OFSTED Inspection


Riley Michaels rolled over in her bed and slowly began to stand up. In 20 minutes she had to be out the door, dressed and ready, for a hard day teaching Art to the Sixth Form at Lou Dobbs High School.

She showered first, drying her hair while eating a slice of toast and packing her bag. She dressed sexily, but decently. She was getting observed today and if it was the old dude like last time she needed to sweeten him up. She chose a white shirt over a pale blue bra and a short black ra-ra skirt with sexy black heels.

As she hurried from her flat and drove to the school, she noticed her vibrator was in her bag. She must have shoved it there by accident. Riley buried it in the depths of her bag and noted it mentally for future reference. She had about five dildos, having soon learnt that after teaching all day, you generally need a quick fuck. She hadn’t had a boyfriend for two years, so resigned herself to fat dildos and vibrators.

Riley was 28, and had long black curly hair over two very noticeable breasts. She shaved – everywhere – and so her bare legs were smooth, joining onto a round arse and flat stomach with a tight hourglass figure. She was beautiful, and no one knew that better than her herself.

It was the last lesson of the day, Friday, and because it was October holidays next week, everyone was rowdy with half term anticipation.

“Hi, Riley Michaels, I’m Oliver Stone. The Ofsted Inspector?”

He was about 30. He had dark curls and was tall and slim. Riley felt her tuzla escort thong get a little wet, but leaned over her desk professionally to shake his hand. So he could see her breasts, naturally.

At the end of the day, well after the students had left, Riley sat marking and Oliver sat in the art staffroom compiling his report. Riley collected up her papers and then went in.

“Hey, want to come for a coffee at my place? A little sugar might sweeten that report.” She laughed. And a sugar of a different kind, dude, she mused.

“Um, yeah, sure.” Oliver went out to her Mini.

As they began to drive, Riley saw from the corner of her eye his own eyes drifting towards her breasts. And he pulled his laptop bag onto his knees. A sure sign of a boner.

“You eyeing up my breasts?” Riley asked nonchalantly.

“Um – well, no… I mean -“

“It’s ok. I’m single. You?”

“Single.” He nodded bashfully.

“You can touch it if you want.”

His eyes widened. “Really?”

“Yeah. It’s six p.m. No one will see through the dark.”

His tentative hand reached for her boob. At his touch she shook. He had soft skin, gentle fingers. Again, she felt herself get wet. She parked in the car park of the block of flats and turned out the ignition.

She opened her legs, revealing her thong. His eyes widened again. He stretched his hand down. Riley moaned. She pressed his fingers deeper. He looked more confident now.

“Come up to my place.” She said breathlessly. “It takes five minutes tuzla escort bayan in the lift and I know a trick so we’ll have it all to ourselves.”

Riley dragged him to the loft and pressed a few buttons. “Doors won’t open until we get up there.”

She pressed her mouth to his and put her finger over his erect dick, through his trousers. He groaned.

“Is this going to raise my mark?” She said breathlessly.

“Oh, most definitely. It’ll be full if I can get my cock up that pretty little pussy.”

“Consider it done.” Riley kissed him until the lift pinged. They tumbled through her door, closed all the curtains and undressed in her bedroom. Riley had taken large dicks before, but his was at least 10 inches. She fingered it lightly, then harder, until he was putty in her hands.

She kept going. Up and down. Both hands burnt from the effort, so she wiped the sticky precum from the top of his cock and moistened her hands again. Her own pussy was dripping.

“I’m going to cum…” Oliver moaned. “Riley, I’m going to cum…”

Riley seized the base of his cock and squeezed. The feeling died down in Oliver’s balls and he gasped for air.

When he had regained breath he turned to see Riley banging herself on the bed, staring up at him with passionate eyes. He stumbled to her, removed her hand and began to suck at her clit. She sucked the juices from her hand and moaned. His tongue leapt at her pussy then retreated, leapt and retreated. He inserted it and licked furiously.

“Are escort tuzla you gonna make me cum? Are you gonna make me cum? Baby I’m gonna cum in your mouth…”

Riley squirted hard into Oliver’s waiting mouth. She groaned with relief.

“Stick your cock in my ass. Deep in me.” Riley knelt on all fours, her pussy dripping with saliva and cum. Oliver slapped his wet dick against her pussy and saw it contract. He lurched into her ass, pounding hard. She squealed in pain and passion. Riley felt herself dripping all over. Her nipples stood with arousal.

After a few minutes, Riley felt him touch her nipple, and her senses exploded. He swivelled it, tapping it and playing with her tit.

“Baby can I cum in your ass? I want to cum in your sweet fat ass… Feel your tight holes vibrate along my cock…”

“Get your balls into my asshole. Go balls deep. I want to feel your thick cock in my sweet little round ass… I want to feel your balls… I want to feel your hot cum dripping out of my ass… Baby cum…”

Oliver shoved his cock into her arse. She screamed in pleasure. His balls were soon enveloped in hot flesh. He pounded in and out until he registered her cum squirting against his balls. Then he finally unloaded. Riley had twelve inches of erect dick inside her, and cum was trickling out. They both moaned in pleasure. Riley rolled onto her back as he pulled out. Cum poured from her ass.

“Wow. You’re good with your unloading.” Riley laughed. “Babe, that was fucking excellent.”

“Are we going to do this every night?”

“You betcha.” Riley agreed. She breathed heavily.

“In that case, you’d better be my girlfriend. Now get cleaned up… We can do this again in the morning.”

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