Sophie’s Special Treatment


Please note, dear reader, that Sophie likes her name to be pronounced with the accent on the second syllable. She prays you to keep this in mind when reading this story. You might even exercise it a couple of times before you start, she suggests 🙂 Sophie furthermore wishes you a pleasurable and exciting reading and so do I.

Sometimes Sophie instructs me to be very patient and to restrain myself. I know that if I do, there will be a reward. She calls it a special treatment and has all kinds of them.

The other day I went through a tantalizing experience. In Sophie’s favorite lingerie shop I watched her trying on different garments, assisted by an amorous young salesgirl. All the time I had to restrain myself, not moving or saying anything. At the end of her exhibition she promised me a special treatment when we would come home.

At our arrival Sophie took me to the living room. I drew her close to me and caressed her auburn hair. I kissed her passionately. My tongue went deep in her mouth. In a slow rhythm I pulled it in and out. Soon she responded by sticking her tongue in my mouth, moving it teasingly in all directions. I lowered my hand on her back and reached under her dress. Slowly I cupped her buttocks, rubbing them softly. As I moved my hand in her panties, she gently but decidedly pushed me back.

“You are all wet from perspiration,” she told me. “Take your clothes of.”

Soon I stood naked before her, my erect penis pointing at her in a demanding state. Sophie, still fully dressed, took it in her hand and guided me to the bathroom. There she instructed me to step briefly under the shower. When I came out all wet she put ample soap on a washcloth and told me to turn around so she could wash my back. She rubbed firmly over my shoulders and my back down to my waist. There she stopped and started on my legs, upward to my bum. Now she went between the cheeks of my ass. Briefly she stopped to put the washcloth away and abundantly soap her hands.

She ordered me to bent over and spread my legs. As I rested my hands on the bathtub I sensed her finger on the most intimate virginal part of my body. Bit pendik escort by bit she forced it in, deeper and deeper. There she began to massage me slowly. Never had she done this before. With her other hand she started to rub my penis, first drawing my foreskin down. My erection was agonizingly hard.

“Keep calm,” she told me. “Don’t come yet.”

As I bravely tried to obey her, gradually the movements of both her hands went quicker. While she still increased her pace she sensed that I was on the verge of coming. Just as I reached my point of no return she withdrew her hands and quickly turned me around to face her. I started shooting my sperm with hard long jets.

“Sophie … Sophie … oh Sophie,” I softly cried out.

Breathlessly she watched my spendings that seemed to continue endlessly. When finally they stopped I felt week and a bit dizzy. Sophie drew me close to her, not caring anymore for her dress. She kissed me tenderly on my lips.

I went back in the shower while Sophie cleaned up the bathroom for me. When I came out she gently rubbed me dry with one of the bath towels.

She asked me to return to the living room as she was going to take a bath and then change into something more comfortable. Still naked I went to the living room and sat on the couch. I turned on some soft music and poured a couple of long drinks, eagerly waiting for Sophie to come back and still enjoying the thoughts of one of the best ‘special treatments’ she ever gave me. Were there more to come?

After a long while Sophie entered the living room wearing only a pale purple chemise. It had thin delicate shoulder straps and barely reached her upper thighs. She sat next to me on the couch and took a long sip on her glass. She moved my chin up with her middle finger and as she kissed me she poured the liquid in my mouth. Then she lowered her hand between my thighs and gently forced them open. Teasingly she cupped my balls and squeezed them tenderly. As my cock responded quickly in a fierce way, she told me that perhaps I would get another special treatment if first I would service her to her satisfaction.

I told her maltepe escort there was nothing that I would like to do more. She spread a large bath towel she brought from the bathroom on the wall-to-wall carpet and instructed me to lie down on it. As I did so she stood at my feet gazing eagerly at my cock, which was proudly standing up again, expressing amorously its eulogy to her statuesque figure. Now she opened her legs wide and positioned her feet on each side of my head. Under her chemise I had a full look at her neatly trimmed pussy and it’s slightly open pink lips on top of what looked like two marble pillars. Oh Sophie!

Sophie lowered her body, bending through her knees. Delicately I licked the lips of her pussy from bottom to top as I started to service her. Then I sticked my tongue deeply in her sweet cunny and fervently drew it in and out. I circled around her now protruding clit. Again I moved my tongue up and down, in and out of her pussy in a more and more heightened rhythm. “Don’t stop,” she moaned. She was on her knees now and moved with utmost frenzy up and down my mouth. Suddenly she cried out softly, spending in my eager mouth. “Oh my sweet love,” she whispered.

We went back to the couch and Sophie rested herself in my arms with her knees drawn up to her chin. She took another sip of her glass and for a long moment we remained silent, listening to the soft music. From time to time Sophie sighed softly. I kissed her tenderly on her lips.

After a while she seemed to have recovered and sat up on the couch. She told me to stand in front of her. She removed her chemise and opened her legs. “Come near,” she whispered. As I stood between her open thighs she took my penis in her mouth. Then with her right hand she drew back my foreskin, holding it down with her other hand. She put some saliva on her fingers and slowly started to rub my fierce manhood up and down with her middle finger and her thumb.

As she heightened her pace I grew harder and harder. She took my penis in her mouth again and sucked it wildly, squeezing my balls at the same time. I managed to endure this tantalizing experience kartal escort for a long time, due to my generous spendings in the bathroom earlier. From time to time she stopped, leaving me yearning, throwing my hips forward and back in a frenetic way.

When I finally was about to come, she abruptly stopped and instructed me to lie on the floor again. Apparently this was not her ultimate special treatment of the day. ‘In order to calm me down,’ she left me there for a long moment. She dimmed the lights and went out of the living room. I must have dozed of when suddenly I felt her tongue entering my mouth. Then she took my nipples in her mouth one by one, biting them delicately.

She told me to turn on my belly and stretched her full body on my back. I felt her breasts teasingly stroking me with her erect nipples. She moved her body up and down with long slow strokes, tenderly biting me in my neck and then licking me behind my earlobes. Did I feel her pubic hair softly tickling my bum? Gently she turned me on my back again. I was fully awakened now and so was every part of my body.

She mounted my fierce manhood. At first she didn’t move. I felt her cunt squeezing me with her labia. For a long time she rested motionless on my cock, just exercising her muscles. I reached for her breasts but she took my hands away. She put them on each side of my head, keeping my wrists firmly down with both her hands. Gradually she began to move on my yearning penis. I managed to get my hands loose and cupped her breasts. Again she took my hands away. But now she lowered her torso so that I could kiss her tits. With my full mouth I sucked them eagerly.

Sophie sat up and I cupped her breasts again. She rode me slowly in an endless way. I was completely agonizing, not existing anymore, just sensing my penis, being my penis. Then she moved in a more and more frantic way.

“Don’t come yet. Wait until I’m ready darling,” she whispered, as she knew my restraint could not stay much longer. Again I exercised that wonderful self-control she so often imposed me.

She moved faster and faster on me, going up and down in frenzied strokes. As she looked me faintly in the eyes she murmured, “Come darling.”

She climaxed and softly moaned as I spend endlessly in her.

As we lay exhausted side-by-side Sophie kissed me and whispered, “I love you darling.”

I knew.

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