No Harm in Asking


I was around thirty-eight at the time. I’d been off work for a few weeks after I’d broken my arm on the boats…at least that’s what I’d told the doctor. Once I got the sling off, he told me to do some light exercise to help fix the break, and he suggested I go to the Y in town and do a couple of lengths of the pool a day. I’m a big guy anyway, and I’ve never had much need of exercise, but it certainly sounded like a change from looking for jobs and watching the tube all day. Once I started going, I got to like it, and pretty soon I was seeing what else was on offer there. That’s when I discovered the sauna.

Sometimes I’d go in and find someone there, usually an older lady or man and we might have a friendly conversation. However, one Wednesday around early March was different. It was still pretty cold out, and I couldn’t wait to get inside and get warm. I walked in and found a young girl, by the look of her in her early twenties, sitting on one of the lower benches. I’m not going to lie here, she was fat. Not just a little bit overweight, fat. Big thighs, a big belly and the largest tits I have ever seen in my whole life. But she was pretty, really pretty. Long brown hair, big brown eyes and a smile that would melt your heart. I sat on the opposite bench and smiled back at her. I noticed as I sat that she took a look at my crotch and the loose shorts I was wearing. That gave me a twinge. She evidently liked the look of me, and I have to say, although I’ve never gone for big girls, she looked pretty good to me too.

She started the conversation, telling me how she was about to buy her first home and how stressful it was…all those lawyer’s fees and agents charges. I gave her the benefit of my experience…telling her to do a deal over the advertising, make the agents pay half the fee in return for a larger percentage. She liked the sound of that. I had a few more tips for her…I’ve bought and sold a couple of times, and I told her you’ve got to take charge of the situation. All in all, she was impressed. I made her laugh a few times…which was great because not only did she have a nice laugh, but her tits shook like crazy every time. When she tried not to laugh it seemed like they shook all the more. I was hooked.

“You’ve saved me a ton of cash already.” she said.

I shrugged. “A pleasure.”

“It’s so hard to get straight advice, everybody wants something from you, you know?’

I looked at her, a little tongue-in-cheek. “Well, how do you know I don’t want something?”

She became a little more serious. “Like what?”

I smiled and shook my head. “Relax, I’m kidding. Happy to help someone get one over on the lawyers.”

She smiled and took a drink from bottle of water. I noticed her huge tits lift under her black one-piece bathing suit as she raised her arm. She put the bottle down again and shifted on her towel, adjusting the shoulder straps on her outfit. She caught me watching her and smiled over.


I shook my head.

“Come on. What is it?”

I knew what I wanted, of course. I thought for a long time, getting up the nerve to ask her. She was a nice girl, I didn’t want to freak her out. But I had to have a shot. More than likely she’d give me a slap for asking, storm out the place and tell her friends about it later. They’d laugh and she would too. But of course, there was just the chance she might agree to it.

“There is something you can do for me. Right here. It won’t take too long.”

She raised her eyebrows a little, intrigued.

I took a deep breath, and looked her in the eye. “I want you to show me your asshole.”

Her face was a picture. Her mouth fell open, and she stared at me for a moment. “You want what?”

I smiled. “You heard. I want you to show me your asshole. Right here, right now.”

It had been hot enough when I walked in the door, but now I was close to passing out. My heart was pounding, the blood thumping in my ears as she stared at me. I noticed she had brought her thighs close together. I didn’t move.

“That’s disgusting. Why would you even ask me such a thing? You’re a total stranger. What gives you the right to ask me that?”

I didn’t really have an answer for that, but I busked it. “I don’t have the right to ask you anything. But I’d love to see it, and I figured if I don’t ask you, you’ll walk out of here, I’ll walk out of here, we might never see each other again and I’ll always be wondering about what I missed.”

She sat there still. That was encouraging.

“Did I say something wrong?” I asked.

She looked away from me, shaking her head, turning thoughts over in her mind. After a moment she turned back to me.

“I could report you for that. They’d call the police.”

“For what? It’s just a request. If you don’t like it, ask me to leave. I’ll go.” I looked her up and down again. “Or, you can do what I asked. It’s your call.”

She sat there some more. Thinking. Deciding what to do. I understood. I’ve been with a lot of girls, and most tuzla escort of them were a little reluctant to get involved in ass-play. My ex-wife Sandy had been saying no for about ten years, then suddenly took a fancy for it just as things were starting to go badly wrong for us. I don’t know if she was doing it to try and persuade me to stay or if she just figured she had nothing to lose. Either way, she ended up being a regular ass addict, which was a shame for her new guy Lachlan as he didn’t like doing her like that. Right after they got together she started coming round in the evenings, drunk, asking for ‘one more for old times sake’. It didn’t bother me why she wanted it, I was just happy to oblige. Anyway, to keep things short, it was one of those nights that Lachlan came over in a temper and caught me with dick buried in Sandy’s skinny butt. He gave me a hell of a beating, which is the real reason I had a broken arm, and being as he was the skip on the boat, I lost my job too. So I’m single, no job and just got my arm out of a sling. I was in a ‘why the hell not?’ kind of mood. Question was, did this girl feel the same way?

After what seemed like a long time she looked me right in the eye.

“What if someone walks in?” she asked.

I smiled. “Does that mean you’ll do it?”

I thought I saw the beginning of a smile, but she was quick to hide it.

“Not necessarily.”

I stood up, my thick cock showing as a lump in the front of my shorts. I looked out the small window into the rest area. No-one there. “If anyone comes in from the pool, we’ll hear the sliding door. That’ll give us plenty of time, okay?”

I sat back down again, and to my delight she stood up, with a big sigh. “I have no idea why I’m doing this.”

She turned around in front of me, standing facing the wall of the sauna. She reached around behind herself and caught hold of the edge of the costume, the cut-out for the leg. She tried to pull it to one side, but the fabric wouldn’t stretch beyond exposing half of the white expanse of one ass cheek. She gave up.

“I can’t.” she said, pretty relieved it seemed. I shook my head.

“Ah come on, you can do better than that.”

She looked at me, the tiniest little shade of anger in there. “Fine.”

She turned back to me again and reached up to her shoulders. First left, then right, she slipped her costume down her arms. I could see the sides of her big, big tits swinging as she slipped the costume down. Having freed her jugs, she slipped her thumbs inside the costume and shimmied it down further. I watched, amazed at the size of her ass. It was enormous, dented in red stripes where the slats of the pine bench had been supporting her weight. Beautiful.

She stopped with the costume just below her buttocks. “There. Satisfied, you pervert?”

I wasn’t. “I said show me your asshole. That’s your ass.”

She turned, flustered. Her huge rack moved slightly behind the rest of her body, and swung to rest showing me the large red circle around her right nipple.

“It’s a beautiful ass, but I want to see your hole. Show it to me.”

She sighed deeply, shook her head, then pushed the costume down further until it was able to fall freely onto her ankles. She stepped out of one side, then moved over to the wooden benches. She bent forward, resting her left arm on the upper level, and letting her udders rest of the pine slats beneath. She then reached around, took hold of her right buttock in her hand, and pulled it away from its neighbour.

At last. A tiny red hole at the back of her huge ass-valley, hard to see in the dim light of the sauna, but there it was. Below, the wiry brown hair of her pubes glistened damp. She adjusted her grip on her cheek and hauled it harder.

“There. Happy?”

I nodded, not really noticing that I was rubbing my stiff through my shorts. “It’s right pretty.”

She looked over her shoulder at me.

“Pretty? What are you talking…”

She caught sight of what I was doing and let go, freeing her buttock to slap against its twin. She bent down and started to pull her costume up again.

“Hey, I was enjoying that.”

She turned to face me as she manhandled her breasts back into the costume. “So I see!”

I was exasperated. “I only wanted a look. I wasn’t going to…” She stopped me.

“What if someone had come in? Then there would have been trouble.” She finished dressing and brushed past me.

“I’m going for a shower.” she said, “You dirty old man!” and went towards the door.

“Hey, not so much of the old!”

I watched her go, frustrated. I needn’t have worried. The look she gave me through the small window of the sauna gave me no doubt what she wanted from me.

I arrived at the showers shortly after her. She was rinsing the last of the shampoo out of her hair and I watched the bubbles running down between her tits, and as she turned, across her of her costume-covered butt. I had unfinished business back there, and she knew it.

“As I was saying, tuzla escort bayan you have a pretty asshole.”

She shook her head. “Nobody has a pretty asshole, and you’re a sicko for saying that.”

I shrugged. “Maybe you’re a sicko too. You just stripped off and let a total stranger look up your butt. What else would you let him do?”

She walked away from me, towards the open door of one of the larger cubicles. She closed the door, but not quite. Through a gap I saw her looking at me, and raising her eyebrow.

I almost sprinted across the changing room, checking quickly that I hadn’t been seen as I went in the cubicle and slid the lock shut behind me. She had her back to me, rubbing her brown hair with the towel, and making her udders swing from side to side in that costume. I quickly pulled my shorts down and she glanced round just in time to see my hungry dick leap up, eager to fuck her.

I took the towel from her, dropped it on the floor and slipped the shoulder straps off her body. The costume, clingy and wet, peeled itself off her exposing her bountiful body again. I reached around the front of her as I slid it down past her jugs, so huge and yet so soft. The fabric snapped back against her tummy as I freed her breasts. They were simply too big for my hands, so I had to use both to grab one of her teats. I pinched her thick rubbery nipple between my thumb and forefinger, rolled it around, listened as she softly gasped, then swapped to the other one. With one nipple in each hand, I gently twisted them, using them to try and lift her breasts, but they were far too wet and slippery for the weight. I returned my hands to her costume, and I slid it further down, exposing the top of that beautiful ass crack. Her rear cleavage was every bit as exciting as her front, and as I stripped her I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue down between her huge white ass cheeks. They were much too large for my tongue to reach her hole, so I took a deep breath and forced my face as far as I could between them. As I pushed towards her asshole, she leant forwards, steadying herself against the cubicle wall. Again she hauled her cheek aside, trying to help me to get to where I wanted to be. Still her hole was hiding from me, so I dropped a little lower down, and forced my face up harder. My pressure lifted her on to tiptoes, and with the added weight of her body, my outstretched tongue finally made it to her hot little hole. I licked around it, clamped my lips onto it, and as I sucked on her I pushed the tip of my tongue past her ring and up into her guts.

This was clearly a first for her, as her knees seemed to buckle. I truly love licking a girl’s ass and when it has this kind of effect, so much the better. She reached back and took a hold of my hair, pulling my face out of her ass crack. I wondered if I’d gone too far, but I needn’t have worried. She laid her wet costume on the ground and folded her towel next to it. Resting her knees one on each pile, she got down on all fours in front of me. What a sight. Her massive ass was beautiful enough, but to see the brown fuzz of her puss between her meaty thighs, and those enormous heavy tits of hers resting on the tiled floor was more than I could stand. She shuffled her knees apart a little more, giving her ass a little wobble.

“If you’re going to do it, do it properly.”

I bent forward to eat her asshole a little more. I used the flat of my palms to push her cheeks as far apart as I could, and began to ferociously lap at her crinkly anus, feeling her squirm from side to side, and push back into me as she got used to having my slippery tongue wiggling around up her butt. She was busy herself, thrusting her fingers into her pussy, and the sweet smell only made my penis harder than ever.

Soon it was time. I came up for air and admired my work. Her hole hung open, just a little, from my tongue, and her fingers were a blur as she fingered her own pussy. I quickly sucked my thumb, then pushed it into her butt, stirring it around inside. She moaned with pleasure. If she liked that, I thought, she’ll love what’s going to happen next.

As I knelt next to her, I put a hand on her shoulder. She turned to face me. I held my prick in my hand, admiringly. I truly had never seen it so hard, almost dead straight instead of the usual downward curve, and the veins stood out proud along its length. I leant forward and whispered in her ear.

‘I thought you might like to see what I’m going to shove up your ass.’

She didn’t say anything, just smiled a little and nodded as she looked at my angry dick, still enjoying my thumb in her butt. I noticed a bottle of shampoo sticking out of her toiletries bag, and reached for it. I flipped the cap open and dripped a long line of the thick pink liquid along the top side of my cock. It felt cool against the heat of my erection as I gently rubbed it into my skin until my whole length was slippery.

I pulled my thumb out of her, wiped the rest of the shampoo off my hands into the valley of her ass escort tuzla and lined myself up behind her. I reached forwards and lifted her arms so that she had her hands on the small wooden bench in front rather than the floor. This caused her jugs to lift off the tiled floor, revealing just how hard her nipples had become against the cold wet ground. She looked so ready for me.

I forced her huge buttocks apart again with both hands until I get the head of my slippery dick against the little dent of her asshole. It was starting to close up again, so I had to act fast. I pushed myself forwards using my whole body weight, watching her hole resist my pressure for as long as it could. Her skin strained around her anus, but soon gave up. We both gasped as her body yielded and accepted the head of my prick. I rested there for just a moment as she got her breath back. I tipped a little shampoo onto her straining hole, then put the bottle aside. I moved my hands up to her wide hips, and using a little bit of a side-to-side motion I pushed myself on into her bowels, so slowly. I watched my dick travel through her rubbery ring, stretched red and glistening, until finally I bottomed out in her, my pubes against her.

It was bliss. This fat girl’s arse held my cock tighter than a vice. I reached forward, under her and hauled her huge jugs back against her stomach as best I could. The shampoo on my hands made them harder to handle than ever and they kept swinging free of my grip. they were a law unto themselves…easily the biggest tits I’d ever seen…bigger than the girl’s head and slippery as they were, unable to control. I decided to leave them until later.

Putting my hands back on her hips, I dug my fingers ever-so-slightly into her rolls of fat and began to draw myself back out of her guts.

“You like that?” She just nodded, then hung her head. I needed no more encouragement to fuck this girl hard. Shuffling closer on my knees I started a slow rhythm with my big soapy prick in her ass. As I fucked, she fucked, moving her ass from side to side, pushing back against me. I reached under her and slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, stirring them around and feeling my prick in her other hole.

Her soft moaning was getting louder, and I worried that we would be discovered, even though the locker room was noisy. I reached behind me and picked my wet shorts off the floor. I passed them round to her and like a mind reader she put them in her mouth. She bit down hard on them, and they did the trick. I could fuck her harder without making more noise. I shifted my hands to the tops of her thighs as I thrusted, realising that I wasn’t going to last a lot longer in her and the sight of those brown bubbles round my prick wasn’t helping me hold off. For my final thrust I shifted my grip to her shoulders and hauled myself as far up her as I could, flattening her cheeks against my groin. I came harder than I have ever come in my life, stopping myself from yelling by biting my lips so hard I thought I would draw blood. She reached under herself and played around with my balls as I pumped all my cum up her ass. I collapsed forwards across her broad back, totally exhausted.

After a moments rest, I drew back, pulling my slippery soapy dick out of her gorgeous big ass with a satisfying plop. Shaking slightly, I sat back on the floor and used my towel to clean my dick. My girl turned and lay herself on her back on the floor and spread her legs again, her tits flopping down either side of her. Like a crazy thing, she stabbed at her pussy with a couple of fingers, writhing around on the tiled floor, and pinching her own nipples. I watched her beautiful big body shake as she frigged herself to orgasm.

She lay there, eyes closed, breathing heavily, wet all over from sweat, steam and her own juices. I shuffled up to her until my limp dick was level with her massive chest. I got hold of her right jug in both hands, brought it up around underneath my dick, wrapped her flesh around my prick and began to hump her tit. The way I was going at her meant that her rubbery nipple strummed against the underside of my head. I could not believe my luck. Can you imagine tit-fucking a girl with breasts so big you only need to use one? I didn’t have to imagine it, I was doing it!

I felt myself swelling again. She lifted a hand and brushed the wet hair from her forehead. With her other hand she reached behind me and ran her fingers down my ass crack. She opened her eyes and gave me a tired smile.

“Enjoying that?”

I nodded. “These are wonderful.”

She shook her head. “Way too big. They’ve been a real drag…that’s why I’m saving up to have them reduced.” I’m still to meet the woman who’s happy about her breasts.

I shrugged as I kneaded her titflesh. “Seems a shame to mess with what the good Lord gave you, but I guess you’ve got to carry them around all day.”

She smiled. “Finally, a man who understands. Mostly I get guys telling me they’d spend all day groping themselves if they had tits like mine.”

“Right lucky I didn’t speak my mind then, isn’t it?”

She reached for a towel and stuffed it under her head like a pillow. “No, you asked to see my asshole. You got points for originality.”

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