Stranded at the Cabin


We had the cabin for the weekend. The kids had things to do Saturday morning. So, one of the Grandparents said they would drive them up after the kids were done. Friday we got a late start up there, and barely got the place heated up before it was time to get some sleep. So much for our romantic evening alone, but getting some sleep was a great thing on it’s own.

It was about ten in the morning before we awoke to the sounds of silence. There was still a log on the fire that was giving off some heat. Which made it very easy to start the fire. The aroma of coffee, and cinnamon rolls started to fill the air. I went over to the sliding glass door and opened the curtains. To my surprise the whole forest was white. It must have snowed last night after we went to bed. Just then your cell phone rang, it was one of the Grandparents telling us that it had snowed in the city too. They said that they didn’t feel like driving them up to the cabin but that the kids could stay with them until we made it back. We decided that it would be best to try and make it back tomorrow, hoping that things would get better.

You walked over to me, and we stood looking out the door for a while. Then we started hugging and kissing. A little light groping followed. You said that we had all day for that, and maybe we should eat our breakfast before it got cold. That sounded like a good idea, and I needed to chop some more wood for the rest of the day soon. We ate breakfast; I got dressed and headed out to the shed to cut firewood.

After chopping wood for what only seamed a few minutes, although must have been much longer. When I stopped to stack the wood on the porch, it appeared that I had cut enough for two weekends. About mid way through stacking the wood you must have become bored waiting for me to finish. You appeared at the window fully dressed. Taking your off top, and then the bra. You started to massage your breasts, and press them together. You took one hand to your mouth and put a finger to your lips and started sucking it. Then slowly ran it down your cheek, neck and between your beasts. Cupping them again you then pressed them to the window, and moved your torso up and down on the window. A bunch of snow slid off the shed roof and made a noise. I turned to look and when I turned back the beautiful view in the window you was gone.

I hurried to finish with the wood and put the ax back. Finally, I was finished and rushed back to the cabin. When I got in you were dressed and sitting by the fire reading a book. I tried to cozy up to you but you said that I was too slow, and that you were not in the mood any more. Then suggesting that we go take a walk to the stream. We got our coats and gloves on, I put some more wood on the fire and we headed off.

We had taken the dog along with us, so of coarse he was leading the way. Looking up trying to hunt squirrel. Walking down escort ataşehir the road way was pretty easy most of the way. The path to the stream was another story. What normally was a bit of a challenge really took some effort. We made it to the bank of the stream, and the dog fell in. As luck would have it for him, he jumped right out then started hunting squirrels again.

It was a great scene, the snow falling, and the sound of the water cascading over the rocks. With you kneeling near the streams bank, while looking down stream.

Then you picked up a rock and tossed it across the river. Standing up you tossed another then another. Bending over to pick up a hand full of rocks I started towards you as you stood up. You started throwing rocks across the stream again when I asked what you were trying to hit. Raising your arm over to the distance you pointed to a branch. The branch had been river washed, it had no leafs or bark. It was sitting balanced on a large rock. Still feeling a little pumped up from the log splitting. I reached down to pick up a few rocks. Just as I was about to through one, you said I bet you can’t hit it. Well, I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, and said back I bet I can. Tossing one rock wildly way over target, you said see what you did. You pointed as a bunch of snow came falling off a tree branch that I had hit. Ok, I get two more chances. You said that sounds fine, but what do I get when you lose. What ever you want, I won’t miss two more times. Tossing the next rock it fell a little short of the target this time. You were smiling as I looked in your direction. Being a little too cocky: I said are you ready to walk back to the cabin naked after this one hits the branch. You just stared at the branch and said that you didn’t think that there was anything for you to worry about. Sizing up the rock in my hand I eyed the branch and let the rock fly. It hit the rock that the branch was on and flew into the air landing about two feet in front of me.

You just started laughing, and then told me that I could keep my boots on the way back to the cabin. Well a bet was a bet so I started to disrobe. Once I got to my pants and shorts I noticed that my balls were disappearing and my penis was going to look like a cocktail wiener if we didn’t make it back soon.

So off we headed I going a little faster than you. I was a head of you past the bend in the road just before the cabin. When I heard a splash and you saying oh shit. I turned and started walking back to you and found that you had fallen in a puddle and were soaking from almost your head to your toes. Now, it was my turn to laugh a bit. I walked over and helped you up saying that we better get back before both of us end up catching a cold.

When we got in I grabbed a few logs to put on the fire to get it going. You were stripping off your wet clothes kadıköy escort bayan and putting them in the bathroom to dry. I took the two fake fur blankets and cleared some room near the fire. I made a bed for us by the fire and suggested that you come join me. I didn’t want you to get hypothermia or anything. You were covered by goose pimples as you raced over to the warmth of the fire.

Soon you were in the covers with me and we began to rub each other’s arms and legs to try to warm up. Our bodies had begun to warm as your skin turned back to its soft warm feel. Then we began to kiss each other on the lips, and then holding each other closer. I pulled you towards me as my hand massaged your back, and then down to you ass and legs. As you parted them so I could insert on of my leg between yours. My hand continued to move from your ass down your legs and then up to your back. You felt so good, so warm and inviting. Your hand had been moving from my back to my ass and then up to my chest. Were you would pinch my nipples occasionally. I started to kiss my way to your neck and ears, while my hands were concentrating on your breasts. Then my head worked its way down to your breasts. I licked the nipples, then around, and around as your nipples grew harder and longer. Then I blew on them a few times before engulfing them in my mouth. Now it was time to start working my way to the valley between your breasts and down your stomach. Kissing and licking I made my way slowly between your lovely legs. I rubbed my head up and down your thighs alternating back and forth between your legs.

Finally I stopped in the middle and began to lick you slit. I was going to enjoy every minute of this. First my tongue moved up and down opening your pussy more each time it passed. Then I began to make long strokes sticking my tongue in you each pass ending on your clit. It was sticking out so I liked around it very carefully not to touch it directly. It was time to start in on your hole, so I stuck my tongue in licking around the lips as it emerged. I brought a hand up to your pussy and spread the lips of your pussy. Again I licked up and own your slit. This time only spending time on your clit each time my tongue hit the top. Then again: each time spending just a little more time on your clit. My mouth covered our clit as I began to lick it harder and then sucking on you while continuing to work your clit over. Slowly the two fingers spreading your lips apart began to sink in to your pussy. Back and forth they moved. Gently hitting the upper bump of your pussy. My tongue work started to become more of a lapping motion as my fingers were beginning to move quickly. I could feel your pussy start to stretch, and your legs were rising toward your chest. Soon your hands were pushing my head into you, and legs were muffling my ears. You began softly: oh yeah, oh yeah. Building a escort bostancı bit more: oh god yeah, oh god that feels so good. Then an outright: Oh god yes, oh yeah oooohhhh god!!!

After giving you a while to recover and get your head back on. You looked over to me and said, ”Thanks, I sure needed that”. Then you said, “ Now it’s my turn, lay back and relax”.

You pushed me on my back and came up to me. Giving me a hot soulful kiss, sticking your tongue deep in my mouth and cleaning the rest of your juices from my face. I could feel your nipples softly swaying back and forth across my chest as we kissed. Eventually the kiss was broken off and you started on my neck and ears, while continuing the gentle contact with your nipples. Starting down my chest you licked and sucked on my nipples my penis was now right between your breasts. I loved the feeling of them knocking into my penis with every movement back and forth. Then you began to move down to my penis.

You started to lick the slit of my penis, then licking around the head. Your skilful tongue moved down the shaft and back up again. Engulfing the head into your hot mouth, and sucking lightly. Tonguing down the shaft a few more time. I felt my balls being gently sucked into your mouth. First one nut, and then the other over, and over again you expertly worked on them. You reached up and grabbed my penis while continuing to work on my balls. Then the stroking started all the while sucking on my balls. This was one of the best feelings I have ever had. Soon I could feel that my end was coming.

I asked you to stop and get on you back. You said you had a better idea “ I think that playing hop on pop would be much better”. Pushing me back you moved up and straddled yourself over my penis. Raising up a bit you guided it into you. Then began to slowly lower your self onto me. While grinding back and forth your breasts were swaying just inches from my face. This was more than I could take. Moving my head up I began licking on your breasts. Alternating between them, sucking and licking your rock hard nipples. It was all becoming too much for me. I laid back and began massaging your breasts, and tweaking your nipples. Your movements were becoming more of a bucking action as you slammed your self down. I could feel your pussy muscles start to constrict around me.

You began moving back and forth more wildly. Biting on your upper lip. Then you said, “Oh this feels so good”. I want you to cum in me, fill me with your cum. Oh yeah, that’s it, do it, oh god fuck me. Well that was all the encouragement I needed. My missile achieved maximum velocity and began to explode on target. You said, “ oh god yes, I can feel you filling me”. Ooohh God, God yes mmmmmmmm. Slumping over onto me. You tried to embrace me as I lay on the floor exhausted. Eventually you sat up and slow raised yourself off my now shrinking penis. Standing you decided that it was shower time. Leaving me lying on the floor wearing just a smile.

I looked over at the clock and noticed that it was only four pm. We still had to make dinner and a whole evening ahead of us.

But that’s another story.

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