August Ames

Cory felt the wonderful sensation of Lisa’s hand as it moved ever closer to his cock. He was sucking on one of her hard nipples and trying to stimulate her cunt as much as he could.

Lisa’s hand found the shaft and slowly pumped it. Both of them moaning and ready to take it to the next level Cory could barely contain himself and had to fight not to cum right in her hand.

Suddenly Lisa’s hand froze. Cory thought Oh no here we go again.

Lisa removed her hand from his pants and straightened up in the seat. “Is there something different about your…you know…your dick?” She said as if she could barely say the words.

Cory had been down this road many times. He was a good looking guy, well built, and athletic. He never had problems getting girls to go out. The problem almost always occurred at this point in the relationship.

“No nothing wrong it works just fine.” He said with his patent answer. “Why what is it?”

She seemed hesitant to say anything, all the girls acted this way and it usually played out in the same fashion. The girl either came right out and said something about his dick or they mumbled about how they should probably just go on home.

This was no exception and as he drove off from Lisa’s house he wondered if it ever would.

He came home from college every third or fourth weekend. He would help his mom take care of needed chores and enjoy her company, the one woman other than his sister who he felt he wouldn’t have to possibly explain his abnormality to.

His mom surely knew about his condition. After all she had bathed him and took care of him. The only thing was the change had occurred mostly during puberty and he couldn’t really recall how his penis was before then. He just assumed it had always been a little different.

After arriving home and finding that his mom was still at work he looked around to see if there was anything glaring that needed attention.

He wondered why his mother didn’t have one of her male acquaintances help her with the house. She dated often since his father had left when he was 9 and his sister 8. His mother was tall and very thin. He sometimes wondered if she would ever gain a pound. She was not too thin, but not far from being waif-like in appearance. She had pale skin and blondish red hair. He guessed her tits and ass were pretty nice for a woman of 41 but never dwelled on things like that long.

His sister had just graduated from high school and was taking the year off to decide if college was for her.

He enjoyed school except for the continued problems with girls. “Oh well” he thought why should grown up girls be any different than the high school ones when it came to his genitals.

Cory was lounging in the den when his mom came home. She came down the steps “Hey boy I thought it was about time for you to come see your old mom.”

“Yea who else is going to take care of you.” He said.

“Not any of the clowns I’ve dated lately. They all want two things, No commitments and I think you’re old enough to guess the other.” She said with a laugh.

Cory had always had a rather open relationship with his mom. The only thing they had never talked about was his dick.

“Hey instead of us fixing dinner why don’t we just order pizza and hang around here.” Carol said, plopping down on the love seat next to the phone.

“Sounds good to me. Just don’t get any onions.”

After they ate his mom got a glass of wine and Cory helped himself to a beer. They settled into the dens couch side by side and started watching a movie.

They decided that it wasn’t up to par and turned to see what they could order from the satellite. As they looked through the titles they passed a couple of the ones with sex in them. Finally they agreed on a just released action comedy.

Carol did the ordering while Cory got another beer. As they settled back to watch the credits started and it was apparent that something was wrong. The scene started with a woman crawling naked across a bed and licking the torso of a naked man.

Carol said “Whoa what happened. I must have entered the wrong code or something.”

Cory stared at the screen and reached for the controller from his mom. As he pushed the info button it was apparent that Carol had bought the movie one channel down from the one they wanted.

The title was “Forbidden lessons” and its description was that of a woman who teaches different people in her family about sex.

He hit the button again and the screen was filled with a view from behind the woman as she rode the mans cock.

They both stared a second longer and then Cory turned to his mom and said “Well what do we do now?”

Carol laughed and said “Well it’s got the action I wonder where the comedy comes in.”

They both güvenilir bahis laughed a little nervously. She said “I guess we can see if it has a story line or we can try another channel.”

Cory turned his attention back to the TV and watched as the woman started to cry out that she was cumming. She rocked faster on the man and then thrashing cried out “Yes oh yes. ohhhh…”

He watched the rest of the scene and then turned to look at his mom. She was watching the scene, one hand resting against her chest the other against her thigh. She was definitely watching with interest.

Cory said, as the scene faded and changed to dialogue around a kitchen table, “Well there might be some script in here after all.”

His mom agreed and said “Yea lets see how good of actors these porn stars are. That could be the comedy part.”

He watched as she said this and noticed a flush in his mothers face. Her breathing seemed to be a little raspy also.

Cory thought, Is my mom getting turned on watching this with me sitting here.

He couldn’t help but also get aroused by the thought which in turn made him feel dirty. You weren’t supposed to get turned on by your mom getting hot and bothered. But he was. The further he tried to push it from his mind the clearer the pictures got.

He watched the screen but his mind was slowly seeing his mother naked on the couch beside him rubbing her breasts and playing with her snatch.

He’d never seen his mother naked but his mind had formed a perfect picture of her.

He realized that his shorts were tenting in front of him. He couldn’t help it though. The more he fought for control the further it slipped from his grasp.

He shifted as he concentrated on the newly unfolding scene. This of course was no help as the lady was now undressing what was supposed to be her sister and licking at her large tits.

His mom broke the silence “Looks like your enjoying the movie.” She said with a slight giggle.

She was staring at his crotch.

His cock was in full erection and straining to be freed. There was no hiding it and the attention to it made him feel like it had suddenly grown larger than ever.

He blushed and put his hand down to cover it.

Trying to recover he said “Yea like your not. I haven’t heard you breathing this hard since we went hiking last summer.”

She laughed “Well I guess were both adults and its normal when you watch something like this. Maybe we should change the channel before we need some relief.”

Feeling a little uncertain he said “Hey you ordered the thing if you can’t stand the heat go to your room.”

His mom blushed deeper “Hey you’re the college guy I figured you got enough at school that things like this would be tame in comparison.”

The look in his eyes told her something different and she wished she hadn’t pushed this far.

He just looked at the floor and trying not to show anything stared back at the screen where the woman was now orally stimulating the other woman.

His erection raged on even as he thought of all the times he’d been turned down because of his penis.

His mom said “I’m sorry Cory I was only picking. I thought we were having fun.”

“It’s OK, there’s nothing wrong. I guess I’m just a little self conscious about you know.” He said pointing at the bulge in his shorts.

His Mom said “Hey thats normal. Watching two people have sex right in front of you how can you not be aroused. If you didn’t I’d think you weren’t normal.”

He said it before he knew it “But I’m not normal mom.”

She was afraid to say anything now. What had they done. First watching a porn flick together and now crossing over to a conversation that had lead to this statement. She wondered what he would say if she asked.

But she had to. “What do you mean Cory? You’re about as normal as they come.”

Cory decided that if there was ever a woman he could talk to about his problem his mom would be it. He let it all out “Mom I’m normal in every way that the world can see but when it comes to other things. Like these kind of things. I’m not.” He said pointing at the screen.

“I don’t understand son. I can see that everything works.” Pointing again at his crotch.

“Oh it works. Its just not like all the others.”

He was getting close to just saying what it was but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

His mothers mind was racing. She was imagining all kinds of things. Strange ejaculations, his cock bending in a strange way, or even something worse.

She said “Honey show it to me.” The second she said it she knew she shouldn’t have.

“I can’t do that mom. It wouldn’t be right.”

“Why not I love you more than anyone else in the whole world. If I can’t help you then who can?”

Cory thought türkçe bahis for a second. Maybe his mother was right. Maybe she could tell him what to do.

He said “Why don’t I tell you first so you won’t be shocked.”

Now his mother was worried. “OK if that will help.”

“You see mom I’m built a little different. My.. my…well my..”

“Its OK son tell me. I how you’re different.”

“Mom the top, I mean my you know the head its Huge.”

His mom stared at him trying to figure out what to say. In her mind she was seeing her sons cock with a rather large head on it. She couldn’t imagine what she was about to see.

“Honey lots of men have large heads on their penis. A woman who knows about things would welcome that.”

He said “Mom I don’t think you understand. I’m not talking about just a large head on my dick. Its huge.”

Carol was starting to get turned on by the conversation and by the thought of what her sons cock might look like. She also was feeling the strange sensation from how taboo this all was.

“Well then show me. Show me this huge cockhead.” She was surprised by the words she was using. But wanted to see it.

Cory looked down and then slowly reaching into his shorts started to pull his penis from its confines. He was stunned that he was doing it and at the same time turned on by the fact that he was going to show his erect cock to his mom. He could also see that his mom was turned on by the whole thing and that made him want to in a strange way.

Carol stared as her sons cock came into view. When he had gotten the whole thing out he released his grip on it and it was apparent that her son was right.

His dick was at least 7″ long and fairly thick, but the head of his cock looked like it belonged on a dick 20″ long. It was huge. It dragged the erect shaft over to near drooping. The first thought that went through her head was that there was no way she could get that into her mouth.

She thought my god woman this is your son, and at the same time her body was thinking of pleasurable ways to use his organ.

Cory grabbed the base of his cock and tilted the head up towards his mom.

The head was normal in appearance but protruded a good inch to either side of the shaft and was the size of at least a tennis ball or maybe bigger.

“Honey, sweetheart there is nothing wrong with that.” She said it with lust in her voice and she didn’t care. Son or no son that was some cock.

“But mom no girl has ever wanted me to.. you know do it.”

“That was their loss baby. A real woman would find a way to use that thing. My god the pleasure you could give a woman.” She was saying things not so much as a mom but as a woman now bent on having this cock.

“How mom. Its abnormal. I’ve seen enough of other men to know that something’s wrong with it.”

“No honey. There is something more than right with your dick. If I could find a man built like you I might never look for another. God what that thing must feel like.” She was lost to her lust now and Cory could see that they might be getting close to crossing a line that he had never imagined.

Having never been in a woman, much less heard one say they wanted his cock he decided that mom or not his hard cock wanted some relief.

“Mom I know this is wrong to say but if you want we can… I mean I would love to… Well you know.” His words would not say what his mind wanted but it didn’t matter she made the first move.

“I’d love to.” she said as she knelt before him and reached for his swollen dick.

She took hold of the shaft and stroked it. The hardness of his flesh made her cunt drip with anticipation. She knew it would be next to impossible to give him head but she wanted to try anyway.

She licked the giant head and was rewarded with the taste of pre-cum. She sucked down on the top of it and felt the heat radiate through her mouth.

Cory moaned and instinctually grabbed her head to force it further.

His mom pumped the shaft while trying to stretch her mouth and accept more of the cock head into her. She knew that if she got it in her mouth it might be hard to get it out.

She looked up at her son and said “Honey I know you want to cum but I can’t take the whole thing this time. Let momma just take of it for you.”

Cory stepped away from her and sat at the edge of the couch. His mom bent and continued to stroke and lick his cock.

He said “There’s one more thing mom. When I cum I can’t stop for awhile. I really put out a lot.”

“Then give it to me baby and see if I can handle it.”

She quickened her pumps on her sons cock and sucked on as much of his cockhead as she could. She felt his balls start to tighten and his cock start to twitch and knew that he was ready.

Placing her güvenilir bahis siteleri open mouth over the top half of his dick she pumped twice and then pulled her hand as far down his shaft as it would go.

Cory cried out “OHHH Yess… Suck my cock MOM. OOHHHH…….. UHHHH..UHHHH.UHHHH….UHHHHH.”

The first blast was like a pitcher of goo being poured down her throat and she gagged.

She held the organ from her face as shot after shot hit her. Each blast was like a salvo shot from a gun.

She swallowed as much as possible and still he came. Not just dripping from his huge cockhead but firing still.

He reached for his cock and placing his hand over hers pumped it several times. “OHHH god mom. OHHhhh.. god. Suck my cum. yes..yes.” He said as he shot still more cum from the huge purple head.

She was drenched and licking cum as it slid down her face. Slowly the last discharges subsided and he released his grip on hers.

He looked down at his mom and saw that there was hardly a place on her face not covered in his cum. Without thinking he knelt and kissed her.

His mom was overcome with her lust and kissed her son back. He tasted his own cum and lapped at her face. He could never believe that a woman would want him and now here she was his mother.

She broke their kissing and said “Now I want you in me.

Standing she disrobed. He watched as his mother unveiled her body before him.

She released her breasts from her bra and he saw that they were still firm and tipped with dark red but small nipples that stood about 1/2″ out.

Next she lowered her panties and he saw that her bush was trimmed neatly. Her hair was the same as her head, Strawberry blonde.

What surprised him was that her moist cunt lips were protruding out so far. She was a vision before him and his cock had not shrunk a bit.

She sat on the floor and then leaning back spread her legs up and away to reveal a wet and meaty potal.

“Well do you want it?” She asked already knowing the answer.

He crawled between her legs and placed the huge head at her entrance. He couldn’t see much of her cunt now and wondered if the other girls had been right about not wanting that thing in them. He wondered if it would fit.

His mother sensing his thoughts said “Ease it in baby I want it.”

He pushed against her opening and felt it give way. Slowly most of it parted her folds and he saw the meat of her cunt appear to either side of his cock.

She gasped and said “Oh baby you are huge. Go ahead and shove it in I’m ready.”

He decided that he might as well do as she said. With a thrust he pushed hard and felt the walls of his moms cunt give way to his cock.

She cried out as it entered her and drove deeper still parting her cunt wider and deeper than she’d ever thought possible. “OH GODDDDDD….. Yes Baby. Drive it in your momma.”

He finally bottomed out and started the return stroke when she came immedeatly. As wide as he had stretched his moms cunt he felt it tighten against his dick.

“OHHHH fuck. fuck…fuck baby you are huge. OHHHHHHHGODDDDDDDD….. yes baby fuck your moms cunt. Fuck me with that huge headed dick. Fuck your momma. fuck your momma.”

He plunged it into her slopping pussy again and again. She rocked against him grabbing first her nipples then at her thighs. She was lost in her orgasm.

Cory started talking to her “God Mom I didn’t know it could feel this good. I love your pussy. I want to fuck you all the time. God your juices are all over me.”

“Oh baby cum in me. Fill me with that huge load of cum. I want to feel your seed in me.”

Cory pushed harder and harder into his moms wet cunt until he felt the building in his nuts.

“I’m gonna cum. OHHH Here it comes.” He said as he emptied his load into his mom with a moan.”UHHHHHHHHH…OHhhhhhh,,uHHhHhhhhh…..”

She felt it fill her and start to pour from her cunt and down the crack of her ass. It seemed to run out of her forever.

“OH god mom your pussy is so good. I could fuck you forever.” He said as the last of his spunk rolled out of his cock.

She said “Baby you can have your mommas cunt anytime you want. In fact I want you to share this with someone special.”

“Who mom?” He wondered.

“Your sister would love that cock of yours. And maybe even take it in her ass. She really loves things up her ass.”

Cory thought about his sister and wondered how his mom knew this. Then it hit him that they were always close and must have crossed their line along time ago.

He pulled his cock from his mothers cunt with a sopping pop. Her pussy stood gaping open a good inch and a half. Cum streamed from it down the crack of her ass. He wanted to eat her out right now.

“Mom can I eat your pussy?”

“Baby you can do whatever you like.”

With that he knelt between her legs and plunged his tongue into her gaping wet crevice and tasted their mixed cum.

He thought how nice it is to finally find someone to enjoy.

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