Perhaps if I hadn’t been still feeling the effects of a long afternoon’s drinking, I would have had more sense. I am certain that it was my drunkenness that caused me to make a mistake that no-one would have made sober, and which changed my relationship with my little sister forever. Then again, that could just be an excuse for me acting on a subconscious desire I had hidden for years.


Mitch, tank-boy, Cooper and I had been out of the army for a week when we all met up for a drinking session at Coop’s house. As usual, we went too far and I ended up staggering home far the worse for wear. And it was only early evening.

When I closed the front door and fell up the stairs, I could hear giggles coming from the brat’s bedroom. Oh, no. The little cow had another of her soppy team-mates round.

Stacy was nearly ten years younger than I. In fact, she had only had her eighteenth birthday last month. As usual, Dad and Mum spoiled her rotten with a huge party and lavish gifts. She may be my little sister, but to me she was always “the brat.” No matter how nice I was to her, she would always make some snotty comment and show me up. We just did not get along at all.

I swayed as the stairs spun about me and I had to steady myself with the banister. Taking a deep breath, I carefully placed one foot in front of the other and made my way up to my bedroom to lie down and take a nap.

As I passed the brat’s bedroom door, I noticed it was slightly open and I could see Stacy and her friend limbering up. The brat was an immensely talented gymnast and was on the regional team, often bringing one of her team-mates home to have a sleep over. I usually hated the little airheads as much as I hated her; they were all self-centred little ego maniacs that believed all the bull she told them about me.

But the girl that was in there with Stacy tonight was stunning! She was a slim brunette with hair almost as long as the brat’s. They were stretching and seemed to be practicing some of the positions that they would use in the contests. This vision was dressed, like my little sister, in a tiny pair of panties and a cut-off T-shirt that barely reached the bottom of her small breasts. I could not help but stare as she flexed and stretched her lithe body into graceful arcs that most girls would find impossible.

Then, she noticed me watching. Her beautiful face melted into the most wonderful smile and she winked at me. With a smooth, elegant swing, she lifted one foot behind her body and curled it around, bending backward until the flat of her sole touched the top of her head. She never wobbled in the least as she balanced perfectly on one leg and displayed her athletic ability to me.

My throat wasn’t the only place to get a lump.

Dropping her long leg back to the floor, she moved forward and stepped out into the hallway. Behind her, I could see my little sister sat on the floor in the splits. Her legs were at one hundred and eighty degrees to each other and her forehead was touching her knee with her fingertips grazing her toe.

The girl circled me as I stood still and tried not to sway too much.

“Hi. Stacy’s a dark horse. She didn’t tell me her brother was such a muscle-bound hunk.”

Looking up at the sound of her friend’s voice, my little sister pulled a disgusted face, “Come away, Kim. He’s a filthy perv that likes to spy on my friends!”

Kim’s eyebrow raised and she gave me a beaming grin, “That so, hunk? Do you like to watch us work out?”

“Er…” I replied, displaying my vast conversational skills.

The brat got up and sauntered over to her doorway. “Eew! The slob’s drunk, again! Still, it may improve his intelligence.”

The brunette vision looked over her shoulder at the brat and flashed her a curious glance. Stacy smiled and folded her arms across her breast. That was when I noticed the small pink T-shirt she was wearing. It had the picture of a little black kitten holding a purse behind its back beneath the words, “Tight young pussy.” Dad would freak if he saw it.

“I’m not saying he’s dumb, but when he went for his I.Q. test in the army, he was stood outside for nearly two hours. He thought it was a test to see how long he could wait in line!”

The little cow used that joke on all her friends; she thought it was far funnier than it was.

“So, you were a big tough soldier, then?” Kim purred seductively, turning back to me as she stroked a finger over my shirt pocket. “Did you kill anyone?”

“Oh, he massacred a whole platoon single-handedly,” pitched Stacy.

I frowned at her, wondering what she was up to, but Kim glanced back with a look of admiration so I remained silent.


“Oh, yeah. He took off his shoes and socks and his stinky feet wiped out the whole barracks!”

Kim dissolved into giggles and Stacy leant against the bedroom doorframe with a smug look of triumph on her face. I bristled with anger and embarrassment as I searched for a witty bahis firmaları put down, but my inebriated state only left me able to blurt, “Well, I may have stinky feet, but at least I don’t have the body of a fourteen year old!”

I regretted it the moment it left my lips, but by then it was too late. Stacy was hyper-sensitive about her figure and I had often walked in on her crying on mum’s shoulder about the teasing she received at school. She was small for her age and had a willowy, slender body that was almost boyish from lack of feminine curves. What seemed to upset her the most were her tiny breasts; they looked like two small peaches upon her chest. It is quite common for some gymnasts to develop slowly, but Stacy’s body seemed to linger a long way behind any of her team-mates’.

I felt like a total shit when her face screwed up and her lip trembled as she tried to hold back the tears.

“Stace…” I began, but she cut me off before I could finish.

“Drop dead, you rotten creep!” she wailed and spun around so fast that her long blonde ponytail whipped out behind her as she fled into her room. Turning to grasp the handle, she shot me a look of anguished betrayal and slammed her bedroom door so hard that the whole wall shook.

Kimberly winced at the loud bang and looked up into my eyes, once more. “That wasn’t very nice,” she said, but her tone was still flirting with me. “You’re a very naughty boy.”

Trailing her hand slowly down my chest, she reached the front of my jeans and cupped my crotch. Her smile broadened and she gave me a little squeeze. Then, with a wink, she opened the door to Stacy’s room and silently mouthed the words “Call me.” I could just see my little sister lying face down on the bed and sobbing into the crook of her arm, before Kimberly blew me a kiss and closed the door.

For a full minute, I stood perfectly motionless and stared at the space she had vacated. I could still feel the squeezing of her hand over my cock. Jeez, she was hot! I wanted to fuck her so bad that I had completely recovered from feeling down about taunting the brat. After all, she started it! It was typical of the kid to try to make fun of me in front of her friends. Well, she didn’t get away with it this time.

I managed to walk in more or less a straight line back to my room and collapsed on my bed, thoughts of Kim running through my head. As I stripped off my clothes, I pictured allsorts of different positions I would be able to fuck that flexible nymph in!

Rubbing my aching cock, I finally succumbed to the affects of the beer and fell asleep.


When I awoke, the room was in total darkness and the house was silent. I tried to focus my bleary eyes on the red numbers of my bedside clock. One fifteen in the morning. My head was spinning and I needed to pee really badly.

Groaning, I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on my boxer shorts. Rubbing my mouth, which felt all thick and rubbery, I shambled to the bathroom and stood there swaying slightly as I relieved myself.

Memories of seeing Kim bend her leg up and touch her head made me begin to get aroused. The teenager had definitely been coming onto me and I was certain that I would get lucky with her. My cock was getting hard and I couldn’t wait to fuck her.

Why wait? my alcohol muddled brain asked. She’s in the room across the hall, so go in there and screw her. Can’t, I silently replied to the voice in my head, Stacy is in there too. So be quiet, blockhead! She’s asleep on the camp bed that Mum and Dad always insist she sets up. You know how they say it’s only polite to let the guest sleep in the proper bed. You could fuck that pretty young thing and your sister would never know!

I couldn’t argue with logic like that, so I took a deep breath and swayed over to the door of my little sister’s bedroom. Turning the handle quietly, I pushed the door ajar and peeked in. The room was pitch black. I knew that the bed was only a pace or two away and Stacy had set up the camp bed on the other side of that, so I sneaked in and closed the door behind me without fear of tripping over the brat.

Dropping my boxer shorts to the floor, I lifted the covers and slid in beside the sleeping girl. After the coolness of the night time bathroom, the warmth of her body under the sheets was welcoming. I snuggled up to her back and put my arm around her.

She was naked! Her skin felt so hot and smooth against mine that my cock throbbed with anticipation.

I stroked my hand gently up her side and felt that she had her arm bent and raised to her mouth. She was sucking her thumb in her sleep and had her index finger curled up over her nose! I guess it must be a chick thing because Stacy does it all the time. I shook my head. Who would have thought that women of their age would still have such childish behaviour?

Ignoring it, I let my fingers slide forward around her cute form and cupped hold of her small breast. Now I knew that the alcohol was kaçak iddaa getting to me, because her titties seemed to be hardly any bigger than my sister’s. They had certainly looked larger when she had been flirting with me earlier. Not that I really minded, because I prefer tits smaller, but common sense was trying to penetrate my addled haze and tell me something. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as strong as what my hard cock was shouting at me, so I put the nagging doubt aside and caressed the small mound.

It was so soft under my fingers. The perky, slightly upthrust tip was capped by a long nipple that stemmed from a small areola. Perhaps it was down to the small size of her breast that the nipple seemed so long, but it felt wonderful, anyway. I rolled it slowly between my finger and thumb, sighing in pleasure when I felt it begin to stiffen and swell for me. As my hand worked its magic on her, I leant forward across the pillow and nestled my face through the clouds of her long hair to place a kiss on the nape of her neck.

She gave a small whimper in her sleep and snuggled backward against my chest. That encouraged me to kiss more firmly and lick her skin. She tasted as sweet as she smelled; the very feminine smell of body oils and hair products filled my senses as I savoured her aromatic perfume. Oh, I wanted this girl so much!

My fingers slid off her now hard nipple and descended across the firm flat plain of her belly. I was unable to resist tenderly caressing her navel as my hand reached the curve down to her pussy. She was sleeping with her knees slightly raised so I had to press a little firmly, but it was easy for my large hand to prise her thigh to one side and slip onto the puffy folds of her womanhood.

I was shocked and delighted to find that she was shaved completely smooth! The sexy little minx!

My fingertips found the central slit between her labia and homed onto it as if they had been dying of thirst and just found water. In the darkness, my whole body was focusing on the feelings that came through my probing digits, so I revelled in the way the soft flesh parted and brushed the sides of my finger. Her slit was warm and dry, but I knew I could quickly change that. With a little fumbling, I found the fleshy hood that covered her clit and drew feather-like circles around it.

“Mm-hmmm” she moaned quietly in her sleep as her upper leg straightened and rolled to the side to allow me free access. A grin threatened to split my head in two as my caresses caused the teenager to unknowingly surrender to her growing lust. Her small foot slid along the upper side of my leg and I slipped my knee between her thighs to hold them open. Now my hand could move over her pussy with ease.

I teased her little jewel relentlessly for several minutes, until I could feel her central crease become quite slippery and wet. Then, as my lips moved to her throat and began to suckle with more firmness, I slid my fingertip down her slick path and curled it into the opening of her velvet sheath. I traced a spiral path around that tight circle of flesh as my finger began to sink into her.

Oh, she felt so wonderful to my questing touch! Her little cunny was a juicy delight as I caressed her crinkled, inner walls. Her pussy made a soft squelching sound as I stirred it to arousal and it glazed my hand with girlish honey.

I could have just lain there and fingered this wonderful girl for an eternity, but I suddenly sensed her awakening. Sliding my free hand beneath her head, I cupped it around her mouth and moved my lips to her ear. As my hand closed on her, she gave a jerk and her legs snapped shut on my thrusting fingers.

“Wh… mmmphfff?”

“Shhh,” I whispered to calm her, “It’s Jack. Don’t make a sound. If we wake anybody up, I’ll have to stop. Do you want me to stop?”

I curled the buried finger around and stroked that sensitive spot on the front wall of her pussy. After only a brief moment, she shook her head in my hand and relaxed her legs. I had her! Slipping my finger from her, I took hold of her hand and placed it on my thigh before returning my digit to its task.

“We need to be very quiet. Can you do that?” I whispered, so quietly that I was barely audible, even to her. “One tap for no and two taps for yes. Okay?”

Her hand on my thigh lightly tapped twice. Good, she understood.

Immediately, I disobeyed my own rule and breathed, “I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you limbering up, this afternoon. You are so beautiful and I simply must have you. Do you want me?”

The pause that followed was a little too long for my liking, but finally she hesitantly tapped twice.

I rewarded her by thrusting my fingers back and forth in her tight sheath and leaned over her. The hand that had been cupping her mouth now pushed her face toward mine and our lips met in a gentle kiss. Lust for her was so strong in me that I could not keep the tenderness up for long, and soon began to kiss her with a hungry passion. Her sweet kaçak bahis lips parted and her tongue met my own as I thrust it deep into her mouth. I could taste cherries and realised that she must have borrowed some of that lip balm that the brat was forever applying.

In the darkness of my sister’s bedroom, we kissed and I stirred her juicy pussy with a growing need. My cock was painfully hard as it lay in the furrow between her buttocks and pointed up her back, feeling like a fiery bar trapped between us.

How much time passed as we lay with me curled around her back, slotting my thick fingers in and out of her as my tongue swirled in her mouth, I couldn’t guess, but it was heaven. I enjoyed drawing long clear strands of sticky girl cream from her tight depths and playfully used her own wetness to draw a capital letter J on her inner thigh. It was a sexy brand that made her completely mine.

My furtive caresses had aroused her far more than I would have thought, because her pussy was making sloppy squishes and squelches as I finger-fucked her. Now, I needed more. My hand left her sopping cleft and guided the head of my cock to her tight opening. Ever the gentleman, I paused and lifted my mouth from her hungry kissing.

“Are you sure you want this?” I whispered, praying that she still did. Her small hand tapped me twice so quickly that I grinned at her neediness and thrust into her silken sheath.

I was amazed at how tight she was! She gave a little grunt and her breath hitched as her fingernails dug into my hip, painfully. My hand clasped onto her shoulder and held her firm as I buried my rigid shaft to the hilt in her young cunt. The feelings as my glans parted her soft flesh and ploughed to the very heart of her velvet depths were so sensual that I gasped and fell back against the pillow. Her long flowing hair was trapped beneath my cheek as I began to pump her small frame with a steady rhythm.

I had never fucked anyone who felt this good! The hand that was still sticky with her pussy juice slipped upward to grasp hold of one of her tiny breast and squeezed roughly. Her bouncing hips thrust back at me even harder and she emitted a little squeal.

“Shhh!” I hissed, afraid she would wake the brat.

I could hear her breath rasping as she returned my eager thrusts, trying to bury my pounding cock as deep in her as she could. She was getting more and more turned on as I fucked her. Her arm brushed my hand that was grasping her breast as she raised it and bit down on her closed fist to try to quieten her moans of lust. I’d been with my fair share of women, and I had never had one get this carried away before. What was it about this fuck that seemed to drive her mad with desire? Was it the way we were doing it in secret? Or was there something about it that meant more to her?

I decided it didn’t matter and just let the sensations of her grasping pussy wash over me. I shoved myself into her wet sheath with a delirious delight. She was heavenly! The soft, slippery folds of her pussy walls slithered about me in twitching joy as my hot cock plundered her. My hips banged into her small buttocks and sent waves rippling through her tiny body.

Our mixed grunts and moans grew steadily louder as we lost ourselves in the passion and I no longer cared if we woke Stacy. All that mattered was getting as much of my cock into her sucking cunt as I could.

Finally, once more, her fingers tightened on my hip and her nails dug into my skin. As they did so, she whimpered and her whole body shook with such a trembling that I thought she was having a seizure! Then a grasping ripple spasmed its way through her clutching sheath and surrounded my thrusting shaft with a thrilling caress.

Her orgasm hit us both with such force that we never stood a chance.

“I’m gonna cum, I gotta pull out!” I hissed summoning every ounce of restraint I had to start to withdraw from her. Her hand slapped my hip hard, once. No. Her pussy convulsed in waves around me and I felt the cum in my balls beginning to gather for its eruption.

“You want me to cum in you?” I gasped as I humped her quivering frame with hard bounces. Two slaps.

Her signal of desire was too much for me and I buried my face in the nape of her neck as I slammed my throbbing shaft up to the hilt in her. Unbidden, my hand shot off her breast and tightened around her stomach dragging her hard against me.

Cum fountained into her spasming depths in thick creamy waves. Jet after jet pumped out into this beautiful young gymnast’s body, my spunk splashing out and coating her insides in a salty tide that filled her little cunny to overflowing.

Gradually, our bodies slowed their thrashing and we lay locked together as we gasped for breath. Minutes passed in silence before I realised with gratitude that our passion still had not woken the brat. Stacy must be able to sleep through a thunderstorm!

I gently swept some of her sweat soaked hair away from her ear and brought my lips to it. Giving her earlobe a quick suck, I whispered, “You’re mine, now, aren’t you?”

Two gentle taps on my hip.

“From now on your pussy belongs to me and I can fuck it whenever I want. Right?”

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