Second Story Man


Who would have known that my daytime hijinx would lead me to her?

After losing my job a while back I decided to fall back on a little money making vocation from my teen years, hitting homes while the folks were at work. I made a decent living in B her stomach tanned and flat, gave way to a small tan line area with a slight peach fuzz bush, nicely trimmed above swollen pink lips.

“Okay,” I thought, I got caught, and the owner shot me dead instantly, and despite all my short-comings, I had gone to heaven.

“You look awfully hot in that get-up. Let’s get you out of it.” She reached up and unhooked the one side with a quick flip. Turning me to face her, she unclipped the other, running her hands down my chest, pushing them down as she went. “Mmmm, that’s nice.” She purred as she reached my waist and pulled my t-shirt up over my head. I reached out for her waist, sliding my hands up her chest, flicking her nipples with my thumbs. She smiled as she began to kneel down in front of me, bunching the sheet up under her. She reached up and undid the side buttons, and grabbed the overalls and pulled down, boxers and all. My cock popped out nearly hitting her in the face in the process. “Oooh look, breakfast” she cooed. She rubbed my cock down her cheek, and licked the underside up to the tip. I had to bostancı escort bayan grab the counter before my knees buckled. She chuckled as she licked my cock, getting it all wet, slipping her tongue around it like snake. She took the head in her mouth and began sucking on it gently. She began to bob, taking more of me into her mouth as she did. My eyes were rolling back into my head with the pleasure. I began pumping into her mouth, as she began to stroke me deeper, grabbing the base of my cock with her hand, stroking me as she sucked. I was panting now, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and she noticed and stepped up her sucking. I yelled out that I was going to come, and she popped me out of her mouth and began stroking me like mad until I blew my load all over her tits. The site of it was incredible, my hot load splattering against her, and running down her chest.

She smiled as she began to rub it in with her other hand, still stroking my cock, pinching the base. Her expert handiwork kept me hard, rather than letting me go soft. She stood up, and tugged me by the cock, “Come on, you’re not done yet.” She walked over to the kitchen table and turned away from me and bent over it spreading her legs, and exposing her incredible ass. “Mount up cowboy; ride me off into the ümraniye escort sunset.” I stood there for a moment, dumb-founded at my luck, wondering if this was really happening. She gave a little wiggle of her ass, and rose up on her toes, flashing her pouting, pink lips. I stepped up behind her and grabbed her hips as I lined up my entry, and slid my cock into her, slowly all the way to the hilt. A mutual groan was released as I began to stroke my cock into her with long deliberate strokes. I’d just blown a load so I figured I could hold out a while. I was going to town on her, pounding away when I noticed her reach around and rub something on her ass. She had begun rubbing what looked like butter into her ass, slipping a finger in while I stroked away. She began to yelp, “Fuck my ass… please?” She begged of me. I stopped pumping her pussy and pulled out, and lined my cock up with her buttery hole. She reached around and pulled her cheeks open wider, as I pushed the head of my cock into her. A gasp, and then a slight push back against me was all the motivation I needed. I began stroking into her, a little more each time until I was buried in her ass. The feeling was mind-blowing, fucking her tight, hot slippery ass. She threw her head back as she reached under her and began stroking her clit with escort kartal incredible speed. She wasn’t going to last much more and neither was I. I stepped up the pace, and so did she as she panted, and moaned, “Oh FUCK!” She began to buck like a bronco, which set me off. I buried my cock all the way in and dumped another huge load inside her ass. I was fuckin’ spent as I leaned forward and grabbed the table beside her to steady myself. My cock finally threw in the towel, as it slid out of her ass, my load of cum started oozing down her ass.

She stood up, holding the table to get her balance, and reached up and combed her fingers through her long hair as she walked out of the kitchen. I heard the water running in the bathroom, and she appeared a few minutes later back in the kitchen wearing a short silk robe with oriental patterns on it, her hair twisted up on her head.

“Well the leak is fixed, and you’ve got your bonus,” she smiled. I worked all night and really want some sleep.” I got the cue, and packed myself back into my overalls and my stuff back into my bag. She walked me to the door, and held it open, as she reached up and gave me a deep kiss, our tongues dancing. As she broke it off, “By the way… I never told the super I had a leaky faucet, but if that’s the kind of service I get, I just may have to find another plumbing problem soon.”

As I walked out into the hallway, the door closed behind me, and I heard the bolt slide, and this time she remembered the chain. I smiled as I walked down the hall, realizing that I hadn’t scored, but I had.

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