Rewarding Good Service


The breeze coming off the sea felt cool on Lauren’s skin. She had spent the day enjoying the sun on the beach and the movement of the air tingled as it found the places her loose-fitting summer evening dress did not cover.

She looked across the restaurant table at her husband and smiled. As usual she felt his eyes on her, admiring her. No-one made her feel as sexy as Simon. She saw him drag his eyes upwards from her ample cleavage and smiled himself as he realised he had been caught again.

“See anything you like?” Lauren asked.

“You know I do,” he replied. “You look stunning.”

Lauren felt the thrill she always felt when Simon told her that. She knew the effect her curves had on him, but she did so love it when he told her and admired her so obviously in public. She was glad that getting away for a few days in the Spanish sun together allowed her to wear clothes that showed off her body in the ways that he liked.

As she enjoyed the feeling of Simon’s eyes wandering back to her breasts, the young waiter approached to offer them more drinks. Lauren looked him up and down, as she had done earlier, when they were first seated. He was probably in his late-twenties and had shaved his hair very close, a look that Lauren found very attractive. He also had a lovely smile and what seemed to be an energetic physique. He had introduced himself as Miguel.

Miguel took their order and moved away again, followed by Lauren’s gaze on his taut behind as he walked towards the bar.

“You like him,” Simon said to her.

It was Lauren’s turn to be caught and she smiled again. “He’s cute.”

“Go for it then.” said Simon. “You know I love you to have fun.”

Lauren looked a little doubtful. “Do you think I should? I know we’ve played a bit with others, but I’ve never picked up a man in a restaurant before. What if he doesn’t like me?”

Simon stifled a laugh. “Laur, you have nothing to worry about on that score. Every time he comes near he can barely tear his eyes away from the view the front of your dress is giving him. Not that I can blame him. It’s quite an arresting view. I’m having the same trouble myself.

“If you want to, it’s fine with me. In fact, I’m expecting to get a phone call very soon that will mean I have to leave quite suddenly. Oops, there it goes now, vibrating in my pocket.”

He stood and walked away from the table. She watched him go out through the gateway of the restaurant terrace as Miguel came back with the drinks. As she turned to look up at him, Lauren noticed his eyes flick suddenly up from her chest to her eyes. Simon was right.

“Thank you Miguel. Although I think it might just be me now. My husband has just been called away,” she said, gathering her thoughts and smiling up at him.

“Oh, will he be back soon? I can bring another drink when he returns.” Miguel’s English was excellent, with just the hint of an accent.

She made a deliberately over-the-top sad face. “I don’t think I’ll see him again for a few hours. I got the impression that it was quite serious.”

“That is not good,” he said as another customer called for his attention nearby. “Excuse me señora”.

As Miguel moved quickly towards the other customer’s table, Lauren was amazed at herself. She had smoothly slipped into the lie about where Simon was. Was she really going to try this? The two of them had been dipping their toes into the world of swinging during the past year, but that was always arranged with another couple. Could she really seduce a younger man? Where would they go if she did? His place? Their hotel room? They hadn’t discussed any of this. Simon had simply left her ataşehir escort bayan to it.

She decided that it would be best to end up back in their hotel, if this was going to happen. At least she’d know where she was if things didn’t work out.

After a few minutes Miguel came back to her table. “Excuse me señora. We will be closing in a little while. Would you like me to call a taxi to take you back to your hotel?”

An idea formed in Lauren’s mind and she made sure that Miguel could get a full view of her cleavage as she answered. “It’s only a short walk from here. I don’t need a taxi.”

Miguel frowned at this, “But the lights are not good in the streets here. Please, I will call a taxi.”

Lauren looked Miguel straight in the eye as she leapt in with both feet. “It’s not far enough for a taxi. Could you walk back with me? I’d be in safe hands then.”

Miguel looked unsure, and Lauren realised that she was perhaps being too subtle.

“You could make sure that I’m looked after.” As she said this, she ran the tip of her finger between the exposed slopes of her breasts and allowed just the tip of her tongue to show between her lips.

After another moment Miguel smiled. A small smile at first, but widening gradually. “Yes señora. I would love to take care of you”.

“If you’re going to be my guardian, you should call me ‘Lauren'” she smiled, as she looked him in the eyes.

Another customer called and he continued smiling as he smoothly moved away. Lauren’s breathing quickened as he did. She had done it. She had left a man in no doubt that she wanted to take him back to her room for sex. She gathered herself as she waited, getting more excited by the moment.


It was literally only a two-minute walk back to the hotel that Simon had booked for their trip. As Lauren and Miguel walked through the lobby towards the lift she scanned for Simon. She was half-afraid, half-hoping that he had gone back to their room and that all of this would come to a stop when they walked in and Miguel saw him.

Lauren inserted the key card into the door of the room and held her breath as she pushed and walked through, Miguel just behind. There was no sign of Simon.

As she turned to Miguel, to offer him a drink from the mini-bar, he grabbed her waist and pushed his mouth onto hers. She was momentarily surprised, but then melted into his firm, needing kisses, her tongue finding his as it probed between her lips.

Lauren abandoned herself to the moment as Miguel’s hands groped her through her dress. He squeezed her full breast and she felt the nipple harden instantly. His hand went lower, the smooth dress fabric enabling it to slip over the smooth curve of her tummy. He allowed his touch to linger there a moment, stroking her, a moan escaping his throat.

She pulled away from his face and looked at him. “Do you want me?”

He didn’t hesitate. “Oh yes Lauren.” He rolled the ‘r’ sound in her name deliciously. “You are beautiful. I admit that I admire you all night in the restaurant.”

Lauren smiled and pushed him back towards the bed until he sat on the edge. Then she pulled her dress over her head, leaving her stood before him on just her bra and panties. She knew that she wasn’t a toned super model, just the opposite, but she knew her curves drove Simon wild and she could see the same lust rising in Miguel’s eyes.

“Still want me?”

In response, Miguel pulled her to him again as he sat and began to kiss her belly. He kissed all around the curve of it hitting each of the sensitive areas Lauren had around her ribcage and she gasped. He was virtually making escort kadıköy love to her tummy, letting her know that he loved what he saw.

As he kissed, he felt his arms rise and his hands deftly unclipped her bra and tossed it aside. Although her breasts were full and round, they hung proudly on her chest, the hardening nipples jutting from the tip of each.

Miguel’s hands came around and cupped both of breasts, brushing fingers across her nipples which sent bolts of excitement to her already excited pussy, making her even wetter.

Miguel lifted his head to her right nipple and began to circle it with his tongue, before sucking it into his mouth. As he did, his hands dropped down to fill themselves with her ample bottom, squeezing and stroking before hooking into the material of her panties and pulling them slowly but firmly downwards.

Lauren allowed Miguel to drop her panties to the ground then, as he moved to begin sucking her other nipple, she stepped back slightly, determined that she wouldn’t be the only one naked for very long. She put her hands on her hips and stood challengingly, glorying in his looks as he took her in. She could see his eyes as he tried to stare at every part of her at once.

“My turn,” she said as she pushed him back on the bed and began to unbuckle the belt of his trousers. She pulled the trousers down to his ankles and placed her gaze on the substantial lump that was now tenting his briefs. Eager to see it in the flesh, Lauren wasted no time pulling the briefs down too to reveal Miguel’s very hard cock.

“Is that all for me?” she asked him playfully. She didn’t wait for an answer however, slipping the large head into her mouth.

Miguel had been trying to sit up, but immediately collapsed again as Lauren’s tongue began to swirl around the head of his cock. His mind was spinning with thoughts of this beautiful woman, how he could have been so lucky this evening, and what she was doing to him as he felt her taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Lauren fucked Miguel’s cock with her mouth, her tongue exploring every inch of his shaft as she did, slipping the end into her throat for a brief moment as she bobbed her head. She could feel him sit up and quickly pull off his shirt as she sucked, but then pushed him back and began to climb on top of him as he again lay on the bed.

She could feel his hardness between her thighs, sliding between the lips of her now soaking pussy and she slid along it as she presented her big tits to Miguel’s face. Miguel eagerly began sucking and licking and gently nibbling each nipple in turn, squeezing the soft flesh with his hands as he did. He ground his cock into her pussy as she teased him, desperate to be inside her.

Lauren felt Miguel trying to manoeuvre himself into position and decided not to tease for too long. She wanted this young stud’s cock inside her as much as he did, but she did want to make him tell her one more time what he wanted.

“Do you want to fuck me Miguel?”

“Yes…Yes please, I do.”

“Tell me then…Tell me want it is you want…” she hissed at him.

Miguel almost growled in lust as he formed the words she wanted to hear. “I-I want to…I want to fuck you Lauren. I want to fuck your sexy body.”

Lauren groaned in pleasure at his words and moved her hips to take him. Miguel’s rock-hard cock slid straight into her molten core easily and they both gasped as they ground themselves together, fully impaled.

As she began to move, Lauren felt an orgasm flood outward from her pussy, powering though her body. She cried out in pleasure and Miguel felt her juices begin to bostancı escort trickle from her and run down his balls and onto the bed.

In her pleasure, Lauren felt Miguel flip her over onto her back and thrust himself back deep inside her. She felt his hands grip her waist, pulling her onto him as he began to fuck her with long, deep strokes.

Lauren watched Miguel’s eyes roaming her body as he fucked her, each of his thrusts setting off another mini-orgasm in her. He watched her face as her expression changed when each orgasm hit, and he watched her big tits and round tummy move seductively as he thrust firmly into her.

His hands began to wander as his big cock did its work inside her. He found her nipples again and pulled them gently, sending more bolts of electricity through her and enhancing the now almost constant state of orgasm she was in.

She lost track of time as he pounded her pussy, aware only of her own intense pleasure and the man who was giving it to her. Eventually he slowed to wipe away the sheen of sweat that had formed on his face and she propped herself up to kiss him.

As they kissed, Lauren moved away from him and then broke the kiss to position herself on her hands and knees. Immediately getting the message, Miguel moved behind her and slipped his cock back inside her.

“Fuck me hard,” she demanded and he responded, driving into her with renewed energy.

Lauren again began to experience a stream of orgasms, but she could feel them building to something much bigger, so she urged him on, “Yes, like that. Fuck that’s good.”

She could feel his cock going deeper and deeper, almost as if it was growing even more inside her. Each thrust touching more and more sensitive points driving her closer to the edge.

“Yes, fuck me hard baby”

Miguel cried out as he fucked her and she could tell he was on the brink of his own orgasm.

“Yesssss…” she hissed, “come deep inside me!”

And then the orgasm that had been building exploded in her, her convulsing pussy milking Miguel’s cock furiously, sending him over the edge. He cried out in his own release as he flooded Lauren’s pussy. He felt a sweet agony as he pumped huge amounts of his cum deep into her, draining himself utterly as they came together.

As their cries of mutual pleasure quieted, the only sound in the room was them both panting, trying to catch their breaths. Lauren could feel Miguel softening slightly within her, slipping away from her depths and leaving behind only the deliciously sexy feeling of being filled with hot cum.

They fell apart completely, and came to rest next to each other on the bed. Lauren could feel the big load that Miguel had given her start to leak from her well-used pussy and smiled.


Lauren closed the door behind Miguel. They had spent a few minutes talking and thanking one another but, once the passion had subsided, she found herself wondering where Simon was and how eager she was to share what had just happened with him.

Although she didn’t exactly bundle Miguel out of the door as soon as they had finished, they did both finally get that drink, she didn’t allow him to get too comfortable and dropped broad hints about being tired and needing to get to bed.

She sat back on the bed and grabbed her phone, expecting to see some text message, but there were no alerts on the screen. She quickly keyed a text to Simon and hit ‘Send’. A moment later she heard a beep somewhere in the corner of the room.

A suspicion forming in her mind as she moved over to the large wardrobe, she threw open the doors to be greeted by a grinning Simon sat in the bottom of one side.

“Were you there all the time?” she asked, disbelievingly.

Simon just continued grinning. “Oh yes! I wasn’t sure if you’d actually go through with it, but what a show babe. You really are red-hot, and now Miguel knows it as well as I do.”

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