Sex And Susan Adams Ch. 08


If that was the only day time activity, the nights continued to be devoted to threesomes after Jean recovered. Thursday night, however, brought up something very new. One of the diversions that had a pronounced affect on Susan was licking and finger-fucking her ass, something sure to bring her close to orgasm. That night, she lay on her stomach, while Jean knelt between her spread legs, fondling and stroking her cunt and behind. She had Susan raise up and inserted a small pillow under her, lifting her hips up and exposing the crevice between the cheeks. Jean began licking all around, concentrating first on the cunt and perineum, finally moving up to her ass, or to be more exact, if vulgar, her asshole. Susan swayed and humped up and down slowly in response to the stimulation, but unexpectedly Jean moved away, being replaced by Don who moved in between her legs. Susan assumed that he was going to replace Jean’s fingers and tongue with his, but, instead, he leaned over her and she felt something more massive pushing at her asshole. Her reaction was immediate, crying out, “No, Don, don’t do that! Please, don’t push it in. I can’t stand it! Take it away!” She was absolutely frantic as she tried to pull away.

Jean reached down and held her still, saying, “Now, honey, relax, it won’t hurt! Relax and let it in, sweetheart! It won’t hurt you.” As she spoke, Don slowly pushed forward with his cock, which he had lubricated with K-Y jelly, and ?nally, despite Susan’s continued efforts to avoid it, the head slipped past her sphincter and began its inexorable path into her ass. Jean slid her hand between them and found Susan’s clit where it was against the pillow, and began stroking and teasing it with her fingers as Don slowly worked his cock in and out, deeper each time. Finally, he was the whole way in and his balls rested against the lips of her cunt, bumping into her each time he plunged in.

For Susan, the pain, itself, was minimal, but the psychological suffering was much greater. She always had felt that being sodomized, as she thought of it, was the ultimate indignity and sin, going back to her conservative, religious background. It was, for her, the most depraved and revolting sex act of all, yet, here she was, being forced into submission. As had happened so often before, however, the very fact of being coerced into unacceptable behavior relieved her of responsibility, and, therefore, guilt. As Don’s fucking of her ass accelerated, matched by Jean’s fingering of her clit, Susan involuntarily began to respond. At first, her mind was ?lled with anguish as she was penetrated, but gradually, that anguish faded, to be replaced with a totally disorganized jumble of thoughts and reactions. Her sensual nature warred with the “ought not’s” drummed into her childhood head, but, as usual when presented with a fait accompli, her lustful side won and her body’s carnal desires took over. Suddenly, she was humping back at the fucking cock, gasping and moaning as Don pounded her. With her, now energetic cooperation, they worked together, and, as she convulsed in orgasm, he surged forward, burying himself as deeply as possible and ejaculated into her bowels. Don held the position for a moment, and slowly pulled out, leaving Susan’s asshole gaping open and coated with the over?ow of his semen. Jean, in a frenzy of excitement, took his place and began licking around and inside the hole, then fucking it with her tongue, while slipping her ?nger into Susan’s cunt. A few minutes of this additional stimulation brought forth several additional tremors and surges, almost a second orgasm, as Susan collapsed in exhaustion and satiation.

The three of them lay there for several minutes, and the Jean asked, with a smile, “That wasn’t so bad, was it, honey’? We knew you would like it after you got over that ?rst reluctance. Did it hurt at all?”

“You two are going to tum me into a depraved sex ?end at this rate! No, it didn’t hurt, but I felt as if I had a pole up me at first. Gods, you bu…bug…buggered me! I feel funny back there, as if I were stretched. I can’t believe this. I would never let Jim even mention putting a finger into my ass, much less do it, and the idea of fucking me there would have made me sick.”

“But now your little asshole has been fingered and fucked, and you loved it!”

“I know, but I still feel funny. Do you realize that just four months ago, in April, I had never been touched by anyone but Jim? You spanked me, we started having sex, Don screwed me and, since then, I’ve exposed myself to any number of people, been fucked adulterously dozens of times, sucked two different cocks and, now, my…my ass has been fucked!” As she recounted her sexual history, the whole thing just descended upon her and she began to cry. “I feel like a…a slut!”

Suddenly, she found herself being hugged from both sides, and Don ?nally spoke. “That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of Susan! You know that you are really no different from before this started, just less repressed, fewer arti?cial constraints. Look, Jean has done everything you’ve done and she certainly is no slut! You’re lying here in bed with two people who love you, doing things that make all three of us happy. What could be wrong with that?”

Both of them cuddled, kissed and consoled her, Jean finally kartal escort saying, “You’re just having a natural reaction, dearest. You were so innocent in April, and I guess things have moved pretty rapidly since then, but I think you know that you are the better for it, much freer and self-con?dent.”

Susan was feeling better as they talked, the whole sexual thing less overwhelming, and Jean’s last statement hit home, almost an epiphany. She suddenly realized that she had grown in con?dence and willingness to try things. She actually had come to be proud of her body and, even, to enjoy showing it. A few months ago she knew, intellectually, that she was attractive and had an excellent ?gure, but, somehow, she didn’t quite believe it in reality. Her behavior was regulated by a stringent set of standards re?ecting the antiquated and prudish beliefs of her family. Liberated from those restraints, she did feel freer, able to set her own standards. Finally, after pondering Jean’s comment, Susan said, “I think I’m probably rationalizing, at least in part, but you’re right in that I’m not as bound by conventions and, probably, the better for it. I certainly am enjoying things that would have astounded me in the past. In addition, and this is very important, I don’t think I’m hurting anybody, even Jim – although, I’ll admit that I still feel guilty about being unfaithful sexually.” Then, with a laugh, looking at Don, “But I guess that guilt hasn’t created any real barriers, has it. It’s funny, I don’t have any virgin holes left; Jim had one and you’ve had two!”

“You’re right, honey, and that doesn’t leave any new hole for poor Billy. That’s just as well, for now any place he fucks you has already been broken in, and he won’t have to open new territory.”

“Don! He’s felt everything I have, and I’ve sucked him, but that’s the only hole, my mouth, that he’s going to use! I’ve already told him that! Heavens, I don’t want to become too loose. Besides, he’s too young to do that to me.”

“You’re kidding! Too young? At his age, if he lived in a less backward area, he’d have screwed some girl long ago. You’d be just right for his first woman.”

“Now Don, you stop teasing her. If she doesn’t want to let Billy have her, it’s her choice. In any case, she has over a week to decide. Having her ass fucked is enough trauma for one night, so don’t rush her.” And then, archly, “Of course, it would be nice for Billy to have a beautiful, experienced woman to screw ?rst.”

“Good, heavens, you’re worse than he is. There is nothing to decide! In any case, if Billy needs a beautiful, experienced woman to fuck, you have a great deal more experience than I have. You take care of him! Now, if you two vulgar and disgusting people will excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom. I feel as if someone has given me an enema!”

Susan woke up Friday, feeling a little soreness in her behind, but, in general, felt good about the whole situation. She lay there beside Jean, thinking, somewhat disjointedly, “I’ve been ass-fucked!…I can’t believe it…Boy, they both had me last night…I think Jean enjoyed it almost as much as Don did…I wonder if they were just teasing me about Billy?…They certainly seemed to take it for granted that he’s going to fuck me…I told him I would suck but nothing else…I wonder what it would be like…Stop thinking like that now!” With that, she got up, before Jean for once, but, instead of going downstairs, she got into bed beside Don and got under the covers. “Might as well move over here now. Boy, I really feel like being screwed this morning.”

As it happened, Jean was not asleep when Susan left, and she watched, surreptitiously as Susan slipped into bed with Don. Shortly afterwards, the two started feeling each other and Don proceeded to mount Susan and begin to fuck her. Both obviously were in the mood, for the action was vigorous and relatively brief before they each came. They snuggled back under the covers and quickly fell back into a relaxed slumber as Jean played with herself, very aroused by the activity in the next bed. After bringing herself off, she quietly got up, and after washing, etc., went downstairs to ?x breakfast. She didn’t know why, but secretly watching Don screwing another woman really turned her on, and she actually enjoyed acting like a servant and having things ready to eat when they came down together. Pondering her feelings, she wondered if the servant girl and humiliation fantasy didn’t arouse her as much as it did Susan.

For Susan, the feeling was exactly the opposite. For some reason she did not understand, she got a pleasant sense of superiority when she awoke beside Don and found Jean was downstairs making their breakfast again. It was not a malicious pleasure, but it did boost her ego. She had no romantic feelings for Don, as he had none for her, but it was nice to be the preferred woman in the threesome on occasion. In fact, as far as Susan could tell, Don had ?nished in her every time the three had been together, and, of course, every time they had screwed alone. Lying in bed Thursday night, after the ass-fucking (she still hesitated using the expression, even in her mind), Susan had tried to count the number of times Don had screwed her and came up with the staggering ?gure of over 40 times in 19 days, maltepe escort bayan and, since he had made her three times a day during the second and third weeks, that ?gure probably was conservative. She suddenly had the graphic picture of oceans of cum spurting into her, washing away her inhibitions, and she giggled out loud, causing Jean to ask what was so funny. She was able to pass it off as a stray thought, but the thought of all that semen in her stayed with her until she finally fell asleep.

After such as auspicious start, Friday calmed down and became an ordinary perfect day on the lake. They had been inordinately lucky in the weather, and the pattern was predicted to continue. Don and Jean took the boat and visited some friends several miles around the lake, while Susan lazed around the cabin, doing very little. The day passed with commendable slowness as vacation days should, but when Don and Jean returned, they had something new to tease Susan about. It seemed that their friends, John and Cynthia Stuart, had cruised past the cabin early in the week, and had been pleasantly surprised to see a lovely blond woman, almost nude, lying on the rocks. As they watched, she got up and walked up toward the cabin, giving then a clear view of most of her body, particularly her breasts, through the telephoto lens of their camcorder. Needless to say, Susan was absolutely morti?ed, but also aroused, to find that she actually had been seen when she was displaying herself to her imaginary viewers. She was even more shocked when Jean told her that the Smarts had been invited over and promised a closer view of the bathing beauty that they had photographed.

Susan’s response was one of shock and utter consternation. “You mean that you told them that I would be topless when they came? You must be kidding! I certainly am not going to meet your friends with my breasts bare; in fact, I’d be embarrassed to meet them at all.”

“Now, honey, you enjoyed walking around, pretending that someone might be watching, and it turned out that someone was. John and Cynthia are very nice people and you are going to meet them, and you are going to show your tits! You are going to show them your pretty bare tits, or else I’1l spank you harder than Don did last week!”

Don joined in, by adding, “You’d better do what she says, Susan! Jean has a thing for John, and if he wants to see your tits, he’s going to see them, even if it means using a little force!” They left it at that, with both women looking very stubborn.

The following day began their last full weekend at the lake, and, unlike the previous Saturday, the sky was solid blue. They prepared a picnic lunch and planned a pleasant walk through the woods, circling back and ending up at the little glade to eat. For this occasion, the women were permitted to wear slacks and shirts, the most clothes Susan had worn for three weeks. Just as they were leaving, Billy came over and, of course, was invited to come along. Oddly enough, he had never been in the private woods behind the cabin, except on the drive, so he was pleased to join them. (Of course, he would have been pleased to join them on a trip through the Gobi Desert if Susan were along.) They left the food and ground covers on the way out, so they had nothing to carry, making the long walk (hardly a hike) through what really was park-like scenery, refreshing and relaxing, providing exercise without tiring exertion. By the time they were back at the glade, however, they were more than ready to eat.

They spread out the ground covers, put out the food and settled down to an excellent picnic lunch, after which they all lay back and rested. The food had been good, the surroundings were beautiful and quiet, providing an excellent conclusion to an enjoyable ramble through the woods. Finally, about 3:00 PM, Jean packed up the picnic supplies and announced that she and Don had to get back, but she, rather transparently, urged Billy and Susan to follow later, saying, “Stay and enjoy the afternoon, what’s left of it; there’s no need for you to get up.” As she said that, she gave Susan a conspiratorial wink and a knowing smile, and she and Don left.

Susan and Billy were laying side-by-side on the cover, and, as soon as they were out of sight, he leaned up, ran his hand over Susan’s breast and kissed her. Within ?ve minutes he had her shirt open, revealing her bare breasts, and was working on pulling her pants, then her panties, off. Shortly afterwards, she lay completely naked as he undressed and came down beside her, his cock as hard as a rock. He ran his hands all over her, hardly believing his good fortune, concentrating on her cunt while kissing and sucking her nipples and breasts. He kissed his way down her body until he encountered her cunt hair, and moving between her legs, began licking and ?ngering the cunt, itself. Susan, half expecting something like this to happen as the others left, had decided to let things take their course, and relaxed and enjoyed the sensations. As his tongue found her clit, she raised and spread her legs to give him greater access to maximize her own pleasure. With sophistication beyond his experience level, he continued his caressing until she was on the verge of orgasm.

As she began the telltale movements, obvious even to escort pendik a neophyte, he raised up and moved over her until his cock was at her cunt hole, and pushed in. He slid into her with no opposition, her cunt welcoming the penetration and her mind never even considering stopping him. He pounded her vigorously, ?attening her cunt lips with each entry, but, he was too aroused to last long. Fortunately, Susan was coming almost as soon as he entered, for very quickly he jetted his cum into her, gasping with his efforts.

Despite the vigor of the screwing and the climax, he did not withdraw when ?nished. With the vitality and stamina of a teenage boy, his cock never wilted and he was able to continue the in-and-out action while retaining his high level of excitement. His mind and thoughts were in turmoil and the entire situation was almost beyond his comprehension. This was not some skinny high school girl, skirt up, panties down, putting out on the backseat of a car. No, this was a beautiful, fully developed older woman, a married woman, letting him strip her completely naked and fuck her – a teenage boy’s fantasy realized. For Susan, the situation was unbelievably arousing. His continual, slow screwing motion kept her at a high state of excitement, and she was having a seemingly unending series of mini-orgasms that caused her to writhe under him, further feeding his growing renewal. At last, his fucking accelerated until, once again, he was pounding brutally against her cunt, squashing her beneath him as he seemingly tried to drive his cock completely through her. She erupted into a full orgasm, thrashing about under him, raising her hips high off the ground to meet his downward plunges. His explosion soon followed, and, this time, he pulled out and collapsed beside her, satiated – for the moment.

They lay beside each other for some time, recovering from their exertions, neither quite believing what they had just done. Susan looked around the little glade where she and Jean had made love, and thought, “I guess I should come here with Don…everyone should have me here, I guess… gods, a teenage boy, and I never even hesitated…talk about being easy…I’ll bet Jean planned this all along…and I told him nothing but sucking because I’m married…can you believe I even thought that only sucking, as if I’ve done that for years!” As they lay there, Billy couldn’t keep his hands off of her, squeezing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, ruf?ing her cunt hair, etc. At last, Susan said that they’d better go, but, to her surprise, his cock was erect again and, seeing no reason to deny him, she lifted and opened her legs and directed him into herself. The rest had completely rejuvenated him, and, putting her legs over his shoulders, he proceeded to pummel her cunt with bruising force, his hips moving like a jack-hammer as he drove in and out of her. As said before, this was the type of screwing that Susan liked best, and she joined him in a frenzy of action, opening herself to his thrusts. Finally, for the third time that day, Billy emptied his balls into Susan, and, for the third time, her cunt absorbed all he could give.

When they recovered their breath and aplomb, and exchanged the usual (but, this time, sincere) comments on how good it had been, they were startled to find that they had been there alone for almost two hours. They started, hurriedly, to dress, but, as Susan began to put on her sheer, nylon panties, Billy asked if he could have them as a remembrance. Blushing, to her own surprise, Susan gave them to him, and at his rather shy request, wrote the date and “Love, Susan,” on them with a marking pen he fortunately had with him. Then, as an afterthought, added “Adams” after the “Susan,” commenting, “You might forget who ‘Susan’ was!” They ?nished dressing, and Susan walked back the path to the cabin, while Billy ?oated along beside her. She said good-bye to him as they reached the cabin, and she went in to the inevitable teasing and questioning. Oddly enough, she was sort of looking forward to it.

She was not disappointed in their reception, starting, with charges of “robbing the cradle,” repetition of “I’m a married woman, I can’t let you fuck me,” and ending with Jean hugging and kissing her in congratulations for being so free. They all immediately went upstairs where Susan stripped for them, and, after explaining where her panties were, she lay down to be inspected. They found, again, a number of hickey marks coming out on her breasts and thighs, leading Jean to warn her not to let Billy do that just before the went home a week from Sunday. As Don said, “If he sees hickey marks all over your tits, Jim just might wonder what kind of vacation you had here!” Then, they had her spread her legs revealing a very puffy cunt, outer lips swollen and gaping open, with the hair on the lips in tight ringlets plastered to her skin. As when Don had fucked her the ?rst time, the hole was clogged with cum, actually streaming out – not surprising considering that she had been screwed three times by a potent young man. Succumbing to the urge she had suppressed before, Jean moved in between Susan’s legs, looking closely at her cunt, and then proceeding to lick , ?rst, the semen coated hair, and, then, inside the cunt lips, all the way back to her asshole. Next, she inserted her tongue into the cunt hole, itself, licking and sucking the cum as it seeped out. When she was ?nished, Susan’s cunt was moist, but clean, revealing that the cunt lips were, in fact, quite swollen and probably bruised from the belaboring they had suffered.

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