Sex for Recreation


Alicia came bounding onto my boat, ready for sex.

“Hey, Michael,” she flung her arms around me and kissed me. She was in her pink bikini. She’s a gorgeous, busty redhead.

“What are you doing on your day off?” she asked.

“Not much. How about you?”

“I want to go out swinging again.”

“Alicia, it’s the middle of the day. The bars are closed.”


“How do we find people who want sex?”

“Watch and learn.”

We took the bus to the beach. Alicia went onto the sand and surveyed the people.

“Now, always look for the suits. The suits give away everything,” she said.

“How so?”

“Check out the girl there in the micro mesh bikini. She’s dying to be fucked. Let’s go get her.”

Alicia strutted up to her. “Hey, baby.”

“Hi.” The girl was a gorgeous brunette. Big breasts, hard body, everything.

“I like your outfit,” Alicia said.

“I like yours, too.”

“This is Michael, my friend.”

“Hey, Mike,” the brunette smiled flirtatiously.

“We have a running bet,” Alicia said. “Who’s better in bed, brunettes or redheads?”

“Brunettes, of course.”

“I disagree.”

“Then you just don’t know.”

“Prove it to me, with my friend. Best fuck wins. What do you say?”

“I say you’re on.”

“Great. Come on.”

We walked down the beach some more. Several guys were on the sand, watching the girls.

“Do you do casual sex?” Alicia asked her.

“I sure do.”

“Want to get laid a lot today?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Hey boys,” Alicia said to them. They said hi.

“You guys are hot,” she said.

“You’re hot too,” one said.

“Wanna fuck?”

“Hell yes!”

“Come with us.”

Four more guys. We had to find girls now.

“Oh my god, look at those chicks,” Alicia pointed to this big titted blonde and an Asian with small tits but a really nice ass.

“Hey, girls,” Alicia said.

They looked up. “Hi.”

“We’re having a yacht party. Want to come?”


Four girls and five guys now.

“Now you choose one,” Alicia said.

I looked around.

“Come on, now, don’t be picky.”

“Her.” I pointed to a woman down the beach.

“That chick? Oh my,” Alicia said. “You are picky.”

“Can you get her?”

“I think I can.” She led the group. The woman was a bit older, maybe thirty, with perfect C cup breasts, long legs, brown hair, and she looked Latina.

“Hey, want to come to a party?” Alicia asked.

“What kind of party?” She looked up. She had gorgeous big blowjob lips.

“On a yacht.”

“I don’t know.”

“My friend here has a nine inch dick and he’ll fuck you to multiple orgasms.”

“Oh really?” she took off her sunglasses to look at me.

“Show him, Mike.”

I opened my pants and showed her.

She looked at me appraisingly. “I’ll take you, but I’m hard to please.”

“Even better,” Alicia said.

We made our way back to the boat.

“I’ll take us out,” I said. “Then we can fuck on deck.”

“Excellent.” Alicia stripped. The guys watched her appreciatively. She started making out with the brunette. We had a blonde, brunette, redhead, Asian, and a Latina with us. It couldn’t get any better.

“Hey, would you like to watch some lesbian sex?” she asked. They guys wanted to.

She pulled the brunette into a kiss and took off her bikini. They went to the couch and kissed passionately, their hands on each other’s breasts and vaginas. I had trouble concentrating on driving. Alicia started eating the brunette out. I was incredibly sexy.

The Latina came to sit next to me. “Do you do this a lot?” she asked.

“No, not really.”

“Mmm.” We watched as Alicia and the brunette started a sixty-nine. I knew Alicia was a slut, but not this much of one.

“I don’t usually do hook ups,” she said.

“Why not? You’re gorgeous.”


“You think you can show me your nipples?”

“Sure.” She took off her top.

“Wow,” I said. “You have gorgeous breasts.”


“How old are you?”

“Thirty two.”

“You look good.”

“How old are you?”


“My, you are young.”

“You want some hot young guy fucking you?”

“I like that.”

I was going to get into so much trouble. Alicia ate the brunette to a satisfying orgasm and she rode the brunette’s face.

“Let’s fuck in the sun,” she grabbed one of the boys and dragged him on deck. I brought the boat to a stop. The Latina took my arm as we made our way to the deck.

One of the boys was doing Alicia doggy style while she sucked another. The blonde was trying to attract my attention and the Asian was getting ready to fuck one of the guys, leaving the blond and the Latina unattended to.

I went up to the blonde. “Think you can handle a nine inch cock?”

“Sure I can,” she said.

“Show me.” I lay on my back and she got over me. I rubbed her tits and she slid home.

“Mm, you are big.”

I held the blonde’s hips and began giving it to her. She flexed powerfully around me, her athletic body sweating kartal escort bayan and glowing in the sun. I started rubbing her clit in circles. She started coming on me and I kept up the pace until she had to fall upon me.

“Oh my,” she said. “You made me come.”

“Get on your back.”

She got on her back and took the cock back in her mouth as I got her legs over my shoulders. I started with slow, deep, powerful thrusts. I watched as the Asian rode her guy reverse cowgirl and Alicia was expertly taking the two guys at once.

This hot blonde was going to get the ride of her life. I held her legs, put my thumb on her clit, and began working her. Slowly at first, heightening her arousal until she was nearly coming, then I suddenly started pounding her as hard as I could. She screamed and came instantly. I pressed my thumb into her clit and in six more strokes she came again. She came again in three more strokes, then two, and then she was coming at every thrust. Her screams turned to moans and her moans turned to heavy exhausted panting. I think she passed out because she went limp. I pushed my cock between her lips and felt suction. I pushed it down her throat and pumped an orgasm into her, which she drank reflexively.

By now two of the guys had come and Alicia was riding one while the Asian was being fucked doggy style.

I checked on the blonde. She was hot and sweating. I decided to drag her inside so she wouldn’t get heat exhaustion.

“Do you do that a lot?” the Latina asked as she followed me inside.

“When a girl asks for it.”

“You think you got another erection?” she asked me.

I looked at her. “Sure I do.”

“You think you could oblige me?”

“For you, anything.”

“Mmm,” she came to me and kissed me on the lips.

“What kind of bedroom does this boat have?”

“A good one.”

“Care to pamper me?”

“Care to take off your g-string?”

She pulled the knot loose and let it fall, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy.

“You are gorgeous,” I said.

“Thank you.”

“This way.” I led her down the stairs to them master bedroom. Of course, the bed was prepared with a plastic top sheet and nothing else.

“Have fun in here?” she asked.

“A lot.”

I drew her to me and gave her a hard, passionate kiss.

“I want it all,” she whispered to me. “Oral, multiple orgasm, everything.”

“Then you’ll get it.”

“How long do we have?”

I looked at the clock. “Four hours.”

“You can fuck me for four hours?”

“I’ve fucked my girlfriend for eight, with breaks, of course. I can go four hours nonstop.”

“She must be somebody.”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.”

“She can keep up with you?”

“Keep up with me? She fucks me into submission.”

“Wow, what does she look like?”

“She’s half Brazilian. Thirty four E breasts, twenty four inch waist, thirty five inch hips.”

“How old is she?”

“Eighteen, just turned.”

“Oh wow, she is so lucky.”

I was busy with her cleavage. “You have really nice breasts.”

“Thank you.”

“What’s your name so I can shout it while I come?”


“I’m Michael.”

She licked her way down to my cock, which was growing hard. She was, by far, the best cocksucker I have had. She had years of experience behind her. She sucked my head and fluttered her tongue under my hole, making me ache. Her well trained tongue held me at the edge of exploding. She opened her mouth and her tongue fluttered outside my hole, licking up my precome as it surfaced.

“Let me come in your mouth,” I said.

She stopped momentarily. “Will you get hard again?”

“With you? Many times.”

Her big red lips closed around my head. I felt suction, and then movement. Her tongue worked me so hard and fast I came instantly, her continued movements prolonging my orgasm as I thrust out to her. She jacked my shaft and massaged my balls, ripping the orgasm straight from me as I powerfully ejaculated onto her tongue.

I finally finished with a sigh. She sucked me dry and licked me off.

“You have strong orgasms,” she said as she stood up. “Do you give orgasms just as strong?”

“I sure do.” I bent down to lick her nipples. I wondered for a moment, was I a good lover or did I just know how to fuck a girl senseless? I wanted to find out.

I kneeled and began licking her slit. She held my head lightly, gently guiding me where she wanted to lick me. Was she being nice because I was so young? I didn’t know. Frankly, I didn’t care. I began probing her with my fingers. I touched her g-spot and sucked on her exposed clit. She moaned and contracted, but didn’t come. Angel usually came by now. I pressed my fingers into her and used my thumb on her clit. I slowly kissed my way up to her nipples and began sucking on them.

“Oh, yes,” she rode my hand and wrapped her hands around my neck. I sucked on her nipples and watched her arousal heighten. I picked her up and rode her on my hand as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Her breath exploded into escort maltepe me as she came on my hand, full and wet. She wasn’t as wet as Angel, but I doubted anyone was quite as wet as Angel.

I put her on the bed. She spread her legs and wrapped her ankles around my hips as I penetrated her. We looked into each other’s eyes as we made love. I wanted to make it last. I had four hours. I kissed her passionately and pumped my hips in every direction to stimulate her differently with every thrust. I crushed her breasts between us as I pumped faster.

“Oh!” she wrapped her legs so hard around me I thought she was trying to break my back. Her fingernails dug into my back as she came against me. I sat up to look at her. Her shoulder length brunette was spread out around her head, her chest heaving and flushed after a good hard orgasm, her nipples standing up erect. I got out of her and she knew exactly what to do. I did her doggy style now, facing the dresser so we could look at each other. Her breasts bounced firmly forward with every thrust. She held back her hair from her face, her eyes looking deeply into mine. I ran my hands up and down her flawless skin. Her ass was round, firm, and inviting. I spread her cheeks to watch my penis penetrate her. It was intensely arousing. I put my hands on her breasts and thrust into her with deep, slow strokes. She pushed back against me, matching my every thrust. I reached around and massaged her clit. She was breathing in deep, slow breaths. The difference between fucking an older woman and a younger one is an older woman prolongs our pleasure. She isn’t after instant gratification. She isn’t after hard, screaming orgasms one after another until she passes out within half an hour. She wants to make it last for hours.

Actually, there is only one woman I know who can take continuous orgasm for hours, and that’s Angel, my very own sex goddess.

Back to Laura. I pulled her up so she was sitting back on my knees. She knew what to do here, too. I held her breasts and she ground against me, her hips moving in random circular motions, giving me unexpected pleasure. I put my feet in front of us and she sat against me. I drew her face back into a kiss before leaning back and letting her go to work. I watched her face in the mirror. She looked down at her crotch as she pumped her hips back and forth, grinding me deeply inside her strong vagina. Then she drew her legs up and expertly spun herself so she was facing me. My cock never left her vagina.

“You are a sex goddess,” I said as I held her breasts. She simply put her hands on her hips and squeezed me. Using just her muscles, she was going to bring me off.

“Oh my god…” I lay back, delirious with pleasure. She squeezed me and then relaxed when I was just on the brink. He drew her hair aside and she kissed me.

“Come…now.” Her pussy sucked the come from me. I raised my hips up and she followed me, her vagina methodically milking me of my come.

“Oh wow…” I lay back, spent. She stayed with me, her vagina slowly massaging my penis. I was getting hard again.

“My,” she said with a smile. “Don’t you have some stamina.”

“You make me hard,” I told her. She smiled. I know women love hearing that. I rolled her to the side and held her leg as I thrust into her. She lay on her back and we looked at each other as we fucked casually, without hurrying. We both weren’t particularly concerned about coming.

“On your feet,” I said. I got off the bed and she came to me. I motioned her to put her foot up. She was able to throw it over my shoulder.

“Are you a gymnast?” I asked as I worked my cock inside her.

“I have a trainer.”

I picked up her other leg

“Do you fuck him, too?” I asked as I began bouncing her. She tossed her hair aside and brushed the hair from my face.

“He’s gay.”

“Well,” I said as I began doing her harder. “Maybe I can convince you to get your exercise from me.”

“Show me, and I’ll consider it.”

I bounced her up and down. Her breasts bounced firmly on my chest. I made her turn around. I put myself in her and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my pelvis as we fucked. She was moaning and sweating. I brought her to an orgasm.

“So you want to work out, huh?” I asked as I took her to the bed.


“Then you’ll have to do the legwork.” I said as I lay my head on a pillow, my cock sticking straight up.

“Do your worst.”

She nodded and swung her hips over my face. I took her clit into my mouth as she started blowing me. This wasn’t just a suck, this was a full on pro blowjob. I felt her head whip around my cock, her tongue swirling and twirling as she gave me all she was worth. In return, I pushed my fingers up her and gave her the hardest tonguing I could muster. She came on my face and then sat up. She mounted me reverse cowgirl, supporting herself on her hands and feet, and began pumping. Her hair was flying in my face as she rapidly pumped my cock into her pussy. I reached around and gripped her breasts as she rode me. pendik escort She abandoned herself to a lusty, cock crazy slut who loved getting banged.

I started working her, bringing her to orgasm. Her heart was racing and every muscle in her body was straining. This was good exercise. I bounced my hips up to her and she ground against me. I threw her on her knees and fucked her from behind. She moaned and cried as we fucked with total abandon. She came hard, again, and I decided it was time for a submission move. I put her on her back, took her legs over my shoulders, and pounded her. I pinned her arms down and she stared into my eyes as her orgasm came crashing upon her. I stroked upwards and she pumped her hips strongly with every thrust. She came again in another the strokes. I cut it down to eight with the next round, then six, then four, then two. I licked my thumb and worked her clit in a fast circle. She screamed my name as she came again and again, each time I thrust upwards. I pressed her legs flat against her chest as I gave it to her again and again. She had magnificent energy. She stayed with me for what seemed like an eternity, coming over and over until I finally had to shoot my load inside her.

But I wasn’t done. I got over her sixty-nine so she could work me to another orgasm while I ate her. Her thighs clamped around my head, ready for more. I gave it to her. I thrust my penis down at her throat. She took me in all the way and swallowed, her muscles tightening around my head. Wow, that felt amazing. She had me up to my balls, which I thought was impossible.

“How do you do that?” I asked. She just hummed around me. I was going to come again. I took myself out and got between her legs.

“Give me a bit of a break,” I told her. She put her head on a pillow. I decided to give her a full body tongue massage. I started out at her feet. I massaged her feet while pushing my tongue in between her toes. She sighed and curled her toes in pleasure. I massaged each ripe calf. I kissed each of them and sucked on her flesh.

“Uhn, mm,” she moaned encouragingly. I kissed in between her thighs. She was slick with her lubricant. I kissed my way up, avoiding her red, ripe vagina, and settled on her belly. I French kissed her belly button and she giggled.

“That tickles.”

I ran my hands up and down her firm, toned stomach. I sucked her flesh and bit it a little, causing her to contract but she didn’t complain. I looked at the fresh hickie I made. I moved up to her big, round breasts. I suckled on one tit while massaging the other. I switched, keeping my pace. I tongued all around her nipples and back and forth. I pressed my face into her cleavage and sucked. She groaned and held me close. I moved up to her neck and sucked there, giving her another fresh hickie. She held my head close to her as I necked her. I moved up to her earlobe and sucked on it. I snaked my tongue into her ear and she sighed. I then kissed her eyes closed and kissed her on the nose, leaving it wet. I kissed her upper lip and then sucked on her lower. Her mouth opened to take my tongue. Her tongue swirled around mine inside her mouth. She pressed forward and I drew her into mine, sucking on her tongue. I was extremely hard now so I gently spread her legs and slowly entered her. We kissed softly as we slowly made love. I lay pressed into her for about half an hour before turning her on her side and wrapping a leg around me.

“You’re pretty well hung,” she told me as she lay on her side, playing with her breasts. We make love like this for a while, just enjoying each other.

Then I gently rolled her flat on her stomach. I put her head on the pillow and rode her like a horse. I started off slow and deep. She squeezed her thighs around me. I started speeding up and she didn’t really notice until I was ramming into her forcefully.

Her breath was low and ragged as I pumped my rod into her pussy. She squeezed her legs together, adding more erotic friction. Her body shook as she came below me, too pinned down to move. She was screaming into the pillow, biting it. I gave her another hard orgasm before pushing my cock into her mouth. She did the thing she did before, sucking me all the way into her throat and swallowing. I came straight down her throat and she sucked me dry.

“What do you call that?” I asked.

She took me out with a slurp. “Deep throat.”

“I have to teach that to my girlfriend.”

“She’ll gag a lot, but she’ll learn.”

I turned around and let her lick her juices from my face. “You still up for some more?”

“I’m pretty satisfied, but I can always use more.”

“Let’s get in the bath.”

She sucked me as I filled up the bathtub. I turned on the massage.

“I’m going to give you a massive orgasm,” I said.

“Another one?”

“Yes.” I pulled her to me and began kissing her, making her hot.

“You’re such a good kisser,” she moaned. “I would’ve guessed you were thirty.”

“I make love like a thirty year old,” I said. “But I fuck like a teenager.”

“Do you ever, my hot young lover.” She started rubbing my cock under the water.

I sat back and let her work me.

“Okay, here goes. You ready?” I asked.

“Do me,” she said in a low, husky voice. I took her in my arms. I put one hand on her clit and moved her up to the nozzle.

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