My name is Trevor; I’m eighteen and live with my dad since my parents divorced five years ago. My dad’s forty-seven this year and apparently has hit a mid-life crisis or just gone insane. He bought a new sports car first. I thought this would be the extent of his actions but I think the car was just one of the instruments he used to further his purposes. He started dating much younger woman, almost my age girls who were impressed with his money, car and age. He would bring them home late when I was trying to sleep for school in the morning, and have sex with them. They didn’t even bother to be quiet about it. I doubt he even told them he had a son. The headboard would bang, the women would scream and tell my dad to do all sorts of things to them very loudly.

It was impossible to sleep. Hearing the noise and what the woman would say, I admit, turned me on, which at eighteen doesn’t take much. So whenever this happened I found myself masturbating while they had sex in the other room. I usually got off two or three times before the noise stopped and they fell asleep, letting me relax and do the same.

At first it was different women. Dad would bring them home, fuck them and change up the next time, never seeing the same one twice. That changed a few months later with April. I swear this woman was much closer to my age than my dad. She was for sure in her twenties and I wouldn’t be surprised if she had hit twenty five yet. I admit she was hot, damn hot and had to be only after my father’s money.

He introduced me the third time she came home with him. She was blonde, with green eyes, long hair and large breasts that were probably fake but looked incredible nonetheless. She was fit and dressed to show off every asset she had. I shook her hand, trying not to be interested but she had a gorgeous face and smile that held my gaze.

“Your dad tells me you’re going to graduate this spring. Are you excited?” April asked before I could sneak away.

“Umm, yeah,” I managed.

“That’s great; I remember when I was a senior. Funniest year by far,” she said.

Of course she remembers her senior year, it was probably two or three years ago. I didn’t say this out loud but her trying to act all older than me was lame. I wanted to go off on her for dating my dad but that would only piss him off so I kept my mouth shut.

I almost forgot to mention that this April girl was apparently crazy in the bedroom. And this was probably why my father dated her more than once. She was by far the loudest girl he brought over and the things she yelled for him to do to her might embarrass a porn star or at least make them turn their heads. Even after she knew I was just down the hall she didn’t become any quieter, actually I think she became more vocal and crazy, like she wanted me to hear. I couldn’t look at her the same way the next time I saw her, which happened to be in the morning at breakfast. What was even worse was my dad had already left for work so I was home alone with her.

I didn’t even know she was in the house. I was eating my cereal before school and in she walks wearing only one of my father’s button-down shirts with just one button done across her large chest and a pair of boyshort panties. I about choked on my orange juice when I saw her.

“April? What are you doing here?” I asked, wiping my chin.

“I slept over, silly?”

“Why are you still here?” I restated.

“It’s my day off from work, so I didn’t have to leave early like Tom,” she said.

Tom was my dad’s name. I didn’t know what else to say and tried to focus on my food but it was very difficult when she leaned over the counter to make coffee for herself. The shirt tails rode up on her ass, revealing her incredible butt and panties. My cock was moving in my pants before I knew it and I tried to look away but it was too late. Once it begins to grow it’s almost impossible to stop it. Before she had filled her coffee cup I was rock hard under the table and needing to adjust myself but she was staring at me over the coffee.

“So, got school today?” she asked, awkwardly.

“Yep, I’m leaving as soon as I’m done with my breakfast,” I said.

Problem was, my bowl of cereal was gone and I had no excuse to sit there any longer. I was afraid to get up though with her right there. My cock is larger than most and would be very noticeable when I stood up. She wasn’t helping the problem either. Each time she brought the glass up to her mouth the shirt would open and lift, showing me parts of her body. Her flat stomach with elongated navel, partial views of both breasts, which defied gravity without her bra, had my cock not only hard but throbbing in my pants.

I finally had to risk it and get up. I tried to minimize what she might see by walking around the long way to the sink, instead of right by her, but the smile on her face told me I had failed in hiding anything. I grabbed my backpack and practically ran out of the house without saying another word. I knew she was fucking with me and it pissed me ataşehir escort off.

At school I had a difficult time getting her out of my head. Her body, face, ass, breasts would suddenly appear in my mind, making my life hell until I relaxed.

Things only got worse. Dad saw her all the time, she slept over almost every day and when he wasn’t around she made my life a constant hardon. Even when Dad was in the house she would mess with me, even going as far as invading my personal space on purpose. She would brush up against me, lean over so I could see down her shirt, and drop things to bend over and pick up. It was uncanny but she would wait for the opportunity when we were in the kitchen or a tight space to bump into me with her breasts and hold them against me just a bit longer than needed.

The worst part was when Dad was at work and she was home alone with me. I tried to plan for these days, and be out of the house quickly even though it made me very early for school. It was better than having to deal with her and the various states of undress she seemed to always be in, in the morning. Sometimes it was a shirt, sometimes just a damn towel around her breasts with her long blonde hair wet from the shower. She was too damn hot and seemed to love watching me squirm and adjust my cock that she knew she had made hard. I found myself tossing off three or more times a day, trying to control my hardon but nothing worked. When she wanted me hard I got hard even after just dropping a load five minutes before leaving my room.

I tried to wait it out, hoping my dad would dump her or she would dump him but instead the opposite happened. My worst nightmare came true when my dad announced during dinner that he had something to tell me. April was eating with us, something she had made and seemed very proud of.

“Trevor, we’ve got something to tell you. April and I are getting married.”

“What? But… What?” I said.

“I want you to be happy for us and welcome April as your new stepmom. Maybe get to know her better, she tells me that you avoid her and she doesn’t think you like her.”

I couldn’t believe he said this with her at the table. I looked up at her and she smiled, acting as normal as rain. I wanted to tell Dad what she was like when he wasn’t looking and how she messed with me daily but it would be my word against hers and he was obviously pussy whipped by this chick and would take her side.

“I like April just fine, I just think she’s a little young for you,” I said.

“Love knows no age,” April shot back, taking my dad’s hand and kissing him.

“Whether you approve or not, we’re still getting married. The ceremony is in a week, we figured why wait.

“A week! Are you insane?” I blurted.

“That’s quite enough, young man,” my dad shouted.

I gritted my teeth, stood up and tossed the napkin on my plate and walked to my room. I could hear my dad telling April to give me time and that I would come around to the idea. My dad was so blind to what she was doing it was ridiculous. She wanted his money, she didn’t love him but he was too dazed to see it.

That night April made sure I heard them doing each other. I could even hear them through my iPod headphones several times. The next day was her day off and I knew she would be hanging around the house. Instead of getting up early and leaving I decided to give her a piece of my mind.

She didn’t appear until just before I needed to leave for school, and then she had just a towel around her.

“Oh, you’re still here,” she said, genuinely surprised to see me.

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you,” I said.

“About what?”

“This marriage to my dad. I know what’s really going on.”

“You do, do you? And what’s that?” she asked.

“You’re just using him for the money, you don’t love him,” I said.

“That’s what you think? Actually I’m using him for the sex. I don’t know if you know this but your dad has a huge cock?” she said, smiling.

I was taken aback. Totally shocked she had said this. She didn’t stop there either, taking advantage of my surprise.

“And he loves fucking me with it. He can’t get enough of my pussy and loves my body. That’s what’s going on. We love to fuck so deal with it.”

I finally managed to talk, “So why get married, you can… fuck without being married,” I said, trying to remain confident.

“He wants me all to himself so he’s putting a ring on my finger,” she said holding her hand out.

She had her huge engagement ring on.

“I don’t believe you, it’s not the sex. Dad’s getting old, I’m sure you can find a younger guy with a cock just as big.”

“Oh really? Like who? You?” she said with a wicked grin.

“No, not me.”

“Why not, you fit the bill. Like father like son. I’ve seen you try and hide that thing from me. I bet its hard now, just throbbing in your pants. You’re in your prime, unlike your father, I bet you could go forever and get hard quickly even after cumming.”

Good hell this woman kadıköy escort was a freak. Unfortunately she was right, I was hard and throbbing and I think my face went bright red because after her comment my face went hot.

“Oh yeah, I’m right. I can tell. It’s raging right now, wanting to bust out of your pants. I wonder what would happen if I did this?” she said, undoing the towel around her chest and letting it drop to the floor.

My mouth dropped open. My imagination of her naked was good but the real thing put it to shame. She was phenomenal. No tan lines, no pubic hair, just a perfectly toned, curvaceous body the like I had never seen before. Her tits were unreal, firm, perky and her areolas were high on her breasts, slightly darker than the rest. I couldn’t help but stare and notice her nipples start to harden, pulling the skin tight around them.

“Now you know why your father can’t stop fucking me. He gets all of this.”

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even speak, nor could I look away from her incredible body. She smiled, walking toward me.

“Nothing to say? That was your father’s first reaction too, but I did manage to make him moan.”

She was standing right next to me. All I had to do was move my left hand a few inches and I would touch her stomach, her perfectly flat, toned, tanned stunning stomach. I was frozen to my seat, my heart pounding in my chest feeding my cock with pulsing blood. She looked down at me, between my legs.

“Ah, yes. I knew it. Look at that caged monster, just begging to come out and play. You know, I’m not married yet, maybe you wouldn’t mind taking me for a spin before I’m officially your stepmom. What do you say? Want to fuck me? Shove that huge cock deep inside my pussy?”

My plan had backfired big time. I should have left early and never put myself in this situation. Confronting her had only made it worse. She was way past the flirting and teasing me stage. She was all out naked and wanting me to fuck her. I don’t know why I didn’t stand up and run, but I was too memorized by her body and the way she was talking to me. I didn’t move, or say a word as her hand found my shoulder and slid down my chest to my ragging cock. My body convulsed as she grabbed my member though my pants and squeezed it hard.

“Oh, yeah, what a cock, it’s possibly bigger than your fathers,” she said sliding her hand from the head to my balls.

Her right breast was inches from my face and it’s all I could see. I had the urge to lean forward and take her taunt nipple in my mouth and suck or nibble. Her hands continued to inspect my cock and I thought my heart might leap out of my chest.

“I can’t tell, I need to get it out of your pants to know for sure,” she said.

I didn’t resist, I didn’t even move as she unbuckled my belt and undid my zipper. When her warm hand found its way through the opening in my boxers to my cock I convulsed again, letting out a soft moan. She grabbed the shaft and started trying to pull my cock through to the outside but it was too long and hard to fit.

“Damn, we’re just going to have to take these off of you,” she said pulling the elastic band down over half of my cock. “You could help, you know?” she said.

It was too late to stop now, and I knew it. I was thinking with my cock now and any consequences or repercussions this would cause were not a thought. I pushed out from under the table and stood up for her. She yanked my pants and boxers down and shoved me back down on the chair.

“Holy shit! I think it is bigger; no I’m confident it is. Both in length and width. Fuck me!” she said pinning my cock against my body and taking in the image.

She tested the size by wrapping her index finger and thumb as far around it as she could. She was unable to touch them together, which seemed to really impress her. Then she placed the other hand above her first to measure the length.

“Wow, Trevor, I expected big but this is amazing. You’re at least an inch longer and I don’t know how much wider but a lot.”

“Glad you like it,” I finally managed to speak.

She responded with her mouth, but no words were used, just her lips engulfing my head and the sensation of hot ecstasy taking hold of my cock. She knelt down on the kitchen floor and proceeded to worship my dick with her mouth. Every inch she either licked or sucked, slow and deliberate, taking me into a realm of pleasure I’ve never been before. She knew all too well what she was doing, working my tool deep and hard before slowing down and teasing with her tongue so I didn’t shoot my load too soon.

“You know, after you leave for school I look around the house. I’ve been in your room and found the tissues and wads of paper towels you use to clean up. I know you masturbate when your father and I are having sex. It turns me on thinking about you doing it, but makes me sad that your cum goes to waste,” she said giving my cock a slight break.

I didn’t respond out of embarrassment. She was looking right at me licking the tip of bostancı escort bayan my cock with her hands on the chair next to my legs. Engulfing my cock again she sucked hard and took me deeper than she had yet, causing my toes to curl in my shoes. She had a real talent for sucking large cocks, but even she couldn’t take all of me, though she sure tried.

“Mmm, you taste yummy, sweeter than your father,” she said, letting me pop out of her mouth with an audible sound.

I wished she would stop comparing me to him but I didn’t say anything. She stood up with her hand moving to my shaft. She gently stroked up and down using her saliva. She fondled her left breasts for me to watch and had the sexiest look on her face I’d ever seen.

“You know, you can touch me. I know you want to,” she said.

I did. I wanted to grab her tits and suck them hard. I wanted to pull her onto my lap and shove my ragging cock deep into her shaved pussy. She’s been teasing me for so long, flaunting herself in front of me since I met her. Now it had all come down to this. I obeyed my wants reaching out and grabbing her hips with both hands yanking her forward. Taking her left breast in my mouth I sucked her nipple and squeezed her ass with both hands. She moaned, placing her hands on my head and guiding my mouth around her chest back and forth between both of her breasts. Placing my hands under her ass I pulled her up onto my lap and down onto my cock. My head spread her easily, easing into her hot wet pussy. She was really wet, and the sensation practically made me pass out as her pussy slid, wrapping around my shaft tightly. She screamed in delight, throwing her head back and letting herself fall down hard to take me all the way in.

“Oh fuck! It’s so good, so big. I’ve never…” she said, stopping her utterance to gasp.

I couldn’t get enough of her tits, sucking, licking, inhaling everything I could get my mouth around. They were so firm and perfect I wanted to never stop. She started moving up and down on my cock, screaming and exclaiming how big it was and how much she loved it. She worked my cock over with her pussy, gyrating her hips while I was deep and rising up almost all the way off before slamming down over and over. I knew if I hadn’t masturbated this morning I would have already shot my load but somehow I was lasting, though I knew if she kept up what she was doing it wouldn’t last long.

She was doing all the work, and she was into it. I wasn’t a virgin, I’ve had my share of girls but never one like this that worked so hard and loved it so much. She was moving, bending, driving my cock exactly where she wanted it to go inside her and telling me what it was doing to her as she went. I still had most of my clothes on, but she was completely naked. My hands were all over her, from her back to her ass, legs, hair, and I was in constant motion not wanting to miss anything. Her ass was amazing, firm and ample like her tits. She seemed to like when I spread her ass cheeks and rolled them in my hands as she drove on and off of my cock. My middle finger slid down her crack to her tight ass hole and my wet cock. She had plenty of lube, which I found coating my cock and her ass from her continued thrusts.

Rubbing it around her bum I experimented with the tip of my finger, slowly penetrating her anal ring. This only increased her screams and ferocity. I went first knuckle deep and held my finger in her, lifting her off and on my cock as she screamed and convulsed.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed.

Her pussy convulsed and suddenly I felt her become very wet, covering my cock with her secretions. She rode her orgasm through to the end, panting and chirping with small yells of bliss among her efforts to breathe. Her body was tight; constricting everywhere and by the time she finally came off the high she was spent, almost falling off my lap from exertion. I had to steady her hoping she would continue to ride me but she only fell forward, not able to go on.

Standing up I easily lifted her small frame onto the kitchen table and laid her down on her back. My long cock never left her body and once she was lying down I proceeded to fuck her with long deep thrusts. From above I admired her incredible body while watching my cock disappear and reappear from her drenched pussy. My hands caressed each breast, pinching nipples and palming her ample orbs. They were spectacular and I couldn’t get enough of them. Her clitoris was hard, poking out of its hood and I quickly played with it using my thumb and her juices with one hand and the other remained on her breasts. This opened her eyes, which seemed glassed over and unable to focus. She smiled at me but hadn’t said a word since her orgasm.

I was going to be really late to school but I didn’t give a rat’s ass at the moment. All I cared about was fucking this bombshell blonde even if she was my father’s fiancée. The pleasure my cock was experiencing and the image of her on the table below me was right out of a dream. I couldn’t pass up on this chance; my cock would never forgive me. I worked my rod, with short bursts and then long thrusts, watching her reaction to both. I really didn’t know where all my cock was going; she looked so small below me but was taking every inch and loving it.

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