Sharing Her


I dated her frequently. Almost every day I had off found me over at her barracks waiting to pick her up to go out. Yes, she was military too; so was I. Just we were attached to separate units. Now been trying hard to fuck her since we met. Several times. During heated make out sessions, I thought I was going to have some success only to have her pull some stunt and leave me hard and dry.

Then one day a guy in my platoon asked if I wanted to go in with them and share an apartment. I jumped on it as she had told me if I only had some place private to go we would do it. Well, you don’t make much money on a buck private’s pay thus a motel was a luxury we could not afford. Yet, an apartment shared six ways made it all affordable

At any rate I joined 5 other guys in getting a three-bedroom apartment. The very day we went to check it out, I took her hand and she followed me back to one of the bedrooms. I closed, locked the door, turned and took her in my arms. In just a few brief minutes, I had her shorts and panties off and I was more than enjoying her warm wet passionate pussy. From that day on, our bedroom became exclusive property and breeding ground of yours truly. I shared it nor her with no one. Almost everyday found us there enjoying the fruits of each other’s bodies.

Then one Saturday night we decided to go to the EM Club on base. The club had just opened when we arrived and for the most part we had the entire club to ourselves, especially the choice of tables. We had other friends who were going to show up later, so we shoved several of the tables together, so everyone would have a place.

It wasn’t long the crowd began to flow in and the music got loud. Several of the other girls in her unit also showed up and sat close to and often danced with me. Meanwhile the girl sharing my bed was several seats away laughing and chatting with my roommate. I seemed oblivious to them, as if they had no idea she was with me and I would be the one taking her home. In fact, I would be taking him home too.

But I didn’t mind them having a good time. In fact, she had been talking about marriage for quite some time and I was really looking for a way out. I hoped that maybe they would hit it off and he would take her off my hands. The night wore on the club got busy. The music was loud and the dance floor always full.

I frequently danced with a girl from her unit while the girl I brought was wrapped in deep conversation, laughing and chatting it up a few seats down. That night I didn’t dance with her at all. But my roommate did one and they resumed their exclusive one on one conversation. I knew at the rate things were going with them he would be sampling her pussy in no time.

Around 11 PM, both got up and announced they were ready to go. I told them would be out shortly and

I would meet them at the car. They left together, and I returned to this little blonde sitting next to me. About 30 minutes or so later, he returned and said, ‘She wants to see you in the car.’ I told him, ‘Tell her I’ll be out in a bit.’

He left and disappeared out the door and my attention returned to the young lady sitting close right next to me. We continued our in-depth conversation on the issues that would eventually lead her to my bed. Then, again he came back in and said, ‘She really needs to see you.’ I told the girl I was sitting next by to the Fort and I would be right back.

I ambled out of the club into a cool wet night. She sat in the middle of the front seat and I slide in under the steering wheel. After closing the door, she looked at me rather funny and asked, ‘What’s going on?’

I told her ‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’

She replied, “I thought you had this planned, hooking me up with him?

Told her ‘Nothing was planned. We came out here to enjoy the night and it seemed like you two were getting along well.’

She turned to me and said, ‘Well he kissed me.’

‘So’ I asked. ‘You are quite an attractive woman and you can’t fault him or anyone else at making a move on you.’ Then I kissed her, and my hand went up under her dress, slipped inside her panties to explore her femininity. Her pussy was soaked. She was ready for some serious sex.

He finally returned to the car, slide in on the other side of her. He then apologized for making what he called an inappropriate move on her. Now, except for her both of us were fairly liquored up. Neither of us were feeling any pain. Yet, she had one drink all evening a ‘Singapore Sling’ and had nursed it all evening with nothing else.

Meanwhile, we had consumed our share of all the booze brought to the table. He again apologized for his actions and apologized to her. Then he brought out this small reefer and held it up and said, ‘Let’s smoke this as a peace offering.’

I took it, looked it over then asked, ‘What is it?’

My girlfriend was quick to answer, ‘It’s Mary Jane!’ she said.

At any rate, I acted like I knew ataşehir escort what she was talking about and merely shrugged as I handed it back to him. Truth being, I didn’t know what the hell Mary Jane was or for that matter any of the illicit drugs so common back then.

Yet, we sat there in the car and he fired the joint up, took a deep hit on it then passed it across. Then my girlfriend took a hit and passed it to me. I followed suit but when I inhaled, it irritated my bronchial tubes and I ended up with a serious coughing spat.

Think we each had only about two hits off that joint before it was gone. I could tell right off this shit was powerful. Despite having drank half the bar that night, this is the stuff that really fucked me up. Seemed everything was weird, felt funny and things about me seemed humorous. All three of us laughed at the most stupid things.

I turned to my live-in girlfriend and kissed her. As I did my hand unbuttoned her blouse and I reached in and brought out a breast. I bent over and tongued her nipple. It was hard and protruded nicely from her areola. Then I stole another kiss as my roommate began kissing her neck on the other side. His hand also disappears inside her blouse then her other breast came into sight. His thumb circled her nipple and often he would pinch it lightly.

Finally, we gather our composure, I started the car and headed back to the apartment. As I drove he was busy exchanging some serious tongue with her as his hands groped her breasts then snaked up under her dress to grope her. Suddenly, she pushed his hand away, took her breast and returned it to her bra and buttoned her blouse.

After arriving back at our apartment, we sat there listening to the hits plowing out of the radio. Then my roommate produced another small joint from his pocket and said, ‘This here is some serious stuff.’ He shifted in the seat, extracted a lighter from his pocket and with one single motion with a thumb, popped the lid open and fired it up.

The blaze went to the end of the joint and milli-seconds later the end glowed as he puffed on it. Smoke swirled in the car as he passed it to my girlfriend. She took a strong hit then passed it on to me. I also took a hit. It was potent, far more so than the one we had earlier. Just the haze drifting in the car was having a numbing effect on me.

With that joint finished, we just sat there. The music played while I was trying to clear my head. I didn’t like this numbing feelings and if this is what it was like to get high then I could do without it. My room-mate once again kissed my girlfriend while I sat under the wheel watching him. She put up no resistance, did not turn away but responded enthusiasm.

Finally, we slipped out of the car and she moved into my arms as my roommate followed us in. The place was dark, quiet and we carefully made our way down the hall to our bedroom. My roommate followed, entered then I shut and locked the door.

Despite being night, the room was well light from a streetlight just outside the window. Only the corners were really in shadows. I returned to my girl. I sat down on the edge of my bed and she sat on the end. I leaned toward her, took her in my arms, and exchanged some tongue with her, all the while feeling and playing with her breasts.

Finally, he too sat on the edge of the bed on the other side and I could feel his hands plying the front of her blouse. Only moments later, I felt the fabric slip from her shoulders. Then her bra also dropped to her lap. She took it and tossed it aside. Now she was nude from the top up, so I snaked the waistband of her skirt down and she raised up to aid in getting it off.

The next thing for her to lose was her panties. Moments later she was totally nude, with two horny guys by her side. I slipped my hand into her pubis and found her drenched, soaked beyond measure. Then as I eased out of my clothes, with a hard-on strong enough to break the arctic ice, he too followed suit and moments later I was shocked at the side of his cock. Never in my life had I ever saw a white man with so much meat.

I eased back down on the corner of the mattress and she turned her attention to me. Slowly she moved closer to my cock, kissing it softly then taking it in her mouth, using her tongue expertly to massage my gland. Meanwhile my roommate on the other side began tugging her up to her knees and she assumed a position a doggie position, her left leg extended to the floor with her right bent at the knee and resting on the bed. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock.

He fiddled around behind her a few minutes, moving her some, tugged her one way then another then he dropped just a little lower. I could tell just by his position, he had his cock in hand and was fixing to sink it. Seconds later, she let go of my cock, threw her head back with her mouth open mouthed ‘ARGG’. I seriously thought for a moment she was going to pass out. Then kadıköy escort bayan as he began thrusting, her tits bounced and swung wildly.

She moaned softly her head dropped into my lap and just seconds later she resumed giving me head. Every so often she would tense up, shudder and her teeth would bite into my cock and I would quickly extricate myself. Then she would lower her head to the mattress and guttural groan until the feeling eased up.

Finally, with her mouth full of my cock, I heard him grunt, then his movements became ragged and jerky then he thrust hard into her one last time almost pushing us off the bed. He gripped her hips and worked his cock hard in her, twisting, moaning and gasping before finally shuddering to a stop.

He just stayed right where he was for a few minutes before finally moving away from her. His cock hung straight out and slightly downward and despite the dim light I could see cum dripping from his cock. It was well beyond me to understand just how and where he put all that cock. He slowly leaned into the wall as she returned to giving me head.

In a few minutes, he gathered up his clothes and left the room, relocking the door as he did so. Finally, I pulled away from her mouth, pushed her over then climbed onto the bed. She scooted up as I eased between her thighs. She was wet, moist, soaked, and I sank easily all the way in and she just groaned lightly.

Then serious fucking started, but in about five minutes I busted a load I thought was never going to stop. I lay there on her, my cock still planted within, as the juices and cum slowly seeped from her pussy soaked my balls before dropping onto the mattress beneath us. I think we slept then for the next thing I knew daylight was upon us.

My cock was coated in a semi-dried almost transparent coating. Her pubis felt like small bricks and lumps had formed in her hair. It was stiff but her pussy was still wet and slippery, I guess still draining from the deposits we left in her. Both of us, got up and staggered across the hall into the bathroom.

I turned the shower on and stepped beneath the spray, grabbing a bar of soap as I did. She sat on the commode and a few minutes, balled up a hand full of toilet paper and commenced wiping. Then she stood and stepped into the shower. I eased over to allow her under the spray, then took the soap and started washing her.

After covering her back, she turned under the spray to rinse the soap off. As she did so, I cupped each of her breasts, soaped them down then moved lower to her abdomen, then into her pubis. Those dry hard lumps in her hair dissolved quickly. The more I washed her, the more my cock began to rise. She took it in hand and began to stroke it.

Moments later, she leaned over and place her lips on it then slipped it in her mouth. I eased back against the shower wall as her tongue expertly caressed my cock. That feeling was getting good, but I didn’t want to finish that way, so I tugged her up.

After leaning her against the wall, lifted her leg, eased closer and lower. With the head of my cock aimed at that nice little patch of hair, I moved into her pubis, precisely striking her vagina and slipped right in. She moaned as I did so. One thing for sure; her pussy was tighter than it was after my roommate finished with her last night.

We fucked slowly, intently and in a few minutes her forehead dropped to my shoulders. She gasped, moaned then drew me hard into her as if she were trying to limit my thrust. But I continued, and a few moments after she did, I also cummed dumping my load deep within her body.

I stayed in her for a few minutes as she clung tightly to me, her breathing rapid and fierce, as if she had just finished running a marathon. I also panted. As I eased back, my cock dropped from her body and hung at an angle away from my body and pointed at the botton of the tub.

She eased back under the spray, taking the bar of soak and once again began bathing herself. I stepped from the shower, grabbed a towel and had dried off when the door to the bathroom opened and my roommate entered. He also was nude, and his cock swung wickedly as he moved to the toilet.

With one hand he aimed at the bowl and seconds later a stream of urine flowed. He stood there until finished, then after a couple of shakes, let go of his cock and stepped toward the shower. I said nothing as he opened the curtain and stepped in with my girlfriend.

The curtain closed and a few words were spoken and my girlfriend said, ‘I’m almost done.’

He answered,’No rush.’

I understood exactly what he meant. A few minutes later, I heard a light giggle from her, then a little louder laughter. Then soft voices, almost whispering then more laughing. I eased into the bedroom and dressed. Then returned to the bathroom, just in time to hear her ‘Owwwwe!’

I knew immediately what had transpired. I pulled the edge of the curtain back. escort maltepe Sure enough she had a leg bent at the knee, pulled up and resting on his hip. Her other leg was bent slightly to the left. His ass was moving rapidly at her and her head was resting on his shoulders. Her one breast was visible from my angle and it bounced to his thrust.

She moaned under his thrust then groaned as she raised her head and bit her lower lip. I stood there and watched, my own cock growing hard from watching, strained at the fabric of my jeans. But instead of shedding them, I just stood there and watched in disbelief, she was doing this without the priming effect of the drugs we used the night before.

Finally, after about ten hard minutes under the spray and his non stop thrusting, he jerked hard, pushed hard into her, almost raising her from the floor then gasped hard to a stop, his back arched with his pubis thrust forward. He moaned loudly as ever so often, thrust forward only to pause again.

She also moaned to his actions. He placed one hand on the wall about her and leaned into her. In a few minutes, he eased away and his cock slipped from her. Water from the shower head quickly dissolved all traces of their interaction.

He grabbed a bar of soap and washed his cock while water dripped from it head. While my girlfriend , now with both feet on the tub floor, moved away from the shower head, glanced at me and smiled. A steady flow of cum leaked from her pubis, dripped out of her hair and flowed down her thighs.

Finally, he turned and pulled the curtain back and stepped out of the tub, leaving pools of water on the flor. He grabbed a spare towel, dried his cock then the rest of his body. I stood there shock, trying to comprehend where she had taken all that meat.

My girlfriend moved back under the spray, took up a bar of soap and lathered her pubis. Then carefully directed the spray right into her crotch, rinsing all traces of his cum from her body. My roommate left the bathroom with the door open. I eased over to it and closed it just as the water in the shower was shut off.

Now, with the noise of the showerhead silenced. I could think. She opened the curtain, stepped out into a small puddle of water on the floor, grabbed a towel and commenced drying herself. I stood there and watched. And yes, I wonder how bad her vagina was stretched right then.

She took the towel, wrapped it about her head and with a twist, and a turn it was fixed up over her head. Then as I opened it, she stepped thru the bathroom door. I followed her back into our bedroom. I closed and locked the door then stood there and watched.

She went through her clothes, a clean pair of bikini panties and a bra. She pulled these items on while I watched. Now attired only in her underwear, she moved lightly about the room. ‘I guess we need to wash these sheets’ she said.

I nodded in agreement. ‘I really had a good time last night,’ she continued on. I thought, ‘ bet you did!’ But I said ‘I did too. I really enjoyed it!’

She just smiled at me, eased over and slipped into my arms . We exchanged tongues for a few minutes. Once again, my cock roared to life and I guess she felt it for in mere seconds she snaked it out of my jeans, eased lower and her lips kissed and teased it.

I placed my hands on her shoulders as her head bobbed up and down, while her silky tongue furiously lashed the head of my cock, plying it, expertly teasing it. In a few more minutes, my knees grew weak and a spasm started in my balls. I gripped her shoulders tighter, then exploded with pleasure.

Her hand grasped my cock and she furiously began to stroke it as her mouth and tongue continued her assault. I felt one spurt after another and she never missed a drop. When finally finished, she eased up to me, smiled as a small pearl colored stream seeped from the corner of her mouth only to run down on her chin. She took the corner of a ruffled sheet and wiped it dry. Then smile again.

As I tucked my cock away, she returned to dressing. Uniform of the day was fatigues and combat boots. In a few minutes she too was dressed and ready to be dropped off at the base. My roommate also was dressed and ready so we all rode in together, laughing and listening to the music.

That arrangement went on the way it was until we moved. My roommate got stationed in Germany and we threw one hell of an orgy for him before he left. There were several girls from the base, running nude around in our apartment fucking one and sucking another. Debauchery at its best I guess one could say.

But before I left there, I would have duty and she would stay at the apartment. When I got off I always found she had been fucked by someone. And when she had duty one of the other girls would keep my bed warm until she got off. At any rate, we continued the sordid affair uintil we both changed duty stations. It was then we became an exclusive item.

How exclusive? Not really sure because several times I would come home and feel that someone had just freshly fucked her before I got in. Most likely it was true for she was a highly sexed young woman. Yet at any rate, one man is not enough to wear out that pussy or any pussy for that matter.

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