I’ve been anticipating this day for a long time. Having been your faithful servant and attentive slave for so long has inspired me to great feats of subservience.

I feel the need and desire to submit further and further to your needs as my thoughts become one with yours. I live to see the smile on your face and the glow in cheeks as your cum spreads across my body. You’re so sophisticated! So powerful! Your role in society is prominent and well guarded, but when you get home, you get me. I’m always waiting for you. My body is flawless. My long blonde hair and the swing of my alluring hips most often stop men in their tracks, and I’m yours. All yours.

This Valentine’s Day will be special. I will please you Sir. I will make you happy, like you deserve to be.

The day is fresh. The morning is ripe. My first stop is buying a new dress. The choices are amazing. I try them on, noticing the young salesgirl admiring my flawless image and sensuous curves in the mirror. I decide on a short, red satin, strapless corset type short dress that reveals my ass cleavage beautifully. I look in the mirror touching my cheeks, unaware that I’m likely embarrassing the woman in front of me.

“It looks beautiful on you!”

She’s blushing and looking away now. Her features are attractive in a sophisticated way and I know by looking at her flushed features that she’s turned on. But it’s my Master I’m focused on.

Always. He is the center of my world.

Previously my attentions were so scattered; so varied. Men and woman came in and out of my life, but my Master showed me life at it’s best and I was determined to give him the best of me.

The hair salon sculptures my hair to movie star perfection. Beautiful nails, sleek and satiny hair with a complete pussy waxing will please my man. Of that I was certain. I know his tastes. I purchase candles and a hot red satin bra and see through matching tuzla escort panties.

I want to please my man. I love him. I treasure him. He’s all I can think of night and day. I want him like no other. Each day is about pleasing him, about seeing his smile, tasting his cum, feeling him use my sexy body for his pleasures. I am his completely and totally.

I buy candles and new perfume, along with his favorite food. I want to make him happy. I have just enough time to make it home for a luxurious bath to prepare for my Master.

As I walk down the alley towards the elite sex shop, to purchase some special toys, a pebble catches my heel and I trip. Strong hands pick me up, then throw me against the wall. I attempt to yell in surprise but a gloved hand covers my mouth stifling the sound. I curse my choice of clothing as I feel his gloved hand slide up my short dress parting my cheeks so I feel the cold dampness of the air on my sex. I try to look and turn my head, but my efforts are futile.

The sex shop is so remote I may never be found. Suddenly the shock wears off, my senses heighten and I realize my life is in danger. Unexpectedly my pussy fills with wetness, surprising me. Adrenalin is surging through me.

Master save me, runs through my head over and over again. Master protect me. I realize I may never see my Master again, and that was not something I could let happen.

“I’ll do whatever you say, just please don’t hurt me,” I call out in fear.

“Good, you’re going to be my bitch,” is the muffled reply.

I feel a leather blindfold cover my eyes. Not a ray of light comes through. Then I feel a pull. My face is spinning around and I’m suddenly on my knees, my mouth wide open, feeling a dildo entering my mouth.

“Show me how you’ll suck my cock, so I can decide if you’re worth keeping alive.”

The big dildo slowly enters my little mouth stretching it wider and tuzla escort bayan wider. He moves it cheek to cheek. I lick it up and down then swirl my tongue around his crown. I’m shaking but I know my life depends on doing this well.

Then his big cock is in my mouth and I’m sucking it like I can’t get enough. I feel juices rush to my pussy again. My clit begins to jump. My body is betraying me. His hand attaches to my long hair and I feel my mouth being dragged to his balls. I pulled at them with my lips. Now I’m licking them and tugging at them gently.

“Suck me bitch.”

Without warning his cock plunges in my little mouth, impossibly deep.

“I’m so glad you came down this alley bitch. I’m going to fuck you raw. You’ve got an incredibly beautiful body. Maybe I’ll take you home with me and tie you up for awhile.”

My body shudders at the thought. Masterrr rages through my brain. Come save me!

Then I”m on my knees, and he’s spreading my legs with his leg, pulling my dress roughly over my head til I’m completely nude. Having my clothes ripped off in a flurry has always driven me insane with lust.

Then I feel a sharp sting. His strong hand makes contact with my round tight little ass, and I flinch. I can tell he’s a strong man by the force of his continuous slaps, and rubs. My breath quickens.

He leans over and says in my ear,”I’m going to take your cunt! I going to you use you bitch, and you’re going to take care of me with that hot little body of yours, just like in the videos I was watching in the store before I had the luck to come across you.”

I hear the crinkling of plastic then a warm cool liquid drips down between my ass crack. He slides two fingers inside my hot little ass. I’m suddenly glad I had prepared my body for my evening with my Master. If this intruder wanted me to suck my ass from his cock, it would be clean.

Again rushes of pussy juices escort tuzla startle me. Fear surges through me just then, knowing if my Master found out that another man had my ass, he would never forgive me. The punishments would be endless, if I was so lucky.

“No, please, don’t.”

And then he’s inside me. His hard, throbbing cock is taking my ass. My Master’s property is being taken.I feel my tight ass being stretched. I had used tightening cream for my Master and was ready for him, only him, or so I thought.

At that point I got mad and tried to escape. I had to get back to my Master; my man, the man I adored and loved. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm and cursed my libido once more. How dare I be turned on by this intruder, this man who was taking what was rightfully my Masters.

I kick back fiercely and try to get out of his grasp. He moves quickly escaping with ease.

“It’s no use bitch, you’re mine. You’re my slut. No one can save you now.”

My phone buzzed. Another text message. My Master must be worried about me. At that point I realized fighting would be useless. I needed to admit defeat and submit to my captor once again.

I feel him enter my ass with a fierce thrust. My body relaxes and I accept him. His cock begins his unrelenting pursuit of pleasure. I’m being pushed into the wall. Involuntarily I accept his strokes with equal pressure backwards. My orgasm is sudden and unexpected.

“Ooo, I felt that bitch. You want it. I’m going to steal you away slut. You’ll look good handcuffed in my guest bedroom.”

He slaps my ass then, hard, then again and again and again. I’m glad my gluts can withstand the shock of his slaps. Another orgasm ripples through me leaving me spent. I curse my body once more.

He turns me suddenly, his cock now deep in my mouth. So deep, I gag. Then currents of hot wet cum seared down my throat while he thrusts deeply releasing his load.

“Ohhh baby, I love you sooo much.”

“What the hell?”

He rips the blindfold off.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby.”

And that’s why I love my man. He knows how to satisfy me.

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