Spanish Holiday


Tatiana was muttering to herself while packing her bags. She was heading to Murcia all alone in an hour. She needed to escape. She was tired of the phony colleagues, her sedentary monotonous job, her loquacious neighbour and above all her irritatingly perfect boyfriend Carlos. The past week had been terrible for Tati. Although there would never be obvious quarrels between the couple, thanks to the virtuous and proper attitude of Carlos, Tati knew that this was it. She could not go on anymore perfectly planned weekends in luxury resorts or the weekly dinners with his parents.

Tati had always had an open mind to new things, new ideas. But since her perfect affair with Carlos had begun she constantly felt at loss. She felt lifeless. She needed to inject her static veins with youthful energy and passion. So finally she had decided to go alone and explore the Cabo de Gata area of nudist beaches of Murcia. She wanted to discover the wilder side of her, and if she didn’t find it, she was willing to create it. Yesterday after trying desperately to draw out some incorrect response or some heat from Carlos, she had finally decided to go away and be with herself for a while.

So she was now in her car, all set to drive the 5 hours through the scenic beauty of Spain. She had taken all the things that she had avoided in the past few years. So she had a bag full of sexy bikinis, although she was hoping that she’d have enough courage to go skinny dipping on the enchantingly seductive beaches or Murcia. She had her sun tan lotion, a bunch of magazines like Cosmo, Hola and Vogue that she dared not say she enjoyed before Carlos who only subscribed to academic journals and only enjoyed the medieval poetry. And classic opera was his idea of a romantic date!! Tati was in high spirits literally, after gulping down 2 cans of beer. Paco de Lucia’s guitar playing in the background reminded her of her passionate dreams that were lost among the deadlines and commitments. She knew she what she wanted to do. She had also made up her mind to bask in the wildest of activities, rediscover her sensuality, drink margaritas at breakfast and then wrap the whole experience and forget it if it turned out to be too promiscuous than expected.

The next morning she swallowed her chorizos with a glass of gin fizz and went onto the beach that was just 100 steps away from her resort. She lay on the web tasarım beach inhaling the fresh salty air that announced adventure! She lay on the beach in her skimpy leopard print bikini, with large brown shades looking at the beach and enjoying the sight of so many nude people oblivious to the world and engrossed in revelry and lust. She was particularly aroused on looking at a young couple who entered the beach stark naked like all the other people around and after dipping in the salty water lay on the beach licking the salt of each other’s body. She desperately wanted to do this to someone.

She knew that she would do it. She started looking around to see any guy standing all alone. A few feet away, she saw a handsome guy who she was sure was a hippy. He had beautiful Greek features, green eyes and his golden wet skin glistened in the sun. She was desperate to see his cock, the view of which was blocked by his guitar as he was mesmerized by his own music. She could barely hear him from that far so she went nearer to him. She was sure that his cock would be a pleasant surprise for her given his extraordinarily athletic build and healthy skin. She always fantasized about doing it with someone with long hair. Her fantasy was likely to come true now. She moved closer to him and sat next to him. He barely even noticed her. After playing one piece he stopped for a moment. Tati snatched the opportunity and complimented him, but he seemed not to notice her at all. Disappointed at the first attempt of what was supposed to be a wild weekend she got up, when he looked at her with his deep eyes and said, “it is not fair to wear a bikini on a nudist beach.” She smiled sexily and took off the top. He gave her a serious smile and they started walking hand in hand looking for a more tranquil secluded spot.

As he spotted one, he tugged at her panties and she gave him a naughty smile. He took off her panties without much ado and started rubbing his fingers over her clit. She was amazed to see how wet she had become just in a second. The huge hippy sure was a sex God, who had descended just to spice up her stale life. She gaped at his erect cock. It looked so fresh and egotistic like it had a mind of its own. She greedily grabbed it and started moving her palms over it fervently. The hippy moved upwards her breasts and grabbed one in his huge hand while his mouth pleased web tasarım ankara the other tit. His long and wet tongue was working wonders on her tit which had become hard as a bead.

She was surprised to find that his already huge cock still had the capacity to expand further. She was ecstatic to know that she could have this effect on the sex God! He squeezed her boob till she screamed with pleasure and pain. She moved down on him and hungrily started licking his dick. She took his balls in her mouth and rolled her tongue over them and she saw him look upward with his mouth open. She moved her tongue up his shaft and teased the tip of his cock. She licked around it but avoided the actual spot till he grabbed her hair and directed her mouth to the tip. She then took it deep within her mouth till she almost gagged. She kept moving her fingers in circular motion over his tight butt. As he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth she squeezed his butt. He suddenly pushed her flat on the sand and got down on her. He started moving his long tongue over her pussy. He seemed to like the taste of it since he was moaning while he licked and teased her clit. He suddenly inserted two of his fingers in her vagina and kept tapping her inner walls while he licked it from outside. She suddenly half got up when she felt him grab her clitoris in his mouth and suck it tightly. This was an entirely new sensation for her. After trying unsuccessfully to lower her voice she burst into a series of screams as his tongue entered her pussy where his fingers were already working wonders. Her wetness had already spread over her inner thighs. He moved lower and violently licked her inner thighs while his hands were grabbing her ass. She kept wriggling in the sand and moving wildly underneath his mouth. As the speed of his fingers moving inside her increased she became breathless. She wanted to scream his name but didn’t know it, so her intense volcanic orgasm rushed over as she grabbed his hair almost pulling and tearing it off. She had had a massive orgasm even before he had entered her.

He kept rolling his tongue over her clit and in a minute her massive orgasm was followed by another extraordinary orgasm and she was breathless and tired when he got on his back and with his strong powerful hands just lifted her and placed her over his dick. She didn’t have to fear his size as she was so wet that he easily entered her and started moving her over his cock holding her waist so strongly that she almost looked like she jumped over it. They were under the sun, sweat running down their bodies, sand stuck to their butt and he grabbed and squeezed her tits. He was so masculine and macho that even after 5 minutes of continuous humping he was yet to cum while another orgasm was on its way for her. He started rubbing his hands over her thighs as she grabbed her own tit and squeezed it. As she was squeezing her tit, he wet his thumb and rubbed it over her clit and her third orgasm made his cock all wet. Her thighs had started shaking and her breasts were raw.

He lifted her off him and placed her on the sand. He got and quickly spread her legs and with one quick motion entered her once again. His thrusts got deeper and faster and he was finally starting to get breathless. He was about to cum, she knew that for sure. Her entire body was exhausted and shaking beneath him but her mind was fresh as new. It was clear of all anxieties at that moment. He grabbed her shoulders and stooped his head over hers and she felt him ejaculate within her as his moan echoed in her ears. He stayed like that for a moment and then got off her and kissed her lips. He looked into her eyes and kissed her. His wet lips gliding softly over his. She could feel her own taste on his lips and was getting aroused but she knew that physically she was exhausted beyond her wildest imaginations. She was ecstatic to find her extraordinary capacity of multiple orgasms. Until now she felt this was only possible in ‘Cosmopolitan’ or ‘Playgirl’. But she had finally achieved it. As she lay there on the sand with him stooping over her and their tongues making love. He then kissed her forehead. Her eyes were half closed. Tati fell asleep with all that exhaustion on the beach.

When she woke up, it was already beginning to get dark. She could see the hippy nowhere. She wished she had at least known the name of the person who aroused her senses like no one before. She got up to gather her bikini and her magazines, when she peered at her belly. It said, ” Love Abenamar” written just below her navel in beautiful writing.

She started laughing ecstatically. Smiling mysteriously she knew that she would go home and tell Carlos that She had relived the wild medieval times through ‘Abenamar’ , while secretly getting wet my the mere sound of that name. Abenamar was Carlos’s favourite poem about which he had written several articles in several academic journals..;-))

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