Stormy Camping Trip Ch. 02


I slowly came to the next morning, vaguely aware of an amazing dream I had been having. A wet dream. I had been fucking my daughter Kelly during a camping trip, but unlike many of my more fantastic sex dreams in the past the more I woke up the more vivid my memory became. We’d been forced to share a sleeping bag, and one thing led to another – I’d fucked her and cum deep inside her pussy. I kept my eyes closed, trying to hold on to the dream a little longer.

My body was of course reacting as well, the vivid memories had instantly given me a hard-on and it was pushing heavily against my sleeping wife’s ass. I reached my hand around her and cupped one of her naked breasts in my hand – but Lilly never slept naked. I felt a slight stiffness in my back; I was on a camping mat, in a sleeping bag.

I opened my eyes slowly, the early morning light was just beginning to shine in through the red and orange rain-fly, casting the colors across my daughters beautiful face. I froze. My mind went into neutral. The preceding day’s activities came flooding back in one sudden jolt. The sudden storm, warming Kelly’s naked body, entering her, cuming inside her.

Instantly, I berated myself for being so weak. Hundreds of hours of fantasies about my daughter had player through my mind over the past couple years, but never once had I acted upon any one of them. But that night, I had taken advantage of the situation, I should have been her father – not her lover.

It seemed the emotional turmoil that I was experiencing had somehow jumped to Kelly, because she began to stir. Her eye opened slightly and she cocked her head to look at me. With a sly smile she said “Good morning daddy.” Then reaching her hand down and wrapping it around my erection, she squeezed gently and added “Good morning to you too.”

“Kelly, we need to talk.” I said, my anxiety obviously evident in my voice, because she turned onto her back and looked me full in the face.

“What’s wrong daddy?” She asked, concern in her voice.

“Last night hunny. We shouldn’t have…” I began, but words failed me and I trailed off. I knew we shouldn’t have, but we did, and it was amazing. Tears began to form in Kelly’s eyes.

“You didn’t like it?” She asked, and years of being the doting father told me what was coming if I didn’t head it off quickly.

“Like it?” I said, almost incredulously. “Of course I liked it hunny, it’s everything I’ve fantasized about for years.” I said, without thinking and without really meaning to admit it out loud.

A smile crossed her pretty face, “Then what’s the problem silly.” She asked, with another gentle squeeze of my still erect cock.

“I came inside you.” I said suddenly “And you’re not on the pill.”

“Well yeah, I know I’m not.” She said thoughtfully, then added “And I didn’t really mean for you to finish inside of me” Squeeze. “But it felt so amazing, and I just finished my period a couple days ago so canlı bahis I’m not fertile anyway.” I sat stunned while I listened to her, she had obviously thought all this through already and put much more thought into it than I had.

“Dad!” She said, sounding somewhat hurt. “Do you think I’d just let you cum inside me without thinking about it at all?” She had clearly guessed some of my own thoughts. “I thought about it before we even made love.”

“I’m sorry Kelly hun, I just…” But she never heard what I just. She put her finger to my lips saying “Shhh…” This is all too much seriousness this early in the morning. Then she kissed me full on the lips, and her hand slowly began to stroke my cock.

I felt my fears melt away as she continued to kiss me, our tongues meeting once again. My hand, which had never left her breast, began to pinch and rub her nipple. I broke the kiss and began kissing down her neck, stopping momentarily to focus on her collar bone. Then I continued down to her right breast, replacing my fingers with my tongue.

“Oh yes, daddy.” She moaned as I sucked her nipple into my mouth, as if I was nursing from her. “Hard, please daddy.” She gasped and I began sucking harder on the nipple, while my other hand found her left breast and began pinching the nipple.

“Oh god I love it daddy.” She said as I moved to her left breast.

“Please fuck me again.”

How could I say no to that? I lined up my cock head and slid slowly into her.

“Oh yes!” She moaned as I bottomed out inside her. “I feel so full. It feels so good.”

I began slowly pumping in and out of her, afraid that she would be sore from last night. We kissed passionately as we made love, and I lasted much longer that I had the night before. But all too soon I could feel the cum bubbling up inside my balls getting ready.

“Oh god yes, I’m cumming daddy!!” Kelly moaned, wrapping her legs around me.

“I’m going to cum baby!” I warned her, getting ready to pull out, but Kelly grabbed me and pulled me even closer to her. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting violently with every wave of her orgasm and the milking action was too much for me.

“I’m cumming!” I yelled, driving deep inside her the first shot erupted out the end of my cock and blasted against her cervix.

“Oh fuck yes Kelly!” I moaned, finally emptying myself into my daughter.

“Your cum feels so good inside me daddy.”

“Oh god I love you Kelly.”

I lay down beside Kelly, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms again.


When I awoke the second time, it was to camp sounds outside the tent. Kelly was gone and I stuck my head out to find the most amazing site greet my eyes. Kelly was sitting in one of the camp chairs, still completely naked, with the still morning lake stretching out in the distance behind her.

The remnants of the freak storm from last night were gone, and even the early morning sun was bright bahis siteleri and warm. There was a stillness on the water that you can only see out here in the backcountry – the lake surface was so smooth, everything was reflected off its near perfect mirror surface.

“Good morning beautiful.” I said, climbing out of the tent to join her.

“Good morning daddy.” Kelly replied, a smile dancing across her face.

I bent down and kissed her, my hands shaking down to cup both her breasts and pinch her nipples as I did.

“None of that now!” She scolded me playfully. “Breakfast’s ready.”

We had a delicious breakfast, sitting together and just enjoying being together, but shortly after we had finished breakfast the silence of the lake was broken slightly by the sounds of a small group paddling across the lake. Kelly and I quickly dressed and were just sitting back down when four canoes carrying what appeared to be a scout group rounded the peninsula into view.

The children were all about twelve or so, some with paddles and some just looking around with their head on a swivel like Kelly had been. The canoes passed just a stone’s throw away from our rocky beach and I exchanged pleasantries with the scout leaders as we went.

As they passed out of view, I walked around the campsite and started to search for my missing tent. It didn’t take long, down a rocky slope to the west of our campsite I found it, tangled in the low branches of a white pine. I managed to get it unstuck and back up to the campsite to dry out. My sleeping bag was never to be found again; not that I wanted to find it anyway.

“The waters still quite warm, want to take a dip?” I asked Kelly as I finished hanging up my battered tent so it could dry in the warm sun.

“Oh yes! I could use a bath.” Kelly replied excitedly.

We both changed into our swimsuits, knowing full well that the scout group could return any minute, pr anyone else could happen by. I had simple blue and white Hawaiian-style swim trunks, but Kelly emerged from the tent wearing the tiniest hot pink string bikini I’d ever seen on her. The small triangles of fabric seemed to have been made for breasts about half her size and the fabric that covered the tiny patch of pubic hair she kept neatly trimmed disappeared around the back between her amazing ass cheeks thong-style.

“Oh god” I said as she emerged. “Were you planning to torment me the whole week?” I asked playfully, openly staring at her body.

“Maybe I was.” Kelly replied with a mischievous grin.

We grabbed our towels and headed down the rocky shoreline to the lake. The water was still quite warm, but refreshing. We relaxed and enjoyed the revitalizing lake as we chatted idly about the park and how nice it was to be out of the city in nature.

Kelly began to get playful again after a short while, and she swam over to wrap her arms around me. We were swimming on top of a rock ledge bahis şirketleri in around five feet of water. As her arms went around me, we kissed once more, and she wrapped her legs around my waist to hang on. As our tongues explored each other’s I found despite the cool water temperature my cock began to harden. Kelly reached down and pushed my swim trunks down around my knees and grabbed my cock, sliding her tiny bikini bottom out of the way a she guided my cock to her entrance.

I felt my cock head line up with her pussy lips and then Kelly lowered herself into me.

“Ungh!” We both moaned together as her pussy lips spread to admit my cock. The warmth of her velvety tunnel squeezing around my cock “Oh god you’re so tight babe.”

“I doubt I will be by the end of this trip.”

We continued to slowly fuck each other, neither of us overly interested in going too fast; we both knew we had the entire week alone together. My hands were under the water on Kelly’s firm ass massaging the luscious skin when we heard a motor boat very close by. We turned to see a small aluminum boat come into view with two parks staff members inside.

They noticed us and headed over, stopping a short distance away. The man sitting in the bow appeared several years older than the other, but both were clad identically in Parks Ontario gear.

“Good morning.”

“Morning” I replied with a wave, my other hand still cupping Kelly’s ass.

“We’re just checking for permits and making sure everyone is alright after that storm last night.”

Kelly turned a little more so she could easily look at them, my cock still buried inside her “Oh, hi.” She said, waving to the younger man in the stern. The way she had turned, her barely bikini clad breasts emerged slightly from the water. The younger man smiled broadly. “I did their permits yesterday afternoon Gord, they’re here all week.” He said, without taking his eyes off Kelly’s breasts.

“It’s James right?” Kelly asked with a smile.

“Yeah. You and your husband alright Mrs. Crane?” He asked.

“Great.” Kelly replied, squeezing her pussy muscles around my cock. I nearly forgot myself and moaned deeply.

“Alright well, we’ve got a lot of portages and sites to check. Have a great day.” Gord said as James started up the engine. “It’s supposed to be a great week for you, no more storms in the forecast anyway.”

The small aluminum boat headed out of sight.

Kelly lifted herself up and then thrust down, squeezing her pussy muscles as she bottomed out. And we began fucking each other in earnest. A few minutes later I announced I was about to cum again and Kelly went crashing into her own orgasm.

“Cum inside me daddy.” She panted as she went over the edge and her pussy muscles began to contract and release around me, milking my cock for more of my seed.

I had lost all inhibitions and I thrust inside her as I released yet another load of cum into my daughter’s pussy. The cool water of the lake caused the waves of pleasure to spread throughout my entire body, and we remained locked together for some time afterward.

I knew it was going to be an amazing week!

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