Serendipity Ch. 16


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – Road Trip

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


I remember Nicole getting out of bed, and I curled back up with Brittany, my cock in the crack of her ass and a hand cupping that large handful. I woke up to a nice slow cock sucking. “That’s the best way to wake up.”

She pulled up and swung her leg over, sinking her pussy down slowly on my cock feeling every bit as she enclosed me in her velvet vise. Nice and snug! “With everything that happened yesterday, and all the times you made me cum, I never got a load in my pussy!” squeezing and flexing around me.

“I didn’t want to presume anything.” I began reaching for her tits as she rocked back and forth on me slowly, working her pussy around me and grinding her clit against me every one in a while.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!”, as she grabbed my hands and pinned them to my sides while starting to rock back and forth with increased speed, working her clit more and more against me. “I want your load in me! I’m on the pill so you don’t have to worry, and I’m not cumming until you fill me.” Then she began a slow grinding fuck. Up, down, then rocking on her knees. Leaning forward and just fucking the head of my cock with her nipples inches away from my lips. Once she had me groaning she picked up the pace. A nice hard ‘ride ’em cowboy’ kind of fuck after getting up on her feet while keeping me seated in her pussy, hard enough to make her nipple jewelry flip up and down as her ass was slapping against my thighs as she rode me. Then she started quivering around my cock.

“I can’t hold off Master! Fuck me and fill me!” and she started to fall on to my chest, catching herself on her elbows. I grabbed her hips and fucked her from underneath as her pussy clamped onto me while she was babbling incoherently in my ear and spasming on top of me. That was all I could take and began unloading into her. Between the feeling of her pussy pulsing around me, and me unloading into her, it was wonderful!

I let go and Brittany simply collapsed onto my chest. Sweat plastered us together from crotch to neck. She pulled up enough to shift sideways enough to give me a nice deep long kiss. “That was nice. I feel so full! I can feel your cock softening in me. It is so different with a man that cares about how I feel.” I really started softening and she rolled off quick to keep our combined load in her.

“Sorry to tell you Brittany, but it’s TOTALLY selfish. The better it is for you, the better you make it for me.” And I reached over and flicked her nipple jewelry. That made her shudder a little.

“You’ve got to quit that, or I’m going to be wet down to my ankles!”

“That’s the whole idea Brittany, as far as I’m concerned the only perfume a woman should wear is a wet pussy!” I sat up and swung my legs toward the edge of the bed.

She rolled over and pushed me back a bit then swallowed me down to my pubic hair. She kept it down there and started swallowing to stroking like that until I started to harden again and she couldn’t take me all in. “I can’t take you down like Mistress can when you are hard…YET! But I can keep trying as you get harder. Maybe with LOTS of practice I might get there.”

“You can practice any time you want, you never need ask.” I gave her a quick peck as I headed to the bathroom to take a shower before getting ready for the road trip. I had just gotten the water adjusted and stepped in when Brittany got in behind me.

She looked me in the eye and spread her feet a little, and then sighed. All of a sudden there was a flow from her pussy. She had been holding everything in, waiting until she was standing in front of me to let it go. She trembled for a few seconds as it ran down her thighs, past her knees and most of the way down her calves. “Almost to my ankles; I’ll have to try harder next time!” and grabbed the hand held to rinse off her legs. She proceeded to lather and rinse me, and then made a production of doing the same to herself, really enjoying cleaning her tits and pussy in front of me. I was starting to step out after she rinsed off, but she stopped me.

She reached over and turned the flow way down and removed the shower head from the hand held hose. She put a foot up on the shelf to spread herself and concentrated the stream on her clit. She played it back and forth a little until she started trembling and then pushed the hose in her pussy. She almost collapsed but stayed standing and lowered her leg with the hose still in place, giving her a nice healthy flow from her pussy.

Then she looked at me again and strained a little. The flow from her pussy ceased and her belly began expanding. She relaxed a bit kartal escort and let it flow, then clenched again taking more. This time keeping more inside and holding her hand under her belly. She was panting and quivering until she released it, almost squirting around the hose. She looked at me again biting her lip and then clenched down on the hose. Her belly expanded much quicker. I reached forward and slid my finger toward her clit, but not on it.

I touched her clit. “Release and cum.” I had to put an arm around her to keep her from falling as she did. I held her until she finished, her jeweled tits in my chest and my hard cock up against her belly. She finally got her strength back and stood enough for us to get out and towel dry.

“I wish I knew how you do that! I just got done telling you to leave me alone or I was going to be wet down to my ankles, and then I have you running down my legs making me cum again!!”

“Don’t know. All I know is how much I enjoy watching you cum.” I gave her a quick kiss and went back to the room for my pants and shorts.

Brittany followed me out of the room wrapped in a towel. I headed for the kitchen and she headed for the front door. I heard a screech of braking tires and a wolf whistle. Then a few seconds later she came back in with a bag in one hand and now just holding the towel to her chest with a big grin. I just looked at her.

“What? I had just picked my bag out of my trunk and this wicked wind came up and ripped my towel off!” She stuck her tongue out at me and dropped her towel completely before shutting the door behind her.

“So it’s not so bad letting someone look at your body instead of your face?”

“I’m getting used to it. I keep thinking about what you said about some guy thinking I’m hot enough to go home and jack off to the sight of me. I’m not sure why, but that gets me wet!”

“I look at it this way. I don’t look at it as your tits being more important than your brains. I look at it as your beauty being more powerful than someone else’s intelligence. I know a lawyer in Vegas that loves to use her Bimbo routine whenever she can, and she graduated third in her class.”

She dropped her bag and sauntered over, oozing sex appeal. She put her arms around my neck, “Where have you been all my life Master?” grinding her pussy against my cock and brushing her nipples across my chest.

“Just looking for the right women to nibble on. Sometimes it just takes a while. Let’s have breakfast and we can go over things…”

That got her serious again. “We’re really going to do this?”

“No reason not to. It’s all gravy work.” That got me a look. “Does Nicole have to quit her job to work on this?””


“Do I have to quit doing what I do?”


“Do you?”

“No, but what about the expenses here?”

“Brittany, I had already planned on picking up the rent since I was responsible for kicking Mickey out. It’s only a phone line for things I can’t do, here or in Vegas. You and Nicole have the hard part. You have to go shopping without buying much!”

She stuck her tongue out at me and got some cereal. “It will be nice to be able to make jewelry again.”

“And you can try everything on if you want or get Cathy to model.”


“Well you have your nipples and pussy pierced of course, but Cathy has her pussy pierced with plain rings welded shut. You might see if you can do something special for her and others like her somewhere along the way.”


“Don’t ask; let it come up in conversation. But I bet something pretty would do wonders for her instead of plain rings she can’t take out. I do like the larger rings I can put my fingers in to hold her open though. I can use the same hand to spread her pussy and then put my middle two fingers in to her g-spot.”

“Master!” she brought her legs together and her eyes glazed over.

“Oh you like that idea do you? Thinking about one hand holding you open and playing with your g-spot while I nibble on your clit.”

She was clamping her thighs even tighter together. “MASTER!!”

“Of course that would leave a hand free to say… Uh… play with your nipple jewelry…”

“AHHHHHHHHH!!” and collapsed against the island quivering.

I got up and got her a hand towel and kissed her neck just above her collar. “You washed it all out, I had to refresh your perfume.”

“Thank you Master.” She said quietly. We finished our cereal and then got dressed. She was running her hand over the case with Nicole’s collars in it. “Did you really buy all these for Mistress?”

“Nope.” She snapped her head around to look at me. “With the exception of her first collar, she picked them all out, I just paid for them.”

She got a dreamy look in her eyes. “I’m going to have to go shopping with Mistress. All I have is things to hide in.”

“Maybe not, do you have a pair of cheek splitter shorts?”

“A WHAT?!!”

“A pair of shorts that rides up the crack of your ass like a g-string.” She thought about it for a minute, maltepe escort bayan grinned, then grabbed her bag. Leaning over tossing things out standing with her legs spread shoulder width, letting her tits and nipple jewelry jiggle in the morning sun, and a the glint from her chains hanging from her pussy lips made me want to taker her again right there.

She put her big duffel bag on the couch and started pulling stuff out. Bras were tossed to one side like an inconvience, some nice thongs and g-strings next set carefully beside her. Tops on the other end, and finally jeans, then shorts. She went through several shorts and then pulled out a very short pair. She slipped them on after wiggling back and forth and bouncing her tits and jewelry. They pulled nicely up into her ass, and even a little into her pussy from what I could see from behind.

“Brittany, come over here and put a foot up beside me.”

“Yes Master.” And she came over and did as she was asked, naked except for the shorts she had just poured herself into. I reached up one leg to her pussy lips and straightened her pussy chain down her shorts leg. She gasped as I pulled it straight, a little bit hanging out the leg. The proceeded to do the same thing to the other leg. They were long enough to leave a little less than half an inch hanging out. Then hung on to both ends with one hand and pushed the seam up into her pussy to make her squeak and then ran my finger nail around the back over her rosebud.

She didn’t even look to see how it looked, just accepted what I did. “Now get your shelf bra and a top you can tie under your tits instead of buttoning up.”

“Yes Master.”, darting over to pick up her bra, making a production of putting it on and then lifting her tits up high and proud in it while grinning at me watching her bounce them around. She took the pale top and tied it up under her tits and then presented herself to me.

She had an idea what she looked like, but had not checked herself in the mirror yet. “You look absolutely delicious little one. Check it out in the mirror.”

“Yes Master,” and darted around to the mirror. “Oh WOW! I was going to throw this pair of shorts out. I’m going to have to re-think everything I have.” Touching the bit of chain hanging out her crotch. And then running her hands up to cup her tits.

“I know you can’t wear this to work, but shopping with Mistress would be interesting if there are men manning the shop!”

She looked startled. “You don’t mind other men looking at me Master?” Lifting her jewelry through the top and biting her lip a bit.

“Little one, there is a big difference between looking and touching. It gets Mistress HOT knowing others are looking at her nipples. I have a feeling you will find having others look at a certain part of your body will also get you excited. If it does and you have to come home to me or Mistress for relief, so much the better. “

“You will figure out how to accidentally show that part off even in your ‘regular’ clothes. Why do you think Mistress wears loose tops even to work? She can lean or twist a certain way to accidentally let someone see her nipples and pretend it never happened. You can’t tell me you’ve NEVER worn a loose top and leaned over to let someone look down your shirt on purpose? Seeing what kind of reaction you get when they see your delicious tits encased in lace?”

She closed her eyes and lifted her jewelry through her top to tug on them. She squeeked,”OH SHIT!” and clamped her thighs together for a nice little quivering orgasm. Her eyes finally came open. “I give up trying to stop that…”

“A wise decision little one, now open your legs.” She spread her legs shoulder width. The wet spot in the crotch was starting to spread. “That is the most erotic sight in the world.” And took a deep breath of her sent. “Wear them until I leave.”

“Of course Master.”

Brittany was putting some drinks and stuff in the cooler, nipples standing out even more from the cold, if that was possible. I just watched her move about like she was home. Her wet spot was spreading. She was going to have to rinse off not too far down the road to keep from chafing. She finally realized I was watching her. “What? You’re a guy, you won’t stop except to pee and get gas right?”

I just shook my head. “I need to find something to put around the computer stuff for the trip.”

“You take the cooler out and I’ll see what I can find.”

I took the cooler out and nestled it between the captain’s chairs against the middle seat. It was almost the same level but it would prohibit mobile blow jobs if I had Nicole with me. I went back to find a pile of the old comforter and linen set piled in the corner of the living room. I was looking at it when Brittany came out with several towels, a sheet, blanket, and pillow. “I was tempted to burn it Master, but I thought I should donate it instead. Just because she was a bitch doesn’t mean it can’t be put to good use by someone in need.”

“You are as wise as you are delicious escort pendik little one, but what is all that for?” pointing to her arm full.

“Thank you Master,” and did a little curtsy. “I have towels to put around things. And then I have a sheet, blanket, and pillows to put on the back seats.” I raised an eyebrow. “You haven’t had time to make any reservations, and you’ll probably drive until you are tired and then hope for a room somewhere. This way you can stop anywhere if you need to or if there aren’t any rooms available.”

I laughed and ran a finger through her damp camel toe since her hands were full. “I can see I have left things in good hands here.” We went out to the van and put the sheets on and threw the blanket and pillows on. The towels went around the computer stuff with the few left over were thrown behind my seat.

“Master, it will be a while until I see you again. Would you watch me undress for my second shower before you leave?” batting her eyelashes like a show girl.

“I have to get my brief case, so I guess I could do that little one.”

She beamed and dragged me back into the apartment and pushed me back on the bed. Then she started swaying and twisting to some unheard music. She wasn’t undressing, she was doing a striptease! Opening her top and strumming her nipples. Pulling her shorts down as she spread her cheeks and flicked her pussy jewelry. Spreading her legs wide and using that same jewelry to open her pussy and insert a finger; then bringing it over to me to taste. Running her hand down over my hard cock and lowering the zipper to release me. Taking my own hand and bringing it to my cock to get me to stroke myself while I finished watching her. She looked delicious leaning over to let her tits hang while she removed her top. And then leaning back to point them in the air as she removed her bra. Putting a leg up beside me, so I could play with her pussy with one hand and cup her tit with the other in front of me.

She saw my cock starting to ooze and licked her lips. “Master, my I suck you while you eat me?”

“I can’t think of a better way to start a road trip,” and laid back holding my cock up for her as she swung a leg over my face and took it from me. She started to suck me down before she lowered her pussy to me. Feeling her lips dance on my hard cock, feeling her go around and around the head. Seeing her do the striptease had its desired effect. With the right angle and her enthusiasm trying to take me down her throat, it didn’t take long before we came almost at the same time as she started squirting in my mouth. Not a huge squirt, but a nice squirt none the less.

She rolled off and caught her breath while I sat up and zipped up. “I have to get ready for work Master, forgive me for not walking you to the door.” she managed to get out, sprawled beside me, arms up forcing her tits to point skyward while her legs were still sprawled with one knee pulled up, her pussy open to an inviting view.

“I think seeing you sprawled like that is all the send off I need.” I rolled over enough to kiss her mound and run my tongue across her clit before crawling off the bed. “Tell your Mistress I will call her this evening. She has the mobile number if she needs to call me.” Why does everyone react like that to a mobile phone?

I grabbed a cold bottle of Pepsi and headed for the van. In about fifteen minutes I was on the interstate headed for Vegas. Brittany was right. I would have to stop somewhere along the way. It was a two day drive for one person. I popped an eight track in the dash and cracked the passenger window. It had been a warm fall and was still warm enough to keep the van a little toasty in the sun.

With the music blaring I was reflecting on things. In one sense I was looking forward to getting back to Vegas and starting a new chapter in my life away from anything that reminded me of Mickey. But I was regretting Nicole not being there for every little detail. I knew I would be busy with all the things happening, and Nicole was just a phone call away. But it was not the same as her being beside me. We had barely been separated over the last week or so, and now it would be several weeks at least before I would be able to hold her again.

Would Brittany stay with us, or would she go her own way as Natalie had? For both my sake and the business I hoped she would stay. I had been driving on auto pilot for a few hours thinking about all of this, regretting all the wasted months with Mickey. I didn’t really notice the darkening sky until the first few drops hit the windshield. Well so much for a bright sunny drive. It was just a few sprinkles for a while and then it opened up and was like driving into a wall. I was coming up on an overpass and saw a hitch hiker running for cover with a rain smeared ‘Vegas” sign on the pack.

I needed something to take my mind off things, so I pulled over under the overpass and pulled a towel out, threw it on the seat, and rolled the window down. As he came jogging up beside the van I noticed he was a she. Below the running make up was a nice lacy bra under her wet t-shirt. The back pack straps were really pulling it tight across her small to medium chest. Man did I really want another woman around right now? Oh well, spin a yarn and get her part of the way at least.

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