Sexual Rebirth Ch. 01


I thought I should explain how I became extremely libidinous. This is the story of my sexual awakening that changed my life. It is what started me on the road to sexual obsession that I now thoroughly enjoy. It was so long that I broke it up into 2 parts. It happened a few months after my 7 year marriage was dissolved through divorce. It’s now been a few years, but I finally am comfortable to write about it and share myself to the world. But first let me give you a little background about myself. I hope you won’t get too bored!

I was 20 when I lost my virginity. I only had 3 sexual partners before I got married at 23. I was a novice when it came to sex and my ten year older ex, was a lot more experienced. He taught me a lot, but I still didn’t like sucking on his cock. The marriage turned sour when I found out that I couldn’t have children. It was as though our sex life disappeared and his verbal abuse began. He told me for years that I was unattractive and that no one would want a barren girl like me. Finally, just before I turned thirty, he gave me divorce papers. He said he had found someone who could give him kids; I was devastated.

So, when my company sent me to Vegas for a week long seminar, my friend told me to take the opportunity to find a hunk and have him fuck my brains out. She said sex had always been a cure for her troubles and she felt that was what I needed to get back to living. I guess she was tired of my complaining and my constantly depressed state. So now you have my mind set.

Anyway, at registration I met Ken. We kept running into each other during the day and he finally asked me to dinner. We hit it off during dinner, but I just said goodbye the first night with just a handshake. I was so used to my mother telling me not to give it up earlier, because a guy wouldn’t respect me in the morning. I went back to my room and used my vibrator thinking of him.

The next day I didn’t see him until lunch, but again we went to dinner. This time I let him kiss me before we said good night. He did his best trying to persuade me to come back to his room. But I was a good girl and didn’t go.

I didn’t see him until the end of the third day. He seemed kind of happy to see me, but turned to walk away. I was disappointed because I’d been fantasizing about him putting his strong arms around me and sharing a passionate kiss.

“Ken,” I said, “I’ve been thinking about you all day and they have been naughty thoughts. So I was wondering if we could have room service in your room tonight, instead of going out,” I blurted without bothering to think about it.

He looked at me with his eyes twinkling, grabbed my hand and whisked me away. Even though there were others in the elevator, we were passionately kissing all the way up to his room. Once inside, we quickly undressed each other.

As I was in his arms he whispered, “Kathryn, I thought you didn’t like me or something. God I want you so bad. You are so beautiful.”

Oh my god! I hadn’t been told I was beautiful in such a long time. I instantly became wet. The next thing I knew, he had me on my back with my legs spread apart. Then he devoured my pussy. I was in heavenly bliss as he dined at my clit. It had been so long that a guy did that to me.

I moaned in delight and sensually said, “Oh Ken, it’s been such a very long time since I’ve had sex. So please take it slow.”

As his fingers were rubbing my clit, he looked up at me, smiled and replied, “Kathryn, you are such an attractive lady. I can’t believe guys aren’t knocking down your door to make love to you.”

“I wish escort kartal that was true,” I moaned.

Then he pushed two fingers into my very tight soaked pussy and continued licking my clit. I grabbed his head and pushed it harder on my wet slit. My hips were moving exuberantly, as he continued his meal in between my legs. I had them spread so wide enjoying his fingers tantalizing my pussy. Suddenly, I pushed his head deep into my pulsating pud of wetness, while gushing with a huge orgasm. I kept shaking for the longest time. When I let him go, he knelt up with a very wet face, smiled and asked if I enjoyed that. I nodded yes and took a deep breath. Then he said that I needed to suck on his cock and get him hard.

So he lay down on his back and I went over to his cock. Wow! He had it nicely trimmed. Being only the fifth guy I’ve ever seen naked, his manhood looked very inviting. I took it in my hand and began rubbing it. Then I flicked my tongue on his tip. Slowly I put it in my mouth and sucked on his head. A little bit more and I felt him rising to the occasion. It grew so big. I only could take only part of it in my mouth, but I did lick his shaft. It wasn’t as bad as I remembered; not at all like my ex’s smelly, bad tasting cock. Ken’s was so yummy. I began to enjoy licking it like an ice cream cone. Once it was in my mouth again, he began pumping up. I gagged, when it reach too deep and lifted my head off gasping for air. As I continued rubbing his rock hard shaft with one hand, I looked into his eyes and smiled.

They were glistening as he said, “You aren’t used to sucking a huge cock are you?”

I smiled, whipped the saliva off my chin, and answered, “I’m not used to taking any cock in my mouth. I have a better place to put that big thing.”

I moved forward and positioned my pussy above his cock. Placing it at my wet entrance, I slowly sat down on his huge throbbing member. It felt so good going into my very tight pussy.

Once he was almost all the way in, I began bouncing up and down on top of him. It hurt a little at first, but after his thick rod stretched me out, it was pure pleasure. Lowering my breast over him, he took the hint and began playing with them. It felt so good, as he yanked on my nipples making them stand erect. He kept pumping up into me as I ground down on his cock. The feeling of my nipples being played with and his huge thick cock ramming in me, just did it. In a few minutes, I shook with another great orgasm. I fell on top of him and stopped moving.

He whispered, asking if I was OK. I just sighed that I was and told him that it’d been more than a year since I’d had sex. He didn’t say anything. Suddenly, he pushed me off him and told me to lie on my back. Grabbing my legs, he dragged me to the edge of the bed. He stood in front of me and pushed my legs up over my body and thrust his cock back into me.

As he did, he said, “That is way too long Kathryn. Let’s see if we can make up for lost time.” He pushed his raging rod all the way in.

It felt so good. I had my eyes open leaning up on my arms watching that big thing going in and out of me. It made such nice slurping music, as he speedily pumped me. I started to build up to another wonderful orgasm, which is not normal for me. Usually one or two and I am done. But tonight, seeing his eyes twinkling while watching my boobs jiggling, I knew I was going to have another. Then he closed his eyes, leaned farther over me and bent my knees pushing my legs further up my body. It forced me to lie flat on my back. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed maltepe escort the sex music of his nice cock ramming in and out of me.

I usually don’t talk during sex, but as I was building up to another wonderful orgasm, I blurted, “Oh God! It feels so good! Fuck my pussy Ken! Oh yes! That’s it! Fuck it harder! Oh Yes! Ah! Ah! I just love it!”

I guess with my loud moaning he really started to thrust harder into me. I could feel all of him deep inside me, forcing another orgasm. A few more pumps and I gushed again, but he didn’t stop impaling me. A minute later he grunted and pulled out. Instead of dumping it inside me, he placed his throbbing hard rod on my stomach and began squirting semen with some spattering on my boobs and face. When he finished, he laid next to me on the bed to catch his breath. I sat up and looked at the puddle of cum that was just dumped on my belly button.

Then I did something I’ve never done before. I took my finger, touched some of it and tasted it. Oh My! It’s a little salty but not bad. You see I had never tasted a guy’s semen before. Even when my ex wanted to squirt it in my mouth, I’d said no. So at thirty years of age, his was the first semen that I’d ever tasted. I took some more and sucked it off my finger. It was yummy.

Ken suddenly blurted, “Oh Kathryn I’m so sorry about the mess. Let me get something to clean it up.”

Before I could say anything, he quickly got up and came back with a towel. I took one more little scoop of the great tasting stuff. As I was sucking on my finger, he wiped it off my stomach and boobs.

Then he sat next to me and said, “You are so beautiful. I can’t believe a guy like me is here with such a gorgeous hot woman. Has it really been over a year since you had sex? “

I rolled over on my side, leaned up on his chest and answered, “Yes it has been because I was going through a nasty divorce.” Then I asked, “Do you really think that I’m beautiful?”

I guess the years of degrading comments from my ex have taken its toll on my self-esteem, although I never have thought of myself as being pretty.

He sat me up, looked right into my eyes and answered, “You are a very attractive, hot, sexy, and sensual woman. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different.”

We called room service, ate and talked for hours. I told him my life story about how much of a novice I am sexually, and that I was finally ready to expand my experience. He told me that he would be glad to help me in this endeavor. We laughed and then had sex again.

This time, he finished me doggy and came deep inside me. I guess telling him that I couldn’t have kids, was very advantageous for me. I love feeling cum squirting into me. A man’s warm spew inside me just turns me on.

On Thursday we went to breakfast and attended a couple of seminars. Then we played hooky all afternoon. I had another three wonderful orgasms, while enjoying his eight-inch cock (at least that was the size he told me it was). Afterwards, we went shopping. We had discussed the idea that, if I wanted to continue to attract men, I’d need to dress more revealingly. He said my outfits were way too conservative to draw attention to myself.

So, after a few hours of trying on and modeling clothes for him, I found a few new short dresses and skirts. Then we went to another store and I came out modeling this form fitting, bright blue, spaghetti strapped top that I was supposed to wear with tights on underneath. Luckily I had my jeans still on, but Ken had a better idea for it. He took the pair of black stockings we just bought pendik escort bayan from the bag and told me to put them on instead of my pants. He told me I would look so hot wearing just stockings with it and a G-string panty. When I came out modeling it for him, it barely covered my butt. He liked it and so did two other guys who were waiting for their wives. They all told me I looked very alluring in it.

Then he asked if I still wanted to start new experiences. I giggled and said I did. Smiling he said, “Well then Kathryn, this will be your first lesson. It’s called being an exhibitionist.”

I was nervous when he walked me over to a chair. Sitting down, I kept my knees tightly together and pulled the top down as far as I could. Ken walked around me and told me to spread my legs apart. Looking at the three of them with lusty grins, I slowly moved my legs apart to give them the view they wanted. I was so uncomfortable doing do so, but one guy told me that I should be happy flaunting my looks. The other guy asked me to open them farther and pull up my top a little higher.

“You mean like this?” I smiled and asked, as I pulled up the top to expose my panty.

They nodded yes, ogling at my exposed self. But I was getting a huge rush of excitement too. Wow! I was beginning to enjoy my new-found gift for attention. When I looked behind them, I saw a few more guys stopping to gaze at me. I begin giggling, while spreading my legs wider apart. Then a couple of women came out of the dressing room. I quickly stood and went back to change like nothing happened. That shopping trip with all of the guys stares and compliments, gave me such a thrill. I thought to myself that I could get used to that type of attention.

Once back at Ken’s room, we kissed and got undressed to take a quick shower before we made love again. Instead, Ken told me that there was one more little detail he needed me to do. Afterwards, I would be transformed into an alluring temptress. I asked what it was. He lifted me on the counter in the bathroom, took out his electric razor and told me that I needed to trim my bush. I laughed, but he was serious. So he trimmed most of it off. Then he took his razor and shaved me completely clean. I felt so horny from him doing that and I loved the new look. We took a shower together and made love in the shower. Afterward he gave me a nice massage and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When we awoke on Friday morning, I was in such a joyful state. It was such a long time that I’ve felt that happy. We went to breakfast and then a few more seminars. It was like I had finally found what was missing in my life and now I wanted more. So when Ken asked if I was still interested in expanding my sexual experiences even further, I eagerly said that I was. So that’s when he showed me an advertisement and asked if I would be up for it.

I read it, smiled and asked, “Do you think I’m ready for that type of venue?”

“Yes I do Kathryn,” he replied. “You would be the hottest girl there. But you will need to practice one little thing first.”

I smiled, put my arms around his neck and kissed him. Then I sensually asked, “What do I need practice with?”

He laughed and answered, “Sucking cock and swallowing loads.”

All afternoon I practiced on his yummy cock. I even swallowed one load and it was fantastic. Very tasty! I remember thinking that doing that with my ex was disgusting, but after Ken, I now feel differently. I was such a beginner, but I did finally get the hang of it. So I guess I was now ready for my next step in expanding my sexual journey.


I hope you liked this first part of the story. I’ll write part two later, that is, if I receive enough comments. You’ll have to read what happened Friday night, when I wore my new blue top that I’m using as a dress.

Kisses Kathryn

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