Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 09


Please note that in this, this chapter, I have resumed using the 1st person singular rather than the 3rd as has been the case previously. I came to dislike the way my storytelling was working out and returned to the format used in Sensualist I.

I hope the change is not too bothersome to you, the reader. PW


Chapter 9

Fucking Nikita – then Nina winning the 100 freestyle and helping the relay team win the 400. In fact, both the men’s and women’s swimming teams beat Tennessee by a lot. As for our diving teams, well the men lost in what amounted to a very close competition, and the women won, with Kimmie taking three firsts in leading the girls to victory.

To my surprise, the coaches gave me two tickets to that night’s football game between Georgia and Tennessee. I know that several other members of the swimming and diving team received similar prizes, but I didn’t go with them, instead I invited Nikita, who was delighted at the invitation. I didn’t see any of the team members sitting near us at the game, which the Bulldogs won, 32 to 17, putting them in the top five nationally.

Nikita, a rabid Georgia fan, invited me in after I’d driven her home


Arggh,” I gasped. “Ohhh fuck! Ugh, fuck yeah … Ugh, yeah!”

I was naked, Nikita fully dressed; her hand a blur as she knelt in front of me and pumped my cock. I reached out to hold on to something, to steady myself against the explosion that was building, but the dining table was just out of reach. I looked down, but didn’t dream of grabbing her head–-not at that point. Nikita kept on pumping, holding to a steady rhythm, her eyes fixed on the task at hand.

“I love cocks,” she cooed. “I love watching guys show their cocks off.” She had a fit a giggling before regaining some control, and added, “I once had two guys duel with them over who got to fuck me first.”

I made my cock jerk in her hand and she giggled. “Make it really hard for me. I want to feel it swell up.”

“I’m already close, Nik, you want to take longer, I recommend slowing down.”

“No can do. You can get hard again. I’m not stopping, or slowing down like you want.”

Nikita’s lips curled in a tight smile as she tightened her grip and increased her speed. She looked up, her hand not slacking the pace one iota as my balls tightened and my hips started to jerk.

“No,” I grunted. “No. . . no!”

She licked her lips as her hand slithered down the saliva coated skin of my shaft to the very base, and then eased back up.

“Mmmm!” Nikita couldn’t help the little moan of delight as she watched my facial expressions change with almost every stroke. Her fingers uncurled and repositioned themselves slowly, she was enjoying the show I was putting on for her. I groaned and she quickly gave my dick several slow, firm strokes.

“Does that hurt?” She inquired.

“Nope, not at all; in fact, it feels wonderful. It would hurt if you pulled the foreskin down to fast. As you must have noticed I’m not circumcised.”

“Oh, I’ve noticed. I haven’t had many of those in my mouth, or in my hand for that matter. There’s definitely something special about them.”

Nikita’s free hand went between my legs and cupped my testicles. “I’m going to shave them one day,” she promised.

“I don’t know about that, Nikita.”

“Castration complex, Donald?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t like the idea of a razor anywhere close to my genitals, so maybe I do have a complex. I think down deep every guy does.”

My breathing was suddenly labored and distracted. I tried changing the subject. “Do you want me to cum on you?”

Nikita licked her lips without thinking. “Please don’t cum yet. I want to keep jerking you off a little longer. Its great fun you know.”

I nodded my agreement. Holding off wasn’t a problem for me. I had practiced self-control on Denise’s advice and after several weeks of practicing, was able to manage quite well. I’ve gotten much better over time to the point that my control impressed most of the women I used it on.

Nikita began stroking me with renewed vigor; soon she was grunting from the effort and came to a halt.

“How the fuck do you manage to go so fucking fast for so long when you jerk off?”

“Practice,” I said with a straight face. “Want me to finish up?”

“Oh, no! I can handle it. Just give me a sec … you know, to catch my breath.”

She resumed masturbating me, but I held off cumming, and waited until she tired before suggestion we try something else.

Nikita wet her lips and asked where I wanted to put it.

“I’d say, doggy-style, with you holding on to the headboard.”

“I’m fully dressed, Donald.”

“Doesn’t matter as long as you’re not wearing pantyhose.”

“You know I don’t,” she said, slightly peeved at my mentioning the possibility.

“No problem then,” I said and smiled appreciatively as she assumed the all fours position.

I flipped her kartal escort dress up over her waist. She had black thigh highs on and a high cut pair of black silk panties. I clambered up behind her and kneeling directly in front of her lovely ass, pried her panties to one side while directing my cock toward her glistening cunt with the other.

“Pick the right hole, lover!”

I laughed and sent my thick cock into the steaming morass of her cunt. We were both grunting like hungry pigs at a trough in less than a minute.

“Oh, God, what are you doing to me, Donnie?” Nikita wailed as she began a long orgasm that I managed to keep alive for well over a minute and a half. While she shuddered and shook and groaned happily.

When her sensibilities returned, Nikita was quick to ask if I’d cum too. When I told her I hadn’t, she came again, certain I was going to kill her with the next few times my prick rammed into her.

I lasted another minute. Nikita was still quivering from the remnants of her last orgasm and my timing turned out to be perfect in the sense that I pulled out of her before cumming myself.

Nikita started to make a comment, but I cut her off by exploding onto the small of her back.

Nikita whooped with delight and turned her head to see if she could see me cumming. I grunted like an ox pulling a tremendous weight and sent a curved ropy line of ejaculate that caught her in the right eye.

“Oh, you rotten bastard!” she swore, but started laughing as she wiped at her eye.

“How do I look? I mean I can feel it on my back, she said, licking the cum from her eye off a finger.

“You look great,” I told her. “Have a few orgasms yourself?”

“You promised me three,” she said accusingly.

“I’d say you enjoyed more than that,” I answered.

“To tell the truth I lost count, but”–-she paused to catch her breath–-“I’m pretty sure you gave me more than that.”

I had to laugh, and said, “Another well satisfied customer.”

“Yeah, you might want to think about charging. I know a couple women who’d pay a small fortune to cum that hard.”

“You think?” I said.

“I don’t think it, I know it.”

She paused for a moment, then asked me to hand her the baby wipes.

I grabbed the wipes, fumbled one from the packet and handed it to her. She snatched it from my hand and started to clean herself. I just stood there quietly giving her one after another as she wiped my ejaculate from her skin. When she was finished she just sat there for a moment gathering her thoughts.

“If you need extra money, I do know several women who would use your, umm, services.”

“I like the concept, but I really don’t need the money.”

“I know you don’t, but if you find that you could use the sex–-well, let me know.”


I was mulling Nikita’s suggestion about accepting payment for my stud services while jogging along one of the campus’ many running paths when I spied two lovelies running in tandem some forty yards ahead of me.

Though their backs were to me, there was still plenty to look at. The taller one had long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail that stuck out through the back of her baseball cap. She wore a pair of tight, yellow shorts that showed off her sweet, round ass as she jogged. The shorter girl had long, flaming red curls of hair that bounced back and forth with her steps. Her shorts hugged her perfect little ass, and even offered a glimpse of the bottom of her butt cheeks as she trotted ahead of me.

The sight was enough to make me forget about Nikita’s suggestion for the time being. Suddenly I had a decision to make. A curve was approaching, the girls were about to turn left, my turn, if I were to take it, was to the right.

The girls took the left turn and I caught a glimpse of their faces. I know, I know, who looks at faces when tits need to be judged or rated, right? The fleeting look I got surprised the hell out of me. The redhead was Nina, the governor’s niece, whom I had sort of tutored and most definitely fucked a little over a week before.

That settled it. I had to follow them.

I didn’t know the blonde girl with Nina, but suspected if she were a close friend of Nina’s she probably liked sex.

We ran another half mile or so with me a discreet distance behind, hoping they didn’t spot me. When they turned off the trail to Henson Boulevard, I knew Nina was taking her friend to the governor’s home and I turned back and headed back to my place as fast as I could.

At the house, I quickly changed into a different track suit, grabbed my car keys and drove to the governor’s house. I parked a block away and walked back to the house, used the driveway to reach the house itself, and then stealthily made my way around the side of the house, stopping at each window to peek inside.

Halfway along the house I came to what had to be Nina’s bedroom. Using all the tricks of stealth I’d learned enroute maltepe escort bayan to becoming an Eagle Scout, I risked a quick look into the bedroom only to find that it was empty.

I sighed, disappointed, I had hoped to find the beast with two backs as they munched away at one another or at least a glimpse of tits or asses as they scampered in or out of the shower.

But there was nothing to see. I moved silently to the next window, and peered in.


Uncertain as to what the neighbors could see of me, or what they might do on seeing me sneaking around the governor’s house, I was about to take my leave when I heard a faint giggling. It was a distinctively feminine giggling, and it was coming from the back of the house.

Of course! The swimming pool!

Throwing caution to the wind, I slowly made my way to the corner of the house and stopped to listen.

Nothing, not a sound.

I risked a quick peek around back. Nina was standing there facing me but not looking my way. Across from her, sitting beside the pool, was the blonde. That in and of itself wasn’t really enough to excite me, but the way Nina was standing there; her hips pushed to the side, her neck drawn back as she gulped from a water bottle, suggested something very sexual without being explicit at all.

Nina started nodding, and so I guessed the blonde was talking to her, but I couldn’t tell since I could only see the back of her head. And then Nina’s lips were moving. Damn, if only the breeze was blowing in the opposite direction I might have caught enough of the conversation to understand them.

Still there was something–-something that held me there and I continued watching as Nina set down her water bottle and crouched down right in front of the blonde.

She was still talking, and I thought to myself, I should just move on. How pathetic would it be if I were apprehended as a Peeping Tom. My family would be embarrassed beyond belief, and my poor mother would have to carry her disappointment in me to the grave. No I couldn’t disappoint her the way my father had.

I decided to take my leave before anything went wrong.

And then it happened. Nina put her hand on the blonde’s shoulder, ran it up her neck and through her hair, softly massaging her ear and the back of her head. The blonde tilted into it, then brought up her own hand and placed it on Nina’s. Nina then leaned in, and though it was quick, I could have sworn that they kissed.

I found myself rooted to the spot. Was I a hopeless voyeur? Was I doomed to go through life just for rare moments like this?

I couldn’t look away, and my dick was already hard and throbbing as Nina backed away from the blonde. She ran her hands up her thighs, over her hips, and up and over her breasts then continued on through her red hair. She tilted her head back and her mouth opened. I could tell from her chest that she was breathing hard–so was I.

Then she reached down, slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her short shorts and peeled them down her thighs, letting them drop to her ankles. A pair of skimpy violet panties was all that covered her beautiful pussy, and my mouth was watering.

Nina sauntered back to the blonde and straddled her lap. I was holding my breath, not daring to breathe as she bent over, bringing her breasts–-still hidden beneath a tight t-shirt–-right into the blonde’s face. The blonde reached up, gently placing her hands on Nina’s C-cup mounds then ran them down her sides and over her hips. Nina straightened back up and pushed her hips forward, toward the blonde’s face. Tentatively at first, the blonde leaned forward and–-I couldn’t see but it I knew that she was kissing and licking Nina’s crotch.

The blonde’s eyes closed as she absorbed the pleasurable flavor of Nina’s cunt. Nina’s hands gripped the blonde’s shoulders. The blonde’s head moved slightly as she lapped at the skimpy material covering Nina’s coveted snatch.

Suddenly, as if irritated by the impediment of the sheer panties, the blonde grabbed the panties by the waistband and yanked them down.

I had yet to see Nina’s glorious pussy–-well, I had of course, but that was then and this was the now–-but the blonde could. I’d go so far as to say she had a world class view of it as she dipped back and forth, her head moving faster as she gobbled up Nina’s juices and had her well on the way to orgasm.

I was unable to contain myself and began jerking off. Meanwhile, Nina was obviously enjoying herself no end. I made a conscious effort to slow myself down, not wanting to ejaculate too soon.

A series of soft, feminine moans reached my ears just as Nina reached down and tugged at the blonde’s top. The blonde’s mouth hardly left Nina’s crotch, but did, with some help from Nina, shuck her top away and I watched as it floated directly into the swimming pool.

That left the blonde wearing a gray sports bra and her yellow shorts.

Obviously responding escort pendik to something Nina said; the blonde grabbed Nina’s ass and pulled her snatch closer to her face.

The head of my cock was covered in precum and I had to pause in my masturbation even though I was going slow or risk ejaculating much sooner than I wanted too.

Then Nina went after the blonde’s tits–-working the sports bra cups away from her breasts by rolling it up to the blonde’s armpits. I had yet to see the blonde from the front and had no idea how well built she was. But Nina continued to monopolize them, massaging them with both hands as the blonde continued to devour her cunt.

I heard a car door slam and voices out by the driveway. Hurriedly I stuffed my dick away, and cowered by the building hoping no one came my way. A minute passed and no one came. I had to assume it was a neighbor and that they’d entered their home. But did that mean I would be detected and the police called?

A part of me thought I better get the hell out of there. Another part of me proved more stubborn than cautious and that part won out.

Had the girls stopped too?

I carefully peeked around the house toward the pool. They were now standing and hugging and kissing; the blonde’s right leg was sort of wrapped around Nina’s left calf and their hands were all over each other.

Either they hadn’t heard the car doors closing or they didn’t care one way or the other. I took that as a good sign and fished my semi-hard dick out of my shorts and slowly renewed my stroking.

Nina broke the kiss, pulling away so she could grab the sports bra still wrapped around her friend and pull it off all the way. Taking advantage of the moment, the blonde did likewise to Nina, grabbing her t-shirt and peeling it off of her, revealing those gorgeous naked breasts I had enjoyed not all that long ago.

I was treated to my first glimpse of the blonde’s tits. They were firm and large–-probably D-cups–-and the areolas were pebbled and the nipples fully erect.

Seeing those glorious tits mash up against Nina’s own spectacular breasts was almost too much to handle. I felt myself reaching orgasm, but through sheer willpower managed to curtail it by using every ounce of energy I could summon up to hold off cumming.

My cock was absolutely throbbing, and I knew if I so much as grazed it with my hand I would be cumming immediately. Hell, even looking at the two girls just then would have sent me over the edge. Gritting my teeth, I let two full minutes pass before daring to take another look at them.

I saw that they had switched positions. The blonde had removed her track shorts and panties, and was now supine, or face up position on a chaise lounge with Nina above her in the sixty-nine position. Both were naked except for their socks and tennis shoes, which somehow made it all the more erotic for me. Their faces were busy in each other’s pussies, and their hands rubbed across each other’s asses.

After a few minutes of this, I felt ready to grab and pump my dick again, and I was just in time. Nina reached to the blonde’s pussy and fingered it. Her friend’s reaction was priceless: she bucked her hips and lifted her head, probing even deeper into Nina’s cunt. Then she took her own fingers and began sliding them, one by one, into Nina.

But even this wasn’t enough. Nina stopped nibbling at the blonde’s clit and began to climb off of her. I was disappointed, and so, it seemed, was the blonde. She grabbed at Nina’s waist, trying to pull her back while keeping her lips pressed firmly against Nina’s cunt. But Nina wasn’t going far. She just leaned down and pulled out a small, wooden box opened it and took out a vibrant pink dildo.

I was reminded of the extra large dildo she’d had fixed to the Governor’s desk; the dildo that I had asked her to use before we fucked our brains out.

Then to my surprise, she pulled out a second dildo–-this one purple in color and slightly longer in length than the first.

Nina returned to her place atop the blonde, took the pink vibrator and rubbed it along the blonde’s pussy as she licked her clit again. The blonde apparently wasn’t expecting this, and she jumped in place, but did not do anything to stop Nina from going further. In seconds, I could clearly see Nina pumping the toy in and out of her friend’s pussy. I could see that it was penetrating the blonde, but not how far it was going in.

I assumed from the blonde’s reaction that about six inches must have been shoved up her twat, but couldn’t be certain, but what I did know was that no pink remained in sight.

The blonde was lapping at Nina furiously now, and her body was shaking, quivering like mad. She grabbed Nina’s ass tightly, her knuckles going white as she pressed into the soft flesh. She was close, and all three of us knew it. The blonde grabbed blindly for the purple dildo, found it after a short search and slipped it into Nina’s sopping, gaping cunt, and then used the heel of her hand to pound the dildo deeper.

Nina opened her mouth to scream, but no sound emerged. I’d gotten a better look at the purple dildo. It must have been about a foot long and now only a little over an inch was visible to my eye.

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