Sexy Lexxi Doodle


I’m just your average 49 year old guy, married 25 years to my high school sweetheart with two sons who are 18 and 20. Work for the Atlanta Fire Dept and carry the rank of Lieutenant. I work 24 hours on and then 48 hours off, which gives me plenty of time to do what I like best… boating, drinking and fucking… sometimes, all 3 at once.

Katie and I have a great sex life. We swing, swap, have 3-ways, 4-ways, full blown gangbangs and I love when she is getting fucked by black guys. Just one of my demented fetishes. She knows I have a thing for girls with braces, so in her late 30’s, she went and got braces on her teeth. Another fucked up fetish of mine. I have found myself fucking friends, neighbors, her sister, our niece and my step-sister and women I don’t even know. She has been with the same variety of men.

You can call me a pervert, because I am. I love women. All women. Young, old, blonde, brunette, big boobs, little boobs, tall, short. But I especially like the teenie boppers that my sons have hanging out at our house all summer. Of course, the stories here are of girls who are at least 18 years old. I am not a child molester. All the interactions with them are purely consensual. So here is another one.

Our sons have a friend named Lexxi who they have known for 15 years. She is more like a little sister to them and a daughter to us. Lexxi spent lots of time at our house growing up as her home life was full of mom and dad arguments, which eventually led to a divorce when she was still in elementary school. So Lexxi was pretty much part of our family. She really became a hottie during her high school years and I have had many masturbatory fantasies thinking of her in her small bikinis or minimal clothing that she usually wears. Sex with my wife is usually extra intense after seeing Lexxi prance around our house all day. Not sure if Katie knows this, but she hasn’t said anything yet. So this is how the story goes.

I had done some engine work on our boat and needed to run it a bit before we put people back in it on the lake. After several hours of work, I towed it to the ramp and was getting ready to launch. I saw 1 other vehicle in the parking lot and they had just come off the water. As I was turned away, I heard somebody yelling my name from a distance. After a few minutes a group of teens walked over my way and I saw Doodle was part of the gang.

My younger son Tyler has been friends with Doodle since kindergarten. Her name is Lexi but when she was in elementary school, I began to call her Lexi Doodle and finally just Doodle. I am the only person that calls her that, so it is somewhat kinda special to both of us. He thinks of her like a best friend/sister, even though Doodle has always wanted to be his GIRLFRIEND. But Tyler just liked her too much as a friend that he did not want to take the chance of ruining their friendship by dating. During her middle school years, I could see that Doodle was going to go through a very nice teenage transition. Sure enough I was right.

All through high school, I watched Doodle go from being a cute little girl, to a foxy hot high school babe. She spent many summers with us on our boat and at home in our pool. Our house was usually like grand central station, with my wife and I always welcoming our kids friends. During her 1st 3 years of high school, we saw Doodle a lot. Of course she was always hoping Tyler would finally cut loose and take her as a girlfriend, but it never happened. She turned down MANY guys, so she could wait for my stupid son.

Finally, during their senior year, she just seemed to fade away and lose interest in him. I didn’t even realize it until half way through the year; I mentioned not seeing her much. I was disappointed, because she was really nice eye candy. Just after their high school graduation, I had to take the boat to the lake after I did some engine work on it. I needed to go test it and make sure it was running well. Nobody had time to go with me, so I took off solo. This is not new for me as I usually take the boat out by myself at the beginning of the season to make sure everything runs ok, before we load our friends in it.

Anyhow, I am at the ramp getting ready to launch and I hear somebody call my name. They all just came off the lake from wakeboarding all day and were getting ready to go home. We all talked for a short time, when I told them that I needed to get launched and tested. They all gave me a hard time that my own family stood me up by not helping me out.

Much to my surprise, Doodle offered to help me which was a very welcome offer. She said she would stay as long as I could get her home, since the rest of her crew was leaving now. She knows all about boating after spending so many years on our boat, that she could probably do it all herself. I gladly accepted and we proceeded to launch. We went through the no wake zone and finally got on the gas. It is probably 4pm and we still have 5 hours’ worth of sunlight left and plenty of heat. escort kartal So Doodle and I get settled in on catching up.

She told me how she finally gave up hope for Tyler and moved on. But she didn’t really have any interest in other guys, so she has not been dating at all. She has been consumed by school and hanging with her girlfriends. For a brief moment, I thought maybe she was trying to tell me that she was a lesbian, but in listening to her it was obvious she was not. She just had no interest in dating guys at all right now and enjoyed the freedom of not being tied down.

I felt bad for her and several years ago, I tried to get my son to date her, but he refused. I could surely see how she finally got saturated with watching him date other girls and just be regular friends with her. She was not whining or complaining, but just telling me how it played out.

Before I go any further, let me tell you about Doodle. She just turned 18 and has all the hotness of the girl next door. She has such natural beauty, that she rarely wears makeup. She is about 5′-1″ tall and weighs about 110. She has very firm 34 small B cup boobs that need no bra. I know that, because I saw her strut her stuff at my house and on my boat for years. When she wasn’t in a bikini, she was in very snug tops or half shirts with no bra. Then she has the typical toned and tight 18 year old body.

There are two things that pushed me over the edge with dirty thoughts of sexy little Doodle. She has long dark hair, which frequently is covered with a tomboy baseball hat, with a pony tail sticking out the back. And the other is the fact that she has braces. I have always had a thing for a hot teen with braces. So much so, that when my wife got them in her mid 30’s, I thought I was gonna die and go to heaven.

Doodle is naturally dark skinned, but even more golden brown in the summer, like now. She never played school sports or cheerleading or stuff. But she always went snowboarding and wakeboarding with us and is a very accomplished skateboarder also. Her lean legs have helped her master all the skills needed for the extreme board sports. She even rode my son’s dirt bike quite well when she asked to ride it while we were at the track.

It didn’t take long for us to get to party cove. Our lake has a nice clear water cove that is a miniature version of Party Cove at Lake Havasu in AZ. Our cove has crystal clear water, about 3 feet deep and the size of a football field. On weekends you may see over a hundred boats, many of which are tied up together, and everybody parties their ass off. Usually some nakedness and daring adventures occur in the cove, but nobody really seems surprised by it.

Doodle has never been there with us. We go there when it’s adults only on the boat. Our kids have been there with on weekdays, just like Doodle is with me today. But we have never taken kids there on a weekend. Nobody brings their own kids, but there are quite a few teenagers and 20 something’s, who come out on their parent’s boats with just their age group only, no adults. I’m sure Doodle has been there with her friends as she does not seem surprised that we are here.

Of course, this is a weekday and the lake is empty, including the cove. I idle the boat in and drop anchor into the soft sand. I pulled 2 bottled waters out of the cooler so we can cool off in the blazing sun. It’s still about 88 degrees with no breeze or clouds. Right away I can see the beads of glistening sweat beginning to build on her deliciously bronzed body.

The conversation again returns to her getting over my son and I told her I was disappointed about it also. She thanked me in a very shy way and I was just bowled over by her sexiness that I have not seen for a year.

“You know what Doodle? If I were your age, I would have just wrapped you up and kept you all to myself. Then I could have shown that dumb son of mine what he was missing.”

“Gee thanks Loo that is so sweet. It sure would have been fun to see the look on his face if that actually got to happen. Too bad you AREN’T my age, ya know? You and Katie are always so much fun and the most popular parents around. A couple times, I even wondered what it would be like if I were better friends with YOU guys instead of that retarded son of yours.”

“I know what you mean honey, I can lead that dumb horse to the water, but I can’t make him drink.”

The conversation sort of died for few minutes. I could see that she was contemplating something. Not sure if she was thinking about the missed opportunity with my son or what, but I was floored by how she decided to pick the conversation back up again.

“But you wanna know something Loo? Now that I am 18 and a legal girl, you could still wrap me up and keep me, even though I’m not quite your age. You see, I’m still fresh and prepped, not all used up and worn out like the ones your age. I still have the original warranty and most of the options haven’t even been used yet. And maltepe escort besides, we are in Party Cove, that’s the whole purpose for this place is for people to party and fuck… right?”

I gulped and damn near choked as I tried to mutter a useless response. Did I hear her correctly? Did she just really proposition me? Did she just offer herself to me or am I hallucinating in the sun? I’m pretty sure my cock understood what she meant as I felt it twitch while my mind processed the information she offered. As I tried to stutter a response, she continued with her effort to seduce me. She then continued…

“After all, isn’t that why you brought me here, was to fuck me. I know what this place is and I have been here before and I know what goes on here. Besides, you’ve been ogling my teenie bopper body for years. I see how you try to hide behind those sunglasses all summer. What, do you think I don’t see that lump in your shorts? It’s obviously for me, since I am the only girl around.”

My mind froze and I could not even muster a reply. I must have looked like a complete fool with my mouth hanging wide open, trying to make a sound. I was shocked felt and icy cold sweat beginning. I’m sure I was pale as a ghost too and she seemed to really get energized from it.

“Uhhhhh… welllllll… you see… “

“Look Loo, It’s just like test driving a car. You may not buy that one, but at least you know how it rode. You might actually want to drive it again sometime. You try out all the controls and see how they feel and you see if you like it. You drive it hard and fast, so you can keep that feeling fresh in your mind. So what do ya think Loo? I’ve only been driven twice and both times with bad drivers. Soooo… Do you want to test drive me or not. “

Instinctively, I manned up and stood tall. I didn’t waste time with a verbal response. I got out of the driver seat and picked her up and took her to the huge sun pad we custom built in the front of our 27 foot pontoon boat. The sunpad is one huge thickly padded piece which is the full 8′ width of the boat and 8′ more front to back. We custom built this for all the girls that hang on our boat, so they have a ton of room to spread out and get tan. It also serves as our stage for the crazy antics that this boat has seen. This pad has seen more than its share of naked bodies and sexual escapades. Looks like I am going to add another chapter to the diary.

I lay Doodle down on the sunpad on her back. I dropped myself down next to her and on my side so I could face her. I was propped up on my elbow and looking slightly down at her gorgeous body which just glistened in sweat. My cock knew for sure that this was really happening and my erection was instant. This 18 year old beauty was spread before me like a smorgasbord and I was going to feast on it. I just looked into her eyes and dropped my other hand down and began to caress up her tight tummy. I lightly used my fingertips and sort of teased her. Her cute tummy muscles flinched in response to the soft touch. I dragged my fingertips all over the front of her. She would inhale and hold her breath as I hit a sensitive spot, so I would stay there and tease her some more. Then I gave in and would let my fingers roam elsewhere, and she would exhale in relief.

I switched to using my full hand and gently caressed her entire front side. I even glided my hand across the material of her bikini. She was wearing a black and white checker flag pattern string bikini with fluorescent pink piping. The strings were just tight enough on her body that it made slight bulge lines of skin puff out. As my hand brushed across her firm breasts, her nipples started to harden. I also noticed for the first time that she had both nipples pierced with a barbell style piercing. I was turned on even more since I love sexy chick piercings.

I finally zeroed in on the material covering her pussy. The way she was laying on her back, her hip bones stuck up quite nicely. I also took time to admire the nice bulge of her pubic mound. Her flat tummy was still shimmering in sweat beads that built up as fast as I was massaging her smooth skin. I gently nudged her legs which she sensed and spread her feet apart, which opened up the pathway to her crotch. I ran my fingertips straight up from the bottom of her slit to the top and began to rub her mound and top of her slit a little harder.

While my hands found their way around her lean tan body, I leaned in and we began to kiss. I guess I should mention again that she has braces on her teeth. That is a huge turn on for me and another burst of electricity went straight to my dick. Our tongues probed very softly and leisurely as we explored the insides of each other’s moist mouths. She was a great kisser and I knew I could be here all day just making out with her. It was during this moment that I realized how awesome it was that she had braces. I always had a fantasy of kissing her once she got her braces, and now the real pendik escort bayan thing was happening. I was like me being 18 all over again and getting an erection every time I kissed a girl with braces. Now, here I was, 49 years old, makin out with hot little 18 year old Doodle and her shiny braces.

I heard her purr like a kitten ever so quietly, so I knew she was enjoying my effort. Her eyes were closed and she had the most relaxed and satisfied look on her face. She was obviously focused on the touching as she had no idea I was watching her so fiercely. She rolled slightly towards me while I was on my side facing her. Her hands found the button on my shorts and undid them. Her cute little fingers unzipped my zipper and I lifted my hips and we both took my shorts off. My rock hard dick sprang free and was on display. She wasted no time wrapping her tiny fingers around my aroused manhood.

I stopped kissing her and leaned back a little so I could see her hand on my dick. Of course, with her small hands, it made my dick look bigger. She barely had a grip on it and was very slightly stroking my entire length. Her neon pink nails and rings on every finger really set off the look as she began to settle into a rhythm. She pushed me onto my back and rolled on her side facing me as she worked my meat with a look of enjoyment on her face. She looked so good up there with her wide braces laden grin as her tiny hand stroked me up and down. The she got a funny look on her face.

“Loo, I don’t have much experience with blowjobs, so don’t freak out if it’s not that good. But I will try and see how it goes.’

“Awwhh, don’t you worry honey, I will help you along. Any old way that your lips are wrapped around my cock will be good. By the time you get done, you will have all the knowledge you need to be an expert cocksucker.”

She gave me a bashful fake punch and I gave her a wink and she grinned even wider with a somewhat shy grin and then she leaned in and took my knob into her mouth. I thought I was gonna lose my nut right then as her 18 year old eager mouth began to explore my manhood. She pretty much just sucked my head like she was sucking a lollipop, which was great. Each time there was a slight bit too much drool, she slurped it up which is such a great sound, that my cock got even harder. She just piddled around with getting the feel of my throbbing knob in her mouth. She made sure to give it some little sucks and licks like she was exploring. In reality, that’s exactly what she was doing. She was learning to suck a cock and mine was the training tool.

She twirled her tongue all around the circumference where my knob meats the shaft. I felt her braces slightly brush my sensitive skin and almost lost it again. I’m not sure what was pushing me over the edge more: the view of her braces on my cock, or the feeling of it. She dragged her tongue down the full length of my shaft and then twirled it around the front of my nut sack. After a moment of that, she dragged that tongue back up and enveloped my knob again with her warm moist mouth.

“You’re doin great Doodle. That feels awesome.”

Next she began a very slow rhythm of bobbing up and down my dick with her lips wrapped very tightly around my girth. Each time she went down, she took a little bit more of my length into her sweet wet mouth. It wasn’t long until almost my entire length was deep in her oral cavity and her lips were at my root. She was humming ever so slightly which added even more thrill to the moment of the hot little 18 year old girl sucking my cock.

She went on for about 5 minutes or so and it took everything I had not to blow my wad. The she sort of stopped and had that funny look again. I was very excited to hear what she was going to say next and I listened with anticipation of knowing it was going to be something even more.

“Loo, neither of the idiots that I sorta had sex with really did anything for me. I’m not sure that the one guy even got inside me when he came. Do you think you might wanna get me off the way a guy should? I’ve been diddling myself for years and I am ready for somebody else to give me an orgasm. … Pleeeaassseeee????”

I gave her an uncertain look and decided to make her beg.

“I don’t know Doodle. I don’t wanna try to much… “


I let her hang there for just another moment with big puppy dog eyes and that bottom lip sticking out with such an innocent little girl pout. Then she gave me the ‘WELL HOW ABOUT IT?’ kinda smile. I thought I was gonna pull a muscle from smiling at the view of her shiny metal braces as she begged for me to go down on her. The idea of eatin her out has been on my mind for quite some time and now she was beggin me to do it.

“Sure… I guess so. I can’t afford real tears getting on the boat here.”

She grinned and gave me a punch in the shoulder.

“I will show you how it’s done. But don’t be mad at the young guys, they will eventually figure things out, just like I did and then they will make sure you are taken care of too.”

“Is that how it is with you and Katie? I know you guys have been together for a long time, so I guess you learned to please her as you guys got older too, I guess?”

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