She Proposes


“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I do. It’s all sweat and blood and falling and rising crest. Her skin’s sweet and smooth. Mine’s rough, old and hard. I have all flower of cock in her. She feels it opening her up, stretching her, making her anew.

“How are you?” I ask from across the street.

She smiles and waves. “I can’t hear you! Come over here!”

I do.

The walls peel. Sunlight is coming through, not through the windows, but through the walls. It’s only me. I’m imagining the rapture, the enlightenment. I don’t want to erupt, but I am. I’m spilling seed. Speaking in all kinds of languages. Come with me, I tell her, but she already did. Once. She’s out of range. I grab her hand and pull her with me. I bite her. Just enough so she knows it. The bite marks are out of range. The traces are out of range. Why stop? It hurts a little, but it’s nice to keep on going. Just a little sensitive, but it’s sooo nice to be in her and full.

She moves her head around and around. She grabs my dark hanging head with her hands and binds my lips to hers.

“Fuck!” she says. Her vaginal walls grabs me tight; the chords in her neck swell.

“How are you?” I repeat. I’ve crossed the street. I didn’t wait for the cars to stop.

“I’m good.” She says.

“Oh? What’s so good?”

She shows me the ring. I’m bothered by it. Sick. It makes me sick.

“Wow.” I say. “It’s beautiful. Look at it shine. When…?”

“Last night. He took me out to dinner. Aren’t you happy for me?”

“Yes,” I say. “I am happy.”

Red hair, yeah? Not the natural kind, but the deep crayon red you can only get from dye. Flows down to her shoulders long and jet like. Long black eyelashes. Not porcelain skin, but white.

“I’m happy ataşehir escort you’re happy. Ey, let’s go somewhere and talk.”

“Ah- Well-” She’s thinking

Think, then think. It’s time passing. It’s a game. I smile, shrug and nod, gesturing let’s go.

Elsa, she breaks out into a smile. “Ok.” she says. “Why not?”

“So how have you been?” She asks. “Are you still seeing what’s her name?”

“Deandra. No. Not at all. It was mutual, that. You fancied her?”

“Oh, I did. She was wild. I’m sorry it didn’t last.”

“It didn’t, you’re right, but I knew it wouldn’t.”

“Me too,” she laughs.


We’re sitting now at the Coche de Vida. Ordering drinks. She tells me about how he proposed. Nothing fancy. Down on one knee. Nothing too creative for old Darren.

“That’s it?” I ask. “No ring in the chips bowl, no mariachi, no… nothing? I would have at least had the waiter present the ring.”

“Oh, god, that’s so corn.”

She’s laughing now. She tries to explain how sweet Darren was, but it only makes her laugh more when she remembers.

I love talking to her. We’re beat to beat, Our hands touch briefly from time to time and then, finally, they linger next to each other. I trace her knuckles lightly with my fingers. We talk about old times. That party where I thought she was Deandra for a second, but then didn’t care anymore.

I don’t care now. We’re holding hands. We’re paying our bill. We’re dead serious about it. Deep into the murk of it. I’m not waiting for time. I’m grabbing her by the arm and she’s following.

We kiss somewhere in the dark. Her breath is fruit and spices. Her tongue’s wet like mine. Our pet turtles roll around and grab at each other. Our lips kadıköy escort bayan lock and gracefully withdraw before sucking hard again.


“An-” she starts to say my name.

“Anton- Oh god.”

She reaches down frantically. I guide her. Reach into. Feel it. See how hard I am. See how fat and real it is for you. And suddenly she gasps. She looks at me and I don’t know what- what she’s thinking. I go to kiss her again, but she holds me back and just looks at me in the dark. She feels for my face. At first she’s pressing hard, searching and then she’s softly tracing my features. “Come home with me” I say.

There’s a long silence. It’s nice actually. It’s soothing.

Finally she says ok.


It’s rich. This deep pool of night. It’s rich in silver and cobalt and shiny black stones. I’m sitting up in bed in the dark. There’s claws somewhere in my throat. Elsa’s asleep blowing rings of smoke in the air. Her red hair’s damp and weighed down by the dark.

She’s a darling. And I’m pensive. I could take up smoking. Filthy habit, but I could gargle in the shit. I’d look good smoking. It’d justify my big nose.

Remember last night? The things I did to you last night? Ah, but she’s asleep and I’m alone in the dark. I remember. I have half a mind to tell her I love her. I might.

I have half a mind to grab that fat fuck that gave her that ring and tie him up. I want to see him naked. I want to see his tubby, hairy body. I want to examine his baby cock. I want to whisper to him who I’m fucking and shove that ring down his throat.

Wipe that smug, self satisfied expression off his face. I can see him in the morning with his newspaper, escort maltepe his coffee and his glasses. I could pick him up on the way to work. I’d bring along some friends. I could sing him lullabies when it’s over.

Ha! There’s a thought. Eh- well. Let him have her. She’s a sweet fruit that fell into his lap. Lucky bastard with his pinch of cock. But he’s reliable. He’s got that.

I get up to look outside.

I can see the pool from my balcony. The water’s so still. It seems too solid to be water. The city has these jungle sounds: Factories and police sirens. Garbage trucks, car horns, city ghosts breathing and moaning.

I have nowhere to be tomorrow. Nowhere at all.

Elsa rustles in bed, then is still again. I turn around. I get on the bed in front of her and lightly announce her body by tracing it. I never land on her sex and always dance around her nipples. I knead her breasts eventually, slowly, feeling them in my hands. I do it for my benefit. They’re not too big or anything. They’re just right. And they have feelings too. Be careful what you say around those perky wonders.

She moans dreamily. Her long lashes sweeping her cheeks up. I Kiss down her. Kiss down her navel. Blue night skin. It smells of sweat and perfume and juice and cum. I move to her long wedding legs. I lift them up and I get low enough to kiss her ass cheeks. Her legs; I hold them high and firm. I teeter on the edge of that cliff. That red ocean beyond that precipice. I can sense her tensing, stirring waking up out of that damned dream she’s been waddling in. Just brush it, she’s thinking. At least brush it.

I kiss her right on that bulbous red swell of a clit and she moans. I lick along the side of her lips with just the tip of my tongue, probing like it’s just too much to go all in.

Her hands sneak up on me; Her fingers tangle themselves in my hair. They push me further down into her. You cunt. I won’t go easy on you. I bring up my finger.

“I love you.” she says. “Own me.”

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