pistioned through wondering how long could this bitch last that I felt my balls squeezing and shooting another string of cum into her body. Almost immediately she let out a scream and orgasmed. I kept pumping and shooting load after load and grinding my hips into her. She had now arched out and was lost in a huge climax. Spent we lay in each other’s arms and felt the warmth of each other’s body. My and her juices were now trickling out of her cunt onto my thighs and rolling onto the bed.

She asked me to make her a drink. I made one for both of us and sat down beside her. She got up and slid a LD into the player and told me that it was a new porno flick she had hired. We skipped the movies start to a section where this gorgeous blonde with huge tits was in a gym where she was being fucked out of her brains by three blacks and two whites. The guys were all very muscular and had huge dicks. Especially one of the blacks who looked like a giant and must have had a tool almost 12 inches long and as thick as 3 inches. His tool looked as if it would kill the bitch.

You could see that she was enjoying herself and every act of the gangbang. She had cocks up cunt up her arsehole one in her mouth and jacking off the rest with her hands. The guys kept flipping her into all sorts of positions and changing places themselves. She let out loud screams of delight mixed with pain every second she had her mouth free. The men kept ramming and shooting load after load into her. She had cum dripping from from the side of her lips oozing out from her cunt and her arse. She was really being fucked and the guys were really enjoying themselves with this queen of sluts. Gunjan was getting really excited and rubbing her glass on her cunt.

She turned to me kissed me and told me that on other thoughts she wouldn’t like a threesome but something like what we were watching on TV. She really wanted to get gang fucked and would love to have a bitch like the blonde on TV thrown in to add to her pleasure. I kissed her and promised her that I would do all I could to get her all the studs and that with a body like hers it would not be very difficult. With that I turned her over on her belly and spread her butt cheeks and started licking her arsehole. I took a finger full of her cunt juices and slid it in to lubricate her. I lay on her back and shoved my dick in gently into her crack.

She moaned as I moved it further into her bowels. I grabbed her tits from behind and continued to thrust my prick up her arsehole. She told me that she wanted to move into the bedroom so that she could suck on Ajoy while I fucked her arse. I slid my dick out and we walked into the bedroom . Gunjan kneeled on the edge and immediately mouthed Ajoys limp dick. Even when small you could make out that he had a huge prick. It slowly began to grow. I cautioned her that maybe we would wake him up. She told me that he had passed out quite bad and would sleep late till next morning. She was now holding his dick with her hand moving it slowly back and forth running her tongue and lips over his head and shaft. I got behind Gunjan and pushed my dick back into her arsehole.

The bitch now had what she had wanted, her husbands dick in her mouth and a man who was a stranger to her about 5 hours before fucking her arse like mad. I pumped furiously in and out of her tight hole. Our sweaty bodies now made slapping sounds with each thrust. I lay on her back holding her huge tits and watched her suck Ajoy. Ajoy was now moaning in his sleep and his dick was wet with Gunjans saliva. It was a wonderful sight; the slut I was banging was also sucking on this massive dick. Gunjan was oblivious of any thing and only enjoying her fuck.

When suddenly Ajoy thrust his hip forward and came into her mouth and woke up. I was very close to a climax and could not care the least to him waking up. I thrust deep in and shot my load into her. She had closed her eyes and was having a fantastic orgasm and had not noticed that Ajoy was awake. Ajoy had the most stunned look on his face as he shot load after load on to his wife’s face while he watched this newly met stranger fuck his wife’s butt. Gunjan had now recovered and defiantly stared back at Ajoy. I was expecting an ugly scene but too godamed tired to move.

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