Scholarship Ch. 02


Roni was in the first class of the day when she felt her cell phone vibrate in her back pocket. As soon as class was over, she looked to see LeAnn had texted her. Henow Umbuta, Walker dorm 340. Noon.

Well, Roni thought, I guess my lingering interest in what it must be like to have sex with a black man is about to materialize. When she had reached the dorm and taken the two flights of stairs to room 340, she knocked. The door opened to reveal a big, big guy. His shoulders were wide and his bare chest was bulging.

As she stared at him, he smiled. “I play football.” He offered.

Roni just nodded. “Bet you do,” She finally said.

“I am Henow.” He offered. “From Zimbabwe.” He stood to the side and Roni reluctantly entered. He closed the door behind her. “You very pretty girl. Ms. LeAnn, she say you would be. I not sure though.” He seemed very nervous. Then he thought of something. “Oh, please, you are girl come for Henow? Come to help? Like Ms. LeAnn say?”

Roni smiled. “Yea, just like Ms. LeAnn say.” She repeated.

Henow turned, he pointed toward the bed. “Here, this be good?” He asked.

Roni shrugged. “Good as any I suppose.” She walked over to the bed but Henow came up behind her. Roni was turned to face the bed, she was right at the edge.

Henow was behind her, close. “I want like this.” He said. He unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down before Roni could react although there was little she could have done anyway. He leaned her forward. “Henow big man, very big. Not want hurt girl.” He tugged her panties down to her knees. “Not have to lay on girl.”

Roni sensed Henow was opening his pants, readying his cock. And then she felt it. The head was bulbous, wide and she could actually sense the weight of him. As he rubbed it along her cunt, Roni widened her stance. Her arms were folded on the bed, her head down.

When his cock pushed her labia apart, searched out her vaginal tunnel, entered her, she gasped. Henow patted her ass. “You feel good to Henow.” He said. “You tight, easy make cock hard.”

She grunted as she felt the first five inches forced into her. She shivered when he pulled it back, the fat head still lodged in her sex. Back into her, seven inches and then eight and finally a full ten inches was imbedded in her and she came without expecting it. Her climax was uncontrolled, she tried to fuck the stranger behind her. He was surely fucking her.

Henow was giving her long deep strokes while he held her pinned to the bed, his hands bostancı escort gripping her hips. Um, um, um he grunted as he pleasured himself with her.

Roni was moaning out loud. She was panting as he gave her a second climax. She arched and bucked and worked her ass onto the monster meat that was using her. She didn’t care if Henow or whatever his name, was enjoying himself or not. She was being fucked good.

Roni was starting to think the deal she had made with LeAnn was a wise decision in deed. Helping out sexually deprived black athletes just might be a real good thing. But then, Henow slammed into her and held himself buried deep inside her. He was grunting and shaking and Roni knew she was getting her first deposit of black seed and the head of his cock must be dangerously close to the entrance to her uterus.

She took him, all of him, the length and girth of him, his seed too. And when Henow released his grip on her, when he slowly backed away, his cock sliding free of her cunt, Roni was squeezing her vaginal muscles savoring the last sensations of a truly memorable fucking.

As she stood and turned around, Henow had sat down on a desk chair. His pants around his ankles. He looked at Roni. “You be wonderful sex.” He said.

Roni looked at the still amazing member between his legs. Sure, it was now limber and the blood was withdrawing from it but still. Roni knelt down and took the cock in her hand. She stroked it, still a wonder that she had been able to take it all. She used her free hand to cup his huge ball sack as she stroked it. And, not knowing why, she leaned forward and took the head of it into her mouth. Her tongue licked over it and she started bobbing on it. The more she sucked at it the more she was taking down her throat. She continued and Henow was rubbing the back of her head, mumbling something Roni didn’t understand.

“Henow cum more.” He said and if Roni had any intentions of stopping, his big hand pressing her down onto his cock ended any thought of that. He began to pump gobs of cum into her mouth. Over and over as she tried desperately to swallow it. His cum seeped from the corners of her mouth and ran down his shaft. Henow was empty, drained and he removed his hand from Roni. Roni pulled the hard dick from her mouth and looked at it still mesmerized by its size.

She raised it and began to lick it clean, getting the last of his cum with her tongue, swallowing it. She finally licked her lips and smiled at him. She ümraniye escort bayan stood pulling her jeans up and straightening herself.

She had at some point, lost a shoe and finally found it under the bed. Henow opened the door for her. “I ask Ms. LeAnn for you visit again.” He said.

Roni ran her fingers along his chin. “You do that.” She said.

Roni thankfully did not hear from LeAnn the rest of the day. She spent an hour soaking in her tub after a stop at the university clinic for a ‘morning after’ pill. She was on the pill, but still, after that soaking, she wanted a little extra insurance. Her pussy had seeped cum all during her bath and even after, she had to change panties twice. The first time, the crotch was actually stuck to her skin she had exuded so much.

The next day was Saturday and a text summoned her to LeAnn’s house at noon.

Arriving there, she was met and led back out to the pool by LeAnn once more. No one else was about. LeAnn was wearing a lime green bikini and was making it look really nice. She handed Roni a drink.

“Henow.” LeAnn said. Just one word and Roni knew exactly what she was asking.

“I like him.” Roni said.

“No shit.” LeAnn chuckled. “I expected no less, sweetie.” She patted Roni’s arm. “I have spent some time with that young man, my dear.”

Roni smiled at her. She lifted her glass. “To black boys everywhere.” She offered.

‘Well, at least to the ones from Zimbabwe.” LeAnn replied.

“Fair enough.” Roni said.

LeAnn changed the subject. “Carla is coming by.” She said. “I think you two met the day you signed your scholarship papers.

Roni thought. “Oh the girl who was arriving as I left?”

“That be the one.” LeAnn said. “I plan to have the two of you do a personal show for a few of the Alumni at the annual party next week.

Roni had a quizzical look. “That would be the two of you on a stage while the women get all hot and bothered.” She added. “You know, the one’s with the money.”

The doorbell buzzed and LeAnn excused herself. When she returned her arm was around the girl Roni had seen in the hallway. The short very pretty blonde.

“Hi.” Carla said.

“Nice to see you again.” Roni offered.

“I certainly hope so.” Carla replied.

With an arm now around each girl, she said. “So, do you two suppose you can entertain the ladies for me?”

Carla spoke first. “I’ll give it the old college try.”

Roni smiled at her. “Good to know.” She replied. kartal escort LeAnn kissed Carla on the cheek and then Roni. “Nothing like practice, practice, practice.” She said. She looked at Carla. Why don’t you take this pretty girl to the den and get her undressed while I make myself another drink. Save me a comfortable spot ringside and I’ll be along.

When LeAnn entered the den, Carla was naked and pealing Roni’s panties off. She was kneeling in front of her in a perfect position to start the show but LeAnn seemed to have other ideas.

“I would like to have Roni lying here, on her back and you, Carla, do a 69 to start.

Carla straddled Roni and as her pussy brushed over Roni’s mouth the first time, Carla grinned and said. “Lucky me.” She wiggled her cunt on Roni and felt a tongue make a long slow lap along her sex.

LeAnn said. “That’s not a 69. Get on down there.” Carla made a fake pouting face. “Fine. Have your fun today because on Saturday night, those women will be expecting professionals. And that, sweeties, might decide you scholarships for next year.”

Carla leaned down and buried her face into Roni’s pussy. The two started writhing around on the floor, humping, grunting and fucking each other into a frenzy.

“Gee.” LeAnn whispered. “You two really want those scholarships.”

As she sat there and watched the girls fucking each other, she loosened the buttons on her slacks and eased her hand down over her mound. A finger was in her vagina as the two girls came together. She let them lay together and recover and then insisted they trade places and do it again. It wasn’t long before they were humping once more and LeAnn had three fingers now deeper in her vagina.

Roni finally rolled off of Carla and the two were side by side breathing heavily and faces slick with each other’s cum.

LeAnn stood and just stepped out of her slacks and panties. “Both of you go wash up and come to my bedroom.” She left them laying there, exhausted.

“Fuck.” Roni said.

“Yea, after we do a show, the women all want to do us. That’s when the work really starts.”

“Well,” Roni said. “You have clearly done these before.”

“Oh yes.” She replied. She reached for Roni, her hand finding her right breast. “Your pussy taste’s nice.” Carla whispered. “A lot of them don’t.”

“So I’ve been learning. Glad I’m doing the show with you.” Roni replied.

“One thing is good.” Carla offered.

“What’s that?” Roni asked.

“The fucking tips at this party are always amazing.” Carla said.

“No shit? Tips?” Roni was more than surprised.

“Kid you not.” Carla said. “These women are the ones with all the money.”

Roni laughed. “Let’s go take care of the boss.” She said.

“Let’s do.” Carla replied.

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