School Restroom Fun


Feedback/ratings/suggestions appreciated. I’ll most likely continue adding if there’s interest for this style of writing.

It was the last few days of classes before the winter break. I was standing in front of the classroom door, waiting for you to arrive to class. Worrying a little, I wonder what’s keeping you as you’re not normally late for class. As you rush down the hall, I notice you wearing a simple white blouse and a pair of tight jeans that seem to all just hug you perfectly. As I’m looking over your body, I notice you see me standing there. The mid-morning period just finished; mere moments after the hallway is flooded with students leaving from and heading to their classes. Among everyone we manage to keep an eye on each other. As we’re keeping an eye on each other, we notice the other looking and we make eye contact, which makes both of us seem to tense up and you stop moving through the crowd. Noticing this, we both smile at each other.

Time seems to slow down to a halt as we’re caught up in the moment and it’s like we’re the only ones left in the hall. Before I realize, my heart is beating faster as we both grin at each other, seemingly having the same thing cross our mind at the same time. For a moment we break eye contact and I’m able to think somewhat clear again, yet see you’re still slightly lost in thought. Quickly you’re able to think clearly as well as you see me smiling innocently at you, yet with a not innocent at all look in my eyes. You smile back at me and lick your lips softly, before turning around and swiftly making your way to the bathroom.

You rush into the bathroom, knowing it’d be empty at this time of day. Almost sprinting you head into the first stall right across from the entrance to the bathroom. Already before stepping into the stall, you’re undoing the top buttons to your blouse. As you sit down, you swiftly undo your jeans and lower it, exposing your bright red lacy panties. Quickly you slide your right hand along your stomach and into your already moist panties, at the same time your left hand slides under your light red bra. Your lips slowly part as your fingers lightly circle and tease your already sensitive nipple. At the same time your breathing quickens as your fingers from your right hand softly rub against your moist flesh, slowly circling your sweet and sensitive spot getting even closer with every passing moment.

You feel light shivers across your skin as you keep teasing yourself, pinching your nipple lightly with one hand as the other gently prods and teasingly pokes at your wet entrance. Your back arches slightly as you feel more and more intense waves of pleasure flow over you, making you gently bite into your luscious lips as you try to keep yourself from moaning. Slowly, you tease a finger in to you, making you pant lightly, swallowing a little before you add more pressure as you tease your sweet spot with more intent, intensifying the already quickly overwhelming waves of pleasure as you let out a semi-loud moan.

Meanwhile, as I wonder what it is you’re doing, my curiosity gets the best of me as I decide to have a look where you went. Approaching the bathroom door I saw you sneak in, my thoughts run wild a moment giving me some very vivid images. I shiver lightly as I think of them before lightly trying to shrug them off as I reach the door. Quietly I push the door open and enter the bathroom, standing still in surprise as well as quickly aroused, I see you sitting right across from me, eyes closed, luscious lips slightly parted as your breathing is quickening. Your blouse is parted, exposing your velvet skin and your sweet and perky breasts covered still by your light red bra. Your left hand is under your bra, your fingers teasing your nipple.

My eyes slowly moving lower along your tight body I gasp slightly and quickly aroused even further as I notice your right hand lightly rubbing yourself under your red lace panties. Still slightly in sweet surprise, I slowly let the door close behind me just as your back arches and you’re biting slightly harder into your lips. I start panting lightly as I see your right hand vigorously rubbing yourself under your panties. Your pace quickening even more as you start shivering as wave after wave of pleasure crash over you. Your body shuddering and curling repeatedly as you let out a long stifled moan through your bright red lips. As your moan echoes through the bathroom, I let out a soft groan in reaction bostancı escort bayan to hearing your incredibly sexy moan along with seeing your body still shuddering lightly from the pleasure. Biting my own lip, trying not to make any more sounds, I notice you’re panting lightly as your body finally calms down and relaxes a little, yet your hands are still in place lightly and slowly massaging yourself still.

Turning to the door I lock it, the click of the door locking sounding louder than I expected I tense up and turn around just in time to see you jump slightly in surprise. Our eyes lock as the look of surprise quickly fades and is replaced with an incredibly sexy and naughty grin, making my pulse quicken as well as my arousal intensifying more and more. I let out a soft groan as I see you slowly slide your hand from under your panties, your fingers glistening slightly from your sweet juices still. Without breaking eye contact, you bring your wet fingers to your luscious red lips.

As your fingers reach your lips, you slowly close your eyes before sensually licking and sucking each finger clean as I let out a long soft moan as I feel myself being flooded with feelings of lust, wanting to feel you and to make you squirm and moan in pleasure. All the while your fingers are teasing your nipple still under your bra. I gasp lightly as I notice your right hand slowly trail your fingers from your lips, along your neck, down between your breasts lower across your stomach and back into your panties. Your head tilting back slightly as I see your fingers teasing your moist and already very sensitive entrance. Your back arches as your lips part and let out a long, soft and sensual moan, making me shiver in sexual delight as I hear the very erotic sound and softly moan myself.

Quietly I approach you, watching in lust as I see your body tremble and shiver lightly. I placing my left hand your left inner thigh to let you know I’m right next to you. You smile lightly, your eyes slowly opening as you feel my finger brush just to the side of your moist panties, rubbing soft circles in your silky smooth skin. Both of us feel light thrills as we grin to each other as our eyes lock, the lust in each other’s eyes clear to one another. The air filled with a sexual charge, both of us feeling an intense shiver along our skins and feeling incredibly aroused already.

I feel you tug insistently on my shirt, grinning still at me as I am grinning as well to you; I stand up to remove it. As I do so, I feel your hands at my waist, tugging playfully at my jeans before sliding your hands up under my shirt. Your fingers drag slowly along my chest before moving back downwards. I shiver lightly and just as I’m about to remove my shirt, I feel your fingers tugging again at my jeans before slowly dipping your fingers into the front of my jeans. I gasp softly as I feel your fingers tease me, lightly rubbing the front of my jeans as I quickly remove my shirt, panting slightly already from the attention your hands are giving me.

With my shirt removed, I feel your hands on my stomach as you push me back against wall of the stall. I lean in and kiss those sweet lips of yours, my body shivering lightly from the kiss as well as in anticipation of what’s to come. As we stand there, kissing passionately, our tongues playing; my hands move to unbutton your blouse further to remove it. We break the kiss for a short moment, both of us already panting heavily with lust. Quickly, you take your blouse off and throw it alongside my shirt. With your blouse now out of the way, we kiss again with more intensity and passion. My hands are on your hips, softly caressing your supple skin as they move upwards, while your arms wrap around my neck, holding each other closer as I feel your hands go through my hair.

Still slightly pinned against the wall, our tongues continue teasing each other’s as we kiss deeper. My hands slide up between us, gently cupping your breasts through the silky fabric of your bra before softly teasing your nipples. As my fingers lightly circle and pinch them through the soft material, you break the kiss panting lightly and letting out a slight yet very sexy moan from your lips which are inches from mine. I smile lightly to myself as I see your eyes close as well as you bite softly into your lip as I continue teasing you. Slowing leaning in I lick along your neck as my hands slide under your bra before lightly pinching your nipples ümraniye escort a bit harder. As I circle and pinch them with the tips of my fingers, I lightly bite and nibble on your neck, making you sigh and moan in light pleasure. Your head tilting back lightly as your hands are now on my sides, your fingernails digging lightly into my skin as I continue licking and pinching. Moaning lightly into your neck, I notice your body shiver lightly from all the sensations.

I feel your hands slide lower along my stomach, scraping your fingernails ever so lightly against my skin and making me shiver in response. Your hands quickly unbutton my jeans; the zipper quick to follow before I feel your hand slowly slide into the front of my underwear and rub just above my hard-on. I tense up, taking a sharp breath in as I stop my bites and licks on your neck at the same time giving a gentle pinch to your nipples. I let out a soft sigh against your neck as I try to relax slightly. Barely able to let the sigh out before you gently tease me again; your fingers rubbing the skin just next to the tip, making me shiver and moan softly in your ear. As I move my head back a little, we look into each other’s eyes while I’m already panting lightly in anticipation. You grin at me, you peak my curiosity as I wonder what just went through your mind and what you’re thinking of doing next.

Smiling sweetly and innocently, I hear you whisper my name quietly to me in a very sultry voice immediately followed by you licking your lips sexily at me. I barely gasp ‘Hm..? Yes… Luv..?’ in short bits as you lightly lick my neck, moving your tongue in small circles before lightly scraping your teeth against my neck and softly and playfully biting into my skin. Just as I’m about to moan out lightly in pleasure, I suddenly feel you wrap your fingers around the shaft of my dick and giving it a teasing squeeze, making me let out a sharp gasp before letting out a long soft moan as you squeeze. My body shivers lightly as you continue squeezing and releasing; gently massaging me lightly as you continue teasing me. I let out a soft groan before you give me a final tighter squeeze as I pulse and throb lightly in your hand. I moan your name, long and soft in your ear before throbbing hard and you feel a slight drop of moisture against your hand.

Panting heavily now, my eyes are barely able to focus as well as my body shivering lightly. Quickly I catch my breath and I pin you against the wall facing towards me, making you gasp lightly. My hands on your hips once more, I breathe lightly against your lips before kissing you gently, gradually kissing you deeper as our tongues intertwine once more. Your arms wrapping themselves around my waist as you lightly press your fingernails into the skin of my back once more. My right hand slowly tugs at your jeans before dropping them fully to the ground and you kick them aside. Meanwhile, my left hand slowly traces along the upper edge of your lace panties until in the middle and gently rubs your lower stomach softly. Just as you’re about to moan into my lips, my fingers lightly dip into the front of your panties and rubbing you gently and slowly moving lower.

As my index and middle finger lightly graze your moist entrance, I lightly bite and nibble on your tongue as I slowly tease my two fingers around your already moist entrance, making you shiver and moan while I gently keep you pinned against the wall. I feel you squirm slightly in pleasure before you break the kiss and tilt your head back slightly and let out a slightly louder moan escape your lips. As you moan, I slowly add more pressure and tease a finger in to you, making you shudder and lightly bite into my shoulder as well as I feel your fingernails lightly scratching my back. My right hand tugs lightly at your bra a moment before removing it quickly and throwing it aside. I take a brief pause from teasing your moist entrance as I slowly lean in and let a warm breath out onto your left nipple before giving it a soft lick, at the same time I teasingly press my thumb against your sweet spot.

My thumb lightly rubs against your sweet spot as my fingers tease you from the inside and lightly rubs against your moist flesh, making you shudder lightly and moan slightly louder, biting into your lip as I feel you react and squeeze lightly on my finger. As you shudder, trying to stifle your moans a bit, I teasingly give your nipple a lick with just the tip of my tongue. escort kartal Your hands lightly go through my hair, slightly guiding me as I flick my tongue over your nipple, teasing it. At the same time my fingers rubbing your entrance as well as my thumb softly rubbing circles on your sweet spot making you shudder and squeeze my fingers lightly as they tease you.

As I continue teasing you, I slowly add more and more pressure as I rub my fingers against you. My lips moving to your other breast as I softly lick before sucking on your nipple. I feel you’re nails dig into my skin as you let out a loud moan and I feel my fingers get coated lightly in your sweet juices. Your hands tremble lightly as I feel you pull my jeans off. I continue teasing you more vigorously with my tongue and lightly bite on your nipple as I feel you tug and drop my underwear. As we’re pressed up against each other, you feel the tip of my dick lightly press against your stomach and you feel another drop of moisture against your skin, making us both moan lightly from the sensation.

I stop teasing you and slowly remove my fingers from inside you before quickly having a quick taste of your juices. I moan lightly as I taste your sweetness before lightly kissing up along your body, kissing your neck before kissing you on the lips. Our tongues sliding along each other as I feel you slowly wrap one leg around my waist and we break the kiss a moment. You grin at me again naughtily as you gently tease the tip of my dick by grinding your moist panties against it, moaning sexily into my ear before giving it a light lick. I let out a soft moan that trembles lightly from being teased so directly.

I shudder slightly as I see you move your panties to the side and tease me yet again, pressing the tip against your moist and hot entrance, in turn making me throb and let out another trembling moan. I lightly move and rub the tip around your moist entrance before slowly pushing slightly forward, penetrating you with just the tip. Both of us shudder in pleasure as we get accustomed to the sensation. I let out a soft moan and take a sharp breath before biting my lip as I thrust forward fully into you, making us both squirm and moan even louder than expected from the sudden, sharp and nearly overwhelming pleasure. You lightly bite into my shoulder, moaning and panting lightly against my skin.

As you let go from biting me, we kiss forcefully as we try to stifle the rest of our moans as the intense waves of pleasure crash over us. Slowly I begin to thrust as we’re kissing, with each passing thrust we both feel the pressure building as I feel you squeezing more and more tightly on me. We moan into each other’s lips as I throb in pulse inside you, in turn making you moan again and squeeze even tighter on me. I feel your nails digging into my back as you’re trying to pull me closer and deeper. We’re both panting heavily and quick as you break the kiss.

You lightly lick my neck before biting into it as I feel you climax and push me over the edge as well. I thrust one last time into you, both of us groaning in pleasure as I feel your squeezes on me as well as you feeling me throb and pulse inside you as I fill you with my sticky juices. Your nails are lightly digging into my back still as you hold me in place, your squeezes lightly massaging me still as I continue pulsing lightly inside you. You bite slightly harder as each wave of pleasure still hits us, causing me to throb hard with each bite.

Slowly we calm down, I feel your arms slowly loosening their grip as well as you unwrap your leg from around my waist. I gently pull out of you, eliciting a slight moan of pleasure still from both of our lips. I kiss you softly on the lips and grin pleasantly at you as you smile lightly back at me. Softly I kiss your neck and moving lower, planting small kissing along your body as I move lower. Your hands linger around my neck and lightly pass through my hair as I softly kiss your lower stomach.

I pause a moment and softly lick your still sensitive sweet spot softly, making you gasp and let out a soft moan before I sit on my clothes on the floor trying to catch my breath still. You pleasantly smile at me and notice I’m still semi-hard. You push me onto the floor, making me lay down as you grin naughtily at me again. You gently wrap your fingers around the shaft of my dick before leaning down and giving it a teasing lick which makes me shudder heavily and moan as I tilt my head back slightly. I lightly throb in your hand before you sit across my stomach and lightly tease me still with your fingers to make me shiver a little bit more. You then lay on my chest as we wrap our arms around you and we lay there, grinning at each other still.

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