Rick’s Fantasy Workout


Rick always trained at the track, but that night it was closed for maintenance. Not wanting to give up his run he decided on the only option, a course around the large park like grounds of the College campus. As this course was really a random selection of paths and tracks Rick didn’t plan to run along the park side of the girls dormitory block, let alone that close to the ground floor windows. But that was what happened.

It was just past sunset and although there was still a dull glow in the sky, the lights were on in the dormitory. Most rooms had their curtains pulled, but a few windows glowed with a bright artificial yellow light. He didn’t know what made him glance in, but as he passed one of the windows he looked and what he saw made him pull up.

After looking around to make sure no one was near he crept up to the exposed window. Inside a slim, tall girl lay spread on her small single bed, her dark hair spread behind her on a white pillow. Her eyes were closed as if dreaming, but Rick knew she wasn’t asleep. He watched her left hand as it cupped her right breast, gently squeezing it, feeling it, pinching the nipple. Both nipples were standing out against the thin grey cotton tank top. As her hand moved over her breast the material pulled tight across the taut firm breasts.

Her right hand was rubbing her hips, just above her pubic area, softly caressing herself, every now and then exposing her navel as the tank top rode up slightly. As Rick watched this display of ecstasy the girl licked her soft red lips making them moist and sexy. That right hand wandered further, her fingers pushing under the waistband of her dark blue lace panties.

Unable to control his feelings Rick pulled the elastic waistband of his shorts and underwear down to expose his throbbing cock. Slowly he stroked his cock until it stiffened to its full 8 inches. Watching as the girl dug deeper in her panties he started tugging on his huge meat, trying to keep in rhythm with the girl who was now clearly stroking her clit.

A little damp patch appeared at the crotch of her panties as her fingers rubbed. Then the crotch tented up slightly as she manoeuvred her fingers toward her wet opening. Then her head started moving from side to side on the pillow, her hair tangling as she moved. She lifted one knee off the bed, fortunately not the one that would obscure Rick’s view.

He moved closer to the window, still tugging at his hard cock, until he could hear her moans. Once more her tongue licked her red lips, her eyes fluttered but didn’t open. Now her other hand left her breasts and travelled to her crotch. She hooked a finger in the leg of her panties, pulling the crotch to one side. Rick’s eyes bulged as he saw her pink pussy, well trimmed and swollen before him.

Then she inserted a finger; it disappeared up to the knuckle. A second followed, then the beautiful girl began to work them in and out as her hips convulsed. He could see the other hand working her clit from under the waistband of the panties. All of this was too much for Rick. He felt his balls tighten; his cock started pulsing as he stroked it. A stream of hot cum spurted out, almost hitting the closed window. More cum shot out in long streams falling at Rick’s feet. He held his cock out, letting the cum flow until his hand was sticky with the hot creamy liquid. As soon as he stopped spurting he realised where he was and what was happening. Quickly he returned his cock to his shorts.

Looking in he could see the object of his lust shivering on the bed. Her fingers were almost slamming into her wet pussy now. Her hips were bucking on the bed. It was obvious she was cumming now. Quietly Rick retreated from the window.

Resuming his run he counted the windows along the dormitory. This would give him a good idea which room he was to visit the next night.

Rick could hardly wait until his next training run. He had found out whom the girl was, and had made some discrete inquiries about her. Everyone he spoke to agreed the girl was one hot lady. None had any knowledge of her actual sexual experience. She was only 19 and they were all 21 or older so didn’t mix with her group.

Age was no barrier to Rick; he thought she was the most beautiful object he had seen in some time. Anyway he was only going to run past and watch the show if there was one. Rick didn’t feel confident enough yet to approach ataşehir escort bayan the beautiful brunette.

Once more the lights were on and the window of his target was uncovered. The evening was much warmer, in fact it was very humid and Rick had dispensed with his usual t-shirt. His tanned muscular body was nothing to be ashamed of so he puffed out his chest and jogged close to the dormitory. He slowed as he reached the window and looked gingerly in.

There she was again, lying on her bed, her hair tucked under her head, her eyes shut tight. This evening she was already dressed for bed in an aqua green silk nightie. It flaired at the bottom and was very short with thin straps. Rick stared at this sight and licked his lips.

Quickly he looked around, but knew that no one ever came around this side of the girl’s dormitory, not at this time. Later some guys would visit their girlfriends via the windows, but now it was too early for most. Anyway a conveniently placed garden obscured him from most views.

The show had begun. The girl had her hand touching her breasts. This time both hands were rubbing them, alternating across the silky nightdress making the material shimmer. Already her nipples stood out in the light material. She rubbed her hands down her side, pulling the nightdress tight against her body, her legs tight together. The neck of the nightdress pulled down exposing her cleavage. Then she released her hold and a hand travelled back to her breasts, touching, feeling, and moving the firm mounds about.

Once more Rick found himself pulling his shorts down, his cock already raging hard. This time he had forgotten his underwear preferring to be ready for action. His hot cock soon felt that action as he began pumping his hard cock. Oh it felt so good.

Now she moved the other hand to the hem of her nightdress, tugging it up, slowly revealing more of her long legs. He watched as the triangle of trimmed hair appeared. The hand dropped the silk and moved to the space between her legs. She licked her lips as a finger touched her pubic area. A shiver seemed to travel through her body. Her legs were still tight together, crushing the finger into her clit. She writhed on the bed and moaned.

Rick looked at her in horror, the moan was much louder than last night, her window was open. His horror came too late as her eyes flicked open. The frightened student fumbled to pull his shorts back into place, blushing as he did. But then he saw her look hard at him, her tongue licked her lips seductively and she simply smiled at his embarrassment. At no point did the girl attempt to cover herself, instead she got up and glided to the window. It opened a little further.

“Hello.” Her voice was soft and sexy. “Enjoying your exercise?” Again she licked those deep red lips. “Do you want to rest a while?”

Rick looked around again, checking no one was watching. He was nervous, then stepped forward. The girl was holding the window wider open. It was low enough for the tall athlete to climb through easily. Suddenly he found himself in the girl’s room.

“Hi I’m Rick,” he said nervously. “I’m sorry for…”

“My name is…”

“Tabby,” Rick interrupted

“Oh, so you have done some homework. This isn’t a random event.” Tabby smiled, folding her arms across those hard nipples.

“Sorry, yes,” Rick hung his head. “I saw you last night as well. I am really sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Oh, stop it with the sorry bit. Do you think I would have let you in if I didn’t think we could settle this peacefully?” She smiled again, this time extending a finger to trace around one of Rick’s nipples.

He looked at her in shock, wondering what would come next.

“So you like looking at wet pussy’s?” Tabby asked. “Or would you prefer to satisfy one?”

Rick smiled. “I actually prefer touching to looking.”

“Maybe you should finish what I started, what do you think?”

With that Tabby sat on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide and the nightdress pulled up exposing her pink pussy. The lips were swollen and moist already. Rick didn’t need a second invitation. He knelt in front of the brunette holding her knees; he lowered his head to her soft pussy. His tongue lapped at the wet hole, tasting her juice as it flowed. One of his fingers moved up to play with her clit.

Soon Tabby was moaning in escort kadıköy pleasure, her head tossed back and eyes closed. Her breathing became fast and shallow as Rick fingered her tight hole, the juice running down his fingers. His tongue licking at her pussy.

Tabby moved a hand to her breasts, touching them once more through the silky nightdress. Then she grasped the soft material and pulled the flimsy nightie off. Now those beautiful firm breasts were in full view the nipples standing out on the tanned skin like little red brown rocks.

Rick looked up at this beautiful naked body. Tabby now had her legs wide apart, her eyes still closed as she tried to pull Rick back to her hot pussy. He complied, resuming his licking as his fingers fucked her harder and harder.

“Ohhhhhh…” she moaned. “Yes.”

Her body was shaking a little. Her eyes seemed distant. Again she licked her lips. Rick felt her hands tighten in his hair. There was a shudder as her orgasm flooded over her body. Her hips bucked a couple of times and then the wave began to subside. All the while Rick kept up his finger fuck and his licking. Then his mouth was flooded with her sticky love juice. Gallons of it. He lapped it up. It covered his chin and nose as he buried his face deeper in her pussy.

Then it was over and he sat back, looking at the naked form in front of him. She bent forward, taking his head in her hands and kissed him on the lips. Without a word she licked her own juice from his face like a hungry cat.

Not knowing what to do, but knowing he needed relief, Rick stood up. His hard cock was straining at his shorts, trying to leap out. Quickly he slipped a thumb in each side of his shorts.

“No!” Tabby called out, leaning forward. Before he could answer she was on her knees in front of him, her hands working their way up his thighs.

Without removing his shorts she placed a hand up one leg, brushing his cock lightly. Then her hand clasped it and pulled it toward the opening. Her other hand pushed the shorts up the leg until most of his cock protruded.

The sexy girl looked at Rick with a smile, licked her lips then lowered her head to his cock. The red lips closed over the rigid shaft, the tongue flicking the head to gather up a dribble of pre-cum. Slowly she sucked more and more of the cock until her nose had disappeared into his shorts. He could feel a hand on his balls, massaging them gently as she sucked his cock.

Standing as he was he reached down to brush her hair to one side. Now it was his turn to moan softly as she worked up and down his shaft. Feeling it pulsing in her mouth.

“God Tabby,” he moaned. “Shit you are good. Take my cock, take it all.”

Up and down the shaft she worked, gently sucking harder and harder. Her hand was touching his balls, weighing each carefully, then brushing them gently. He could feel his load building. Her hot mouth working its magic. Then his buttocks tightened and he just couldn’t hold back.

“Ohhhhh,” Rick stammered as he shot a spurt of cum into Tabby’s throat. “God, yes!”

Another long stream filled her mouth, then another. Rick was shaking as he grew weak with the powerful spurts. More cum spilled into the girl’s mouth. He looked down to see some of the creamy liquid bubbling out of the corner of her mouth. Then she pulled back, a long string of cum stretching between her face and the cock. Her tongue darted out to lick it up before she took the shrinking cock back in her mouth to lick it clean.

“Hmmmm…. That was good,” Tabby said standing up. Putting her arms around Rick’s neck she kissed him passionately. Their tongues probed each other’s mouths; he tasted his cum on her lips. “But I’m not satisfied yet.”

Rick looked at startled by this declaration. His cock responded by stiffening slightly.

“See you do still want to play,” Tabby said climbing on the bed. She was up on all fours, her butt waving in the air and lips looking luscious. “I want you to be my doggy.”

“Woof, woof,” Rick laughed as he climbed on the bed next to the lovely brunette. They kissed again, breaking to enable Rick to position himself behind Tabby. She reached up under her body to help guide his stiff cock toward her pussy opening. He rubbed the head up and down her moist slit, teasing her clit. Tabby moaned as she touched the huge cock.

Gently he eased it toward her red bostancı escort swollen pussy lips, pushing the purple head in, slowly, just teasing. Again she moaned, tossing her head back, as more of the shaft penetrated her wet pussy. It was huge and hard. Rick moaned as he felt her pussy contract on the hard cock.

As soon as he had pushed into her he stopped, holding her bare hips, admiring the smooth tanned back, before beginning his rhythmic thrusting. In and out his cock slid. Each time tabby moaned and her breathing got heavier.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “God that is good. Oh.”

“Yeah,” Rick managed as he plunged into her. “Oh Tabby, this is great.”

“Fuck me, please fuck my pussy.”

“Oh yeah, yeah.”

In and out he plunged, deeper and harder. The sound of her squelching pussy filled the air, mingled with the slapping noise as his hips hit her butt. He reached up with one hand to fondle her nipples, making them hard. Little waves of excitement flowed over Tabby, making her shudder.

“Oh Tabby, you are so tight, God.”

“Fuck me Rick, fuck me.”

“Oh yeah, God yes.”

His hips were hitting her hard, his balls banging into her as he plunged in. Deeper and harder, faster. Then she started moaning louder.

“God Rick, yes, God,” Tabby called out. “I’m going to cum!”

“Do it babe, cum on my hard cock, do it for me!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!” Tabby squealed. “Ohhhhhhh. Rick, fuck me hard.”

He quickened the pace as she leant forward letting him in deeper. Then she shuddered and he felt her pussy flood. He was close now too.

“Tabby, ohhhhh, I’m going to cum now,” he warned.

“Do it, filmy pussy, please.”

“Oh yes,” Rick whispered as he pushed in once more. Then Tabby felt the hot cum shoot from him, filing her pussy. Rick let out a low moan as his cock shot spurts of cum deep into her. “Yeah.”

Rick collapsed away from Tabby as she to fell to the bed. Rick was panting lightly at the workout, his face red. Tabby felt the dribble of cum oozing down her leg.

She reached over the edge of the bed and picked up a pair of pink lace panties. Smiling at Rick she used them to wipe his cum from her leg and pussy opening before tossing them back to the floor. Then she leant forward and kissed him gently on the forehead, letting those beautiful breasts dangle in front of him. He responded by kissing the right nipple.

Tabby moaned and held his head to her breast. Rick needed no more encouragement; he took it in his mouth, licking the little hard red nipple. As he released it he could feel her hand grip his cock, tickling it into life. Even Rick couldn’t believe that his cock was responding to her touch. Slowly she bent her head to take it in her mouth, tasting her pussy juice, mingled with his cum. Gradually she coaxed his cock back to life, soon it was stiff once more.

As soon as it was rigid once more she flopped back, pulling him on top of her. They kissed passionately, tongues meeting, tasting each other’s juices. Slowly Tabby parted her long legs, drawing her knees up at the same time. This time Rick found her opening without assistance, the big hard cock slipping easily into her.

“Ohhhhh,” Tabby gasped. “Yes, I need you Rick.”

Slowly he started working it in and out of her, feeling the cum from his earlier fuck. The cock slipped in easily as he plunged it deeper and deeper, crouched over the girl. She closed her eyes, her face peaceful and blissful as he slowly fucked her tight pussy.

“Ohhhhh, Rick, yes, please fuck me.”

“God Tabby,” Rick was feeling his balls tighten already.

“Hold on, please,” Tabby begged.

In and out he plunged, pushing her legs up over his shoulders, letting him in deeper and deeper.

“Oh, Tabby,” he moaned again. “I can’t hold back.”

He was deep in her wet pussy now, his cock buried to his balls. Then he let out a low moan and his sperm filled her again. Tabby responded with her own moan, reaching between them to feel the base of his throbbing cock. Rick’s balls hurt as they emptied into her. He rolled off her, slightly ashamed, a string of hot cum clinging to her pussy lips and the head of his cock.

Tabby leant over to him and kissed his cheek. “Hey, that’s ok Rick. I want to save something for later.”

Rick turned and smiled at the beautiful brunette. She touched his face and they kissed.

“Will you be jogging this way again soon?”

“Yes, I can if you want,” Rick said nervously.

“I would like that. You know you can always get a workout here if you want.” The young girl smiled and flashed her sexy eyes at him. He returned the smile.

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