Sex with My (Dominant) Banker


It’s been just over five years that I moved into this apartment; a new year has just begun. Although my New Year’s Eve had been one of strangely deep sorrow, the first day of the new year had been a phenomenal one after Anita came and dragged me out of the house and we partied, and how, almost till the sun came up. The reason I had been down in the dumps was because Sunita had left; I got back at sundown on the 31st of December and found a scrap of paper on the table next to the entrance saying “I go. Bye Bye.” Since then I have been recounting in these chapters my life, and hers the way she told it to me, since I arrived in this country.

The year is 2013. It is now late afternoon on New Year’s Day and some of the euphoria of the early morning party at the dance club with Annie is now wearing off. Thoughts of Sunita are gradually creeping back into my brain. The depression that I got in to last night and which is threatening to overpower me again, when I look at it candidly and objectively, is strange. She is, was, my maid; my domestic help. Lover too I guess. General caretaker. So why am I as upset as I am? I try hard to drive these thoughts away; I think again of going out with Annie last night, I think of all the work that awaits me after the New Year holidays finish in a couple of days, I think of the business trips I need to plan for the first quarter of the year. I also think of the next couple of days parties that I now must go and attend, if only to stop me from drowning in the pool of emptiness I feel inside the apartment.

One of the parties is being thrown by our bankers tonight and I’m particularly looking forward to that; they’re always immense fun. I remember around the time I moved into this flat was also the time I was promoted to head the Asia region and soon after that, I’d chosen to make New Delhi our headquarters rather than relocate to Singapore. One of the first to woo me in that position was our bankers, the global French giant BNP. They didn’t really need to since they handled most of our banking needs internationally, a decision that had been taken by our Directors in Europe. And since then I’d been invited to semi-annual bashes thrown by them. They were a young dynamic group of individuals, smart investment bankers and smooth corporate relationship managers, led usually by an equally energetic executive posted in India by their Paris based headquarters. And tonight was another one of their parties.

Back in 2007 when I was first invited to their mid-year party, it was in September I recall, but the summer wasn’t quite over. It was a semi-formal cocktails and dinner hosted by BNP’s CEO who had flown up from Bombay along with half a dozen of his senior corporate banking staff. The bank’s New Delhi team were also in attendance, as were other senior bankers from the city and a smattering of BNP’s corporate client representatives. Also there was our Relationship Manager, Payal.

Payal of course had visited me at our office and I’d met her couple of times at the bank’s office. She was only three inches shorter than me and in heels, almost matched my height. I’d always seen her very smartly dressed in sarees and fashionable two inch heels; blouses that always revealed just that small amount of cleavage that left you wanting more. Her breasts looked firm and fairly large; her arse and hips were also firm, no sag or jiggle when she walked in her tightly wound sari. Payal was relatively fair complexioned, not what one would call dusky; she had large eyes that were invariably highlighted with a rich lining of kohl; her lips looked soft and luscious but somehow her mouth was more often than not set quite firmly; and her hair I always thought was long but I could never be sure because she always wore it as a tightly wrapped bun at the back of her head.

That night in September 2007 I saw a totally new avatar of my bank relationship manager. The party was pretty much in full swing by the time I got there at 8:00 in the evening; there were about 70 people spread across the two suites at the Sheraton, both opening out into a large terrace garden which in turn overlooked the sprawling lawns on the property two floors down. I had a drink in my hand, talking to two French corporate lawyers who worked for BNP in Paris and were visiting for some litigation involving the India offices, standing out on the terrace facing the suites. She walked in wearing a black t-shirt that was like a second skin over her breasts and chest, falling well short of her abdomen. A pair of white jeans rode precariously low on her hips, leaving a wide expanse of skin between the top and the denims, with the dark shadows of her deep navel winking as she sauntered towards the serving bar counter.

It was impossible for me to carry on my conversation with the legal experts that I was huddled with as I stared at the apparition; her hair was indeed very long, flowing in amazing curls from the top of her head to the top of her jeans, the perfect curve of her white denim clad buttocks swelling just after that. I must have been gawking open-mouthed because the two gentlemen kartal escort bayan I was talking with simultaneously turned their heads around to see what I was so profoundly agape with. One of them turned back to me and asked if I knew that babe and I replied saying “She’s my banker”. They gave me funny looks and almost immediately drifted off to some other corner of the terrace I couldn’t be bothered with.

I have to admit that I felt a stirring in my groin as I stared at this wonderful creature; hard as nails when she did business, alluring as the devil tonight. And if I must continue this train of honesty, I also have to admit that this wasn’t the first time my groin was stirring in her presence. However, whenever I’d met Payal before in the bank or at work, of course I tried hard not to flirt with her because, first of all, I assumed she had to deal with being treated differently all day long being in the gender minority, but also because we had a work relationship and it was important that I treat her with the same respect I afforded all my co-workers. That didn’t mean that I wasn’t interested in the idea of messing around with her if the opportunity was to present itself. It turned out that when an opportunity did present itself, I apparently wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

Standing outside on the terrace, I lost sight of Payal when a bunch of people silhouetted against the light from inside the rooms gathered in the path of my vision. I emptied the last dregs of the Jack Daniels in my glass (I remember it was JD because that’s what Payal was drinking too as I discovered later) and started walking towards the bar where I hoped she would be. But she wasn’t. I ordered a Jack with a fistful of ice cubes and turned around, leaning against the bar counter, staring into the cocktail crowd. Surely a black top and white jeans would be easy to spot in the subdued lighting of the suites or even the near darkness of the terrace, but I just couldn’t see where she’d gone.

I picked up my glass and sauntered through the huddles of people, shaking the occasional hand and excusing myself as I drifted towards the door connecting the two suites. The first room of the neighbouring suite was a bedroom where two ladies with blue Curacao drinks were in animated conversation sitting on a couch together. I shouldered my way past another trio of gentlemen near the door leading to the living room and peered inside. There were a couple of table lamps that spread a soft glow along the walls, a glass sliding panel that led out to the terrace garden, and another door I assumed opened into the washroom. I couldn’t see her here either. Where the fuck had Payal gone?

There were a few clusters of people in the room but nobody I knew. I sidled along one wall, heading towards the terrace, thinking, picturing her in my mind. I couldn’t erase the vision of those large and firm full shaped breasts, held in place by a strong underwire brassiere I presumed. I saw in my mind the golden brown skin of her flat stomach, the belly button beckoning me to kiss it, dip my tongue into the folds of that puckered depression. I imagined the perfection of her tight buttocks, hard within the unyielding tautness of her white denim jeans. I even wondered if she wore any panties, a thong perhaps, or lacy white filigree.

I glided past the corner door and noticed a small icon denoting it as the ladies’ washroom, then moved on to the terrace garden. This section was quiet and uninhabited, segregated from the other and larger part by a row of thick bushed in large garden pots. I took a walk around and was heading back when I heard a soft voice, barely above a whisper, from behind me. “Wow, I can’t believe no one is around,” I heard Payal say, “that could definitely lead to trouble.”

I swirled around but kept my composure, not wanting her to see the desperation with which I had been searching for her. “Really?” I responded, “What kind of trouble were you thinking of?”

As I walked towards Payal leaning against the brick wall that marked the end of the terrace, the atmosphere was so obviously charged. Like bolts of blue lightening dropping out of a dark cloudy sky. As I reached her there was no question that we were on the same page because we were immediately in each other’s arms with our lips pressed together. Our tongues quickly snaked into each other’s mouths and I dropped my hands down from the small of her back to her buttocks. With my hands on her arse, pulling her against me, and her firm breasts pressed against my chest, I could feel my cock growing and I assumed that she could, too. It crossed my mind that somebody could walk out on to the terrace and I didn’t think we’d have any time to look presentable before anyone saw us. But I couldn’t stop now, and nor could Payal.

“We don’t want to get caught like this,” she said, pulling her mouth from mine, “Let’s go somewhere private Hjjer.”

“Is there someplace private around here?” I asked.

“The ladies’ room,” she replied.

Payal had moved away from me and took my hand to lead me to the ladies’ escort maltepe room of the second, less crowded suite. With all the other female guests in the main terrace, we wouldn’t have to worry about being interrupted and the location would make it fairly easy for me to slip out safely when our private party was over. The atmosphere wouldn’t be ideal but I think we were both worked up enough that we didn’t care. She locked the door behind us once we were inside and we were quickly making out even more passionately. My hands went to her arse again and the harder I pulled her against the bulge in my jeans, the more I wanted to slip my cock into her. It wasn’t long before my hands went from her buttocks to the front of her jeans and started to unfasten them. As I was getting her white denims open, she reached down to massage my throbbing bulge before starting to work on my trousers as well.

As I started to push down her jeans, I slipped my hands over her finely contoured arse again, feeling the material of her panties hugging it before I started to slide them down as well. I couldn’t bend forward as we continued to make out so, once I’d pushed her jeans and panties down as far as I could, I brought a hand around between us and ran my fingers through her bush until I encountered her slippery slit. By this point, she was extracting my throbbing manhood and gently pumping it in her soft fist.

“I want to ride your cock,” she finally said after pulling her mouth away from mine. As I worked my jeans and underwear down my own thighs, Payal stepped back and took hers off completely. I took a seat on the lid of the toilet and she straddled me, my attention on her thick, dark bush as it approached my cock. Grasping my penis as I held her waist to steady her, she lowered herself onto it and we both moaned softly as her warm wetness engulfed me. Once I was fully embedded, she just sat there for a moment, savouring the feeling of my cock filling her up. I was watching the blissful expression on her face until she smiled and leaned in to kiss me. We started to make out again; my hands went from her waist, up under her shirt to her breasts, caressing them through her brassiere and feeling her hard nipples pressing against the thin material.

She started to slowly move up and down on my erection as I caressed her nipples through her bra before reaching behind her to unfasten it. Bringing my hands back around, I pushed the cups up out of the way and stroked the sides of the soft, smooth flesh of her boobs. While she was riding me slowly, we continued to kiss; then she started to pick up her pace and moan softly. It became more difficult to remain silent, so we stopped and she tried to control the moaning that wanted to escape. I could feel her pussy becoming even hotter and wetter as she rode me harder. The stirrings in my own groin were beginning to intensify, especially as her pussy continued to grip and release my stiffness with every thrust.

I was extremely sensitive to and conscious of the feel of Payal’s hot pussy sliding up and down my throbbing cock as well as the feel of her large breasts in my hands. I gently pulled her erect nipples, thinking that might help push her further toward an orgasm and it seemed to have some effect, so I continued as I also started to push up into her each time she was coming down on me. She was riding me so hard that I started to worry that the toilet seat might actually break off and send us sprawling but, luckily, it held up and, when she started to cum, she slowed her pace significantly. I could feel her entire body trembling and continued to fondle her tits as she was climaxed, pushing my tongue deeper into her mouth in a rhythm that matched the gliding motion of my penis into her vagina.

Once she’d gone still, she sat on my lap recovering for a minute or so before I encouraged her to stand. With my jeans still around my ankles, I dropped to my knees and backed her up against the vanity cabinet. She spread her legs as I admired the dark thickness of her pubic hair before leaning in and starting to lick her slit. She grabbed my head and moaned softly as I slurped up the pungent juices she was secreting. I placed my hands on her naked thighs and pushed them further apart; then used a finger to trail a path along her inner thigh till it reached the thick black hair surrounding her cunt. I then slid it into her gorge, playing alongside my tongue on her swollen labia before I inserted it into her.

She was rocking her hips toward my face, breathing heavily while trying to refrain from moaning loudly, as her pussy became wetter and more engorged around my pumping finger. I could tell when she started tensing up that she was getting close to another orgasm but within seconds of that she exploded again, pretty much without warning, and when her knees almost gave out as the tension left her, I wasn’t surprised. Her body trembled as she reached her climax and I kept licking and fingering her until she let out a long, ragged breath.

I slipped my finger from her juicy pussy into my mouth and stood again, my pendik escort rigid cock sticking out before me. She stroked it briefly as we kissed again, then I boosted her onto the counter top and guided my penis back into her. I started to fuck her slowly, with long, full strokes as I lowered my head so that my mouth could find her lips again. I was revelling in the feel of her hot, slippery pussy along the full length of my cock, while hoping that there would be more occasions like this with Payal in the future. Her legs were wrapped around mine and my hands were planted on the counter top beside her ass and it didn’t take long before I was increasing my pace. Unfortunately, the harder and faster I was ramming into her, the more noise the vanity cabinet was making. I knew that would attract the attention of people outside or passerby near the Ladies’ room door but…

Rather than slowing down, I stopped completely, had Payal hop down, and then turned her around. I was thinking that if she was braced against the vanity, she’d be able to prevent it from making noise as I took her from behind. The first thing I did, though, was run my hands over her firm arse before grabbing my cock and guiding it back into her vaginal opening. I eased myself in until my hips were pressed against her buttocks, then grasped her waist and started to slowly slide in and out of her hot pussy again. Her cunt had felt incredible the first time I’d slipped into it but now, after two orgasms, it felt even hotter and more slippery. I knew I was going to reach my own pinnacle of lust soon and spew my thick loads of semen either inside her or over her smooth bum.

All the time I kept hoping that this spontaneous encounter would lead to future encounters that were less surreptitious and more relaxed and drawn out. I was absolutely enjoying her body but was hoping for the time and appropriate location to further enjoy and explore it. In the meantime, I was certainly appreciating the opportunity that had presented itself. I didn’t want to rush but knew that with each passing minute there was greater potential of being discovered. I don’t know if Payal was thinking this same thing when she reached down between her legs to stroke her clit and help herself along, but I certainly didn’t mind the assistance. She managed to brace herself, stroke her pussy and push back against me all without the vanity cabinet making any additional noise. Meanwhile, I went ahead and slipped my hands back up to cup her swinging breasts.

The thrumming began deep inside me, harsh warning tingles at the base of my penis and deep inside my testicles; I was starting to wonder whether I should pull out or just spew inside her when she suddenly started to tremble again and a short moan slipped out before she was able to cut it off. I kept pummelling her as she came again but, when she’d apparently reached her zenith, she straightened up and my cock slipped out of her. Before I had much time to react, she’d turned and given me a quick kiss then dropped to her knees. My cock was immediately in her mouth and then it was me trying to stifle a moan. Her mouth felt incredible as it moved up and down my stiff manhood and she pumped the base. I looked down and saw how wide her mouth was open to accommodate the enormous girth of my penis.

I kept focused on the pleasure I was feeling as a result of her hot mouth moving up and down my shaft for as long as I could but, between that and the time I’d spent inside her pussy, it was no surprise that my cock started swelling with my impending orgasm. I managed to refrain from moaning loudly when I finally exploded into her mouth and she swallowed my load without even the slightest hesitation. She milked every drop of cum from me and only let my cock fall from her mouth once I was completely spent. She sat back on her heels and smiled up at me then reached up for me to help her up.

It all finished so suddenly because clearly the toilet, though not exactly in the open, was a magnet for people after two hours of drinking and that danger lurked in our minds. We pulled our clothes back on and made sure that we were presentable, then she peeked out after opening the door a crack to make sure the coast was clear. It was, so we slipped out and managed to make it back to the suites and terraces, making different ways. I was overly conscious of the grins and smirks I saw on peoples’ faces as I passed them on the way to the bar, although in all honesty I needn’t have been; they were probably just smiling politely at me.

I got myself a shot of whiskey and slugged it down in one gulp, feeling the comfortable warmth slide down my gullet and spread across my body; I needed the stabilising influence of Bacchus. Once the subliminal effect had overtaken my consciousness, I found myself looking into the mirror behind the bar; I stared at my own face for a while, wondering at the expressionless demeanour staring back at me. I think I was still in a bit of a daze, but then I saw a flash of white trousers emerging from the darkness of the terrace and heading towards me. I focused on the reflection as Payal’s face became clearer, saw the gentle sway of her hips as she walked in my direction, and then suddenly she perched herself on a barstool next to me. I ordered another drink and heard her say “the same for me, please”. She was having a Jack tonight.

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