Short Ride


She was staying at our place, visiting from the West Coast. Late thirties, 5’9″ nice figure. She worked out regularly. I came home from work, midnight shift, and started cleaning up. I was just about to get into the shower, when she walked out of the front bathroom. She had on a long T-shirt, and some bikini panties that didn’t cover much.

We talked for a few minutes, and she said the noise from my Harley woke her up. She said it reminded her of days gone by, when she used to get to ride a lot. I asked her if she wanted to ride some, and she said she’d think about it. I went on and took my shower, and thought about getting her out on the bike.

When I got out, my wife and her friend were chatting away, about old times and such. My wife asked me if I would mind taking her friend for a short ride. Of course, I said that it would be fine with me. I told her to put on some long pants, because it was chilly outside. She came out with some sweats on, and sneakers.

I fired up the Harley and she got on. She melted into the seat behind me, just like she had been there before. We headed into town, where she wanted to see the place she used to live. As we rode on, I leaned back into her chest and rocked my shoulders back and forth. She got close to my ear, and said, “Yes, I like to play.” And squeezed me between her muscular thighs.

We rode on for a while,and while sitting at a stoplight, I turned my head to say something, and met her mouth with mine. Her tongue was halfway down my throat before I knew it. I tongued her back, until the asshole behind us hit his horn , and scared the shit out of us. We laughed and waved at the asshole and took off. From then on, every light we hit was another spit swapping session. God, were we getting hot.

She directed me to a park, and asked if we could stop for a few minutes. I said, “Sure, I could use a stretch, too.”. I pulled over near the park, and shut down the bike. She was off and walking to a table in no time. I watched as she swung her hips as she walked. What a body this girl had! I sat on the table, and she walked up to me. She put her arms around my neck and planted a long, hot, wet kiss on me. I drew her close, and we both moaned with desire.

She said she was hot, so she peeled off the sweatshirt, revealing a tank top that barely covered her breasts and left her midriff exposed. She put her fingers under the waistband of the pants,and slipped them off in one swift motion. Her short shorts hugged her tightly, the puffy mound between her thighs was outlined perfectly. I could see the crack of her twat pressed into the fabric.

She sat down between my legs, and leaned back into my crotch. Her blond hair was rubbing the hard cock that was hidden there. I started to rub her shoulders, working my way down her chest. I rubbed ataşehir escort bayan her smooth, taut belly, and brought my hands up under the shirt. Her bra-less tits were firm under my fingers, and the nipples were stiff.

She started breathing heavier as I fondled them. I moved down to the bench, and we started kissing again. My hand moved lower as we kissed, down between her thighs, and her legs parted almost with a mind of their own. I rubbed the swollen mound through the thin material, and she was groaning louder, now. I worked my hand up to the waistband, and slowly eased my fingers inside her shorts.

I found her slit with my middle finger, and parted the outer lips easily. She was soaking wet! I rubbed the spot at the top of her slit, and her hips were bucking up to meet my hand. Two fingers dipped into her wet cunt, right up to the second knuckle. She was moaning my name over and over as I stroked her to an orgasm.

“My God, that feels so good. It’s been a long time for me!”. ” What are friends for? If they can’t make you feel good?”

I took my fingers from her wet box, and licked the juices off them. “You sure do taste good!” I exclaimed. She laughed, and pulled my closer, and gave me another one of those searing kisses. “Your wife was right, you are a hell of a good kisser, but she didn’t tell me about your fingers!”. She said to me. “We’ve been gone for a while, we’d better head back,now.” I said to her.

We got back on the bike and headed to my place. I parked in the garage, and she went inside. I followed shortly, needing a few minutes for my hardness to go down. I went in, and my wife asked, “How was the ride?” “It was just a ride.”

I shrugged and kissed her good night, and went to the bedroom. I was so hot from taking care of that steamy pussy, I couldn’t go to sleep until I had taken care of my hard cock. I masturbated to the memories from the ride, sending jets of cum all over my hand and belly.

I went to work the next night, and all I could do was think of that hot body, and what I’d like to do with it. By the time I got home I was so horny, I couldn’t wait to sink my cock into a pussy.

I woke my wife with some kisses and nibbled on her ears. I started rubbing her all over, until I got to her cunt. I played with her clit, and got her real hot, real fast. I spread her legs and put the head of my cock at her hole and drove in with one thrust. I fucked her fast and furious, and in just a few minutes I unloaded a huge load of hot cum inside her. I collapsed on the bed next to her.

“What got into you, you horny little rabbit fucker?”

“I don’t know” I lied., “just extra horny today. I went out into the kitchen, to get a beer, and my wife’s friend was sitting at the table.

“I’ve got to leave today, do you escort kadıöy think I could have another ride before I go?” I looked at my wife, and she said “It’s up to you, babe. How tired are you?”. ” I’m O.K., but just a short ride.” She got up and wiggled her ass to the front room to put on some clothes. I went back to my room and slipped on some coveralls and my boots.

We got outside, and started the Harley. She came out wearing a Halter-top and some real short cutoffs that hugged her ass real well. We pulled out on the street, and she wrapped her arms around my waist. She started to suck on my neck and my ears, as her hand found the pocket slash in my coveralls. The one she found is just an opening so that you can reach into your pants pocket without unzipping the overalls. What she found was that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I don’t wear any as a rule. She also found seven and a half inches of already hardening cock!

She started stroking me slowly, with a light feathery touch that made me shiver. “I hadn’t planned on doing anything like this, but I couldn’t help myself after yesterday!” I smiled and gave her thigh a squeeze, and cracked the throttle open. We roared down the highway, the bike vibrating under us, the pipes loud in our ears. The wind ripping through our hair. God, this felt good! Riding down the road at seventy, with a hot girl stroking my cock, I was in heaven.

I spotted a deserted looking farmhouse, and pulled into the road. I parked the Harley in front of what used to be a garage. There was no front door, all the windows were broken out, the place was definitely not occupied. We walked up the steps holding hands, just like we owned the place.

The inside was as bad as the outside. We walked around, and found one room not as bad as the rest. She wasted no time in peeling off her top and spilling those tits out for me. Her shorts were next, and she stood before me, totally naked. Not a hair on her body, anywhere. Her smooth shaven pussy was already dripping juices down her legs. She reached for the long zipper in the front of my coveralls. And pulled it open. I shrugged the sleeves off, and she peeled them down to the tops of my boots. She drew close, and we kissed a long passionate kiss.

“Why are we doing this?” I asked.

“Because we want to, and I need it REAL BAD! I haven’t had a good fucking in a long time.”

She dropped to her knees, and took my throbbing cock into her mouth. She licked the head a couple of times. And then took all of it down her throat in one swift gulp! My cock touched the back of her throat and I groaned. No one had ever taken me that far so quickly! Her head bobbed up and down, and her eyes were locked on mine. She moaned and sucked as I started losing control. I took her head in my hands, and stopped maltepe escort her thrusting.

“Slow down, girl. I want to cum inside you.”

She smiled, and got up. She went to a fairly clean spot on the floor, and looked back at me. I swept away some dust and trash, then took my coveralls off to make a blanket. She lay down, and spread her long legs wide. The smooth lips of her wet cunt spread, exposing the inner lips and her stiffened clit. I lay between them, and smelled the raw sex rising from within her. I tasted her juice, right from the source, and nibbled my way up to her tits. I sucked them each in turn, as her hand grasped my cock and guided the head towards those inviting folds. . The red head of my cock split the opening, and I lowered my hips to enter her. Her legs spread, and her feet pulled my throbbing prick into that hot channel. It was hot and tight. I was afraid to move. It felt like a velvet glove, I could feel all the muscles of her cunt gripping every ripple and vein of my cock. After a few seconds, I dared to move.

Slowly, I pulled almost all the way out, and just as slowly reentered that steamy tunnel. We found a good pace, as she matched each of my thrusts with her own. We were breathing in unison, in on the outstroke, out on the downward thrust. It was absolutely fantastic.

I told her “I’m not going to hold out very long like this.”

“That’s alright, I won’t either.” Was her answer.

It was only a few strokes later, my cock started to swell and my balls drew up. I could feel the fire building inside. Her twat started to pump, as if to help me along, the muscles rippling from front to back.

“Jesus, I can’t hold it back!” I shouted.

“Give it to me. Give it all to me.” she was panting “I want it .NOW!” She cried out as her body shook.

I groaned like an animal “AAARRRRGGG YES ..Here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It felt like I’d opened a fire hose. Jets of hot come shot from what felt like my toes, deep inside her thrashing body. Spurt after spurt, I think I pumped a quart of seed into her. We fell together, sweating, our hearts pounding, my cock twitching inside her spasming cunt.

When she caught her breath, She said “Now what?” My answer was “I could stay like this for a long time, but I think we’d better clean up and get back.”

She looked saddened, but as I got up I wiped between her legs, and scooped up our mixed fluids and licked my fingers. She started laughing again. I pulled on my coveralls and went out to the bike to get her a towel to dry off with. We rode back quietly, with her arms wrapped tightly around me.

I went in an took my shower, and crawled into bed. I was just dozing off, when I heard the bathroom door open. I was laying on top of the sheets naked. The inside door opened quietly, and a flash of light startled me. She had a camera in her hand! She leaned over the bed, and kissed me.

“A small souvenir for my memory book.” She explained “Thanks, again. I’ve got to go now” She walked out and I went to sleep.

I wonder when she’ll come for another visit?

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