Starting Over Ch. 02


It was late Saturday morning on the first morning of winter break, and I was just arriving home from the best night of my life. I’d been fantasizing about Terri, the teacher across the hall, since I’d met her in August. I’d spent the better part of the previous night and that morning living out those fantasies.

Exhausted, I climbed the steps of my loft apartment, flopped on the bed, and passed out. I slept hard for several hours, waking finally due to the pressure on my bladder. The afternoon was spent watching whatever sport I could find on cable. As I was sitting in front of the TV, scratching my balls, remembering Terri’s body, there was a knock at the door.

When I opened the door, I found Terri, crying again. Before I could say anything, she grabbed me, buried her face in my shoulder, and bawled. Guiding her inside, I cleared off a spot on the couch and held her until she could tell me what was wrong. Johnny the Jackass had come over and acted like his usual jackass self. It seemed he’d found out from his lawyer the previous day just how much his inability to keep his dick his pants was going to cost him. Screaming and threatening her for thirty minutes must have made him feel better, so he’d left in a huff.

Once she’d calmed down, I drove her to the home improvement store and we picked up new locks for the front and back doors. As an afterthought, we went back in and got one for the door between the kitchen and garage. A couple of hours later, she had new locks on the doors, and we were stuffing his remaining belongings in plastic bags and putting them out on the lawn. Once we were done, I disabled the garage door opener, she called him to tell him where his stuff was, and we drove back to my apartment.

When we got to my place, Terri was still upset and decided my apartment was a mess, so she began cleaning. Try as I might, I couldn’t help. She was upset, she cleaned when she was upset, and I was getting in the way. I decided the best thing I could do was to make dinner.

After dinner, I followed her home. Whether, Johnny had been there or not, his stuff was gone. Terri quickly packed for a couple of days, then we put her Jeep in the garage and took my car back to my place.

We were beat by the time we got back to my place. I told Terri she could have my bed, and I’d take the couch.

“No you won’t. We can share yours; I trust you.”

I didn’t own a pair of pajamas, because I never wore them. So when Terri went into the bathroom, I changed into pair of boxers and a t-shirt. When Terri came out, I went in to pee and came out to find her sitting naked on my bed.

Stunned, I stood there, looking at her tits, until she spoke.

“I’m sorry.” She reached for her t-shirt.

I stopped her by taking her hand. “I’m just surprised. This morning you said it was a one-time thing. I never expected to see you like this again”

“Last night was the first time since college I’d gotten laid by anyone but Johnny; I haven’t cum like that since long before he came along. I’ve never had a fuck-buddy, or even a one-night stand until last night. I’m still not ready to date, yet. Hell, I’m still going to be married for a few more weeks. So I figure that as long as I’m staying with you, we might as well enjoy ourselves.” And we did.

I was naked in record time, and the first thing I did was push her backward onto the bed, kneel in front of her, and dive between her legs. Hers may not have been the best pussy I’d ever tasted, but it was the best I could remember. I skipped most of the preliminaries, and immediately started licking her pussy. I found her clit and started flicking it with the tip of my tongue as I slid my index finger into her pussy. Soon she was bucking against my face, and grunting in time with her hips, so I slipped a second finger into her. She immediately started screaming as her orgasm exploded through her. I tried to keep her going but she grabbed my free hand, and started slapping me on the head, demanding I stop, screaming, “Too Much!”

I stood up in front of her, still holding her hand, and enjoyed the view. Her chest heaved as she tried to get in more air. He legs were wide open, displaying her soaked pussy. She looked totally spent, but she had enough strength to pull me down on her self and kiss my sloppy lips.

When we broke the kiss, Terri demanded, “Fuck me.”

Giving her a quick kiss, I climbed into the center of the bed and pulled her with me. “You’ll have to wait. I’m not done playing with your body.”

I lay back on the bed, and directed her crotch over my face. As she lowered her crotch over my face, I said, “This is why I got the tall headboard, hold on.”

I continued where I’d left off, attacking her clit, taking the opportunity to grope her heavy tits as well. After several minutes of groaning and moaning, Terry surprised me by standing up, turning around, and plopping back onto my face. With my nose buried in her ass cheeks, I went back to work. Soon, I felt her lean ataşehir escort forward and grab my dick. When I felt the warmth of her mouth envelope the head of my cock, I nearly spewed right there. I must have paused, because she ground her pussy back into my face.

I filled my hands with her ass cheeks, spread them so I could get a better view, and went back to work. I kneaded her ass cheeks while licking her box until I began to feel her grinding harder into my face. I’d been fucking her off and on with my right index and middle fingers. Suddenly inspired, I slipped the tip of my middle finger against her ass hole. As soon as my finger touched her there, she moaned loudly around my cock and pushed her ass back against my hands. Encouraged, I slipped the finger in to the second knuckle, and started fucking her ass with my finger. She immediately responded by screaming, clamping down on my finger, and making a mess of my face when she came.

I stopped licking, to give her time to recover, but I kept fucking her ass with my finger until she crawled down so that her hips were even with mine, grabbed my dick, and lowered herself down onto me. I moaned loudly as I split her open, wanting nothing more than to come in her as soon as I could. Grabbing her by the hips I slammed her back down every time she lifted up. I’d hoped to make her come again, but she was too much for me, and I was soon shooting my load inside her.

Climbing off of me, Terri grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bathroom. “We need a shower.” Remembering our last shower, I didn’t argue.

We made out under the spray for several minutes pressing out wet bodies together. Finally I turned her around so that I was behind her, reached around, and started soaping up her front. Reaching between her legs, I parted her lips, and found her clit. With the other hand, I toyed with a nipple, while kissing behind her ear. Soon, I was rock hard again and my dick was pressing between her slightly spread legs.

Impatiently, Terri reached between her legs, grabbed my dick and guided me into her pussy. She leaned forward until the spray was hitting her back (and my chest) and without looking back said, “Do it hard.”

Grabbing her by the hips, I started fucking her. I used her hips like I had earlier, to pull her back to me hard, but apparently not hard enough. “Harder!”

I pounded her as hard as I could without banging her head into the shower wall (more than once). As soon as she put her hands up to stop her head from hitting the wall, I pounded even harder. Looking down at her beautiful ass, I was mesmerized by how it rippled as I repeatedly slammed my hips into it. Inspired again, I let go of her right hip, slid that hand back and slipped my thumb into her asshole. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to keep pounding without breaking my thumb.

Soon she was screaming in orgasm, but I kept going, trying to get off with her. Pulling my thumb out, I grabbed both hips again, and went to town. Her orgasm continued for several minutes, until finally her legs wouldn’t take her weight and buckled.

I managed to catch her before she hit the deck, and holding her up, I turned us both sideways in the shower. With my dick still barely inside her, I held her up against the shower wall, kissing her neck. When she could, Terri gasped, “Oh Damn!” I started slowly slipping back in and out of her, but she stopped me. “Can we finish in bed? Want to be on my back when you cum in me.”

It was difficult, but I slid out of her and we rapidly finished washing up. I dried us both off, took her hand, and led her to the bed. Crawling into the middle she laid back and opened her arms.

I stood there admiring her body for a minute and then climbed in next to her.

As we kissed, I explored her body with my hands and lips again, spending extra time when I found someplace she seemed to like. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy though, she pulled me up. “I want you in me.”

As I entered her, she arched her back, shoving her fabulous chest up at me. As I slowly worked in and out, we kissed again. When we stopped kissing, we kept fucking at the same slow pace at first. Gradually, we picked up the pace until she started breathing heavy again. I was feeling that familiar pressure, and when she finally came, it was much quieter than in the shower, but even still, her moans helped send me over the edge. I gave her two or three more thrusts and let my cum spew inside her.

I collapsed on top of her, and we lay like that for a long time until I finally rolled off of her. We kissed one more time before we drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened the next morning by the phone ringing. Without thinking, I picked it up.


“Steve? It’s Lydia.” A loud, and familiar female voice nearly split my skull open.It was Terri’s best friend, and the girl’s track coach.

“Hi, Lydia.”

“Sorry for waking you up, but I’m trying to find Terri. Her jeep’s in the garage, but she kadıköy escort won’t answer the door. Have you seen her?”

Without thinking, I handed a somewhat groggy Terri the phone.

“Hi, Lydia.” Terri wasn’t completely awake yet either, but the explosion on the other end of the phone was loud enough to wake me the rest of the way up, so I’m sure it got her.

“What do you think I’m doing here?” Loudness on the other end. “Yes, and it was great. In fact, as soon as I hang up with you, we’ll probably do it again.” More loudness on the other end. “No, he’s not taking advantage of me. I’m the one demanding more sex.” More loudness. “Let’s talk about this later. I need to pee, and then I expect to get fucked silly.”

When she hung up the phone, Terri turned and glared at me. “Why did you just hand me the phone? What if I didn’t want Lydia to know we were fucking.”

“Sorry,” I tried to dig out of my hole. “I was barely awake.”

“You’ll have to make it up to me with sexual favors.” She grinned, “Besides, I’m sure I’d have told her the next time we talked.”

We spent most of the rest of the day naked. We fucked again before getting out of bed, and again in the shower. We laid on the couch watching football, and fooled around of and on the rest of the day, until we finally got dressed and went out to dinner. We went to bed early after dinner, since I had to fly home early the next morning, but we didn’t manage to get to sleep early. The next morning, we repeated our performance in the shower again, except this time, when I pressed her against the wall after her orgasm, I fucked her until I came inside her.

After the shower, she drove me to the airport. The plan was she would stay at my place while I was gone so Johnny wouldn’t be able to find her. He’d left several nasty messages on her cell phone over the weekend. As I was flying across the country, she was talking to her lawyer about a restraining order.

After four uneventful days in my hometown, with the family, I was ready to get back to Texas, and really ready to get back to Terri. As I walked toward baggage claim, I saw her. She was wearing a small black skirt and a black leather jacket zipped halfway up over a low cut white t-shirt. Her flowing blonde hair was down, and her stunning blue eyes shined with what I hoped was lust. She met me with a tonsil-licking kiss. We found my luggage and walked hand in hand to the parking garage. Once there, we walked past all the parked cars to the nearly vacant last row. Only my sedan was that far back. There wasn’t another car within fifty feet.

“Get in the passenger seat.” It was my car, but I didn’t argue, I just did as I was told.

Once behind the driver’s seat, Terri leaned over and kissed me. Immediately, our hands started roaming. I unzipped her jacket and reached in to discover that she hadn’t worn a bra under her thin t-shirt. While I had one hand buried in her hair and the other groped her tits, she opened my pants and pulled out my already hard cock.

As much as I griped and complained about my old car, at that moment, I loved the bench seat. There was nothing impeding her access when she broke our kiss and started sucking my cock. With her leaning over like that, it looked like I could reach behind her and easily slide a hand into her panties. Of course, when I tried it, there were no panties. In my groping, I found a zipper at the back of her skirt, which I unzipped, giving me much easier access to her ass and pussy. However, almost as soon as I touch her soaked pussy, she stopped sucking and climbed into my lap, facing me.

Without waiting, she impaled herself on me, which left her tits perfectly at face level. I was in heaven. I had a handful of tit, another one of ass cheek, a beautiful pink nipple in my lips, and I was getting fucked like mine was the last cock on earth.

We kept fucking like that for several minutes, with only my lips and hands occasionally trading off tits, until she started to scream, and shake wildly. Once her orgasm hit, I came too, filling her with quite a load.

She’d shed her jacket along the way, and when I pulled her thin tank top down to cover her tits, it left nothing to the imagination. She slipped into her tight jacket and zipped it up enough to keep the girls in, but still leave a great view.

I tried to zip her skirt, but with her still straddling me, there was no way it was going to happen. “We’re meeting Lydia for lunch, why don’t you drive.”

I slid out from under her, into the driver’s seat, as Terri laid a towel under her ass, “…to keep the cum stains off the seat.”

Stuffing myself back in, I started the car, and backed out of the parking space. It was then that we noticed the security guard in the golf cart about twenty feet away. As I drove past him, he gave us a thumbs-up in approval. Terri’s face was beet red, but still we both were laughing as we arrived at the restaurant.

Lydia was already sitting at a table when arrived. bostancı escort bayan Lydia was a stunning Hispanic girl. She stood about 5′ 2″, was small, athletic, and knew just how hot she was. She did a double take when she saw Terri. As we slid into the booth, she commented, “Damn girl, dressed like that, I’m surprised you guys didn’t run home first for a quickie.”

Before I could respond, Terri piped up, “I couldn’t wait. We did it in the car in the parking garage.” That set the tone for the rest of the encounter. Nothing was of limits, and I found out a whole lot more about Lydia’s sex life than I ever expected. I also confessed a whole lot more than I’d ever planned.

As we wandered out to the parking lot afterward, Lydia hugged us both. “Tony’s out of town tonight, so if you two ever come up for air, gimme a call so I don’t get too bored.”

As she walked away, I couldn’t resist checking out her beautiful ass in her jeans. Of course, I got caught by Terri. I tried to apologize, but she stopped me. “That’s okay, she does have a great butt. Besides, as much as you play with my ass, I know you like it too.”

We drove back to my apartment and got in the shower to clean off. We started by washing each other from head to toe. Of course we spent extra time on the fun bits. Once clean, I turned her to face the shower wall and pressed her against it with my body. She shoved her ass back at me, expecting me to slip my dick I her, like I usually did at this point. Instead, I kissed the back of her neck and continued kissing my way down her spine until I reached her ass. I alternate kissing and nipping her ass cheeks, while caressing her hips. I guided her around so she could lean over and grab the faucet. Once she was bent over, I centered my kissing and nibbling between her legs. It wasn’t the best angle to eat her pussy from, but it was a great angle for what I wanted. I slid the thumb of one hand into her pussy, while licking away. She was breathing pretty heavily when I pulled the thumb out and found her clit with my tongue. I flicked it a couple of times, the spread her ass cheeks with both hands and licked her from her clit to her asshole. As soon as my tongue hit her asshole, I slipped my thumb back into her pussy, and started fucking her with it, making sure the inside edge of my hand was rubbing her clit.

“What are you doing?” She started to protest, but she never said stop or pulled her ass from my face. I rimmed her asshole for a few seconds, while Terri started to get louder with unintelligible moans. Finally, she very clearly shouted, “Enough! Fuck me now!”

Replacing my tongue with my thumb, I stood and pressed my dick against her pussy. As I slipped into her warm pussy, I slipped my thumb into her ass. Bent over like she was, I could give her a good, hard fucking without having to pull out my thumb. Before long, she was screaming and I could feel myself about to lose it too, so I pulled my thumb out, grabbed her hips and slammed her back into me, hard again and again until I exploded inside her again.

Spent, I hauled Terri upright and she collapsed in my arms. I turned her around, and kissed her, letting the warm water rinse away the mess we’d made of each other.

Once she could stand again, I reached out of the shower, grabbed a towel and dried her off, taking extra time to make sure her beautiful boobs were dry. As I fondled them, she finally spoke, ‘Enough of that, take me to bed.”

I dried myself quickly, took her by the hand, and led her to bed, where I was hoping for another round. When we snuggled up in bed, I found I was wrong.

“We need to talk.”

“What’s wrong?” I was pretty confused. Nothing good ever started with those words, but no one had ever given me that line while naked and in my bed.

“I think we’re going some place we shouldn’t go.”

“I think we did that a while ago.”

“That’s not what I mean.” She paused a moment and continued. “You’ve been great, and I want to keep having sex with you, but I don’t want to jump into a new relationship yet. My divorce isn’t even final for another week.”

We let that hang there in the silence for a few minutes. Finally I spoke. “Well, you said you never had a fuck buddy. We can still be friends and fool around sometimes too.”

“Yeah, but it’s just that for over a week and a half, we’ve been fucking like rabbits whenever we are around each other. I’ve been living here most of that time.”

“Well, once school starts back up, we won’t have as much free time for sex.”

“Don’t remind me. I’ve had more sex since Johnny left than in the last two years of our marriage.”

“His loss, trust me.” Looking down the length of her naked body, I couldn’t help it. “I still find myself stunned thinking about how anyone could fool around on you.”

“Please, I don’t want to go there.” But she went there. “What really pisses me off is him telling me I’m getting fat. Then he fucks that skinny bitch with no tits. As much as a tit man as he is, he’s going to be fucking around on her soon enough.”

Not being stupid, I just held her and let her keep venting.

“Then that useless fucker tried say I’d driven him to it because I wouldn’t let him fuck me in the ass, and she does.”

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