Shylo Morra Ch. 20


Shylo Morra Ch. 20

The train to Philly was packed, but Ken and Shylo had a great spot in the lounge car. The drinks came at a premium, but the bartender knew how to make a slow gin martini so Ken was happy to pay Strip Club prices. Shylo put her feet up in Ken’s lap, and he massaged them, while running his tongue over his lips, dreaming about sucking those cute digits into his mouth.

“I’ll be dancing until about 3. Where is your poker game?” Shylo asked.

“I don’t know yet hun, do you want to buy in when you’re done, It’s only 5k but you need cash,” Ken replied, finally pulling a moan from his patient.

“You know what I am thinking…” Shylo began.

“You want me to suck on your toes while you give me a hummer?” Ken was only joking, but he was also serious.

“Do you think that they would mind if I just watch,” Shylo asked.

“These guys are serious, so I’m thinking they would say yes if you offered to sit naked,” Ken smiled as he offered the challenge. “Four of them still play basketball, and they don’t play for free.

Shylo imagined the tall slender men. In her mind they were broad shouldered and narrow at the hip, with hands that could really make a woman wet.

Their town car was right where they said it would be, and the driver was alert, and helpful with the bags. They were only there for two nights, so Ken only had a valise with his best suit, While Shylo had three tiny outfits to work in, and her usual casual clothes.

“I booked us at The Logan, so I had better buy you a dress,” Ken announced. “I know you don’t want me to buy you gifts, but it would really please me to see you in something long and silky,” Ken pouted.

“All right, but nothing over a thousand,” Shylo conceded.

Ken pulled the car phone and instructed our driver Karl that we needed to stop at a very very nice dress shop, and Karl was certain he knew where to go.

“Wow!” Ken’s mouth dropped, but he managed to give his opinion of the red dress that Shylo grabbed first.

“What kind of frilly things do you have that would accompany that outfit?” Ken slyly asked the two female attendants.

The older one smiled and turned to fetch a cart.

The side of the silver cart only said RED, and the drawers were full of fancy panties and garter belts.

“We won’t be wearing a bra with this one, and your breasts don’t need even a pinch of a turn-up,” she mused while looking at Shylo’s breasts closely.

“Nothing crotch-less, I suppose?” Ken was always so crude!

“Of course sir!” the younger one gushed. “These two drawers have the French Panties.” She pulled out a beauty, with high hips and white lacy edges, the crotch-less aspect was bold, but Shylo knew that she had to have them. The red garter went into the bag.

“I would be happy to add a couple pairs of nylons if you would like dear,” the senior attendant helpfully added. “I will deliver it all to your hotel within the hour,” she mused. “Are you set for footwear Miss?”

“I brought some red fuck me’s,” Shylo announced before she could stop herself.

“I know just the kind,” the attendant replied, with a smile.

Shylo realized that all woman have ‘fuck me’ pumps and had to laugh.

“Shylo is the Headliner at The Jade House this weekend,” Ken proudly proclaimed.

It was obvious that the younger girl didn’t know what that meant, but our senior host most certainly did.

“I suspect that this dress will not be part of that performance Miss? She inquired with a twinkle in her eye.

“At that price tag! I guess not,” Shylo responded.

“Oh, I love the Theater,” the younger one bubbled over.

“Did you realize that it is a private club, with Adult Entertainment?” Shylo asked.

“Oh my!” was all she said in response.

“My name is on the Marque!” Shylo announced as the car pulled up to the very high end club.

“I asked about you coming out tonight Shy, and they said no, so I told them that you would not be there until after 3 cause you were stripping at the Jade, and they said yes!” Ken told her before dropping her at the front door.

“Don’t lose the house honey,” Shylo quipped, then she gave him a peck on the cheek, keeping her lipstick fresh.

“It hasn’t happened yet,” Ken glowed with adrenaline, as he mentally prepared for a long grind at the tables.

It’s a private club right next to the hotel, and Karl will be here to pick you up at 3,” Ken reported.

Shylo had been dancing for two years now, so she knew the moves on the pole, but that was only a part of her exhibition. She also enjoyed the personal aspect of the lap dance, so she spent little time in the spotlight.

Bruno dropped in, with his Sig-ot, Mini. Shylo could tell right away that Mynx was pregnant.

“I heard that you retired sister! Now I know why. Someone got you pregers,” Shylo joyfully hugged her friend. “Any idea on the father?”

“Oh, you are nasty! Getting your name in lights has turned you into a Bitch!” Mini replied, not needing to reveal that it was Bruno’s love child.

“Are you planning on siblings for this bundle?” escort izmir Shylo pondered, while patting the barely noticeable bump.

“Twins will be enough for me,” Bruno conceded.

“Congrats! You two!” Shylo was confident that their relationship was solid.

One of the security ladies came up to the table.

“Excuse me Miss Morra, but you have a guest,” the young lady informed them.

Shylo turned to find the younger dress attendant, sheepishly smiling at her.

“I hoped that the offer was genuine,” she quietly trailed off.

“Wonderful!” Shylo made her feel at home with a big smile.

“Please, join my friends Bruno and Mini,” Shylo fumbled with the intro.

“I’m sorry, but I never got your name.”

“Penny,” she offered, and stuck out her hand.

Bruno was already off of his seat, and moving to hold a chair.

“Can I buy a lap dance for Bruno,” Penny offered. “I mean, that’s how it’s done right?”

Bruno went over a few tables and grabbed an available pedestal.

“Hey, ass hat, that’s ours!” One of the men yelled from an adjoining table.

Bruno set the device down. “Sorry sir,” and he turned to look for another.

The young lady next to the heckler giggled and whispered something in the ear of the aggressor.

“Hey buddy, put it back where you found it!” the jerk commanded.

Bruno looked over at Mini, but she didn’t even flinch.

Two of the security team started to move in, but Bruno motioned them back.

“Terribly sorry sir,” he said, as he moved the dais a few meters further.

“What a dweeb,” the young girl clearly announced.

“Excuse me miss, but aggressive language like that will not be tolerated, you will have to leave,” our female security member was following the protocol perfectly. Of course Bruno literally wrote the book, on strip club security, so it was important to get it right.

“Like Fuck!” the aggressor bellowed as he pushed his chair back, to show his full height and power.

Three men and two women stood at Bruno’s side in less than 10 seconds.

“Sir, I have used nothing but respect, in spite of your language. I must ask you to leave peacefully, otherwise you will be made to leave, perhaps with a broken jaw or wrist, if you continue with this show of reckless aggression,” Bruno relayed his warning as if he was reading it from a card.

“You will need a lot more guys…”

Bruno hit him in the jaw, dislocating it in the process.

“Sorry sir, let me fix that…” Bruno hit him with the other fist and the jaw snapped sloppily back into place.

The tough guy shook his head in disbelief at Bruno’s speed and control, but he had not learned his lesson yet. He stepped in with a powerful swing, which almost hit Bruno, but he ducked down and pummeled his opponent with two quick shots to the left side.

“Now you have one or two cracked ribs. Do I actually have to break your leg?”

The mad man smoothly swung his legs under Bruno, bringing him to the floor, but Bruno saw it coming, and tho he couldn’t stop the sweep, he tumbled backwards, beyond the continued rush of his assailant, then swung his own leg around, with the heel crashing into shit head’s left temple.

He went down hard. Bruno jumped onto him, crushing his throat with a knee.

“You might crave punishment, my friend, but I am busy with my friends, so let’s get this over with. If you have to save your miserable honor, in front of your crazy girlfriend, but I must tell you up front that I will be angry if you do that, and I sometimes hurt people too much when I’m angry. I myself would have been looking forward to a few drinks, a laugh, and maybe a nice night out, but instead, you will be drinking through a straw for the next two weeks. Do you need more!”

The fight was gone. Even the lady was crying.

Security helped the two to the exit, but offered no other help.

Penny turned to Mini. “If I had a man like that, I would keep him,” she said without knowing that the two were married.

“Thanks, I will,” Mini whispered.

It was a regular Friday night. Shylo stayed out of the back rooms, preferring to entertain the regular crowd, and her new Phillyfriend, Penny.

Bruno finally tracked down a stripper platform and placed it in front of Penny.

“I am sure that Shylo would rather dance for you young lady, I’m too old, and too ‘taken’ for her shenanigans,” he said with a smile, “plus, she likes you,” he said and winked.

Penny sat back, realizing that she was among the rarest of people.

The music started and Bruno stood to give Shylo a hand up. Shylo knew that Bruno’s knees would need ice, and the hand up was just a gentleman’s move, so she accepted the hand, then gave him a peck on the cheek.

Penny was mesmerized, as Shylo gyrated. Her pink blouse came off right away, revealing her perfect globes. Her nipples were the size of silver dollars, with stiff nibs plumping up so that they protruded about a half inch.

Shylo bent low into Penny’s personal space, and sniffed her neck.

“Hmm, lavender,” Shylo purred, then she pushed izmir escort bayan her tits together and gave them a shake.

With the first dance over, Shylo wanted to chat with her new friend, but she hadn’t seen Mini or Bruno in months, so she engaged them all, during the 60 second gap between the tit song and the pussy song.

Shylo asked Penny if she had ever been to a place like this, and the answer was an unequivocal no.

“Can I get your number Penny, cause I’m in Philladelphia only two or three times a year, but I would love to see you… unless I’m misreading you,” she wondered.

Bruno laughed, and Mini kept her own council, but her reaction was similar.

“Yes, I would like to get to know you better, Shylo, though they would not approve at work…,” Penny mused.

“Your secret is safe with us Penny,” Mini replied and all heads nodded in concert.

The pussy song was all about seeing the vag, and Shylo did not disappoint, nor leave any crevice unexplored.

Shylo had to attend to everyone, but she never strayed far.

The men were the same everywhere. Get rid of the bully, and they can enjoy themselves without putting their mouth, their money, or their dicks, in the wrong place.

Penny said goodnight after about an hour, and Bruno insisted on giving her a lift, claiming that it was on the way.

Karl was there, as advertised, even though it was closer to 3:30 by the time Shylo had her new dress on. The other ladies were swooning over the sight of her!

“I bet that dress comes off a lot faster than it went on,” one girl claimed.

“Is that your limo out there Shy,” Janine asked after she checked the back alley.

Shylo did finally get the names of some of the Jade House people.

“Thanks Janine, can you tell him I’m there in 5?”

There was a light rain, so another bouncer, who’s name she hadn’t asked, walked her to the limo with an umbrella and he pulled out his cell and took a picture of the license that was attached to the passenger visor. He leaned in and compared the picture to the driver.

“Sorry Karl, but the Security Chief here is very thorough with his job,” Shylo informed him.

“That’s perfectly all right Miss.,” Karl responded. “It is smart to be cautious.”

The trip was only 10 minutes, and Shylo thanked Karl, letting him know that he was off for the night.

“Thank you Miss. Mr. Miser told me that you will not need me until 6 p.m. tomorrow, is that accurate?” Karl asked as he opened the door for her.

“Yes, that sounds good,” Shylo responded and turned to find another man waiting at the door.

She was escorted through a half dozen rooms, full of deep and plush chairs, pool tables and game tables but they were all empty. Finally they came to the poker room.

All of the players stood as Shylo followed the door man into the room.

“Hello Nurse!” one of them proclaimed as Ken moved to Shylo’s side.

Shylo was decked out in her silky red dress, which hugged her body in just the right places. Slits up both sides revealed the straps of the garter belt.

Ken pulled Shylo over to an overstuffed chair.

“There has been an unusual development Shy,” he began. “I’ve had to buy back in a few times, and I only brought 10k, so they accepted my credit, but only if I leave you with them, while I go to the bank,” Ken sheepishly admitted.

“And what are they expecting from me, while you’re gone?” Shylo asked, while taking note of the six tall men, whose eyes had not left her since she entered the room.

“Assuming he comes back, we will be nothing but charming,” the oldest looking man stood and walked over to Shylo. “But I hope he doesn’t come back, cause there are some things that I would love to do to you.”

“Just how much do you owe them Ken!” Shylo wondered.

“It’s only 20 grand,” Ken responded, looking like a real loser. It was a new look for the Used Car King of the east coast.

Shylo stood, and walked past the senior player, noting that he was only about 40. The other men stood again as she approached the table, and she shamelessly cupped a few of their asses, and moved into their personal space, the way that only a hooker, stripper, or familiar lover would ever do.

“That’s a lot of money to trust a man to return with,” she suggested.

“Would you rather he didn’t come back?” she asked the room in general.

There were murmurs of approval all around.

“I have three stipulations Gentlemen. First, you will use condoms at all times.”

Smiles appeared all around as they exchanged looks of joy.

“Second, there will be no dicks in the bum and no restraints.”

Shylo turned and looked at Ken with a wicked smile.

“And Mr. Miser must stay and watch,” Shylo finished.

“Excellent,” the senior man said. “But we will have to see the prize before we say yes.”

Shylo looked about the room, and the only sad face belonged to the big loser.

The man in charge came forward again. “My name is Murray, and these rascals are; Gene, Karem, Bobo, Charles, and Zho.”

“Now, can I do the izmir escortlar honors,” he finished.

Shylo turned so he could pull the zipper down her back. Murray pulled in much closer than he needed to, sniffing her neck as he slowly lowered the zipper. Then, while he nuzzled her neck, Shylo pushed the slender straps off of her shoulders, and the dress fell swiftly to the floor.

The room was suddenly quiet, and still, as they all drank in the beauty.

Shylo wore her crotch-less panties, garter and stockings on 5 inch heels.

The fuck me pumps did in fact push her hips so far forward, that her moist labia could be seen by all.

Bobo pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“No, Bobo, we can not film this,” Murray rebuked him.

“But you know my brother will not believe this if I don’t have pictures!” Bobo whined.

“If you have a good camera, Ken can take some snaps,” Shylo suggested with an impish grin.

Murray moved to a side table and unlocked a cabinet. Inside you could see video and camera equipment.

“Can you handle one of these, Ken? It’s self focusing, but you adjust the zoom like so…” Murray demonstrated with a twist of the lens.

“I’m sure that I can figure it out,” Ken whined with the defeated face of a cuckold man.

A table was cleared, and Shylo was laid on her back, with her legs dangling. Murray started things off by going down on his knees, as Zho and Charles helped by lifting Shylo’s legs up high.

Shylo could feel the breath on her crotch, and she was tingling in anticipation, but she did not have to wait long.

Murray brought his tongue to her puckered anus, but just circled the outside before it plunged deep into the honey hole! Shylo let out a little cry, but the tongue continued upwards, giving her labia miner a quick flick, before finishing with a sweep into the clitoris.

“Wow,” Shylo cried as she watched her lovers undress. When she saw Karem’s uncircumcised monster, she shattered into her first orgasm.

Ken was already taking intimate pictures, but moved to get some close ups of the orgasmic face.

Shylo squeezed out a little cum, much like a man, but less. It quickly disappeared as Murray did a little cleanup.

Gene was naked, and ready, as Murray gave up his spot. He moved in, and bounced his trim 7 inches on Shylo’s shaved mound. Gene was in his 30’s, with the body of a power forward. He had the broad shoulders and narrow hips of a basketball player. His massive hands directed his shiny prick to the pussy lips, and pushed about an inch of the condom covered head, into Shylo’s wetness. She moaned as he took both of her breasts into his giant hands. He gently palmed the globes, while twirling the nibs.

Four, strokes later, he was balls deep, and soon he was slapping his boulder holder off of Shylo’s butt as he brought both of them to the full height of bliss.

Again, Ken got intimate pictures, as the cock pulled out. The cum was visible through the sheer condom as Gene finished his fun.

Everyone was naked now, except for Ken, but he was really getting into his job too.

Karem was next up, and Shylo lifted up a bit, to supervise the introduction of his big cock. It was about 3 inches in diameter, and 8 inches long. Karem used two hands to tap his tool on the wet opening, then smoothly pushed it in about 6 inches.

Shylo took a deep breath, then motioned for Zho to bring his pecker to her mouth. Soon she had both ends going in unison. The two men kept the same slow pace, in, out, repeat until Karem couldn’t take any more, increasing the speed by half. Zho took two strokes to notice the new pace and he quickly caught up.

Shylo was using two hands, not that Zho was so big, but she was breathing like a racehorse as she approached another orgasm, so she didn’t want cock in the throat just now.

Karem loudly chanted something in another tongue, while Zho hummed.

Shylo was perplexed as the sound diverted her attention, but soon the rhythm and the vibrations brought her back to the present, and she convulsed into another long orgasm, while Karem started pumping harder and came with a moan.

Shylo was just regaining her senses as Zho pumped into her maw, ending round two with an exclamation mark.

Bobo was anxious for his turn as he hopped from foot to foot, acting like a teenager, yet clearly in his 30’s. “Wow, she is quite the beauty Ken, where did you find her?” Bobo pressed his modest tool into Shylo and grabbed himself a couple handfuls of breast. He was faster and harder than the others.

“I think she found me Bobo, but she is not something I bought, she is a student of sex, I guess,” Ken kept taking shots from every angle and distance. “Hey Murray, I need another sim card, this one is full.”

Murray was just introducing his fresh cock to Shylo’s lips. “There’s a box in the same cabinet,” he explained while keeping his eyes riveted to those of his luscious cock sucker.

Shylo noticed Charles, standing there patiently waiting for his turn, stroking his meat and drinking in the sights and sounds of a real fuck-fest.

Bobo leaned in and suckled Shylo, while he still managed to keep his hips moving into her, not slowing down even a little. He circled her nipple with his tongue, then sucked gently on the nib of one, then the other.

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