Sarah’s Turn


Chris and Sarah had an undeniable sexual chemistry. Their connection was also more than purely physical. They were also friends-very close friends.

Sarah had moved away a few months ago, but was back in town for a quick weekend visit with her family. However, she’d spent most of her time with Chris. All weekend their talks were overtly sexual, and their flirtations had grown from knowing looks, to holding hands and lingering touches, and it was all leading up to tonight.

Sarah knocked on Chris’s door and waited anxiously for him to answer. Sarah was a 5’6″ 19-year-old university student with straight dark brown hair that fell just longer than shoulder length. She was a little over weight with large breasts, a dark, clear complexion, big brown eyes and glasses. Tonight, she was wearing black boots that zipped up past her ankles giving her an additional two or three inches in height, dark denim jeans that made her long legs look longer, and a soft snow white, low-cut chenille sweater.

She was a little bit nervous, but more than that she was excited. They hadn’t made any finite plans for anything to happen tonight, but they both knew what was going to happen. They always knew. They had been doing this dance almost since they first met more than two years ago.

Chris answered the door and flashed a (not-so-) innocent smile that lit up his entire face, especially his chocolate brown eyes. He was dressed comfortably in tan khakis and his favourite button-up “tree-planting” shirt over a tight white t-shirt. Chris, who was a year younger than Sarah, was about 6 feet tall with a medium build and olive skin tones that made it look like he had a natural year-round tan. He had the cutest soft, feathery brown hair that looked great against his dark skin and brown eyes.

“Hey,” he said and ushered her inside. “Hey, yourself,” she replied and brushed her hand softly over his harm as she followed him downstairs. He flicked the TV on and sat down on his bed, the only piece of furniture in his room.

“Come sit,” Chris said and patted the empty space next to him on his bed and shuffled himself under his duvet, making himself more comfortable.

Sarah lay down beside him and they flicked between shows on TV under the pretense that they might actually watch them, while a thick sexual tension quickly bostancı escort escalated. Legs and bodies slowly shifted closer together, touching, almost rubbing together unspoken under the duvet. Their conversation was light, forced, and distracted. Neither one was quite sure how to initiate the inevitable. As was usual for Chris and Sarah, their conversation quickly turned sexual.

“So have you written any new stories lately?” Chris asked, referring to the couple of stories that she had written, and shared with him.

“Haha, fuck I wish I had that kind of time! No, I haven’t. But, I’m basically almost always writing them in my head. Haha yeah I have LOTS of story ideas…” she replied, her voice trailing off at the end.

“Oh Reeeaaalllyy? Interesting…Care to share any?” he asked, slyly.

“Well…. for example… Have I ever told you how much it turns me on to suck cock? How much I love the taste of cum?” she asked blankly, trying to hold back a smile.

Chris could only stare back at her in shock, eyes widened, mouth slightly open. Then he propped himself up on his elbow, leaning toward her, on his side.

“No, I don’t believe that you have,” he managed to spit out.

Sarah smiled her coy little half-smile that she reserved for when she had something up her sleeve, or when she thought about something that really made her horny.

“Well, it does. And I really want to write a story with a character based on me, a girl that loves to suck cock, and loves the taste of cum, and can’t get enough of either.”

“God that’s hot,” he said.

She flashed him that same knowing smile and sat up onto her knees and flipped her left leg over his hips, straddling him.

“So, seeing how I didn’t have time to actually write it…why don’t we just act it out instead?”

He was surprised by her uncharacteristic straightforwardness. But Chris just smiled, still wide-eyed, while Sarah started to undo the button and zipper of his khakis, which were starting to look even better, fuller, on him. Sarah just kept smiling her half-smile, proud of herself for finally making the first move, and how she did it. She thought it was a pretty slick way of getting what she really wanted: in his pants!

Sarah slid down and knelt between his legs. She looked up at him over the top ümraniye escort bayan edge of her glasses and smiled at him as she slid his pants off of his hips and down his legs before he kicked them off. She softly, slowly ran her tiny hands along his inner thighs and under the soft cotton of his grey boxer-briefs. While she was gripping onto the fabric, to pull down his boxers, she was sweeping her thumbnails against the soft skin of Chris’s balls. As she did, his excitement was fully realized. This time Sarah smiled a full ear-to-ear grin and she licked her lips in anticipation of the sweet treat that awaited her.

Sarah ran her fingertips up and down the length of his entire shaft very lightly, circling around his balls. Then she ran the tip of her tongue along his growing member from the base to the tip. As she reached it, she swirled her tongue around it with her tongue ring resting in the ridge between his shaft and his head before sucking it into her warm, wet mouth.

“Yessss,” Chris moaned and she looked up at him as he slipped deeper into her mouth, inch by inch. She smiled around his engorged cock at the combination of the feel of him pulsing in her mouth and the dopey look on his face.

Sarah pulled back up to focus her attention once more on his head. She gripped her right hand around the base of his cock and began pumping it up and down his saliva-lubricated member. Sarah continued rubbing him up and down while she sucked on his head again, and quickly flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across the extra-sensitive spot on the underside of his penis where the shaft meets the head. Sarah looked up at Chris and made eye contact as she let him slip deeper in to her mouth, again. The further in he went, the shorter and quicker her hand strokes became. When her lips touched the base of his cock, with his cockhead resting at the back of her throat, she slipped her tongue out and licked as much of his sack as it could reach. With her left hand she reached up and started massaging and playing with his balls. When she was out of breath, Sarah started sucking him harder and bobbing her head up and down the length of his rock-hard cock. Chris moaned loudly at this double stimulation.

Giving head always turned Sarah on too much to keep form touching herself. Keeping their kartal escort eyes locked Sarah let her right hand wander to her own zipper and she quickly undid her pants and shimmed them and her thong off of her hips and let them fall to her knees. Sarah moaned around Chris’s dick as she felt the first touch of her clit. Chris’s chest heaved and his breathing became faster and more ragged from the sight of Sarah taking so much pleasure in pleasuring him (and herself).

Sarah returned her oral attention to his head and moved her left hand from his sack to pump his cock tight and fast. She had to break their eye contact because she was just getting too damn horny to keep them open. Her two fingers were moving rapidly in and out of her snatch as she thumbed her clit. Her moans became continuous and Chris could feel the vibrations around his member. She was bobbing her head up and down his member again – fast. She massaged his balls, rolling them in her palm. God she loved this. She could feel his balls contract and lift in her hand. She moaned as her stomach leapt, heart raced, clit twitched, and fingers moved faster and faster. In and out. Friction building. Tension rising. Moans growing louder and louder. Coming from both of them now. Chris was close. Sarah could feel it. She wanted it. Loved it. She loved the taste of cum, his cum. She wanted him inside her, but more than anything she just wanted to taste the salty sweetness of his juice. Sarah managed to open her big brown eyes and shoot him a twinkling smile from around his member. She groaned loudly, almost screamed, as her eyes rolled back into her head and closed as she masturbated herself to an electric orgasm.

The sight of her ultimate self-pleasure, from enjoying pleasuring him, sent Chris over the edge. He tightened his grip on her hair and held her head in place around his cock as she sucked his cum into her waiting mouth. This was what she had been waiting all night for. Longer even. She sucked out each spurt of his hot cum. The combination of the taste she loved, her continued masturbation and the ramifications of her last orgasm sent her spiraling into another intense orgasm. She let him slip out of her mouth so she could savour and then swallow Chris’s hot cum.

Sarah looked up at him, beamed and licked her lips before proceeding to clean him off, happy to taste every extra drop she could get. When she was finally satisfied that she hadn’t missed any, she crawled up beside him and laid her hand lightly on his chest and whispered a barely audible, “Thank-you,” and collapsed in a heap, too spent to move.

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