My Friend’s Grateful Wife


My good friend, Don, had been having trouble in his business recently and my wife and I had helped counsel Don and his wife Lisa through these troubled times and, eventually, even purchased part-ownership in the company which now, through a lot of hard work, was back on its feet and looked like it would survive the storm. Little did I know this service to my friend would lead to an amazing, erotic experience in my life.

Don had a great family, his oldest daughter, Jessie was in college now, like a part of my family as she had babysat for our kids years ago. They had two other kids, Tommy and Stu, all great looking people as Don and Lisa both provided beautiful contributions to the family gene pool.

I had known Don for a much of my life, becoming friends in high school and attending the same college. He met Lisa not long after I had started dating the woman that would become my wife. Lisa was a hottie in college and she knew it. Short at about 5′ 2″ with great curves and beautiful, well-coiffed hair that betrayed her rather luxurious upbringing. She was beautiful and she knew it, often making her difficult to be around. I assume, dear reader, that you have known this kind of young lady in your life – young, rich and beautiful and always finding a way to make sure everyone knew it.

I, being a guy, also always noticed that she somehow found a way to make everything look sexy. Even when she would emerge from my roommates room, hung-over and unkempt from the previous night of partying and sex, she would somehow find a way to put on one of Don’s V-neck t-shirts, displaying her cleavage in just a way to make my cock spring to life. For that reason, it was worth putting up with some of her quirks to be able to see her around the college apartment on an ever-increasing amount of time.

Don treated her like a queen and they feel in love and married and were at my wedding when my wife and I tied the knot and we had remained close friends. But when the business had gone south, their marriage nearly ended and my wife and I had spent many nights – me with Don and my wife with Lisa – convincing them the world had not ended. It had drawn all of us even closer together and had saved the marriage between Don and Lisa. That’s why I was very amazed at what happened one very chili day.

Our youngest boys were on the same high school soccer team together and for one morning game, Lisa and I found ourselves at the same game without our spouses. This was not unusual, both families with multiple children, we would often have to split kid duty. My wife was off at a dance recital for which she was sending constant texts of our daughter’s amazing ability and I, in turn, shared stories of our son’s heroics on the soccer field.

After the game, our two sons told Lisa and I that the team was meeting at a local eatery to celebrate their victory and they headed off in my son’s car. I bid Lisa goodbye with the idea of catching up to my wife and daughter but Lisa caught my arm and stopped me. I turned to see a look in Lisa’s eyes I had never seen before.

Some fear rose up in me – what had Don done wrong now; were we in for another long night with these two?

Lisa held onto my arm and said “I need to talk to you, Alex, but I need to do so in private.” She led me to a spot behind one of the prefab metal storage buildings near the high school soccer field to a spot hidden from view of any of the parents, most of whom had already left what was now an abandoned weekend high school campus.

I thought it odd that Lisa knew this exact spot and wondered for a brief moment that she must have scouted this spot at some time in the past to know exactly to come here for a private moment. But I quickly dismissed that thought as for what purpose would she have pre-scouted such a location.

“What is it, Lisa?” I asked as I could see her struggling for words to share what was on her mind. As she wrestled for words I couldn’t help letting my eyes trail down her, still amazing body. She was wearing an unzipped heavy winter coat over a pink sweater that hugged her bosom in always spectacular fashion. It was V-neck with a t-shirt underneath leading down to black stretch pants that she wore with pink and green running shoes underneath. Her blonde hair was in a pony tail that waved in the slight breeze and had to be pushed out of her eyes the slightly glistened in the cool, late-morning air. After all these years and three kids, she was still a “hottie”.

I rallied from those thoughts to zero in on Lisa, again, she obviously had something to share with me.

“I’ve been wanting to get some time alone with you to tell you how thankful I am for all your help,” she began with some difficulty. Being humble and grateful was not a natural part of this spoiled rich kid’s makeup, but I had watched her mature with trials and children and now liked her very much.

“It was nothing,” I started but, again, she grabbed my arm, stopping me.

“No – it was definitely not ‘nothing’,” she interrupted, pendik escort “you saved our marriage; you saved our house and our retirement, that is hardly ‘nothing’.”

She reached for me and I hugged her and comforted her, as a friend. I tried not to feel her voluptuous chest press against me and smell her wonderful, exotic cologne but, like I said, I’m a guy, and my erection soon was stirring and the jogging pants I was wearing weren’t much of a hindrance to its advance. I stealthfully adjusted my hips to make sure my cock didn’t press against her leg and tried to tug on my sweatshirt to let its length cover the evidence of my thoughts.

I was ashamed of myself. Here was my good friend, and business partner’s wife, expressing gratitude to me and I was thinking about sex, just like all those days when I masturbated to visions in my mind of this beautiful lady. I tried to focus again on what was happening here.

“I’ve been wanting to get a chance, personally, to tell you how grateful I am,” Lisa said, her eyes watering and her nose red, either from the emotion or the chill.

“You don’t have to say anything, Lisa, we are friends, of course we’ve been glad to help,” I responded.

“No, you’ve done more than help, you’ve been amazing,” she choked back another sob, “even in college when I wasn’t the nicest person, you were always sweet to me for Don’s sake.” She hugged me again, this time not giving me a chance to hide the evidence of my thoughts and I was sure this time that she must have felt my hard staff press against her.

“So, for a long time I’ve been trying to think of a way to say ‘thank'”, she continued, “and – well…”

“It’s Ok, I…” her cold finger came up to my lips and stopped me from talking.

“Stop talking,” she said, “I need to do something and if I don’t do it now I will never do it.” And with those words, Lisa, my buddy’s wife kissed me, fully, gently, sweetly on the lips.

She pulled back and looked into my eyes, like a young girl, waiting to receive approval for her advance.

“Lisa…”, I exclaimed in unbelief, “what are you doing?”

“I know it’s probably wrong, but it’s the way my heart wants to say ‘thanks’ to you,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me again – this time with her tongue sneaking out of her mouth into mine. She pulled me close and our tongues danced together for a moment of a pure heavenly kiss.

I pulled back more sternly this time and help her away at the elbows with my hands.

“Lisa! I am so flattered, but you are Don’s husband and Jessie’s mom, we… we can’t do this I protested.”

She smiled with those cute dimples showing an embarrassment that she must have been wrestling with for some time inside. “I know it’s completely wrong,” she said, her voice quivering from excitement and cold, “but you have always been so kind and you are so handsome, I just thought this might be a good way to let you know how truly grateful I am.”

With the word ‘grateful’ my world was changed. She had paused slightly before saying that word and her eyes shifted down at that moment and by the time she had finished that statement her left hand had found my crotch and was cradling my hard erection.

“I just want to make you feel SO good.” She said, leaning in to kiss me again, now with more ferocity. Her slender fingers wrapped around the material of my running pants that now clung tightly to my fully engorged manhood. Our lips and tongues met in passion in a kiss I now hoped would never end. The kiss finally broke and we embraced as both of us tried to catch our breath.

My eyes scanned the horizon to see who might be a witness to our dalliance and finding no one I said in husky voice “Lisa, I can’t resist you.”

“Don’t resist me,” she whispered in a voice I heard clearly as her lips were just centimeters from my ear. I felt her cold nose against my neck as her lips began to nibble under my ear lobe. “I want to make you feel so good,” she said.

Any ability to stop this from proceeding ended with the wind of that statement on my ear. Her hand was doing its work on my cock and perhaps all the blood had drained from my brain into my penis but I was fully incapable of ending this process or considering any possible consequences at this point.

“Oh God, Lisa, you are so beautiful,” I let out in breath to her, “I’ve always thought so.”

“I might have noticed,” she laughed, coyly, “I occasionally saw you looking at me across the kitchen table at breakfast in college.”

I leaned back, looking at her with embarrassment of having been outed for my perverted thoughts from years ago.

“It’s ok,” she smiled, looking into my eyes. I hesitated, unsure of what to do now.

“It’s OK,” she repeated, “I liked it, you were always sweet and so cute. I wanted you to find me attractive.” She hesitated, leaving my cock to take both of my hands in hers. “Now I want you to find me arousing.”

She kissed me again and we let go of any hesitancy and maltepe escort our kiss was now a full ‘make out” session. This girl was amazing and offering herself to me behind the storage barn at the high school field. I felt like a horny 17-year-old with his girlfriend. Our kiss heated up the cool air around us as our breath made smoke emerging from our mouths.

Lisa looked at me again, “I want you to want me, Alex,” she said, “I want you to… touch me.”

With that, she pulled my hands to her chest and I felt those breasts I had admired for so long. They were the size of grapefruits in my hand as I felt them through her heavy sweater. And despite the fabric of the sweater and the t-shirt and support brassiere underneath, I could still feel here nipples protruding underneath.

“Oh God,” she moaned as her breath caught with my touch. She leaned in and gently kissed my earlobe again. “That feels so good,” she said with a somewhat shaky voice.

I massage her breasts as I felt her tongue lick and flick across my ear. She then fully attacked my ear with what I was realizing was a very skillful tongue when her hand when back to my crotch.

As I explored the wonders of her amazing chest, her hand didn’t rest outside the fabric of my pants for long as her hand tried to work inside my waistband. I had to reach down and release the tied knot that held the pants in place and with a tug of my wrist my sweatpants slipped down to my thighs. The cold air made me shiver when hit the sensitive areas of my thighs but did nothing to slow my cock from testing to bounds of the fabric of my briefs.

“Oh God,” she moaned again as her hand cupped the front of those tight underwear and the same words could have slipped from my lips as her cold hand worked inside the waistband and find my curled up penis. Fortunately her hand quickly warmed trapped between my briefs and my manhood and I was even able to withstand the cold air hitting my cock when she freed it by pushing my briefs below my balls.

“Oh God, you’re huge,” she said into my ear before bringing her face back to look me in the eye, “I knew you would be.” She smiled a coy smile, teasing me with the idea that she had thought about this moment before. And I thought guys only had masturbation fantasies.

I watched her look down at my cock as it, now fully freed, responded at full mast to her touch and the movement up and down of her hand. The moment was almost too much to take. Standing in a semi-private field at our son’s high school. The chance that anyone, even my son, could come around and catch us in our forbidden activities. It was a very sexy scene.

As I felt the pleasure of the hand job I was now receiving from my friend’s wife, I wanted to reward her as well, as any man would want to do for a sexy woman who just complimented his size.

I kissed her full and deep again, letting my hands slip to her hips. I held her there for a moment before letting my hands work their way up inside her sweater and fully cup her breasts through her t-shirt.

“Oh God, these are huge,” I said complimentary with a bit of ironic joking. She looked at me and reached for her jacket, pulling it off and dropping it to the ground. She reached for the bottom of her sweater, looking at me as if to dare her to take it off. I lightly nodded my head and she stared into my eyes as she ripped it upward pulling it over her hand and managing her long, blond ponytail through the opening at the top.

This beautiful lady stood, in a sexy vulnerable way, shivering in the cold. I grabbed her and pulled her to me, now doing my work on her neck.

“Yes,” she hissed through clinched teeth as I reached behind her waistband and unleashed her t-shirt from her pants, this allowed my hands to trail up her bare back to the strap of her bra.

My hands had to be freezing for her but her only reaction was to reach again for my cock as I began to undo the latch on the back of her bra, and that accomplished, my hands came forward under her t-shirt, sliding inside that soft brassiere and felt her up.

I heard a slight purr from her as I held these beautiful breasts in all their glory. I could feel the weight of them in my hand, like no breasts I had ever held before. And I felt her tiny pointed nipples jutting from the tips of those large mounds.

“Ah, yes, Alex,” she purred again, kissing me; her hand now going to work, jerking my cock as fast as she could. I was clearly arousing her and I wanted to continue as she was doing the same for me.

I pushed the t-shirt and bra up, exposing those nipples to the cold air. She was short, as I have mentioned before, so I was some task to bend down enough to take a nipple into my mouth while not interrupting her work between my legs.

I took that sharp nipple into my mouth, sucking it and the entre areola into my mouth. There was a smack of my breath as air escaped from my tight suction and I breathed as I took a very hard nibble on her feminine nipple.

“Um, kartal escort baby, yes, I love that,” she said, hold my head with one hand and my cock with the other. I worked my way from one breast to the other, my hands massaging the big mounds and my fingers and lips working the nipples. Before meeting for another kiss with my beautiful friend.

As we held each other I felt fully her hand working up and down my erection. Since she had released it from my pants, she had not stopped stroking it up and down.

“I love touching you, Alex,” she said with a heavy breath.

“MMM I love it, too,” I said, “you’re going to make me cum, pretty soon.”

“Yes, Sweetie, I want to make you cum,” she said with a lilt in her voice that made me feel that was her goal from the moment she awoke this morning. “Cum for me, cum in my hand.”

Her words were doing magic and it wouldn’t be long before I did just that. But I needed to ask one question before the spell of the moment was broken.

“Is this all the thanks I get? Or can I expect more in the future.”

There was silence for a moment and then she leaned in near my ear. “Do you want more, Alex?”

“Um Hmm,” was all the response I could manage as her hand picked up the pace below.

“Oh yeah? You want to fuck me, Alex? Have you always dreamed of fucking me?”

Now I had heard Lisa use crass language before and seen her take shots and do crude things as college kids do, but her use of the F-word here sent me into a new stratosphere.

“Yes, I want to fuck you,” I responded, “I really want to fuck you.”

“Oh God, yes,” she whined, “I want you to fuck me, doggy style in my bed. Do you like to fuck doggy style?’ She purred this question, clearly trying to make it titillating to me.

“Oh yes, I’d love to fuck you from behind,” I teased, “I love to see your beautiful ass in front me as we made crazy fucking love.”

Both of us tried to breathe, we were now completely lost in the throes of passion, anyone walking up could not have stopped us at this point.

“And then,” I continued, “I would want to lay back while you rode on top of me.”

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “I would wear my sexiest lingerie for you and ride you all night.”

The picture of this entered my mind, a sexy bustier on this amazing woman, with thigh high stockings and a garter belt, rocking her hips back and forth grinding our pubic bones together. That was the vision that put me over the top.

“I’m going to cum, Lisa,” I groaned.

“Oh yes, cum for me Alex,” her hand moved into jet drive and she jerked my cock for all it was worth. “Cum for me, Baby!”

She didn’t have to ask again, with a moan my first load of semen came streaming out, shooting a few inches away from cock onto the grass below. The second load shook my body as it popped straight into the air and back onto my cock and Lisa’s hand. Soon her hand was slowing, working every last drop out of me.

She moved her hand all over my cock and balls, rubbing the cum in like a lotion. I now became more aware of the cold as my cock shriveled. She continued to tease and tickle before finally pulling her mouth up for me to see, with my cum glistening all over it.

She smiled as she pulled her palm towards her face and her tongue flicked out for a lick. She had an amazing sexy tongue that came to a hard point as she took a second taste of my sperm.

I pulled her to me and kissed her, tasting myself on her tongue, letting the moment and the salty taste last as long as I could.

“Oh my, you’re a little kinky, aren’t you,” she purred.

“A little, I said with a blush. She took another lick and we kissed deeply again, I grabbed her body and turned her shoulders around so her torso was now faced away from me and we kissed over her shoulder. My right hand slipped back under her t-shirt to a bare breast and my left hand slid inside her stretch pants and inside her silk panties.

“Oh my,” she blurted out as my hand slid to her most secret place, “Oh Alex.”

Her right hand slid behind my head pulling me to her neck, her left hand grasped through the material of her pants. I feared for a moment she was stopping me, but soon realized she was giving me freedom of movement and was just along for the ride.

I slid my pointing finger down the through the lips of her vagina, finding a wet, slippery hard clit there. Her teeth clinched and her breath caught as I found it, causing me to pause for a moment.

“Oh yes, right there,” she moaned, “don’t stop.”

I slid my finger farther down into her nether regions, letting my finger tease the hole of her vagina before working back up to the throbbing clit.

“ah ah ah,” I could only guess her words were gone for the moment and she could only make small noises as her pleasure grew.

My right hand slid down from her breast and joined my other hand inside her panties. My left hand went to work on her clit while I worked my long finger from my right hand inside of her like a slender cock. My finger was instantly greeted with a wealth of pussy juice to give me free easy access and the walls of her vagina pulled me.

“Now I want you to come out here for me,” I whispered as I kissed her neck and ear.

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