Shades of Red: Treasure Hunt


The following story is based somewhat on reality and somewhat on fantasy. The main character is based on my wife and I plan to write additional stories in this series. It’s much softer than my earlier works, so I’m curious to know what people think of the story. If your inclined to vote and send comments, please do. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!


The week, long and frustrating, was finally over. It could have lasted several more hours, but Karen had joyfully promised John she would leave work, and its inherent stress, behind early that Friday. Karen was filled with the stress only a pediatric nurse could understand. Lately the lows had out shadowed the highs, and she had told John on a call earlier that week that she needed to escape for an evening…

The night before, an invitation, wrapped in white silk and tied with red ribbon, lay upon her pillow. It requested her presence at three the next afternoon for ‘a journey to relax…to explore…to escape’. Karen held the invitation to her lips, feelings his warmth, smelling his scent. John had only been away for four days, but it had seemed longer to both of them. As she drifted off to sleep, invitation in hand, she wondered how he could have left the invitation. He was often mysterious and she slept with a smile in anticipation of the adventure they would share.

Karen pulled into the driveway and then into the garage. She entered their home expecting to find John waiting; instead she found a short note. The note welcomed her home and asked that she change into the outfit he had left for her. It than indicated she should return to her car. Karen smiled, wondering what John was up to.

Upstairs Karen found a plain black sundress and a pair of simple black pumps. Karen undressed and then slipped the dress over her nude body. She felt slightly naughty with no bra or underwear, but John had asked her to wear only what he had left for her. She stepped into her heels and, after stopping for a moment to freshen up and brush her long red hair, returned to her car.

There, on the front seat, was the classified section from their hometown paper. Karen skimmed the section quickly, but saw no markings, nor any type of note. Curiously, she started to read through the section more carefully. Most of the section didn’t seem relevant, but the personals caught her eye. As she read them, she saw the clue he had left for her.

‘Red: I love you and have missed you deeply. As your hands have healed others, let Healing Hands help to sooth you…’

She read it twice. Then she remembered the radio ad for the new spa in town. It was called ‘Healing Hands’ and from the commercial she knew it was located over near the university. A smile immediately came to Karen’s lips. A massage was just what she needed. She drove the short ride to the Spa. When she entered, she was surprised that she was welcomed by name. The receptionist had been expecting her and led her down the hall to a massage room. The receptionist told her to disrobe, lay under the sheet face down to get started, and that the masseuse would be there in a few moments.

Karen stepped out of her heels and then stripped the sundress from her body. Now in her early 40s, Karen looked much younger. Her trim, athletic body was still firm and her breasts were high and round. She slipped under the sheet and waited for the quiet knock that would announce her masseuse.

A soft knock was followed by the opening of the door. ‘Hi, I’m Alex. I see you you’re scheduled for a full body massage. Any problem areas I should know about?’

‘No real problems, just a long, stressful week…’ Karen responded.

He started on her back, each stroke bringing her further and further from the stress of her week. As he worked her neck she started to forget about the week and her mind shifted to daydreams of the passion she would share with John later that night. Alex continued to work on her as she dreamed her waking dream. She felt wonderfully relaxed, and now horny, from her daydreams and from Alex’s soothing hands. As Alex worked his large, strong hands up her legs, he gave her ass a very sensual massage. More liberal then her usual masseuse, he massaged all of her ass. His oily fingers stroked the sensitive skin of her ass. It felt heavenly and made her pussy moist. He asked her to roll over and held the sheet for her as she did.

With Karen now on her back, Alex started with her feet. Her feet had always been very sensual and the foot massage only served escort kartal to make her even more excited. As he worked his way up her legs, he gently parted her legs. He slid his oily hands up her thighs, letting his fingertips just touch the edge of her recently shaved pussy. Had he gone any further, he would have felt the moisture his teasing had created.

He moved to her shoulders and worked his way down her body. He dripped oil onto her breasts and then massaged them softly until her nipples were hard and swollen. He saved her nipples for last and left them aching with desire. As he continued down her body he worked her torso, spending a few moments tugging on the ring in her belly. His hands crept down between her legs and his warm, oily hand massaged her labia. Karen pressed down into his hand. Her pussy was wet and puffy and felt hot in his hand. He rubbed it slowly, paying particular attention to her hardening clit. He slipped a finger, and then two, inside her feeling her wet warmth. She contracted around his fingers and dreamt of even more fulfilling penetration. He worked her pussy well, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of her as he massaged her clit with his thumb. Her erratic breath betrayed the closeness of her first orgasm of the week and he slowly withdrew his fingers from her.

He kissed her forehead and whispered ‘My role was simply to tease you; you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the final release you so desperately crave. Enjoy your evening! I believe there is something for you on the chair. Alex left the room before Karen had a chance to respond.

Karen lay for a minute. She was much more relaxed then when she arrived, but now she was much hornier instead. All in all, it seemed a very good trade. She would have laid relaxing longer if not for her curiosity to see what had been left for her. She slid from underneath the sheet and walked naked to the chair. She grabbed and opened the small envelope waiting there for her. The next clue read:

‘My love, I hope you enjoyed your special massage. A little disappointed with your outfit? Go see the Principal that has your confidence for something more befitting your beauty.’

The ‘Principal that has my confidence’??? Karen thought for a moment and then smiled as she realized she was now headed for Victoria’s Secret. She had been a surprised, and a little disappointed, with the plain dress John had chosen for her.

Even with the plain dress, Karen got plenty of attention as she walked through the mall. Her breasts bounced slightly as she walked, teasing her nipples hard. The few glances she noticed only added to her growing sexual excitement. Once again, she was welcomed as if she were expected. Sarah, one of the salespeople that knew Karen well, greeted her with a smile as she entered. ‘Hi, Karen!’ She smiled broadly, announcing ‘I have something for you. Follow me…’ Karen followed Sarah to the counter at the back of the store. Sarah reached under the counter and retrieved three packages. She handed the packages to Karen and then led her to the changing rooms. Karen thanked her and entered the changing room.

Karen opened the smallest package first. It contained a sexy black thong. The edges were scalloped and it was very sheer. Karen pulled the dress she was wearing over her head and slipped the thong up over her legs. The thong fit well and snuggly cupped her labia. The slight pressure reminding her just how wet she had become.

The second package contained a matching bra. Like the thong, it was black and very sheer. The demi-cups barely held her breasts and her nipples were just above the scalloped edge. She enjoyed the sexiness of the bra and liked that most of her breasts were uncovered, as well as her nipples. She played with her nipples a bit as she admired John’s choices in the mirror.

The last package contained a short black cocktail dress. It fit perfectly and hugged her body like a second skin. It was cut low in the front and showed off the top of her breasts. Any lower and the top of her areolas would have been exposed. She slipped back into her heals and checked herself in the mirror. ‘Now that more like it!’ she thought.

As she left the changing room, Sarah passed by and commented on how sexy she looked. Almost as an afterthought, she mentioned she had one more item for Karen. She pulled a note from her pocket and handed it to Karen. Her next clue had arrived…

‘You must look amazing! Where can you best show off that maltepe escort sexy outfit? Take a Chance and see if the early crowd knows how to dance.’

Karen was confused now. It was a little early to dance. Even with the massage and the stop at the mall it was just before six o’clock. The Karen remembered a new bar in town called the Chance. The Chance was a new club in town that boasted an early dance crowd during Happy Hour on Friday. Karen loved to dance. It was her therapy of choice. Now that she was relaxed and dressed to go out, the idea appealed to her, but she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going alone.

As Karen entered the surprisingly crowded bar, the beat that emanated from within was captivating to her. Her fears of being alone were quickly erased when she saw Jill and Beth, two of her closest friends. Jill and Beth were also her two wildest friends, both still single and very much enjoying the freedom in their lives.

Less surprisingly now, she was greeted as if she were expected. The women chatted and caught up on the week’s activities. After enjoying a few happy hour specials they were ready to dance. They moved as a group to the dance floor and began gyrating to the rhythmic house beats. As Karen danced her body came alive and the sexiness that had been building in her all night was unleashed. She mostly danced alone, but occasionally shared her sweet, sexy motions with others.

She spent a few songs dancing with a muscular black man. She delighted in showing off her hot body and the effect it was having on this stranger. She turned to share the beauty of her ass with him and smiled as he pressed into her. She pressed her ass back into his crotch and she could fell the effect she was having on him. Making him hard added a naughty edge to her now constant smile. Her partner became more liberal with his hands, running them across her ass and up her sides. The second time he pressed into her ass, she could feel the full harness of his erection. Her pussy was wetter than ever and the thin band of her thong was now soaked. She could be quite the tease, but she was never sure who her teasing effected more, the men or herself.

Beth and Jill collected her shortly into her third dance with the handsome stranger. They caught their breath and enjoyed another drink. Halfway through the drink, Karen noticed a card on the table. She grabbed it from the table and opened it. It was the final clue she had been hoping for.

‘Feeling sexy? Are you ready to come home? Please, my love, please come join me…’

Karen said goodbye to her friends and they hugged her goodbye with knowing smiles. Karen drove the short drive home. She was delighted to see John’s car was now there. Her heart beat quickly as she stepped into their home. The house was dark except for the light glow of a candle near the end of the entry way. She walked to it and then saw another. She followed a trail of candles that lead to their bedroom. She approached their room with the nervous anticipation of a first encounter. Her excitement, both emotional and physical, peaked as she opened the door and stepped inside.

John stood naked just inside the door. His cock, hard and red, dripped pre-cum from his self teasing. He stepped forward to greet her and the warmly embraced. It had been a long week apart and they hugged for a moment just to reconnect. John looked deep into Karen’s eyes as their lips slowly met. They kissed softly for only a moment and then their kiss turned more passionate. A week’s worth of missed kisses, fueled by her adventurous night and his thoughts of her adventures, erupted into a long wet start to their evening.

Karen kissed and sucked at John’s lips. He slid his tongue into her mouth and wrestled with her tongue. He licked her soft fleshy upper lip then sucked it between his lips and kissed it. His hands roamed over her body. He joyfully reacquainted himself with her firm, warm body. He unzipped her dress and slid it from her shoulders as their tongues continued their silent, wet duel. As the dress pooled around her ankles, John broke the kiss and stepped back from her.

Karen was beautiful. The sheer black bra and thong only served to highlight her beauty. John thought how lucky he was to have such a lovely wife, and he smiled as he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bed. He stopped short of the bed and kissed her again as he held her in his arms. The passion they shared was strong and they looked deep pendik escort bayan into each others eyes as John laid her on the bed.

Karen slid to the middle of the bed and began to touch herself. It was her turn to tease, and as John watched, she caressed her breasts. John loved to watch her. Her slender fingers massaged her fleshy breasts. Her bright red nails gently teasing her nipples hard. He could see their hardness and that made his already hard cock throb. He brought his hand down to his cock and slowly stroked as Karen unclasped her bra and slid it from her body. She ran her hands down her torso, tugging at the short chain dangling from her belly button piercing. She spread her legs, knowing the sheer, wet panties did little to hide the folds of her shaved pussy.

As Karen massaged her pussy through her panties her fingers became wet. She was now intently watching John stroking his cock. It was shinny from the pre-cum she had inspired and he was pumping it hard. Her mouth, and pussy, salivated at the sight of him. Knowing that she, after all their years together and all the times he had already enjoyed her, could excite him so was equally arousing to her. She loved hearing his breath quicken as she slipped her hands into her panties. She eagerly fingered her own pussy, pressing three fingers deep inside herself.

John broke first from their mutual teasing. He dropped to his knees by the side of the bed and as Karen continued to finger herself, he ripped her new panties at the sides and pulled them from her. His mouth quickly found her pussy and he licked at the glistening lips that hugged her fingers. The honey that coated her fingers was sweet and only served to grow his desire for her. As Karen pulled the fingers from her soaked pussy, John replaced them with his tongue. He swirled his tongue inside her, greedily sucking at the juice he craved. He licked all around her pussy, sucking at her labia. His tongue found her engorged clit and he lightly flicked it with his tongue. As he slipped two fingers into her, he started to suck her clit. She writhed beneath him, pushing her pussy into his face. His fingers massaged the inside of her pussy. Her pussy was so wet that his fingers made squishing noises as the finger fucked her. He could feel the slight tremble the signaled her impending release. He used his free hand to tease her ass. A wet fingertip slowly circled her anus as he added a third finger to her pussy. He suckled at her clit, quickly running his tongue over the hard nub. The juice was now leaking from Karen and, as John slipped his finger into her ass, she started to cum.

Her orgasm, centered in her pussy, exploded from within her. John’s tongue lashing at her clit and his fingers stuffed deep into her pussy encouraged the rhythmic waves that shook her body. Juice poured from her and John eagerly lapped at the cum she produced. As she regained her breath, John joined her on the bed. She reached down between them and felt the hardness of his cock. She smeared the pre-cum across the head of his cock and guided it to her wet pussy. Karen placed his cock head between her lips and asked him to fuck her. John worked the tip of his cock into her. She pulled her knees back and lifted her ass off the bed. Her pussy was spread wide and open for him. He slowly pressed into her, their combined wetness allowing him to easily slip into her.

His initial entry was slow, as was the passionate kiss they shared. John whispered ‘I love you so much!’ as his cock settled deep inside her. Their world stood still, as he left his cock buried inside her. They gaze into one another’s eyes as they slowly ground into one another. She whispered back ‘I love you too, baby!’ as he started to slowly thrust in and out of her. John began to fuck her harder, moving his hand down under her ass. He used his hand to spread her pussy. He fucked her deep and hard they way she liked. That was what they both needed right now. She ran her hands down his back, spanking at his ass to make him fuck her even harder. She reached under them and tugged at his balls, milking them. John was fucking her wildly now. She told him ‘fuck me. Fuck me hard’. She told him to ‘cum for me. Fill me with cum.’. Her words drove him over the edge.

As John began to cum, Karen gyrated under him. His cock exploded, shooting stream after stream of hot cum inside her wet pussy. She drained nearly a week’s worth of cum from him, milking his cock with her strong cunt muscles. He fell upon her, kissing her. The kisses were soft and slow now, their needs temporarily satisfied. He rolled to his side, still holding her. They caressed on another quietly, leaving the details of their week until the morning. They fell asleep easily…they dreamt good dreams…

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