Sexual Awakenings Ch. 03


Chapter One – Blackmail

The past week had been rough. Especially considering how good the previous weekend had been for me. But after spending Saturday with a pretty awesome classmate I had endured six straight days from hell. From curfew trouble, to forgetting two different projects for classes, to my dad’s car breaking down and him taking my truck (which meant I took the bus), it had been one of those weeks.

I was due for a turnaround. I was an eighteen year-old Senior and needed a good day. A reversal of fortunes if you will. I ended up getting one even though it didn’t look like it at first.

It was Thursday night. I had a Friday to get through and then I could just waste the weekend away. As chance would have it, I wouldn’t mind being active either. I was by myself in the house as my mom was still at work and my dad was seeing about getting his car fixed. So when the phone rang I was tempted to just let the machine get it. I felt like I should pick it up though, as if I knew it was for me.

“Hello, Jones residence.” I answered.

“Hello,” came a female voice, “I’m looking for Brandon.” And she sounded familiar.

“This is him. How can I help you?”

“Mmm so nice and professional Brandon. It’s Tina, Emily’s sister?”

Instantly a memory from last weekend filled my head but I pushed it aside to focus on the conversation.

“Hey Tina. What’s going on? Looking for Em, cause she ain’t here.” I said quickly.

“I’m looking for you. Remember last Saturday?” She again asked as if I could have forgotten my day with Emily. “Remember how you said you’d owe me if I kept silent about the two of you?”

“Yes I remember.” I said unsure of where she was going with this.

“Well it seems it’s time to call it in already. This Saturday I’ve been tasked with quite a few chores that I just don’t feel like doing. So you’re going to do them for me. My dad will be out traveling and mom and Emily are going out of state for a trip to the college she wants to attend. No one will know I wasn’t the one that did the work. I’ll be able to relax like I want while my slave, that would be you, does it all for me.”

Not that I was in the habit of telling attractive women no, but I wasn’t about to do clean-up duty for someone else. I decided to try to turn the tables.

“Yeah umm, I don’t owe you. Your mom knows all about what Emily and I did and where we did it. So thanks for the offer of hard work but I’m going to just say no.” I wondered if she could tell I was grinning.

“Hmph, figures.” I heard her draw a breath. “Oh, but I bet daddy doesn’t know what you did with his baby girl in his own bed, does he?”

The gulp I made could be heard throughout my entire house.

“Yeah, thats what I thought.” Tina continued. “So I could be a mean bitch about this, especially since you just tried to get out of it, but I’ll tell you what. You come over and get these four or five chores done for me, with no complaints, and I’ll find a way to make it as easy a day as possible for you. That sound a bit better?”

What else could I do? I didn’t truly believe she would tell her dad on us but a few hours of housework wasn’t worth finding out.

“What time on Saturday?” Anyone could hear the defeat in my voice.

“Glad you see it my way! Let’s say around ten in the morning. Okay?” Tina sounded very chipper.

“Sure Tina, see you then.”

“Oh one last thing Brandon. If you have some intense dreams the night before don’t do what you’d normally do in the privacy of your bedroom. You’ll need all your energy for the yard and housework. See you Saturday!”


Tina had hung up without waiting for me to politely say goodbye. She probably figured that telling me not to masturbate was a fun little end to the conversation anyways.

I hung up the phone thinking of her final direction. Ironically, just having her talk about it made me aroused. Five minutes later I was out of breath but finished up some house work of my own before turning in early.

I got my truck back on Friday but it was still a day of hell. There was a shining glimmer of hope though. I asked Emily to the upcoming prom in a couple weeks. Or rather, I asked her again due to the circumstances of when I first asked her. Not only was I surprised that she didn’t get have a date but I was also surprised by her answer, or rather, lack of clarity.

“You already asked me and I gave you my answer. When I was on my back, on my parents bed.” Was her response. No smile, but no frown. Just a dry poker face.

Ashley then came up and spirited Emily away before I could even ask if it was a definite Yes or not. I decided to assume it was a yes and stopped by a tuxedo shop to place a rental order anyways.

Chapter Two – The labors begin

Saturday morning my alarm got me out of bed around nine. I deliberately put the clock across the room to ensure I wouldn’t hit the snooze. It was a useful trick I had learned sometime ago. Like most mornings I had awoken with a pitched tent. escort kartal Unlike most mornings I ignored it this time as Tina had requested.

I took a hot shower to fully wake me up and get ready for the day. I thought about Thursday’s conversation with Tina and wondered what exactly she had meant about rewarding my hard work. My young mind went to sexual thoughts but would that really be her direction? She was about three or four years older than me and surely wasn’t needing help in the boyfriend department.

Tina was a slim brunette. Unlike all of the girls in my senior class Tina was actually a bit taller than me, maybe around a solid six feet tall. She didn’t have Emily’s ample bosom, or round bottom, but she wasn’t exactly flat either. What she did have I had not yet seen but I could easily imagine the slender curves she did have.

After the shower I was no more confident how the day would play out but I was ready to go and find out. I decided to see how the greeting went and what she would be wearing this warm Saturday in the middle of May. I dressed myself in a pair of gray cotton boxer briefs, covered by knee-length basketball shorts, and a loose fitting t-shirt. With no knowledge of what I’d be doing that day I simply grabbed my wallet and keys and made the drive over to Em, I mean, Tina’s house.

It only took fifteen minutes and soon enough I had pulled in the driveway to see Tina by her dad’s truck. It looked like it had been out mudding recently. She was leaning her back and both elbows against it and smiling warmly at me. I took my time exiting my own truck and took a good look at her.

Tina was wearing a blue sweatshirt from her college. It fit very loosely on her, as if she had stretched out the neck hole so she could expose a shoulder if she wanted to. I was unable to make out any definition from the baggy top but her lower half was another story. She wore a pair of black jeans that looked like they had been painted on her. Only near her shoeless feet did they show any sign of not clinging to her slim form. I caught myself wishing I could see her from behind before I mentally slapped myself. She was Emily’s older sister after all. While not necessarily off limits it wasn’t exactly open season either.

“Morning!” She said as I approached her.

“Morning.” I returned the greeting, though with less enthusiasm.

“I’m happy you showed up.”

“Yep. So what’d you got in mind for me?” I was in the mood to get started, not for wasting time.

“Very well, not one for small talk I see.” She stepped forward and turned away from me.

I stole a quick downwards glance and admired her toned ass. The jeans defined her athletic shape very clearly. I thought about peeling her jeans off of her waist and seeing just how much padding she had on her bottom but her words snapped me out of it.

“Your first task is to wash this truck. I took it out on Thursday night and need it cleaned again before my dad gets back tomorrow night. There’s a step stool to help with the top of the cab and all the other stuff you need in the garage.” She turned back around to face me and I snapped my gaze from her buttocks to her pretty face.

Her blue eyes momentarily glared at me before softening up.

“I’d stay and chat but since you’re not one for small talk I’ll be in the house. Let me know when you’re done hon.”

I literally kicked myself in the ass with my heel for not being a bit warmer when I greeted her. The garage had soaps and buckets and wax all lined up for me. I glanced back at the mud-covered, extended cab, pickup truck and sighed at the task ahead of me.

As I washed it I found that some of the mud needed to be carefully scraped off. Needless to say it took some time to clean it before I could wash it. Later on I slipped off the stool and almost fell directly into a side mirror. I chose to hit the pavement instead and ended up with a nice bruise on my left arm. An hour or so later I was done and the black truck shone bright in the sunlight. Since I was dirty from the gravel and wet from the water I simply opened the side door that opened into the kitchen and yelled for Tina.

She hopped down the two steps from the door to the pavement and inspected my work. She seemed satisfied and I prayed whatever this second chore was, it would be less physically demanding. After a trip around the truck she came back up to me.

“Everything looks great! Except you. You look like you lost a battle with a bucket of soapy water.” Tina said as she looked me up and down.

“Yeah I even fell off the step stool and landed on my arm at one point but I’m ok now.”

“Aww, want me to kiss your arm and make it all better?” She said with faked concern.

I almost replied sarcastically, almost. “Yeah, sure Tina.” I said instead.

“Well I was being sarcastic but…” Surprisingly she followed through and raised my right sleeve. Her lips made their way from my shoulder to my elbow. It was somewhat arousing.

“There, all maltepe escort better.” She pulled my sleeve back down.

“Haha, oddly enough, that’s the wrong arm Tina.” I pointed out.

She smiled and raised up my left sleeve. The black and blue skin caused her to gasp.

“Ooh, that does look like it hurt.” And then she ran her kisses from shoulder to elbow again.

I opened my mouth to say thanks but she cut me off.

“Well I guess you definitely deserve your reward now.” She smiled at me.

“My reward? Thought I was doing this to permanently buy your silence?” I was confused.

“Well yeah but like I tried to say on the phone, a reward-based system in any work environment encourages good work and motivates the staff. Or do you not want a reward?” She raised her eyebrows questionably at me.

I still didn’t know what to make of her but there wasn’t a chance I’d miss out on a reward from her, no matter what it was. I also wanted her to stay with me during my next chore so I could talk to her. Maybe even figure her out a bit more.

“Of course I do.” I responded.

Tina grinned wide, “Of course you do.”

Tina dropped her hands to her side, crossed them in front of her waist, and took hold of her sweatshirt. A thought went through my mind that something awesome was about to happen. My brown eyes had followed her hands to her waistline and continued to stare even when she spoke to me again.

“No man ever turns down a reward from me.” She more whispered than spoke.

Tina lifted her arms, along with her gripped sweatshirt, up above her head. My eyes rose with her hands until the sweatshirt rose above her bra. I processed the fact that she had completely removed her shirt and tossed it to the side. But I was glued to the chest before me.

Tina wore a black bra. But it wasn’t just black. This one was made of a mesh see-through material. Though her skin was darkened by the material she might as well be topless. Her breasts were surprisingly a good size. I say surprisingly because of her very slim frame. I thought back and realized I had never seen her in anything tight or revealing.

I knew if I got my hands on them I could still palm them. There was practically no areola between the tanned skin of her breasts and the dark red of her nipples. Perhaps the bra camouflaged it or perhaps she simply had no areolas. Whatever the case her nipples definitely stood out. They were erect and pressed against the mesh material. I wanted to know how far they would stick out without the bra and inadvertently drew my hands up between the two of us.

“Uh-uh, the reward doesn’t include touching.” She broke the silent spell. “But the shirt does stay off for the rest of the day.” She paused again. “Hello?” She lowered her head to make eye contact with me. “It’s polite to make eye contact when in a conversation with someone.”

“We-well yeah, b-but.” I stammered at the beautiful twenty-two year-old in front of me.

“They’re just a pair of tits Brandon.” She said as if discussing the weather. Her hands cupped her tits from underneath and pressed them upward. “See? Just a pair of nice, round tits.”

“Yeah they are. And a very nice reward.” I quipped even as my gaze dropped to her chest again. “I like your rewards.”

“Well I did say rewards are good for motivating the staff.” She quipped back.

I was so enamored that I didn’t notice her hand moving closer to me. She stood directly in front of me and moved her hand to my waistline. When she found and stroked my shaft through my shorts I gasped, loudly.

“Hey, not that I mind, but you said no touching.” I reminded the vixen.

“No, I said no touching for you.” She pointed out as her fingers danced along the tip. “But, I bet you’re quite a bit motivated to do your next task, aren’t you?”

“Well yeah, I sure am,” I felt a bit uneasy for some reason, “but umm, it’s just that, Emily and I, or uhh,” my voice trailed off.

‘Why did she have to take off her shirt?’ I thought to myself.

“Would Emily be all right with this?” I finally asked.

I called myself a pussy as soon as I finished. Sure I’d slept with Emily twice by now but neither of us had committed to the other. Well, outside of prom I mean. And she had told her mom that she liked me. So maybe I did have cause to spoil something before it started after all.

“Don’t be a buzzkill Brandon.” Tina squeezed my hardness. “No one even knows you’re here today. And no one will ever know regardless if you finish the other chores or not. Honestly, you’ve already saved me time and trouble with the truck. But if you want to go cause you’re uncomfortable being around me in my bra then you can go. I’ll still keep your secret safe, I’m very good at that.”

I didn’t want to leave at all. I just really liked Emily. But then I thought logically about the next reward. Maybe she’d take her tight jeans off. I really wanted to see that happen. And of course Tina wouldn’t tell Emily. They might bicker like the sisters pendik escort bayan they were but I’ve never known either to intentionally hurt the other. Looking back on this day it was definitely a calculated risk, but it’s one I’m glad I took.

“No I’m good.” I smiled at Tina. “Was just a little confused about the touching is all.”

“Confused?” Tina finally let me go and placed her hands on her hips. “About me touching your dick?” She mocked my reasoning. “No, you were scared because I made a move on you. And a strong and tall woman scares most men.”

“Strong women don’t scare me.” I heard myself say. “You just uh, caught me off guard.”

Tina stared at me for a long second. “Well that’s good to know. Maybe the next reward won’t catch you off your guard as much. Now,” she turned away from me, “follow me.”

Chapter Three – Poolside fun

Tina walked in the direction of the pool. I walked behind her and kept my eyes fixed on the middle of her back. She had very smooth skin but her bra straps were in the way. I wanted to reach out and slide them off her shoulders, to slide my arms around her, cup her round boobs, and hold her close to my hormone driven body.

“By the way,” she spoke over her left shoulder, “nice package you’ve got there.” She turned fully around but continued to walk backwards toward the pool area. “I didn’t think to say as much last Saturday.”

“Actually you did say I was well-equipped.” I reminded her.

“Oh I said that out loud? Well I’m sure you don’t get tired of hearing it anyways.” She winked. “Come on, almost there.”

We arrived at the pool and I immediately knew what my second task was. The pool was very dirty. Everything from leaves and branches in the water to scattered trash from last weekends party around the chairs made quite a daunting task for one person. I drew even with her and stared at the mess.

“Sooo, you can probably guess what I need you to do. But I’ll be helping this time,” she turned sideways to face me and I couldn’t help but glance at her boobs again, “so try not to be so distracted!” She said bluntly.

“Yeah so uh,” I stared out at the body of water before me, “what will I be doing compared to you?”

“Well I will be picking up the trash around the pool while you clean out the water. Normally we’d just use our water vacuum and skim the surface but it’s currently broken. So you’ll want to skim the top first of course, but I’m gonna need you to dive down to the bottom and get that clean too. You’re uhh,” she stepped forward and drew eye contact from me, “welcome to strip down if you want to keep your clothes dry of course.”

“Yeah I’ll bet I am.” I dryly replied. “What about the hot tub?”

“That was cleaned up quite nicely by my sis. You don’t have to worry about that. Just all of this other stuff.”

“Yeah and it’ll take a hour before I’m done with this.”

“Careful Brandon. Don’t want to sound like you’re complaining. You might lose your reward.” She smirked. “And you can use the skimmer to try and push the trash at the bottom into a pile. Get it all into one area and it’ll minimize your work.” Tina said helpfully.

“Well I can’t wait to get started!” I said, only a little sarcastically.

The pool was in the shape of the letter L. The small portion being the shallow end and the long column being used for the diving board and the deep end. The water was a clear blue except for the trash. Using the skimmer was easy enough for the surface, but there was still a lot of debris that had been blown in and would take time to get out.

Unfortunately I kept glancing over to watch Tina as she moved around the pool. Either her mesh bra would draw my eye or she’d bend down to pick something up without bending her legs and stretch her jeans even tighter.

“Hey Tina?” I asked after a few minutes.


“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Umm sure, what is it?” She jogged over from where she was cleaning towards me. Her mesh-covered tits bounced as she approached, and momentarily distracted me.

“Well I was wondering why you are so confident in yourself compared to Emily? Like, she wouldn’t be caught wearing a bra like that let alone using it as a top.” I continued my work on the pool as I talked.

“Well she is the baby of the family so maybe it took longer for her to lose her innocence, obviously sexually, but also her inner strength. As for me well, I’ve always had a lot of self-confidence, and I lost my virginity a bit earlier than she did and umm, I’ll put it this way. I’ve satisfied quite a lot of men over the last three years and so I’ve learned quite a lot about what makes you all tick.”

“I’ll bet you have. How to make them work for you while keeping them happy for example.” I pointed out. Though what I was really thinking was how was Emily all sweet and innocent and Tina just practically told me she would sleep with anyone!

“Exactly.” She closed the gap between us and stood so close that her bra just barely touched my shirt. “I bet I could make you clean this entire house for me.” She reached her arms around my neck and gently turned my head sideways to whisper directly in my ear. “And don’t you forget that. You may be physically stronger than me but I have power too.”

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