One Summer Ch. 02

Big Dick

That one summer was finally coming to an end. Mom and I had spent the summer getting to know one another intimately. Making love to a beautiful sexy woman is so special and when that woman happens to be your own mother it takes everything up another level of intensity and excitement. I had learned so much, not only about how one woman wants to be treated and loved but about myself also. I was confident packing to leave for my first job out of college. I knew more about who I was and what I wanted for the life in front of me. One thing I wanted was to make love to my mom more. I just couldn’t see not having her.

“Don’t forget son, your sister wants to see you before you leave.” Mom told me, slipping on that thin worn gown I had come to enjoy so much and walking slowly to my door to go clean up.

“Ok mom.” I replied. What on earth could my sister want to tell me, I thought as I went to the bathroom for a shower.

I had barely seen my sister this summer given how involved Mom and I had become and how little Debra seemed to be at home. As I showered I began to picture Debra in my mind, seeing an eighteen year old, athletic girl, 5 ft 3 or 4 inches tall with a decent figure. I was guessing Debra to be about a 34c to 36B bra size, maybe a waist at 23 or 24 inches and a nice shapely ass, She was toned and tanned from all the water skiing she and her friends do every summer. She wasn’t a total jock type because at times around the house I remember seeing a young woman in very feminine clothes making a noticeable impression on me. The more I thought about my sister a very familiar feeling began to spread through my crotch. Just picturing my sister in my mind was actually arousing me. Taking a deep breath and slowly releasing it I gradually clamed down enough to finish the shower and change into shorts and a lightweight tee shirt. I had several days before I had to get to my new town for my job so I was still thinking about how many more times Mom and I could get together. Standing in front of my sisters closed bedroom door, I knocked and said, “Hey sis? Mom says you want to tell me something?”

“Come in.” I heard Debra say, so I turned the knob and pushed open the door taking several steps into my sisters’ room.

Debra was on her bed sitting cross-legged wearing her bikini top and a wrap skirt under which I assumed she was wearing her bikini bottoms. I was pleasantly surprised that Debra had enough fullness in her breast to be wearing the top I now saw her in. Like most girls her age, Debra didn’t seem embarrassed about her body or how she showed it off. I quickly noted that in a few years Debra could be rivaling our mother in the looks department.

“Hey sis. What do you need? I’m headed over to a friends house in a minute.” I offered to get the conversation going.

“How many more days are you going to be here?” Debra asked looking up at me leaving the magazine she had been looking at in her lap.

“I’ll be here five more days before I drive to Clarkson.” Answering my sister.

“Good.” She said, adding, “I think we need to have a talk about Mom.”

Debra just looked straight into my eyes not giving any hint as to what she meant by that statement. I was taken back at first wondering if she knew anything about mom and I? Measuring my response, I kept Debra’s eye contact and bravely replied, “What about Mom?”

Debra moved to the edge of her bed never letting her eyes leave mine and stood. Then reaching down to let her wrap skirt loose she dropped it to the floor at her feet. Before me stood my nearly naked sister wearing the briefest thong I could recently remember seeing on any woman. My eyes went straight to her crotch, which made me noticeably inhale as I saw how little coverage Debra had over her pussy. I immediately knew that my sister must be clean-shaven since any pubic hair would be quite noticeable with that thong.

“I’ll tell you later big brother.” Debra said placing her hands on her hips and slightly pushing her chest out as she added, “What do you think of my new suit?” she said smiling as she turned in place showing me her firm tanned bare ass.

“Great!” I told her starring at an ass I couldn’t quite bring myself to believe was my sisters’.

“I wanted a mans opinion before fixbet I let Mom see me in this.” Debra told me, as she kept moving around letting me get as good a look as I wanted. “You don’t think it to, uh, revealing? Do you?” dropping her head just a bit then raising her eyes to look at me sheepishly.

Of course I did. I liked what I saw and told Debra just that, which brought a big smile to her face and a big hug from her for her big brother. She sure felt good against me and I began to think my sister might be up to something. Still holding on to me, her arms around my neck and her breast pressed firmly against my lower chest, I put my hands around my little sister resting my fingers on her bare upper ass. Things sure felt good from where I was standing.

We stood there for a moment or two more before Debra released me and stepped back away from me. Her eyes moved easily down from my chest to my crotch noticing my fully erect cock bulge under my shorts. I saw how her eyes widened when she saw my arousal. Debra, I was learning, wasn’t shy.

“Whoa.” I heard my sister breathe out then look back up to me. “I did that?” as she nodded her head down toward my hard on.

Before mom, I would have lowered my head and said something silly as well as immature then walked away to my room. Now I had the confidence to look my sister in the eye and say, “damn straight sis.” Then I put my hands to each shoulder and turned her one more time to get another look at her ass as I added, “you are one sexy teenager, sister. No man could keep from getting hard looking at you in that thong.”

Debra pulled me back into her pressing her hips firmly into mine then looked up at me and said, “Thanks. That is the nicest, sweetest thing anyone has ever told me.”

I leaned my head down to kiss her forehead but sis surprised me by tilting her head further back and opened her lips just a bit as mine met hers. I was sort of surprised but I eagerly accepted her kiss letting her slip her tongue tentatively past my lips. I met her tongue with mine enjoying the sweet tastes of her tongue before we were engaged in a long heated kiss that neither one of us wanted to end. I didn’t even realize I was massaging her bare ass with my hands, kneading her firm buttocks as we pressed into each other not breaking our deep frenzied kissing.

I wasn’t thinking. I was just reacting to the stimuli in hand. Had I thought for a moment I would have pushed away knowing that if Debra and I didn’t stop, I would soon be deep inside my sister’s virgin pussy! What would mom do or even say if she saw us? I would be out of the house and never able to have my mother again the way I was now taking my sister.

Oh god Josh, don’t stop.” I heard sis say through our deep wet kisses. My hands were all over her ass; even pulling her cheeks apart enough to get a finger slipping along the length of her wet smooth shaven lips! “Ooooh yes.” Debra lustily told me as she felt my fingertip slip through her wet outer lips. I couldn’t wait to get my sister naked. With a quick tug her thong dropped from one hip and I eagerly stripped it off the other hip. I wanted to feel my sisters smooth pussy with my fingers. I wanted to touch Debra the same way mom had taught me to touch her pussy lips. I wanted to taste my sister the way mom had taught me to orally pleasure her. I wanted to be inside Debra the same way I had been inside Mom. I wanted to cum deep inside my virginal sister. Yes, I wanted to fuck her!

“Everything Ok in there?” we suddenly heard mom’s voice from the hallway side of Debra’s bedroom door. Quickly I released my fingertip touch of my sisters’ pussy. Debra reacted just as quickly dropping to her knees picking up her wrap and securing it around her hips as she tossed the thong bottom over her bed. My heart was beating nearly out of my chest as I struggled to breathe as normally as possible. Amazingly mom opened the door just as Debra stood up and finished adjusting her wrap.

“You two ok in here?” mom asked both of us as she looked at Debra. Mom had a white terry cloth robe on and her feet were bare. The way the robe was tied left it open over Moms chest giving both Debra and I a good view of Moms breast, Moms’ eyes took in her daughters’ fixbet giriş body from Debra’s flushed heaving bosoms down to her hips covered by the wrap. Then Mom looked over at me hardly missing my feeble attempts to act normal and finally letting her eyes focus on my bulging crotch. A slight smile came across Moms lips as she said to Debra, “You should be covered more with your brother in here. It seems he can barely contain himself with you showing so much of your self.” I thought I saw a wink between my mother and sister but Debra wasn’t smiling.

“Mom, I can’t help it if Josh gets hard looking at me. After all I am a woman now and he is a man.” Looking at me Debra coyly asked, “You are a man aren’t you Josh?”

“Debra.” Mom barked but not convincingly enough I thought as I watched them making eye contact, “That is a bit too personal in nature to be asking your brother.”

“Oh mother, Debra mocked, I was just having some fun with Josh.”

“That is fine dear but be careful how you have fun with your brother. By the way, when did you get that new top and are you wearing a thong under that wrap?” Mom inquired. Mom stepped closer to the two of us moving in arms reach of Debra. Mom’s hand reached out to touch Debra’s hip where she had secured the wrap and before Debra could stop mom the wrap was dropping to the floor. I have to give Debra kudos’ here because instead of covering herself, my sister bravely stood there exposed from her top down as Mom gasped out loud upon seeing her daughter’s sex, bare and smooth as a newborn baby!

I had just gone soft before Mom removed Debra’s wrap but now I was hard as a rock again. Mom just stood there starring at Debra’s bare pussy for the longest moment then looked at me and my crotch, then back at Debra.

Searching for something to say Mom stuttered, “Uh, uh.”

Then looking at my throbbing bulge and me, Mom spoke with a growing question and emotion in her voice. “Josh? Were you and Debra having sex before I came in? Don’t lie to me Josh.”

I wasn’t going to even though I knew this would probably put an end to my affair with mom. “Yes mom. It was totally innocent at first. Debra just wanted my opinion on her new bikini then before we knew it we were in each other’s arms kissing. I couldn’t resist Mom, not after all I have learned this summer with you.”

Now it was Debra’s turn to look at Mom and I incredulously.

“What the f…” Debra said not finishing the curse out loud as she turned Mom to face her sharply with her right hand. Mom was in total shock that I had forthrightly given us up to Debra. Mom hung her head slightly not looking at Debra eye to eye.

“You have been fucking Josh?” Debra shouted. Then looking at me eye to eye, Debra asked, “How long, Josh?”

I looked my sister straight away and answered her, “Since the second week of June.”

“You mother fucker!” Debra almost screamed then suddenly realized I was in fact, a motherfucker. Upon that realization Debra started laughing out loud. She fell back onto her bed laughing so hard she began crying. Debra’s legs were open giving both Mom and I a very inviting view of her pussy. The fact Mom was starring at her daughters’ shaven pussy made me wonder about mom’s sexual preferences? I also saw that Mom’s robe had all but fallen open revealing her very naked body under the robe. As Debra was on her back laughing as she rolled side to side, I moved up behind Mom and deftly took her robe at the shoulders and removed it, leaving Mom standing totally nude before Debra. I don’t think Mom even knew about or felt her robe being removed. Mom just stood there above Debra looking down at her daughters’ nearly nude body, mute as she could be.

Slowly Debra gained control of her laughter and realized Mom was standing over her between her legs, looking at her pussy. It was if I was above both of them looking down on what was about to happen. Neither my Mom nor Debra was aware of my presence in the room. It was just the two of them.

Debra seeing Mom transfixed with her pussy, rose up on her elbows and spread her legs even more. Looking right at Mom, Debra said, “Go ahead Mom, you can touch me if you want. I won’t mind. In fact I would like to touch your pussy too.” As if she was being slowly drawn into my sisters pussy Mom lowered her herself onto her knees between Debra’s legs, raising her arms and placing her hands gently on top each of her daughters thighs. I watched as Mom slowly raised one hand and ever so gently rested her hand over her daughters exposed and inviting pussy. Both Mom and my sister simultaneously breathed out, ‘Ohhhhhhhh.”

I was barely able to breathe as I watched Mom begin to explore her daughters’ naked body much like she had done with me so many times before this summer. Mom moved her hand over Debra’s body from her knee to just under Debra’s bra top covered breast and back again, over and over. As mom was learning her daughters’ hot spots and Debra was moaning louder and louder, Mom said to me very lovingly, “Josh. Get on the bed and support your sisters back. Let her lean against you and while you are there, remove her top. I want to see my daughter completely naked and feel her beautiful puffy breast before we make love to her!”

I was totally frozen in time. My mother was telling me, she and I were going to have sex with my eighteen-year-old sister, together! A threesome. This was my fantasy coming true. I did as Mom asked much to Debra’s delight. Before going to the bed I stripped exposing my hard cock to my sister and mother. Naked, I joined Debra on her bed supporting her against my chest and tenderly like mother, guiding my hands over my sisters still puffy but growing breast. Together Mom and I moved our hands all over Debra’s tensing body driving her nearly mad in lust and need for release. I had positioned my cock between Debra’s pussy lips from behind, teasing my sister with my cock head, barely slipping it in and out of her pussy lips. The feeling was unbelievable. Debra’s pussy was wetter than Moms and tighter. I dared not to enter Sis to far because I sensed Sis was still a virgin. Mom, seeing the time was ripe, lowered her mouth over Debra’s bare now total engorged pussy, maneuvering her tongue just so, over and around, then flicking Debra’s clit with her tongue until Debra exploded for one then multiple orgasms! I came too spurting eight ropes of thick creamy cum over my sisters pussy, letting mom lick me then my sister clean.

With Debra recovering from her orgasms Mom and I began to make love. Mom was still on her knees in between Debra’s’ pussy so I got behind Mom gently pushing her forward onto Debra’s body and spread Moms legs until I had access to her dripping wet pussy. Holding my cock with one hand I slowly placed the head barely between Mom’s pussy lips like I has done for Debra but I wasn’t going to stop there. With firm and even pressure I pushed forward into Moms wetness until I was fully engaged inside her pussy. As I began to slowly withdraw then push back inside moms’ pussy, Debra began moving her hands over Moms breast feeling the fullness of Moms tits. Debra was reawakening her lust and soon Mom and Sis were French kissing. While Sis played with Moms tits, Mom began finger fucking her daughters’ still wet pussy and I kept pushing in and pulling out slowly building up to a faster pace just as Mom liked.

“Oh my!” Mom cried out after what seemed like hours of Sis and I pleasuring her. Mom was nearly there so I quickened my pace and told Sis, “Put Moms face in your cunt. Let her eat you as I cum inside her!” Debra pulled Moms face to her pussy and with firm hands behind Moms head; Debra brought Moms mouth back on her pussy. I was pumping Moms pussy with every bit of strength I had left crying out to no one in particular, ‘I’m coming! I’m filling your pussy with my cum, Mother!”

Mom, Debra and I spent the rest of the evening together moving from one bed to another pleasuring ourselves until we passed out! The next days were a blur of sexual frenzy. I took Debra gently and lovingly slowly making love to her as Mom guided me over and into my sisters’ body. Debra was a virgin just like I had suspected. Mom made sure there would be no pain taking Debra’s’ hymen with her finger as the two women put on a show for me before I came inside Debra in one of the most powerful orgasms I had recently experienced.

Mom got as good as she gave, guiding Debra and I around and in her body. Some how I never made it to my first real job out of town. I stayed with Mom and Sis, finding a good paying job in town. We have been together now for five wonderful years, sharing everything and seeing eye to eye on all-important matters.

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