Stories of a Sex Therapist


My name is Josephine – I took a University course for social science originally but somehow I have ended up in a much sought after job as a sex therapist.

Apparently, despite all the street wise women and girls out there the demand for advise is forever prominent, I blame the media in there forever articles on subjects like ” how to hang on to your relationship” – “what if your partner cheats on you” and the like, there are many, many more. Like most female magazines they invariable display the woman with the perfect figure touched up to look like a million dollars, but look at the real world, take a gander outside and count the number of obese women ( and men) who never make the mags!

If anything I like to advise on very personal matters, those which many women are silent about but such matters which worry them immensely in the aim to hang on to a loving relationship.

While most egotistic males incorrectly believe that women who are dedicated followers of fashion, do it for them – most women know they do it for other women.

The male sync is primarily sexual aspired when thankfully, the female one is on of emotion, peppered with the physical given the right time,

A woman wants it when she wants it, not when her guy does. I believe at the end of the day, work on that demise and most women will maintain a well- balanced sexual and emotional relationship.

The girls that have come to me, wanting to confide in me and eventually, given the training I have gained, tell me their fears and tribulations, I remember being one of a few girls in my late teens talking of such issues when ataşehir escort bayan attending university.

Teresa let her hair down, she was so het up and afraid her boy friend might dump her because she did not like the idea of oral sex..

She asked if any of the other girls did it, which caused quite a stir and a few giggles, Who would come out with it, out of seven girls there must have been one who does!

“Teresa,” A blonde called Sherry spoke openly: “I do it with Mike most every time we sleep together, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, whatever a couple do when they are alone together is entirely up to them. With me, well yes, Mike did ask me shyly and to be honest I was taken unawares, although `I was besotted by most everything else we did together the thought of actual mouth to gentiles contact did not come into the picture, it did not tick my box of tricks, until that is, I fell madly ain love with him, then the discovering started.

“I usually wore jeans, Mike loved me in tight brush jeans you see, he said he loves the way they enhance my figure with the enticing gap between the thighs he calls my diamond and how he is aroused simply by the way I walk,

When I sometimes wore a skirt, that is when the notion of oral sex came up. We made hot love on the sofa at home and it wasn’t long before his head, resting on my thighs, turned toward me and I saw he was sniffing me, feeling a little embarrassed at this I lifted his head away and that was that, it was a long time before we actually, or rather I was ready for him to do that to me which I suspected.

I escort kadıköy fell more and more in love with him to the point I would do almost anything to give us both so very much pleasure, so like Josephine said – just hang on to your principals and don’t give until you wait to give, your guy, if he really respects and wants you full package, will respect that and you will so enjoy all the more when it happens with mutual consent.”

Teresa sat there open eyed, she hesitated and it was obvious she wanted to ask something else of Sherry. “Ask Sherry,” I advised, “I am sure she wont mind, will you, Sherry?”.

Sherry smiled beautifully, she was an attractive girl with all the right attributes. But she said; well that is what they were all there for, and to learn it is best to ask. “Just wondered what it is like, I mean to share that way?” Teresa asked carefully. “For me, and I know I can speak for Mike, it is beautiful add perhaps one of the most deeply intimate two people in love can share. When I eventually succumbed to his deep touching of me I felt I wanted the oral stuff, I knew my mind was geared to it and my box was ticked,” The other girls laughed but were all ears for Sherry.

“When nervously first time, I felt his mouth touch me it felt like heaven, I found myself instinctively opening wider for him to have more access and what followed was absolute paradise. It was like the very first time you discover what sex is all about when one experiments, touching and finding different ways to arouse and excite, but much, much more than that because it felt like silk against silk, bostancı escort I felt myself moisten up as his tongue explored and delighted every nerve ending in my body and I so ached for him full package.

“It did not take any effort or hesitation at all for me to adjust my position, not wanting to disturb the beautiful sensation he was giving, to go down to him. My mind was impelling me to go for it big time, Mike was already swollen, he always was, as soon as we kissed I felt his hardness against me, it was lovely though just to feel him through his jeans at first, but it was perfect the way he helped me to remove those jeans and his boxers beneath to reveal his beautiful mast of masculinity.

“It was all so wonderful and perfect and natural which followed.. Any inhibitions I had known before had instanto7 gone as I geared up to take his love into my mouth. Teresa, when you known the time is right go for it and take it from me it is the most wonderful thing to share each other orally. To taste him was divine, the sheer touch of his wonderful texture and pliability was something I could never explain, just laying there, sucking and being sucked like that was the perfect foreplay to the most wonderful sexual union I had ever had.”

When Sherry stopped the other girls sat there like they were in a dream. They all agreed that they felt aroused and each of the girl who had done it orally agreed with Sherry that it is probably the most intimate thing a girl can do withy a guy.

Teresa said she felt much better about the idea now and that when the occasion arose she would feel more at ease withy the idea.

“Oh yes,” piped up Jacky, one of the other girls,” you need for the ‘occasion to arise before you can do anything” an they all laughed.

Then she proclaimed that she likes to feel it grow in her mouth!

But that is the next chapter…

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