She Wanted More Pt. 01: A Fling


A Fling

She glanced up and down the narrow street. It had a quaint old town look and feel. But of course, that’s what it was. Everyone had told Allison that this was where she should look for an apartment; everyone being the few people she had met during her interview and hiring for the large accounting firm for whom she was going to work. She’d had to move here from her hometown for the new job, so the advice was helpful, and having grown up in and come from a small town not far away, this area of the city had a familiarity about it. But she wasn’t particularly happy about having to relocate to the big city.

However, she wanted more, and this was how to get it.

Allison glanced up to the third floor, the top floor, of her apartment building and saw the windows that belonged to her flat, one of which was a step-out balcony. Her gaze traveled across the street to a similar building whose windows seemed to be in line with hers, one of which was opened. That could be awkward, she thought. She’d have to make certain she had solid window coverings to prevent someone looking in on her, particularly since she wanted to be able to prance around with little to nothing on.

Having graduated college a couple of years ago with a degree in accounting, Allison had applied for jobs with a variety of companies but had no success in landing a job. She’d done some work around her hometown for the only CPA there and helping friends of her parents with minor accounting issues. Some had paid her, others not, but she’d never earned enough money to live on her own until finally obtaining her own CPA and landing this job and having to move away. Fortunately, it was only a few hours’ drive from home.

Lugging her two suitcases of essentials up to her furnished flat, she dropped them just inside the door and gave herself a tour. She’d only seen the place in pictures, which made it look fantastic. Actually, seeing it now, she was not disappointed. For an old place, it was very well maintained, clean and very comfortable. Next, she gave it the big test: she laid on the bed.

“Ahhhh,” Allison mouthed aloud. It was more than comfortable. She’d sleep well here.

Rising, she walked over to the window that overlooked the street. She pulled the curtain aside and glanced down at the thoroughfare. The occasional vehicle passed along with a few pedestrians here and there, and so far, it didn’t seem to be a busy street. She couldn’t help noticing the windows across the way that she’d seen from the ground. The opened one was directly across, and it was close enough that she could see inside the apartment. It also appeared to be a bedroom. Watching for a minute, she jumped back when a handsome man walked by.

It would have been nice to be able to open her window, but she didn’t want anyone looking in on her. There would be opportunities to open them, but she would have to be careful when she did and didn’t.

Allison unpacked her suitcases, which consisted mostly of clothes and toiletries. She’d shipped a few boxes of stuff that should arrive tomorrow, and a trip to the grocery would also be necessary. Another shopping trip for a television and some other household convenience items would be required. Otherwise, she’d have nothing to do when at home. For tonight, her only entertainment would be her laptop.

The apartment manager, Charles, had recommended three nearby restaurants that delivered. Allison chose Italian because the only one in her hometown that considered itself Italian was mediocre. She’d developed a taste for Italian while away in college because there had been some good places there. She included a bottle of Chianti with her order. Allison set up her laptop while waiting for dinner, and while it went through its process of adapting to the building’s Wi-Fi, including security checks, she went to the window in the living room.

It was actually more than a window, it was a full-length double-door no wider than a window, and there was a balcony of sorts that was maybe two feet out and also as wide as the door. She opened it and carefully stepped out. It seemed solid and safe. She was afforded a panoramic view up and down the street. The buildings on the street were all a similar style and were probably all quite old. All in all, it was very picturesque, and so far, Alison was happy with her decision to live here.

Her ruminations were interrupted when the French-doors to the apartment across the street were opened and a very attractive woman looked out. She saw Allison, smiled, and waved, then disappeared inside. Allison wondered if, like her own apartment, that was the living room to the bedroom the man had looked out of earlier. She was further curious about the relationship of the man and woman, but gave it no further thought when her doorbell rang.

It was dinner, and she watched YouTube while enjoying the very good Italian meal. Nightfall had descended while she ate, and when she finished, she poured another glass of wine and again bahis firmaları stepped onto the minuscule balcony to view her street after dark. Street lamps were lit every so often, lights in windows shined helping to brighten the thoroughfare, and on the street, the occasional businesses had illuminated signs that added to the ambiance.

Allison couldn’t help but glance across the street. The French doors and bedroom window were still opened, lights were on, and the gentle breeze offered an explanation why. She leaned against the door frame on one side sipping her wine. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught movement across the street. She could have sworn she saw a man—possibly the man she saw earlier—walk across the room toward the bedroom. And what’s more, she thought sure he was completely naked.

Hurriedly stepping back inside, Allison paused near her door nearly disbelieving what she had seen. She reminded herself that the man was in the privacy of his own home—or did that still count with his windows wide open? But hadn’t she thought that she would have to make certain that her curtains were heavy enough so no one could see in because she wanted to be able to move about her apartment with little or nothing on? And why was she even giving it this much consideration?

Allison downed the remainder of her glass of wine, closed her balcony doors and switched off her computer. In her bedroom, she got ready for bed, wanting to get a good night’s sleep for her first day of work tomorrow. She switched off her bedroom lamp, and as she climbed into her bed, she noticed a bit of light coming in through the curtains because they weren’t closed all the way. She detoured to pull the draperies together to block the light, but as she reached for them, there was enough of a gap that she glimpsed her neighbor across the way.

What caught Allison’s eye was the attractive woman who had waived at her earlier, whom she now noticed was wearing a short blue dress and was standing next to a doorway that seemed to lead to the bathroom. The woman peeked in, watched for a few seconds, then pulled the hem of her dress up and started rubbing her pussy. Allison’s eyes widened and her mouth hung open at the sight.

A moment later, Allison saw the man who had walked across the living room naked stick his head out and catch the woman. She grinned, and then moved over to the bed and sat. The man, with a towel wrapped around his waist, followed, and stood before her. She tugged on the towel and it fell to the floor. The woman ran her finger down the length of the man’s penis causing it to bounce up and down. She wrapped her hand around his shaft just above his scrotum. His erection grew into an impressively large cock.

She took the first couple of inches into her mouth and started sucking.

Allison wondered if they realized they could be seen. Could anyone else see them? Did they even care? And what’s more, why was she still watching? A part of her found it quite erotic; unlike anything she had ever witnessed.

The woman didn’t take any more of his dick in her mouth. As big as it was, Allison doubted the woman could. While she was sucking, the man pushed the shoulder straps of the woman’s dress down her arm to expose the top of her good-sized breasts. He grabbed and kneaded one boob, forcing his hand down the top of her dress.

Still, for some unknown reason, Allison could not tear her eyes away.

The woman stopped sucking, stood and the man guided her near the window, which was a very short dormer. He pulled the top of her dress further down to completely expose her breasts, which Allison could now clearly see were sizeable. With the woman leaning against the inside short wall of the dormer, the man raised the hem of her dress, pulled down her panties and buried his face between her buttocks.

Allison gasped, having never seen a man lick a woman’s asshole. His hand went between her legs to toy with her pussy, and though Allison could not hear, the passionate expression on the woman’s face suggested moans were escaping her lips.

After the man finished bathing her rear in saliva, he kissed her ass cheeks and then stood. The woman stuck her butt out a bit more as the man grabbed his cock and rubbed the head between her legs. When it appeared as though he slid his dick into her pussy, she turned her face and pressed it against the wall. He started plowing away.

Allison wasn’t a prude. She’d had casual sex a few times with guys while in college, and though she’d obviously never been able to watch herself, she knew damn well it hadn’t been as good as that looked. In fact, watching these two was so good, she had to keep her eyes on them. She’d never been a voyeur, never been a particularly sexual person, but this was too compelling not to look. She also couldn’t control her hand finding its way between her own legs.

As he pumped, the man’s hands went around in front of her to paw her tits. He pinched her nipples slightly, to which she kaçak iddaa responded with obvious delight. Turning the woman around, he pressed his body to hers, his cock sliding between her legs, and they engaged in a sloppy passionate kiss. He cupped her pussy with one hand and his fingers went to work on her clit.

Allison tried to match his handiwork with her own fingers.

Kneeling, the man pulled the woman’s dress down and completely off, giving her a couple of playful slaps on her butt. She seemed to giggle.

She pushed him back to the bed onto his back where she climbed on, grabbed his dick, and sucked it again.

No expert at blowjobs, having only done it a couple of times herself, the woman didn’t seem all that accomplished; however, if the man’s expression was any clue, he was definitely enjoying it. He threw his head back with his eyes closed. What she might have lacked in skill, the woman seemed to be really getting into what she was doing.

After only a minute or so of mouth work, the woman crawled forward, stuck his cock in her pussy and rode him cowgirl. Her long, dark hair covered her face and hung over his, so it was difficult for Allison to see the couple’s expressions, but as passionate as they seemed about what they were doing, there had to be looks of intensity.

Allison jammed two fingers into her hole, something she had never done, but she just couldn’t get over the scene she was witnessing. She’d never watched much porn, but this was seeing it live.

When she returned her attention to her neighbors, the man had turned the woman over, spread her legs and was devouring her pussy. Allison couldn’t ever remember being eaten with such fervor. She tried to imagine the man’s tongue licking her. He was a lot better at oral than the woman because her expression was pure ecstasy.

But it seemed the woman couldn’t endure much of the man’s oral attention because she pushed his face away. Had she had an orgasm? He crawled up, inserted his cock, and really plowed her. When his dick popped out, he grabbed it and slapped her pubic bone with it a few times, causing her to again giggle.

When he slid back in, he pounded her so hard she gradually inched to the edge of the bed and let her head hang slightly over the side. Seeing this, he pulled her back on, turned her on her side and re-entered like that.

He obviously liked to fuck hard, and after a few minutes, he rolled onto his side spooning her and driving his cock in and out with fury. The woman seemed to like it, though.

For a second, Allison toyed with the idea of opening her window slightly to see if the couple could be heard, but she decided that would be going way too far.

The couple also seemed to like changing positions often, or at least, the man did. He turned her onto her stomach and pulled her onto her knees to raise her rear up. Her upper torso was still flat on the bed. Allison now had a perfect view of him tonguing her ass and pussy. The accountant had never had anyone use their mouth on her anus and she wasn’t sure she would like it, but it sure was erotic to watch.

He had lathered her crack with so much saliva, her pussy and asshole glimmered. But it was only a prelude to him standing, or semi-squatting really, and drilling his cock back into her overworked vagina. He pounded her so hard, she bounced on the bed.

Despite the cool evening breeze that had to be flowing through their room, the man’s body glistened with sweat. He really was getting a workout.

So was Allison’s fingers. She was nearly rubbing herself raw.

The man placed one hand on the woman’s lower back, and Allison could have sworn she saw him stick his thumb inside her anus. If he did, it didn’t seem to faze the woman.

But then, it was time for another position change. However, this time, it was her doing. She eased off the bed, bent over it, spread her legs, and wiggled her ass. He knew what she wanted and was behind her a second later, ramming his dick back in. He pumped with a bit more consistency now, his expression seeming to indicate he was concentrating.

Allison sensed the big finish was coming because the woman’s expression became one of impending excitement. Sure enough, her mouth opened wide, her eyes were clenched closed, her hand grabbed a wad of bedcovering, her body trembled and shook, and she pushed her butt up by rising on the balls of her feet.

Allison switched her attention to the man whose steady strokes now jerked. When he drove his cock in, he halted for a second or two before pulling back, jamming back in and halting. He repeated this action several times apparently unloading his balls inside her pussy. When he finished and pulled out, Allison thought she saw a few drops of white, creamy liquid ooze out. But of course, the real tell was the man’s glistening cock covered in semen, which the woman wasted no time in turning around to lick and suck him clean.

That was all Allison could take. She rushed to her kaçak bahis bed, buried her face in the pillow and frigged herself desperately, screaming into the pillow as a massive orgasm engulfed her. It lasted a while, and when she was finished, she felt worn out as though it had taken considerable energy to produce such a climax. She couldn’t ever remember having such an intense orgasm, particularly one from her own hand. She was not given to masturbating all that often.

Sitting up in the darkness of the room, a stream of faint light still coming in through the slight parting of the curtains, she was instantly embarrassed by what she had done. She felt somewhat ashamed of having spied on the couple. But at the same time, they had left their window open. Still, that didn’t make it right.

Switching her bedside lamp on, she quickly returned to the curtains and closed them this time, noting the bedroom light across the way was off, but the window was still open. She fixed the satin shorts and tank top she slept in, crawled back into bed, turned off the light and attempted to go to sleep. She only had to replay the incredible sex scene in her mind a few times before slumber finally came.

* * *

Allison really didn’t sleep that well. Though the bed was really comfortable, the new and strange surroundings made her restless, and every time she awoke, her mind replayed the erotic scene. She came close to masturbating again, but each time, she forced herself back to sleep.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was her first day of work. It was difficult, but she made it through. The accounting was almost second nature, and even though she had a hard time grasping the specific ways that this company operated, fortunately, there was at least time to learn. The worst part was she couldn’t remember the names of half the people she had met, most of whom she would be working closely with. And what made it all real challenging was the recurring images of last night’s sex show that kept running in her head.

She’d caught herself frequently daydreaming about it, and during the few breaks she’d had throughout the day and it was always in the back of her mind. It kind of scared her that she was so preoccupied with something that she had previously been very casual about: sex.

She stopped at a grocery store on her way home and stocked up on food and supplies. She picked up take-out Chinese but was still going home to no television. Maybe her neighbors would put on another show. And she couldn’t believe she actually thought that.

But it didn’t stop her from occasionally peeking out of her curtains. Both of their windows were again open, but Allison didn’t watch long enough to notice any action. She went on about her evening activity: dinner, catching up on personal emails and other Internet things. Feeling a bit naughty, she toyed with the idea of finding a porn website and looking up voyeur videos. But she quickly shook her head. What was getting into her? When did she become a pervert?

Still, on her next trip near the bedroom window, she didn’t hesitate to have another peek. The lights were on, windows still open, no one in view. But just as Allison was about to walk away, the woman entered the bedroom. Allison had never been attracted to girls, females, women, but this woman was extremely attractive, so Allison watched as she slipped her dress off to reveal a sexy, strapless bra that seemed to barely contain her rotund breasts, and bikini panties that, likewise, hardly covered her well-rounded buttocks. Hanging the dress in her closet, she took out a sheer, short robe and put it on. There was a briefcase on a nearby chair that she opened, removed a stack of papers, spread them out on the carpet, and stretched out on her stomach on the floor.

It occurred to Allison that if she were a guy, this would be something to watch. But she was not interested in a scantily clad woman working. Yet once again, just as she was about to give up, the man walked in, stopped, and observed the woman and what she was doing. He seemed to smirk, and then he walked over to her, laid on top of her, and though still dressed, he rubbed his crotch against her ass. Without looking up, she appeared to smile and wiggle her rear. She said something and the man got up and walked to the bed and sat on the side. The woman sat up and shimmied over to the foot of the bed and leaned against it as they continued their conversation.

He leaned over to kiss her, she kissed back, and it became deeply passionate. His hands moved to gently cup her face as hers reached for his arms. He let one of his palms drop to fondle her breast, and in her mind, Allison could hear the woman moan her pleasure.

It was difficult to tell if he tugged her up or she just climbed onto the bed on her own, but they came together on their knees, resuming their delicious kiss. She pumped her hips slightly in a fucking motion as his hands explored up and down the parts of her body he could reach. The robe slid off her shoulders and hung in the fold of her elbows. Now, they embraced one another, and he one-handedly unclasped her bra. With his hands in front of her, he pulled her bra off, tossing it onto the floor.

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