Stranger in the Dark


I was a very very confused woman when I woke up.

I could swear my eyes were open, but I couldn’t see a thing.

I was moving my arms but they didn’t seem to respond.

Was I still asleep? Was this some weird traumatic dream? Was it just pitch black? Where was I??

Questions began to race around my head as I slowly began to feel more and more afraid.

It soon became apparent to me that this was not a dream. Everything was real, of that I was certain.

It took me a while to realize it was a blindfold.

That eased my confusion somewhat, but still left a lot of questions in my head. Why was I blindfolded, and why was I tied up??

I heard a door open.

I instinctively called out, “Jason! Is that you?”

There was silence.

And then footsteps. Slowwwww footsteps.

I tried to maintain my composure.

I eventually gathered the courage to ask again.


I was almost whimpering.

He chuckled from about 6 feet away.

Typical Jason.

I sighed in relief.

I’d recognize my husband’s silly chuckle anywhere.

“Oh my GOD! You had me so scared there for a moment. You IDIOT. Untie me please.”

There was only silence.

I decided to speak up after half a minute of uncomfortable silence.

“Umm Jason, listen, I’m getting kind of scared here. Please. Is this some weird kink of yours? Please at least take the blindfolds off. I’m just scared.”

There was a deep, metallic voice at my left ear.

“Why do you call me Jason?”

A long, cold, shiver crept down my spine.

I became acutely aware of the stranger’s breath on my ear.

Panic gripped me.

I had been kidnapped.

I had no idea where I was, or who this was who had tied me up.

“P-please”, was all I could muster.

Even worse, I didn’t know what they wanted.

I writhed within my bonds. I knew there was no point. I was tied too securely. Still, I couldn’t help but try. I just instinctively wanted to get out of that situation.

Finally I asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”.

“I just want……………… This.” said the voice.

A fingernail traced its way down my bare waistline.

Wait a second. My…… Bare….. Waistline?

I suddenly realized that I was naked.

The horror in my heart multiplied itself several times.

I was naked in an unknown place, in front of an unknown man…. Or…….. Beast? Honestly, it could be anything, that’s what made it so scary for me.

And what if it wasn’t just one??

My voice was a whimper once again as I pleaded softly, “Please….”.

The finger slowly made its way around my front, to my tummy, and then turned downward.

There was no mistaking what they wanted.

I suddenly felt the finger hit fabric. I wasn’t all naked after all.

I realized I was wearing some sort of underwear. But it did not give me much respite, bcoz I just knew they weren’t much protection.

I pleaded again, “Please……”

The metallic voice sighed deeply, and I felt the body of a person move in closer.

I felt two human hands (yes, human hands, thank goodness at this point), hold my waist.

It felt very very strange.

I felt their nose snuggle into my neck and breathe deeply.

I sighed involuntarily.

I was scared out of my wits. There was no doubt about that.

But I was also strangely aroused.

I mean….. It had been so long since my husband-


I blinked hard and tried to focus.

I couldn’t.

It doesn’t matter. My sex life does not matter.

I had to stay aware of the imminent danger and try to get myself out of this mess.

There was a deep, questioning, “Hmmmm?”

He must’ve sensed the sudden changes in my body language.

I didn’t say a word.

I had to stay strong.

I had to stay faithful.

I swore to myself that if it ever came to it, I’d rather die than give myself willingly to this stranger.

His nose stayed buried in my neck.

His hands worked their way slowly up from my tummy and over the front of my brassiere.

They stopped abruptly, cupping my breasts.

“These seem nice”.

“Why am I here…. Please……”

There was no response. He just moved my breasts round and round in near silence.

I suddenly noticed the sound of a clock ticking somewhere. It was very familiar. I was probably somewhere in my own house still. That gave me some small sense of comfort.

He moved the bra out of the way and began to straight up grope me.

Was this honestly pleasurable to him in some way??


I was filled with self doubt.

Was this….. Pleasurable to ME?

He changed his stance to one resembling more of an embrace.

He was only wearing underwear, from what I could feel.

Despite the strangeness of the whole situation and the fear in my mind, the episode was most definitely turning into an erotic one.

“Someone’s enjoying this….” He murmured into my right ear.

He was noticing.

I had to stay pure. For my husband.

He’d escort ataşehir never forgive me.

I’D never forgive me.

I begged the man once again for some sort of explanation, but in vain.

My bra seemed to have fallen off at some point, and he was clearly enjoying playing with my erect nipples, making soft moans every now and then.

I was trying my best to scheme myself out of this situation. I was trying to draw up a plan of negotiation. What could he want…. What could I trade in exchange for being let go. How could I convince him to leave?

He was now kissing my neck intensely.

I could feel my own breathing become heavy.

There was no hiding it.

I was most certainly aroused.

It’s just…… We’d been going through a dry patch, sexually and romantically. You really couldn’t blame me.

Could you?

I had no idea though…. My mind was fogging up and I could barely think straight.

“I have money”, I said, “I’ll give you however much you ask for. Please just stop, okay?”

He held me tighter.


I could feel his bulge behind me, poking into my body.

I didn’t know whether to feel more aroused or afraid.

He kissed my shoulders…… My upper chest…..

He spent extra time on my clavicle….. It was one of my favorite spots on my body. My thoughts flew back to my first years with my husband. It was our thing. It was OUR spot.

This was almost unfair.

“Please”, I asked again.

“No”, was the curt response.

I felt him untie my arms, although he still kept tight hold of my wrists.

I was a little surprised. What was happening?

“I’m going to let you down. You must kneel. If you follow all of my instructions and not cause any trouble, you will still be alive when I leave.”

That sent a shiver down my spine.

I knelt slowly, terrified.

It seemed like although my arms were free my hands were still tied together.

I felt him gently move my hair out of my face and tuck it behind my ears.

“For the next twenty minutes….. I own you.”

I shivered again.

This was becoming very very sexual. I knew where it was going but I dared not think about it or imagine it.

I sensed him move to my front.

He held my face in his hands.

I felt a strange mixture of fear and protection.

I felt like….. He could really hurt me if he wanted to. So there was that imminent sense of fear in my mind.

But at the same time, I knew he wouldn’t. And that thought comforted me.

His hands navigated their way down my body.

He stroked me from chin to thigh several times. After a few minutes I felt him lower himself and kiss my upper leg.

I almost moaned, stopping myself only at the last second.

My panties were probably drenched by now.

I wondered how far he’d go. When would this end?!

I missed my husband. He’d gone away on business. It’d been a whole month since I even last saw him. My thoughts kept drifting to him. This wouldn’t have happened if he were here. But….. Could that be a good thing? I felt like a bad person just for thinking that thought.

The wet kisses on my thighs were really turning me on.

His tongue then traced a path upward over my hip and onto my chest.

He was now unabashedly suckling at my breasts. And I was shamelessly enjoying it, though still trying my best not to show it. I did not want to encourage him, after all.

All of a sudden, he grabbed at my face, pressing my cheeks.

I was filled with sudden fear.

“You’re hurting me!”, I yelled out.

He relaxed his grip but did not let go.

“Worship me”, he said simply.

Worship? That was a weird thing to ask for. I felt his finger outline my lips.

This was getting almost creepy, but I didn’t really want it to stop, either.

His other hand rubbed my chin, and I involuntarily parted my lips.

His index finger slowly crept inside.

I had a sudden thought…. Did I dare to hurt him? Would it be useful if I bit him?

The sensible part of me told me it probably wasn’t worth it.

I just decided to give him what he was clearly asking for.

I sucked at his finger, at first wondering why he’d ask for such a thing, but quickly realizing I was enjoying it as well.

He took his finger out and moved his arm closer. He was asking for more.

I decided to ask.

“Like….. What did you mean by…. ‘worship’?

“You’ve been very naughty lately, haven’t you… I just want you to know your place”.

Err…. That just left me more confused.

What on earth did he mean by that. This was definitely someone I’d managed to tick off, but…. Why? When?!

I was pretty amiable person, if I may say so. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would wish this on me.

I moved my hands over his arms, though still tied together.

I felt his skinny but firm forearms.

And I gently massaged his triceps.

He was built quite similarly to my husband, although perhaps slightly more muscular.

Not that I had a thing for muscles kadıköy escort bayan or anything, though I did appreciate a toned body. A man should take care of himself, but not overdo it to the point of unnecessary narcissism.

I did not voice any of my thoughts. Neither the compliments, nor my increasingly lustful imagination.

I just…… I guess I just let him have what he wanted and tried to shut out the feelings of guilt.

He moved in closer once again to kiss my cheek.

His breathing was definitely heavier now.

His hands roved down my back.

“Beautiful”, I heard him whisper.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?” He whispered a little louder.

I couldn’t help but blush. I think there was a slight smile on my lips as I muttered a generic “Okay”.

His words echoed in my mind over and over.

You are so beautiful, you know that?,

he had said. It was the kind of thing my husband used to say. Hence the smile.

It was not just a plain dry compliment to me, but a memory.

Memory of a time when life wasn’t so fucked up or complicated. A time when love was enough and we knew how to express it.

My smile faded soon enough as I remembered where I was and that things would probably never go back to how they were.

And then his hand suddenly moved down and grabbed my ass.

That certainly brought me back to reality.

Forget our existing relationship issues; things would certainly be different in my married life after an incident like this!

What if……. What if I were raped today?

I suddenly realized that things were a lot more scary…. That there were a lot of possibilities I hadn’t even imagined yet. Anything could happen today, unless I played my cards well.

“Did that shock you?” He asked, although he didn’t seem very concerned.

I chose not to respond, simply allowing him to ravish my neck while both his hands fondled my derriere.

I closed my eyes. It took incredible willpower to simply not gyrate my hips in tune with his hands.

“You like?”, He whispered.

I didn’t want to say anything, but I realized I was holding my breath.

He kissed me on my forehead and that kinda did it for me.

I felt weak in the knees. All the breath I was holding back, rushed out in a moment of weakness. A sigh of satisfaction. Almost pleasure.

I snapped my eyes back open, although there was still only darkness in front of me.

I silently berated myself.

I couldn’t let him know I was secretly enjoying this. It would only encourage him to go further. And who knew what his limits were??

I could feel a whirlwind of emotion within me.

I couldn’t quite place it though….

Was it guilt? Knowing that I would have to explain all this to my beloved?

Was it longing? I mean, I wished it was him cradling me like this instead of this stranger.

I could feel a tear forming on the edge of my eye as I reminisced all the times I’d found comfort in the strong arms of my husband.

There was definitely a storm brewing inside me. And I felt so conflicted! On one hand I wanted it to just end, and this guy whoever he was to just go away.

On the other hand, I wanted it to go on and on forever. To feel desired. I wanted someone to desire me. To enjoy my body and tell me I was beautiful. Tell me I was worth something.

I just wanted to FEEL something again.

His hands came round the front and gripped the waistband of my panties.

I blanched, even though I knew this was coming.

He paused.

I could almost sense that he was looking at me, looking for some sort of permission.

I didn’t move a muscle. I didn’t want him to think I wanted it. And I sort of wanted to convince MYSELF that this didn’t happen willingly. It would be a lot easier to rationalize…. To justify…. To explain….. If everything happened to me without any active involvement from my end.

I felt the fabric slide down my thighs.

It was drenched all right!

I could feel the wet trail on my skin as it made its way down past my knees, revealing my most intimate parts to this man.

It suddenly dawned on me that I was completely naked.

I clasped my thighs together.

I was embarrassed by the tangled mess of hair I had going on down there.

I used to groom it very meticulously, but several years into a marriage, we tend to stop caring for such things anymore.

The panties hit the floor with a wet thwap.

His hands rubbed my feet a few times and then made their way upwards.

His fingers felt incredible on my thighs.

I let out a couple of gasps when it got a little too much for me.

He was so gentle and perfect, it was all I could do just to stop myself from screaming out at him to just finger me.

He stopped at one point to just hug me.

The warmth was so beautiful.

I’d never climaxed before without actual genital stimulation.

And no I’m not saying I actually orgasmed at this point from just hugging, but this was the closest I’d been for sure. My entire escort bostancı body was aroused. I hadn’t felt this way for years.

I was also aware of his growing member. He was almost naked apart from what seemed like boxers. His dick seemed to be popping upwards out of whatever he was wearing, bcoz I could definitely feel the skin of it on my belly.

“Lie down.”

A simple request. Though it felt to me at the time more like a command, as I didn’t really feel like I had a choice in the matter.

I got down to the floor and stretched out on my back. I felt the ties on my shins come undone.

He moved my feet apart and approached me.

I felt a sudden sense of dread.

I had never had penetrative sex with anyone apart from my husband.

And I didn’t want to either.

Every couple has a dry patch at some point or the other right? Despite everything, I didn’t consider it worth it to let some stranger have his way with me. The momentary satisfaction is just not worth sacrificing the purity of the whole thing.

I thought about kicking out at him…. Maybe if I….

No….. I thought the better of it.

“Please don’t.”, I whimpered.

“I’ve never….. Had…. Anyone except my husband”.

I don’t know if many people can really connect with the thoughts in my mind at the moment. I realize it’s been out of fashion for several decades now to maintain just one sexual partner in our lives. I was afraid this guy wouldn’t really believe me. Maybe he’d think it was just a story to garner sympathy.

Or maybe he’d believe me and still just not care.

He didn’t say anything.

I closed my eyes.

I felt his tongue on my clitoris.

Boy oh boy, nothing quite prepared me for the electricity that went through my body at that moment.

All of that build-up really had me aroused. And to finally get that stimulation…. It was out of this world…. Almost heavenly!

He was very good.

Very VERY good.

I was openly moaning at this point. I didn’t care about hiding it. Who was I gonna fool??

He wasn’t lazy at all with his hands either. Sometimes they’d play with my breasts. Sometimes they’d be up checking in on my lips.

And when the orgasm came calling – as it inevitably did – my entire body was convulsing in pleasure. It was probably the best orgasm I’d ever had in my entire life.

It felt like every single cell in my body was happy and enjoying it.

The sensations were so intense. So were my moans. I could sense my voice rise and fall with the waves of my orgasm.

I was in a different dimension for a little over half a minute I think.

He slowed as my body began to calm down. My face was flushed, and I didn’t know what to do next. I just began to giggle, as the pleasure continued to make its way around my body like little aftershocks post a major earthquake.

Honestly, an earthquake is the best possible metaphor for what I was feeling. I was shaking from head to toe, and it wasn’t because of the cold.

I felt his body crawl up next to mine. He turned me on my side and hugged me as we lay together. He stroked my back as I lay panting for breath.

I know this was still technically sexual assault and whatnot but this dude was an absolute gentleman.

He had apparently taken off his underwear at some point. I could feel his soft (but certainly somewhat elongated) penis pressing into my tummy.

It seemed to be pulsating too. My mind went straight to dirty thoughts.

It was so……. Strong and…. Big and….. Powerful.

Just like…..


I felt sad again as I remembered my husband.

Where had we gone wrong? What would it take to get back to the good old days.

We were both attractive individuals, I knew that for sure. We were more than capable of satisfying each other, that was for sure too!

But it had been a long time since he had last made me feel like this.

He held my cheek.

“You are so beautiful”, He whispered again.

I couldn’t see him, but I gave him a smile.

I almost felt like I owed him that much for what he made me feel. Funny huh.

He let go of me and got ‘back to work’.

He raised my right leg and set my foot closer to my body.

“Hmm….”, He said gruffly. “I like your pretty feet.”

I chuckled. That was something I’d never heard before.

He took my other foot, and (this was a little weird) he placed it on his groin.

On his cock to be precise.

I was a little unsure of what to do to be honest, so I just left it where he placed it.

He made his intention a little clearer by grabbing my foot and rubbing his penis with it, silently urging me to do the same.

I don’t know why, but I went with it.

Yeah, I decided to oblige him.

Sue me.

He slipped two fingers into my pussy.

This was clearly going to be a mutually beneficial session.

I breathed deeply, preparing for a new onslaught of sensations.

I stroked his rapidly growing penis with my foot while he pushed his fingers deep inside me.

I could feel my soul begin to stir again.

I could also feel his body responding to my ministrations. His engorged cock was now standing at full mast, impressively saluting me.

I stretched out my other foot. It was a lot easier to stroke him with two feet.

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