Same Time Next Year Ch. 02


Chapter 01: The Beginning

Remember the old movie with Alan Ladd, when a couple meets every summer for a rendezvous away from their spouses at the Same Time each year?

Dick and Sue had the same type of relationship but they weren’t married. They were just too much like each other, so they would fight for a year, and then finally one of them would give in and they would get together.

Remember the old movie, “Peggy Sue Gets Married?” If you haven’t seen it, rent it because some things just never change, people are people, couples are couples and life has its’ own map.

So, you’re saying to yourself, “Yes, it does!” or “Maybe,” or “Not every time.”

That’s what Sue said to herself this time about Dick. “But, this time it would be different.” Well, in a lot of ways, it would be. Her attitude was different but Dick’s wasn’t — he still loved to mess around and Sue didn’t know if she could live with him, his situation and if she wanted more.

But, the sex was great. So, why shouldn’t she just lay back, so to speak and enjoy the ride, she asked herself?

Sue anticipated the moment when Dick would arrive. She worried, she projected, she planned and then she said, “The hell with it!” If it’s nice, it will be enjoyable. If it isn’t enjoyable, life will go on. But, the one thing Sue did know was that she was bringing out the escort ataşehir new lingerie just for Dick because that’s what he liked.

Sue had gained a few pounds but Dick probably wouldn’t notice or would care? He liked her the way she was. Trying not to obsess some more, she had two weeks to get ready, get relaxed, get pampered, manicured and pedicured possibly for a let down but hopefully for a great beginning of an old affair of the hearts.


“Sue, you’re not going out with Dick again are you really?” probed Jane. “He made you so angry when you two were going out before.”

“You never met him, Jane. You would like him, my standards are just too high and I’m not getting any younger. And, besides, who are you to judge? You dated every Tom, Dick and Harry before you finally got married.”

“Yeah, you used to tell me I went to bed with everyone,” reminisced Jane while living an uninteresting marriage and raising three children.

“Well, there was that one time, you were making out with this guy I introduced you to, in front of my best friend’s mom,” reminded Sue.

“I don’t remember that,” Sue reminded Jane the guy was the one with the bird. “I hate birds,” said Jane. Of course you do, Sue thought to herself so YOU shouldn’t judge me NOW!


Sue still had a lot of ‘Get up and go,’ in her. She wasn’t kadıköy escort bayan going to let complacent friends, jealous of her freedom and energy, stop her from happiness.

“Dick, are you sure you still want to get together?” asked Sue.

“Sure, why not? As long as you don’t keep reminding me of what an asshole I am!” stated Dick. “We had a lot of fun. We’ll have dinner, drinks and then…f…..k.”

“You’re not an asshole, Dick. You know what our issues were, and they’re in the past now,” said Sue. Well, Sue, didn’t like the fact the Dick liked “Friends with Benefits.” But, she tried the monogamy promise and she wasn’t about to try the ‘Grey’s Anatomy man whore’ test of abstinence for two months. Dick was far too virile and into sex for that move. He’d disappear without great sex with her.

“Okay, I’ll have the hot dogs ready,” Sue replied. “Be here at 7:00 p.m. Saturday night. I’ll be waiting with baited breath,” she said sarcastically but seriously.


“Jane, quit nagging me about Dick, okay? You aren’t single anymore. We all settle in one way or another. It’s about time I settle, to a degree, kick back and just enjoy life. Jane had just told Sue how she wasn’t ready to leave her husband or kids to take a quick trip abroad with her during the upcoming holidays. Sue understood but she wasn’t ready escort bostancı to sit home and knit for the next ten years till Jane’s hubby passed or moved on and the twenty something kids finally moved out. Oh, gosh, what drudgery, Sue thought to herself. Maybe, she got lonely at times, but her loneliness were for periods of choice, not because of being in a rut. Ruts weren’t bad but they weren’t for her.

In some ways, Sue still felt like a child. She hated when the sun went down, when she was alone at night but she never wanted to marry either because that life seemed boring and dismal to her. Although maybe not to others, she wasn’t the type to live in denial why hubby fooled around and wifey grew boring and humdrumm.

Sipping her glass of white wine, she reminisced about the last time she spent with Dick. Then she got upset. They had fought, made lousy love and then quit seeing each other. So that was then, and now was now. So what, if they only had one more final romantic evening together. If they had more, life would be grand and Sue would feel alive with him.

Summer does wet a man’s appetite, Sue thought. The warm beach breezes, everyone outdoors, why wouldn’t Dick want to spend a weekend at her beach house?

Sue and Dick were good at a few things. They both loved to entice each other without commitment, they loved seduction, experimentation and they loved romance. This will be a good evening, Sue expected. But, the time was moving slow in anticipation.

There was a knock at the door. As Sue opened the door, it wasn’t Dick it was Randy. “Oh, my, talk about timing,” Sue exclaimed.

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