Soft Cat


It was dinner in the officers’ mess and Andrea slyly handed Rob an envelope under the table. In the privacy of his cabin he opened the envelope to find an invitation to “A Party Girl’s Party Games Partied In Silence”. It was surprising, he thought, that the brassy 24-year-old girl who organised Bingo for cruise ship passengers would dream up such a theme, but Rob was ready to give anything a go for a night in with Andrea who was all froth and bubble.

Later that night he arrived at her door to find a giant paper star yelling out her name. “Hell,” he said out loud, and knocked out a friendly melody on the door.

Andrea opened with that big confident smile he liked. She laughed loudly at his big theatrical silence and yanked him into the cabin. He was privately relieved that laughing and other noises were permissible. It was, apparently, a party of just two held in her spacious officer’s cabin which was a noisy carnival of distraction: flashing pink lights, surfaces festooned with random colours novelty magnets Senor Frog souvenirs stuffed toys garish cushions and, to cap it off, a screaming bedspread. Even with a vow of silence and a dim lampshade nothing could tone down a room of such visual noise. And techno pop was blaring on the stereo.

Andrea was dressed in a satin Chinese dressing gown that was tied at the front and she looked alluring. Straight away she led him to the edge of her bed and brought three Jack Daniels mixed ready for him. That was another thing he liked about her: she liked to plug him with booze. She stood in close. He took this as a clear signal to act so he put his hand on the curve of her back and smoothed the liquid satin over her big mutton thighs.

She kept playing at the schoolgirl act and it made him horny. By contrast, he played at being measured and composed. He slowly undid the cord of her gown and revealed the hot pink and black lace set which barely contained her big breasts as they spilled over the top of her corset. She was a heavy set girl but she enjoyed her own body and big Rob found her sexy.

He slowly removed his shirt and she watched him with a playful smile. He returned her gaze without blinking, and then stood up to unbuckle himself, momentarily taking his eyes off her. Suddenly she deftly whipped his belt out from his trousers scratching him in the process with her sharp red fingernails. The pace of this so-called party was pushy and had an aggressive edge to it, he thought, but he was more than ready for it so he continued undressing.

By the time he had finished, she had coiled the belt several times around the top of her leg and started taunting him with high kicks that nearly hit him in the chin, encouraging him to catch her leg to try and reclaim his belt. It would be a sexy tussle and one which he wanted her to win. He rummaged for the belt at the top of her leg and unravelled it but she snatched it away, her nails scratching him again as she looped it into his boxer shorts and yanked them down abruptly. Naked and a little stunned, as the liquor was kicking in, he wanted to push her down onto the bed and take her, but she was restless and agitated like a moving target, jumping up to the desk frequently to answer her distractions.

She brought pendik escort him a handful of jelly cups containing double shot vodkas or Jacks in a sweet fruit jelly. Using her tongue to gouge out the jelly from its cup and holding her head back she balanced the quivering round on her small tongue. Then she opened his mouth, and slid the jelly from her tongue onto his, kissing him carelessly.

Her foreplay was impetuous and frayed, and they were both getting hammered by the fast liquor. With a jerk, she fell back onto the bed dislodging jelly moulds with her painted claws and putting them on her navel for him to suck up. Then she pushed him to lie down and receive four raspberry jellies onto his big soft belly, two on his nipples and two on either side of his groin, and mounted him still in her dressing gown, and slowly sucked each one into her mouth loudly, throwing her head back and laughing dissolutely with each mouthful.

Andrea was very tipsy but completely in control of the sexplay and Rob enjoyed it immensely, but his dick was getting restless and the music wasn’t getting any better. He sat up on the edge of the bed and drank some more Jack to level himself. It simply was not possible in the present cultural climate to force himself on her, which of course, she knew, and he knew she knew and she knew that he knew that she knew, which was all the power to her, which they both knew.

Now with mock coyness, she took up a position on his generous lap as if she were sitting on an armchair. He wrapped an arm around each big thigh and opened her legs a little way and found his way through the lace and touched her inside. She had large loose lips which suggested she had been visited by a number of men and it added to his excitement to think that she had done a fair bit of horsing around before.

Strangely though, she was dry to touch, so he kissed the back of her neck to arouse her. She smelled of metal. She giggled childishly as he kissed her shoulders. He wetted his middle finger with his tongue and was returning it to pleasure her but she leant forward with her elbows on the desk, boldly posing her arse for him. He was hard for her and she was clearly inviting him to take her so he leant forward and put a hand on either side of her hips and slowly pulled down her pants. She laughed deeply. Finally, Rob thought, we can get down to some real adult sex, and he rose up ready to insert himself into her from behind. But giggling again, she twisted around and bowled him over by holding up a freakin’ puppet on each hand.

It was Bert and Ernie and she wanted to play a game of two mute, nerdy, furry fags teasing his aching snake by brushing it, stroking it, and tickling his testicles into the mix, as she laughed her jibing liquored breath all over his face. There was something in her tone that suggested she didn’t take him seriously, that he was a Clown. Privately, it debased him. He began groping at her, becoming a little rough, pulling off her gown, and she encouraged his aggressive play, all the while pulling back from him and laughing with derision. But she had only just begun her tease. She reached down under the bed and pulled out a Mexican tassle pony whip designed like a cat-o-nine-tails but maltepe escort made from rope and known as a “soft Cat”. Taking each end of it, she pulled it taut and pretended it was a snake writhing over her torso. Then she worked it over him and he lay back on the bed and allowed himself to be caressed. In no time at all she had him collared with the rope and led him like a pony to stand still for her on his hands and knees. Standing beside him, she gently whipped his buttocks and then moved in to kiss him and offer her big melons in a mock nurturing gesture to soothe him. As if the sarcasm wasn’t enough, her swipes from the Cat became forceful and he was actually getting stung by them now. She played it so that the more sting she inflicted the longer she would allow him to sup from her big teats. Under this tease, his manhood wept silently. He had welts on his arse, and was thoroughly submitted to her. He had never been so degraded and desperate to sink his cock into somethi thing and he was starting to break. He would consider anything right now and Rob thought she was beginning to act like a cow.

Suddenly she jerked over to the desk and killed all the lights in the room, plunging it into total darkness except for a razor white shaft under the door. He keenly listened for her location in the cabin for he was determined to consume her now for she had pushed him to his limit. He heard her fumbling at the desk and he reached out for her leg and slid his hand inside. She laughed mockingly at his efforts, but he ignored the insult to wonder why her skin felt so cool and clammy, and why she was still parched between her legs. He rose up to front her in the darkness and she met him and kissed him roughly.

Now he felt his member finally being given some attention: her hand had come from behind, oddly, and was in between his legs and gently oiling him up and stroking his sack as he stood with her breasts in his hands kissing them hungrily. She moved to his side and guided him to lie down and immediately she had him in her mouth and was slowly licking the head of his cock and stroking its shaft with her long muscular tongue.

The darkness disoriented him. The booze had slowed Andrea down considerably and her movements were now slurred and clumsy. She was bumping her heavy limbs around him while making a main course of his dick. Confused in the pitch black, he thought that her legs were parted near his head. She somehow had suspended herself over his face. He was being worked over twice here and felt a huge release; he was licking her swollen clitoris and her big horse flaps and receiving a dedicated blow at the same time.

Now he was ready to take charge and set her on her haunches as his willing, if soporific, plaything. He slowly turned her onto her stomach but the move caused an awkward flurry of limbs. The drink had obscured where she started and he finished and there seemed to be uncertainty in the pitch black about which way she was facing and, strangely, he noticed a change of atmosphere in the room.

As the tussle continued he had only his tactile and olfactory senses to go on but he could swear there was another woman in the bed! He thought he felt amongst the confusion a toned, muscled kartal escort body, small hands and short nails. He thought he heard a shallow panting. He brushed the smooth skin of someone else who was desert hot to touch. Were there three of them in the bed?! Or, equally, was he that drunk and so sorely prickteased by Andrea?

He began exploring the reaches of the bed but could only find Andrea by her sour, metallic smell and clammy skin and who by now was grizzling impatiently for her party fuck. He turned her over and put her on her elbows like a donkey barrow and sank himself in between her fat cheeks. She was tanked and had stopped giggling and was now making grey, stupefied noises of drunken pleasure. He would have liked to have come right then but he felt a gentle hand through his legs softly caressing his balls as he thrust into big Andrea. He slowed down and eased back a little and enjoyed the softness of the touch, feeling a gentle massage between his legs and the teasing of his anus with a small greased ball on a rod. He was able to keep fucking Andrea slowly like this and he drove her into the mattress. Listening to the regularity of her moans was soothing and it bade him some time to regain his bearings.

Rob was sure there was another woman attending on him and he knew who she was: that older woman he had been chasing ever since she joined the ship. She was sophisticated and mature and out of his reach – or so it seemed – and he had given up on the idea. Now she was entangled in a bed with him! How on earth did she get in here, he pondered. He kept quiet to Andrea because he loved the game of secrets In any case he wanted to fuck both of them before the night was out.

With real haste now, he reached between Andrea’s legs and began stimulating her clitoral crown, wetting her with his saliva. He could hear her breath become thick with each thrust and insistent circular motions on her bell pushed her to her edge. Soon she was without any inhibitions groaning and drowning out the Pet Shop Boys. It was obvious to anyone either side of this cabin or in the passage outside that a woman was coming and he quickly brought her to orgasm. His member was very hard and aching for its relief.

Suddenly, out of the pitch black he noticed that something had moved in front of the strip of light under the door. He could see by the two strips of black that interrupted the light that the other woman was standing near the door. He left Andrea alone in a corner of the bed to recover and quietly made his way towards the figure in the dark.

She was there, lithe and soft like a cat, naked, hot and short of breath, and she kissed him slowly and delicately. She bent over for him, reached behind and guided his serpent into her swamp and moved for him and squeezed herself around him and grinded her buttocks back towards him as he pushed hard into her. She was so moist there he was almost overtaken with the sensation of swimming inside her womanhood. Very soon he came spectacularly within her, almost throwing her forward and off balance with his projectile force. She turned around and embraced him and, standing as high as she could manage, kissed his temples and eyelids. He felt the combined rush of release, satisfaction and gratitude, and needed to sit immediately.

He turned back to the bed to attend on Andrea, drawing the bed clothes over her carefully. “Hot damn! I love a whore,” he whispered to her. Then he heard the door close quietly behind him.

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