Sarah Loves to Fuck


Sarah was the kind of girl that loved to fuck.

I met her at a co-ed youth camp where I worked for the summer. The campers were all adolescence, and my main job was to keep the horny bastards from messing around with each other while they were under our supervision… They would usually come in for a week or two and then they would leave after lunch on Saturday, and a whole new group with fresh hormones would arrive on Sunday afternoon. The young girls would try to expose as much bare flesh as they could, and the young boys would gawk and cat call to them during the day. At night you could always hear the boys jerking off in their cabins, and after “lights out” the girls would talk well into the night about which boys they thought were hot.

During the camp orientation weekend, a few weeks before the camp started, I asked Sarah if she would like to assist me in patrolling the camp grounds after “lights out” for a couple of hours until everybody settled down at night. She seemed delighted to assume the job for the duration of the summer.

I chose Sarah because she was not like the other girls. She was cute and bubbly with an ever present smile. She giggled when she teased you and she was always trying to be part of the crowd.

She wasn’t quite accepted by the snotty attractive girls; with their make-up parties and their little giggle groups, but if you wanted someone who was willing to be one of the boys, and help out with a project, Sarah always made herself available.

She was a tiny bit overweight and a little self conscious about it, and while she had a fabulous, happy disposition, she would not be lying around the pool in a bikini, showing off her womanly charms with the other staff snobs on her day off.

Sarah had short raven black hair which she had in large curls. Her face was round with chubby cheeks and the darkest eyes I had ever seen, which sparkled when ever she looked at you. Her cheeks flushed when you teased her and her lips were full and pouty. Her teeth were pearl white and she had this olive skin tone that made her look like she was always lightly tanned. She loved to giggle and joke around and the best part was when she flirted with me and batted her eyes with the long eye lashes. It made me melt inside, and I don’t mind admitting that an aching feeling wheeled up in my balls when she was close by.

Her breasts were a bit too large for her small stature, they bounced uncontrollably and her cleavage undulated when she walked. Her tummy was a little chubby and her hips were a little wider then she would have liked. All these parts put together made me want to bury my cock deep inside her.

She tended to wear body hugging spandex suits with a light top over her shoulders and most times she wore track pants in order to be comfortable, but sometimes she wore these little short pleated skirts that fluttered in the breeze as she walked. When she sat down and I was able to catch a glimpse of her, you could always see part of her pleasure triangle between her thighs where the little skirt pulled up on her lap.

One of the first evenings that we were on patrol, we came back to the darkened porch area that served as our look-out, and sat beside each other on the small bench and talked. I asked her how things were, and she said, “The usual…talking about boys….and you?”

I told her, “The same thing as every other night……the sounds of young boys enjoying themselves”. I said it was embarrassing, even though I tended to find it exciting.

She giggled and suggested that we should exchange routes next time. I loved the idea and started to flirt with her. She giggled and said that she thought she could see a bulge in my pants. It was there for sure, and I had placed my hand in my lap in order to hide it. We were sitting in the shadows, watching the area between the boy’s and girl’s cabins.

I glanced down at her and took notice of what she was wearing for the first time. I could smell the faint scent of a perfume wafting around her and I though I was able to catch the scent of her passion. I strained closer to her to see if I could catch her scent. She had abandoned her sweatpants and had one of her very short sport skirts on. I could see her bare legs in the darkness, and she was nervously squeezing her thighs together and seemed to be moving her hand back and forth under there. I could feel the perspiration starting to form on my neck and when I tried to speak, my voice was all shaky. I felt the familiar rumbling in my balls and my cock strained against my underwear, struggling to be free. I was thankful that the time had come to do our next tour.

I suggested that she do the boys side and I would do the girls this time. She giggled again and mischievously said, “Okay”

“Meet you back her in about ten minutes?…We could have some coffee?”

She said she would hurry back.

A few minutes later we approached the porch from opposite directions. I was going to offer escort ataşehir to go and make the coffee, but truthfully, I didn’t want it. I started to get lost in my lascivious thoughts when she started to giggle again. I was somewhere between imagining myself stroking my long hard shaft, and burying it in between Sarah’s soft thighs. She started to tell me about what she had heard on her tour, and then she said,”God I’m horny”.

I said, “Really,? … I think I could help you with that!”

She got up, and said, “I got to go pee.”

Shit!… close, and now I probably blew it. I sat in the darkness, and rubbed my hardness. Oh, I wished I was alone and could take care of it. It was so uncomfortable, and the more I tried to ignore it the more my cock “turtled” around, seeking release from my shorts.

I was jarred back to the present when Sarah returned and came and stood near me resting her soft boob on my shoulder. She said that she thought that I should help her with her “problem”.


She moved to the front of the porch and leaned down on the railing spreading her feet as she did. In a hushed tone she called to me,”Come and get it big boy”.

I stood up and went over behind her ass and reached under her short dress. Her hot wet snatch was naked and the body suit snaps had been left undone. I undid my fly and released my cock. It sprang out and could almost smell the hot pussy ahead of it. I thrust forward gently and guided it into her slit. I rubbed her up and down to separate the pussy folds that I could feel on my cock head. I pushed in between her soft ass cheeks and my cock found the entrance to her tunnel. She was so hot, and slippery. I found myself buried up to my pants. I pulled back gently until only my cock head was inside her. I reached into my fly opening and grabbed my balls and brought them outside. I slid forward and she moved back into me. I felt her warm stickiness and her thick pussy carpet tickle my balls. It was so hot in there! We got a nice slow fuck rhythm going and her cunt muscles squeezed me as I drew my length back. When I slowly started to force her open again and reach for her moist hot depths, the muscles would relax and quiver around my swelling shaft. God, it felt good. I hadn’t had any pussy for weeks since the graduation parties at college, and now I was finally buried in between these hot thighs.

We fucked slowly, and as quietly as we could. She moaned softly each time I slid into her depths. I felt a hot tingling in the bottom of my feet and my knees began to feel weak. I slowly thrust into her once more. She moaned and pressed her soft ass back into my crotch. The feeling of my balls slamming into her snatch made me buckle over and I put my arms around her waist. I reached up to caress her soft globes. They were covered with the taught material, but her nipples were like hardened nibs. I jerked hard and felt my release spurting out. I jerked again, reaching as deep as I could and leaned on her bent over frame for support.

I was spent!

I pulled out and tucked my cum soaked man parts into my jeans.

Sarah reached around behind her ass as she stood up and I heard the three snaps pop as she did herself up. The little short skirt fluttered in place and she came and sat down beside me where I had crumpled up in a state of satisfaction. The smell of her perfume combined with the sweet aroma of sex encircled my head. It was intoxicating!

“Did you like that…Big boy?” she asked?

Did she need to ask?…..I reached out and touched her thigh as my breathing slowly returned to normal. It was passed the time where we needed to observe the camp area any more that night. I bent over and kissed her neck as we parted, and made our way to our separate sleeping quarters.

Over the next few weeks, Sarah and I were able to enjoy each other almost every night. It was better then I had dreamed it could be. She loved to fuck. My cock was so hard when I thought about her. I had a difficult time getting through the days activities because I knew what was going to be waiting for me at night. We seldom spoke through the day, but I would always look for her and observe what she was wearing. Her sweat pants would always come down around her ankles easily, but I always got really hot when she wore her short skirt.

At the end of July, we had a mid summer weekend break when all campers were gone and the staff all went away for a break. Many went home for the weekend, but those who had no place to go were taken away for the weekend by the director and his wife, to their cottage. I was relegated to remain at the camp for security reasons, and I was just as glad. A weekend away without Sarah would be no fun, and I had some laundry to do. The director asked for another volunteer to remain behind so that there were two people on the grounds. I was happy to find out that Sarah wished to stay behind. The director was adamantly against leaving us there alone because kadıköy escort bayan of the “boy-girl” thing. I could hardly keep from laughing at his concern; however it seemed that the dream weekend was going to get messed up anyway. At the last moment, the camp nurse also said that she would stay behind, because of some personal stuff she had to do. Nurse Jean was a few years older then me, in her late 20’s I figured, and was engaged. She was always nosing around into everyone’s business and for the most part she was a pain in the ass. She always wore a little white nurse’s cap, even when she went to the pool.

Nurse Jean was a skinny woman with her light brown hair always tied up on her head. Her boyish figure did very little to excite my desire, with her flat chest and skinny ass. The one thing that I used to do was look between her legs when she was standing around. She was one of the only women that I had known where there was daylight between her thighs. I would try to imagine what her pussy lips looked like, but they were probably very tight and thin and it was likely the seams of her jeans I was really fantasizing about.

Sarah and I were happy that she stayed behind, making it possible for us to stay together at the grounds that weekend.

I gathered up my laundry and headed to the utility room. All the staff was leaving and the cars all drove down the laneway out of sight. In was late afternoon when the two girls appeared at the doorway to the utility area. We all decided to have an early dinner and Jean told us that she was looking forward to getting to bed early. After putting my fresh laundry away, I showered and dressed comfortably in a tee shirt and sweat pants. I hoped that the evening would lead to some great fucking, but I needed to make sure that Jean was out of the way.

We had a hurried meal that the girls prepared and then Sarah suggested that we play a board game for awhile. I hate board games….they are really “bored” games, and it wasn’t helping that Sarah was wearing a lose fitting short sundress, and it seemed that her boobs were free and allowed to swing under the flimsy dress. As we moved the little men around the board, her tits were resting on the table just out of reach. Jean seemed oblivious to the sexual tension in the air, and when she was first to lose, she quickly excused herself and wandered off toward her quarters.

I looked at her as she walked away from us. She had long shorts on that covered her tight ass, light twitched between her little ass cheeks as she made her way to the nurse’s quarters. She wore a tube top that left her tummy bare. She had no tits, but her nipples were visible and they looked like cigarette butts glued to her chest. I looked at Sarah and smiled. See was giggling softly again, like always. A little bit of saliva rested on her bottom lip and she pushed it outward with her tongue. I watched her full lips quiver and noticed deep colour coming up on her cheeks.

We abandoned the game as I grabbed for her soft tits across the table. My face met hers and I thrust my tongue into her mouth. I tasted her nectar and we pawed at each other as our lust and passion welled up. I could feel the heat building between our bodies as we jockeyed away from the table and groped each other. She put her hands inside my sweatpants and stroked my hard cock. Precum was leaking from the end and she slithered her hand up and down my shaft, using the slippery lubricant to massage me to rigid hardness. I had both hands on her ass, pulling her into me. When we finally came up for air, I looked into her eyes and said, “Sarah, we have fucked a lot over the last few weeks, and it has been wonderful but tonight, I want to make love to you”

Sarah said that she wanted to have a quick shower, and I thought that I should probably have a quick walk around camp to make sure everything was secure. The sun was already going down behind the trees and darkness would engulf us fairly soon. I turned the area flood light off, because there would be no need for the grounds to be lit this night.

When I was on my way back to where Sarah stayed, I heard a vehicle coming towards us. There was a little rise on the driveway just before the main parking lot. As the car came into view the driver turned off the lights and crept into the parking area slowly. I watched from a secluded position as a young man got out of the car and closed the door quietly, pushing it closed so that it latched. He looked around nervously, and then made a bee-line for the nurse’s quarters. I waited about 3 minutes after the door closed and I snuck over to her cabin. When I was still 20 feet away I could already hear the bed springs squeaking and Jean’s voice gasping and crying out, “oh fuck me harder….harder….fuck me…oh fuck”

I imagined the man I had just seen, splitting Jean’s cunt open as the springs keep squeaking in time. It was hard to imagine anyone fucking her, but I was glad it was happening, escort bostancı because Sarah and I wouldn’t have to worry about where she was for the next little while.

I hurried back to Sarah, and I knocked softly on her door. She asked me to come in and I opened the door and walked into the candle lit room. She had a robe on that she let hang open. I walked over to her. She was bare foot and naked except for the robe that was now slipping off her shoulders. Her toes were squeezing the soft carpet where she stood. I could smell the scent of her lightly perfumed body. The scent grew stronger with her body heat. I took my sandals off and the tee shirt came off over my head in one swift movement. I threw it to the chair and pushed my sweat pants down and stepped out of them. Her robe dropped down around her ankles…….we stood there looking at each other.

For weeks we had been fucking. Every time we fucked, I had cum deep inside her and it was good. The only thing that was unfulfilling is that it was always with clothes on and always “doggie style.” This was the first time I saw her naked and she was gorgeous. She had a few extra pounds, but they were in the right spots. Her full round breasts were beautiful and her raspberry nipples stuck straight out. God, I wanted her! Her pussy triangle was fully bushed, as I knew, but she had brushed the hair and it was parted in the centre. You could see the outline of her puffy lips as she stood a few feet away with her legs about waist width apart. I reached out for her hand and led her to the bed. We lay down beside each other and I began to trace her body parts with my hand, in order to paint her body picture deep in my memory. I leaned over and kissed her. Lightly first….and let my tongue paint her face, nose, ears, neck…..and then a deep passionate kiss. We breathed each others air……..I was going to make love to Sarah.

She moaned and writhed around as I worked my way down her body. I placed one hand on each of her breasts and palmed her nipples until they hardened and stretched up to meet my caress. I felt her large, dark brown, areoles pop up like goose flesh. She drew her knees up and shivered as I continued down and plunged my tongue into her naval. Her tummy muscles contracted and she let out a little moan.

I rearranged myself so that I could feast on the meal between her thighs. I lowered my face onto her bush and nestled into her. I was able to put my arms out around her ass and reach up until I could pinch her hard nipples with my thumbs and forefingers.

Her pussy smelled soapy clean and had started to get wet down there. Her pussy had been sex raunchy at times when we had fucked before. This time it was sweet and clean.

I dove in!

It was time to feast!

She moaned!

I ran my tongue down her slit and into her pussy hole. She moaned as I licked her juices and lapped at the entrance that I had fathomed so many times. I nuzzled my nose into her clit while I lapped and then licked her between her asshole and love tunnel. She groaned and writhed around like a snake trying to avoid a flame. I held off as long as I could before I set my mouth on her clit and began to tongue it. Left side….right side…….lightly….pressure….tried to force the tip of my tongue up her pee hole. Release the area…..blow softly, making the pussy hair flutter……suck deep on her clit drawing it deep into my mouth….

Her love lips swelled and became very dark and thick as they became engorged with passion.

She groaned and moved her ass into me, forcing my nose deeper into her slit. I was starting to gasp for air, and OMG it was hot and sweaty down there. She held her head up to see over her breasts and view my head between her legs. Our eyes met for a brief instant before her eyes rolled back and her head dropped to the pillow. I kept up my pace….harder now…no stopping…..tongue was starting to get tired…..take a breath when she opens her thighs briefly. She squeezed my head between her thighs. God she was strong.

I felt her start to cum!

I could see her tummy muscles starting to flutter.

“Oh….Oh….Oh….Oh…” she uttered….quietly at first…..and then almost screaming.

She lurched side to side. I felt like my head was going to by wrenched off my shoulders.

The bed started to vibrate and shake as her body was overcome by the rush of her orgasm.

She heaved her ass up into my face that only let me get in deeper and get a bigger mouthful of her pussy. I nipped at her sensitive flesh……

She screamed, “Je…….s…….u…..s…….”

….and then started gasping. “I can’t breath” she repeated over and over…….

I stopped “doing’ her pussy and clit, but lapped her oozing pussy juices as she continued to writhe around and her body kept lurching. I felt sharp pain more then once as her pelvic bone knocked into the bridge of my nose

I relaxed, but rested my head on her pussy. I tried to stroke her breasts, but she slapped my hands away. I looked up into her face. She was still gasping, but her breathing was getting a little deeper and she seemed to be relaxing.

She looked at me and said, “What the fuck was that?”


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