One Loving Mother Ch. 04


“I know he’s getting weak. I’ve been hypnotizing him for over a month, sending him text with subliminal messages, wearing slightly revealing outfits. Hopefully the pics I sent him help and give him an idea of the trophy he’s going to win. I caught myself masturbating last night thinking about him. It was so hard to stop, but I had to. I was so close. I was so wet with my clit trapped between my fingers. I pinched and rubbed and then started to go. But they said it wasn’t fair for me to have an orgasm without Jesse. Too bad he’s at some house party tonight when he should be at home taking care of mommy till she can’t walk.” She closes her journal, staring at her closet.

“Dude! what’s wrong, man, you’re at party with bitches and booze, man!” Andrew yelled.

“My mom has been stressing me out. I can’t get her out of my head,” Jesse complained as those images of her in that see through nightie run through his head, that he deleted. He almost wants to ask for more, and she would happily send them. And that worries him even more.

“Jesse let the party heal you man. Drink. Smoke. Fuck a slut.”

“Right… let the party heal me,” he grabbed a bottle of Fireball and chugged some.

Some girl taps him on the shoulder; “if you’re gonna drink my shit, you owe me a dance.”

“Let the party heal me,” he mused.

“Let it heal you, dude!” Andrew raised his beer.

She drug him to where people were dancing, grabbing the bottle, taking a swig as she twerked on him. As she turned around and they shared the bottle, he got a good look at her; she looked pretty much like his mom did back in her high school days. She wasn’t Gwen, so he didn’t care, she was a bit shorter, too. The bottle about empty after a few songs, freed his hands down her tiny shorts, with no underwear to be found.

“I’m Kenzi,” her eyes locked on his. “Hey; I gotta go pee, I’m gonna finish this aaannddd find you later.”

“Cool, I’m Jesse.”

“Don’t leave, now.”

“I won’t.”

He walked around until he found himself in the backyard, watching two girls down to nothing but their thongs in a kiddie pool, wrestling in Jell-O. Some plus sized girl was walking around with some Jack Daniels and a shot glass, in a bikini pushing her giant tits pretty high.

“Wanna shot?”

“Sure,” he reached for the glass.

“Uh-uh, pretty boy… these are titty shots,” she stuck the glass in her cleavage and poured a shot, spilling some on her tits.

Jesse grabbed a tit in each hand, buried his face and pulled the glass free in his lips, drank it and licked what he could off of her.

“Damn you white boys are crazy,” she laughed walking off.

Two matadorbet beers later, he finds himself back in the house, wandering towards a line leading to a bedroom, looking for another bathroom.

“The power couple is deflowering virgins in there,” Kenzi said from behind.

“Hey sexy lady,” he mustered, turning around.

“I scored us a room, c’mon.”

“I gotta piss real bad.”

“Go piss and I’ll leave my shirt on the door. Hurry up, I got a surprise.”

Stumbling in the bathroom for sweet release, he thinks about Kenzi and how she’ll compare to his mom, at this point he’s too drunk and horny to dismiss it, yet no matter how clear his mind has been, the implanted thoughts are in the background. Then his phone rings, two girls had wondered in, both releasing themselves in the tub.


“Jesse, you’re not going to be much later, are you? I need my big man tomorrow.”

“Yeah… uhh… Gwen, I’ll be home soon.”

“I love it when you call me that. I hope you’re having fun and well I know you’re drinking and I had a glass or two of wine myself. I don’t want to bug you. I want you… I want you… to know I’ll be up and waiting, so I know you’re okay. I know you’ll want me to.”


“Okay, see you at home.”

Finding the bedroom with her shirt on it, grabbing it and locking the door, she meets him at the bed, pulling him in a kiss and lifting his shirt off. He pulls down her shorts as she takes her bra off, slipping his tongue between her legs. She has a slight bush just like Gwen. He stands to kick his shoes and drop his pants, glancing at her prideful grin.

“So I stole some Jell-O shots,” she slurred. “I’m going to put them on me and you.”

“Sounds good to me, I like where this is going.”

She lay there and he thinks she really does look like Gwen. Kenzi spreads the Jell-O all over her chest and he takes to it; running his tongue through her cleavage, lapping it up and sucking on each tit, making his way to her nipples. “Oops,” she whispers, adding more to the one he just cleaned. His dick pokes and rubs the outside of her pussy as he works to keep her tits clean. She laughs and squeals, he crushes a few cups down her stomach, dumping a cup right between her legs. Her laughs turn to coos as his lips slowly make their way down. Legs slowly open, the closer he gets, a hard moan once he gets there. Messing the blanket and pulling up the sheet, he plays with her hard clit, pushing it with his tongue, firmly licking it, as she moans and moans, trying his hardest to get her one quick as possible, finally she cums.

“Your turn,” she pushes him off. matadorbet giriş

She takes two cups, dropping one on each of his nipples, nice and slow, something he never encountered. He was enjoying it, her tongue slowly flicking one nipple, then the other, dick throbbing. she crushed some on his dick and went to sucking it all clean, nearly gagging, she neither wanted him to cum, or herself to puke, slowing up until his dick stops throbbing.

“Wha you stop for?”

“I wanna fuck before you nut yourself, or fall asleep.”

“Yeah, you drunk as hell, you might fall asleep.”

He rolls her over, sliding it in while lost in deep sloppy kisses, one slow thrust, she breaks the kiss to catch her breath.

“You… you got a condom, right,” she asked once he was balls deep.

“Yah, over there, way over there in my pants. I could get it, but we already here,” he flexes his dick in her.

“We are over here and they are over there,” pulling him down.

Kissing moves to her neck, her hands down his back, trying to push him in deeper, biting and sucking hard on her neck as she moans louder and louder. The base of his dick rubbing her clit working out one drunken orgasm, sitting up getting a better look at her tits bouncing around as he quickens his pace, legs locked around him. Through the crack in the door, catching a glimpse of sheen on his shaft from her wet pussy, trying to focus enough on those pink nipples to grab them and pull. Her moans break down to “ooo’s,” as he grunts away. Licking his thumb, he took to rubbing her clit speeding up her orgasm, causing her to yelp incessantly.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she screams.

Jesse no longer sees Gwen in her, the booze blocks out the thoughts of if she would like what he’s doing, leaving nothing in his head but getting her off. Kenzi locks her legs around him as she cums, tightening her pussy with her legs, seemingly zoning out with a sigh of relief.

“You like that?”

“Uh-uh, she moaned.

Giving his hand a break, taking the last two jello-O shots, grabs her hips hypnotized by her dancing tits just trying to work out as many orgasms as he can. Flipping her over to help shake the images of Gwen in her, she lets out a cheer when his balls smack her. Pulling out full length and ramming it in her, staring at the ceiling he slips out, sending his dick right in her ass causing her to scream with each stroke before he catches it.

“Shit! My bad,” he pulls out.

“Put that back, I’m close!”

Shoving it back in, her tight hole is pulled with his strokes, her arms drop and she screams in to the pillow as her next orgasm shoots through her body. His first time doing anal, it’s so tight, he’s getting pretty close. Kenzi’s hole starts to dry, saving him from ending a good night earlier than he wanted.

Slowly pulling his dick out of her ass, noticing it did not close up, “get on top.”

“That’s the first time I ever did anal,” she giggled.

“You serious?”

“Fuckin yeah, I’m serious,” she straddled him.

“Best party ever?”

“Best fuckin party ever!”

Kenzi grinds her hips in pleasure as his dick slides around inside her, he lays back and relaxes, hoping this won’t be the last time they go at it. The closer she got, the more she started to bounce, riding him like a mechanical bull. Her hair is wild, shaking it out of her face, she smile at him, bouncing more vertical, her mouth drops open, eyes locked with his, a deep breath and a low wail followed by her legs trying to give out. Leaning on his chest doing her best effort to rock back and forth, he pulls her down, pumping his dick in her with his legs, she bounces a little with him.

“Gonna cum in you now,” was his last words.

Taking firm grip on her ass, pounding s hard as he could, her nails dig in to his shoulders, with a heavy grunt rams it in her one last time, holding it deep as all his seed fills her pussy. Kenzi rolls off of him, leaving behind some of his cum on his dick.

“I can feel it kinda leaking out, ” she pants.

“Yeah, good shit, ” he breaths in reply.

Gwen sits on the couch watching some rerun sitcom, waiting for him to come home since he had been ignoring his phone. Her night gown is slightly open, revealing half her left tit, no panties with a nice bush showing. The night had been peaceful but the more she thought about him, the more it spoke.

“There isn’t anything I can do but wait on him.”

“He’s probably having too much fun to answer his phone and I’m not going to push him further away from us by blowing up his phone.”

She turns up the television to ignore her head. Normally she would’ve just masturbated and went to sleep, but she hadn’t had the urge. Not having sex in so long, doing it had simply caused depression, the small taste of Chris left her yearning for the real thing, she could probably call him but there is only one for her. Last time she masturbated was only forced to show Jesse what he was missing. She has left him alone trying to rethink her strategy.

“I don’t see the big deal,” she blurted, giving in. “We’re family, I’m his mom, the first and last woman he’ll ever love. A boy should at least lose his virginity to his mom and I never even got that.”

“It is thankless, I swear,” she threw her hands in the air.

“I’m sitting here and he’s out having fun at a party, he never takes me out, he’d rather go out and get drunk to loud music. I’m just going to go to bed,” she turned off the television.

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