Seeing How Far Her Ex Will Go


All women have received them at one time or another. Those late night phone calls from lonely ex-boyfriends. It was particularly funny when it happened to me, because the ex in question had been putting so much effort into acting like he never wanted to speak to me again. Then one night, the phone woke me and there he was.

“Hello,” I said wearily.

“Hi Deborah, it’s Steve.”

“What do you want Steve?” I asked with no intonation.

“Well, um, I have been thinking, and well, I miss certain aspects of our relationship,” Steve said. “I mean, sometimes I miss the good times we shared.”

In an effort to cut through the bullshit I said, “You miss the sex.”

“Well, yes. Yes I miss the sex,” Steve said in a ‘there I got it out’ kind of tone.

“Hmm,” I replied just letting the silence sink in for a moment. “And what about that new person you have? Isn’t she keeping you happy?”

“Oh, Celeste. She makes me much happier than I have been in other relationships. It’s just… I…”

“I know what you are saying Steve,” I said as a hint of reminiscence crept into my voice. “I know what you miss. I miss those things too. If you want, we can revisit them. But I must warn you. Our last scene was part of a larger relationship. Believe it or not I was taking it easy on you. If we were to do a scene, you would find it a very different experience for you than back when we were dating. I would just be doing what I wanted to do to you. Make no mistake Steve, if the two of us were to get together, I predict more kinkier and hotter times.”

Now escort bostancı I decided to fulfill some fantasies of my own when I meet Steve. I told him to come over at 8 o’clock tomorrow and be prepared for some wild and kinky stuff. All the past fantasies we talked about but never acted on because he would never go through with them are now running through my mind.

“OK Steve, come over tomorrow at 8pm sharp and please do not waste my time by being late.”

Steve replied “I will be there.”

The next day, my heart raced as I heard the door bell ring. I answered the door in what was Steve’s favorite outfit. A latex garter belt, matching latex bra, thigh high leggings and full length gloves. Steve and I both loved the way latex looked on my body. I grabbed his hand and led him back to my bedroom. The same bedroom where I had spent all day preparing for this encounter. I told him to sit in the chair while I laid on the bed. I leaned back and started fingering myself watching Steve get hard. Then the best part was to come. I had done girls for him in the past. Hot 3-somes with some of my best girlfriends. But today I wanted 2 men all to myself doing what I wanted them to do for me. After about 10 minutes of this visual foreplay I began the first act of my fantasy.

“Sean, please come out now.” I seductively said in the direction across the other side of the bedroom.

Steve’s eyes open wide when the closet door opened and out came a young sexy guy in his 20’s. He came over to the bed and laid down next to ümraniye escort me. Sean is a guy I met at the supermarket who always looked at my cleavage as he help load stuff in my car. This led to me sucking his huge 9″ cock in my car for his reward several times. Now he was here with me and my ex Steve and I almost came thinking about the fun I want to have.

Steve said “What’s going on Deborah? Who is this guy?”

“Relax Steve. You wanted to see me, and I told you it would be different. This is what I want and I want you to help me.”

Steve’s face was still in shock.

“Now Steve, I said as I opened my legs to show him my freshly shaved pussy, if you want to leave you may but you will never get this pussy again.”

Steve realized I was serious so the temptation of never fucking me again made him stay. I reached over and pulled on the fly of Sean’s sleep bottoms. I pulled out his huge cock as it stared to get hard. I took off all my clothes and sat on top of Sean backwards so his huge cock was pointed up between my legs like it was actually mine. His cock was rubbing against my pussy.

“Steve, come over here and suck my pussy like a good boy.” I whispered.

Steve made his way over to the bed as I was stroking Sean’s cock that was extremely hard and standing up between my legs. From where Steve was facing, I know all he could see between my legs was a huge cock sticking up. I wondered what Steve was thinking? He really couldn’t see Sean as I was laying on top of him. But Sean’s cock was in the way and I wanted kartal escort bayan him to suck my pussy.

“Go on Steve, suck my pussy!” I demanded.

Steve started licking around Sean’s huge member and found my pussy. Still holding Sean’s cock, I moved it over so Steve can lick me. Then I gently slapped him in the face with Sean’s cock. Steve backed away as I said

“Don’t shy away Steven, eat my cunt.”

Steve returned as he tried to look up at me. I think he really wanted to please me but was unsure of what to do. Now Steve was getting a good licking on me as I rubbed Sean’s cock on the side of his face.

“Keep sucking my pussy Steve, that’s it.” as I moaned ever louder.

Then I pushed Sean’s cock up against my pussy making sure his huge cock covered my entire cunt hole. Now Steve could not lick me without licking cock!

“Why did you stop?” I told Steve. “Keep licking me.” as I held Sean to my pussy. “Do it!” I commanded as Steve licked the sides of my pussy around Sean’s dick. “Mmmmmm that’s it boy keep licking.” I said with my eyes rolling in the back of my head. “Lick me all over now Steve. Lick me in the middle,” making sure he would lick Sean’s cock too. He did as I told him as his hands squeezed my nipples. I reached down pulled Sean’s cock from my pussy and across Steve’s lips. “Suck my cock Steve!” I said, “Open up and suck me now!” Steve opened his mouth wide as I shoved Sean’s huge cock in his mouth. The sight of seeing my ex sucking cock was unbelievable! I reached down to grab the back of his head to make sure he went all the way down on Sean’s cock. “Suck me deep Steven.” I gasped. I couldn’t tell if Steve was enjoying sucking cock or if he was enjoying making me happy. I didn’t care. It was such a great sight as I came watching him go up and down on Sean’s huge cock.

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