Strangers Meet


Katie was a normal, middle class woman, with 2 children, a mortgage and a part time office job. She thought of herself as attractive, but nothing out of the ordinary, although she had been told on many occasions how beautiful her eyes were, and how they danced when she laughed.

Her husband left her a couple of years ago, for some young skinny thing from the accounts department where he worked, but Katie was definitely over that, she was secure in the knowledge that her body, while it may not appeal to all, definitely had its admirers. She was certainly not skinny, but not fat either, a nice curvy size 16, with (what more than one ex-boyfriend had called “perfect”) E cup breasts. She was definitely proud of them, and tried to accentuate them at all times, while hiding her imperfections – its almost impossible to have 2 children without ending up with at least some flab in the stomach area!

Katie was doing pretty well for herself, her job was going very well, her bosses seemed to be very happy with the work she was doing, her kids had handled the break up really well – eventually – and her new house was something to be proud of, all designed by herself and more than big enough for her and the kids. The only thing that really got her down was her non-existent love/sex life.

Then she discovered the internet…. At first it was purely a research tool, used for finding the cheapest kitchen appliances or new ideas on décor for her home, then one day, an instant message flashed up on her screen “hi, feeling horny?”

She was shocked, because the thought had just crossed her mind how long it had been since she’d had an orgasm with anyone other than herself, and it was as though someone had read her mind. She didn’t reply for a while, wondering where it might lead to, but after looking up the person’s profile, decided “what the hell” and said “erm… kind of…”

“Kind of?”

“Well I was just thinking how long it was since I had an orgasm and realised that I cant remember getting one with anyone else or months.” The admission made her blush, but the other guy didn’t know that did he?

“So what are you into?” he asked. She wasn’t really sure how to answer that, so she asked him if he meant hobbies or something else. “OK,” he said, “I’ll ask and you answer, that ok?”

“Yeah sure” she said, feeling relief wash over her, along with a definite tingle in her loins.

“Are you submissive at all?” he asked.

“I can be,” replied Katie, “but I prefer to swap and change.”

“That’s good, spanking?” he asked her next.

Katie thought for a moment before replying “Yes I do like that, but not TOO hard, but enough to make my cheeks red.”

“MMMMM” came Dan’s reply, “VERY nice! What about sucking cocks?”

Katie giggled a little to herself, here she was, about to tell a complete stranger how much she loved sucking cocks, but he couldn’t see her, so what was the problem? “Yes, I absolutely ADORE it.” she replied.

“Wow, swallowing?” was Dan’s next question.

Katie was really getting into the swing of this now, “Oh yes, I always swallow” she answered.

“Sex with more than one man at a time?” was next to flash up on her screen.

Katie replied with “I’d love to try it, but I’m pretty shy, not sure if I’d go through with that.”

There was a short pause before Dan asked “What about with another woman?”

Katie blushed again. This was so different from any real life conversation she’d ever had, imagine, a complete stranger asking questions like this, and here she was, being brutally honest with him!

“Yes, I have done that once, and loved it” said Katie.

“Cool!!” Dan replied “What about being watched?”

Katie wasn’t so sure about that one. “Cool fantasy, not sure if I’d go for it in real life.”

“OK,” Dan allowed, “what about watching someone else?”

Katie thought a while about this one. Even though it had been quite a while since her last sexual partner, she knew that watching someone else have sex would totally turn her on. “I think that if I was to watch someone I’d want to join in lol.”

Katie could see that Dan was typing, and eventually her screen showed “But what if they were strangers? Someone you’d just happened to come across having sex in public?”

“Hmmm, ok, lets think” Katie did try to imagine herself in that situation. “Ok, lets say I came across a couple having sex in public, as long as I could watch from somewhere secret, so that they couldn’t see me, id be very turned on by it, and may even have to touch myself as I watched. I guess that means I’d like it” she blushed again.

“Wow” he said again, “Are you for real?”

Katie giggled as she typed “lol yes I am”, realising that her thong was by now soaked with all the mental images that were running through her head.

“Anal?” came the next question.

Katie thought about this one, she and her ex husband had ataşehir escort bayan done anal sex a few times when they were together, and although she had loved it on some of the occasions, others it had been downright painful.

“Only in a long term relationship, and only then if he’s really careful.”

“OK, does more than 5 minutes class as long-term with you?” Dan quipped.

Katie actually laughed out loud at this, you just couldn’t fault this guy’s cheek, or sense of humour anyway.

“No it wouldn’t lol, but at least you made me laugh. I’m going to turn the tables on you now” she said, “Tell me you ultimate fantasy.”

“Ultimate?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Katie, “or favourite, anything you like.”

The screen stayed blank for a minute as he either thought about the reply, or considered whether he was even going to reply. Just as Katie was about to give up on him, the screen showed his answer.

“Ok, think about this, I’m sitting in my car in a deserted car park. You drive in, dressed in very little, but with your coat on. You get out of your car and walk over to mine, open the door, and WITHOUT SAYING A WORD, open your coat and rest your arms on the roof of my car. I tease your nipples and then finger your pussy until you’re dying to cum.”

Katie was shocked. Not by what he’d said, but by the vivid mental image that flew into her head. She could actually see herself doing this. And the thought of it turned her on much more than she would have ever thought it would!

“Well, that’s some horny little fantasy you’ve got going there isn’t it!” was all she could think of to say. Her thong was by now totally soaked, and she could feel how swollen her pussy area was, with all the blood that had flooded into it. She lifted her hands to her breasts, bra-less under a vest t shirt, and wasn’t too surprised to find that her nipples were hard. Then he went off-line!

Katie was more than disappointed. It reminded her of the time when her ex had been giving her oral sex, and it had taken much longer than usual, then, just as she was on the brink of what seemed to be a massive orgasm, he just stopped! He hadn’t even tried again to get her there. “Come on Katie,” she thought to herself, “you don’t even know this guy, get over it!”

Just as she was shaking herself out of the disappointment, his name appeared again, “Sorry about that, got booted.”

“That’s ok” said Katie, all calm, not wanting him to know just how much of an effect he was actually having on her.

“Where were we?” he asked

“You were fingering my pussy until I was dying to cum” Katie reminded him.

“Would you cum from me fingering you?” he asked

Katie didn’t even need to think about that one. “In that situation?? I think its highly unlikely that I wouldn’t!”

“Where are you?” he asked.

“Very close to you” was Katie’s reply; she’d looked at his profile and seen that he lived in Manchester, which was about 30 minutes drive from her. Her profile didn’t have a location, so he hadn’t had any idea how geographically close they were when he messaged her.

“So do you know Badgers Brew?” he asked.

Katie did, it wasn’t far from her at all, a country park with a huge nature reserve. She tried to imagine herself dong what he’d suggested, and could actually picture it. It really had been a long time since a man had touched her intimately, and the thought of doing that with a stranger was making her very excited to say the least. “Yes I do” she typed.

“How long would it take for you to get there?” came back the question.

“About 15 minutes, but I’d need to get changed first if I was going to meet you.”

“OK, tell me what you’d be wearing” said Dan.

To which Katie replied “Well, this is your fantasy, what would u like me to wear?”

“Black stockings, black thong, black bra, coat.”

Katie thought about this, she was extremely horny now, but the thought of leaving her house dressed like that was pretty daunting.

“How about I wear all that stuff with a low cut top and a short skirt?” and he agreed.

Before she knew it, she had his phone number, and she was upstairs, cleaning her teeth, having a quick wash and getting changed into the right clothes, all the time berating herself for doing something so mad.

Once in the car, she sent him a text message to say that she was on her way but running late. Driving along, she turned on the radio to try to take her mind off just how stupid this could turn out to be, trying not to imagine headlines screaming out of a mother of 2 found dead in sexy underwear in a local park. She did laugh out loud at the 2nd song which came on the radio though, Baby D singing “Let me be your fantasy” and all thoughts of newspaper headlines went out of her head.

When she arrived at the car park and saw his car, her stomach did a flip. “Are you really going to do this Katie? escort kadıköy Do you realise just how mad this is?” Her own actions answered her when she parked up next to him, got out of her car, opened his door, opened her coat and let him take over.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt this turned on. Mixed emotions of guilt, embarrassment, fear of being caught and the faint HOPE of being caught were all overcome by how turned on she really was.

He lifted up her top and gently massaged her breasts through her bra. She felt her nipples hardening and arched her back to allow him easier access to them. His hands went around her back and unclipped her bra, which he then lifted up and began sucking on first one nipple and then the other. This was one of Katie’s favourite things, and she couldn’t help a shiver of desire running through her entire body. He then lifted up her short skirt so that he could see her stocking tops and thong, before his fingers started moving on her swollen clit. She moved her legs apart to allow him easier access and he then pulled her thong down and shoved 2 or 3 fingers inside her. She knew she was wet through, and the disbelief at what she was doing was totally overshadowed by the raw need inside her now.

Katie looked up and was shocked to see 2 cars approaching, so she quickly crouched down beside the car, explaining quickly to him why. He still said nothing, and guided her head toward his hard cock. Katie took it into her mouth still crouched by the car, sucking it and losing herself in the situation again. He lifted the back of her coat up and the fact of just how slutty she was being turned Katie on even further. Until she heard the boy’s shout from behind her that was.

He was actually on the other side of a high wall, but reality and common sense took over, and she then finally spoke to him. “I can’t do this here; it’s just too open, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. You don’t want to stop altogether though do you?” His accent was a local one, and while she had known he WAS local, there was something about that that somehow comforted her.

“No, I definitely don’t want to stop now. Do you know where we can go?”

He couldn’t think of anywhere straight off, but said for her to follow him. When they got to the entrance of the park, her mobile phone rang. “OK” he said, “I know where we can go, but it’s a bit out of the way, are you ok with that?”

Katie thought about it briefly, and then decided that she was safe in her own car, and really it had been her decision not to carry on where they were. If she got uncomfortable with wherever it was that he was taking her, she could always decide not to stop, and then just drive home.

They drove for about 15 minutes, and stopped on a deserted country lane, with fields on both sides, and no street lights. She pulled up behind his car and repeated what she’d done earlier. This time he pulled her thong right down and she stepped out of it, and when his fingers went to her pussy, she put one foot up on the lower door frame, pushing her beautiful breasts into his face as she did. It didn’t take long before he was out of the car, his hands all over her. He removed her coat for her, and threw it into his car, and then pulled her top down around her waist. He pushed her up against his car, and held her hands up as he sucked on one nipple and then the other, her skirt hiked up around her waist, legs apart, head thrown back in complete abandon.

He stood back and looked at her for a few seconds, “You look so sexy standing there like that!”

Katie just smiled and placed his hand back on her breast. He continued sucking and licking her nipples, all the time working on her clit, before turning her around to face his car. He was shoving the fingers of one hand into her now, the other hand squeezing and pulling her nipples. Katie pushed herself back against him, she could feel how hard he was inside his pants. His hands were everywhere now, roaming all over her body, and she heard herself say to him “Oh god, please just fuck me!”

“I’m going to, don’t worry Katie, just be patient.”

Katie knew that patience was one thing she really didn’t have in this kind of situation, and a small moan of frustration leapt out before she could stop it. The next thing she knew, his cock was entering her from behind. “Oh god, yes, that’s what I need, fuck me hard Dan.”

He willingly obliged, his 8″ cock pumping in and out of her easily, each of his thrusts being met with a backward thrust from Katie. She heard his moan as he noticed the tattoo at the bottom of her back, his hands rubbing over and over it, obviously turning him on even more than the slut leaning over his car, naked from the waist up and wearing only stockings and 3 inch heels from the waist down. It wasn’t exactly easy, poor Dan was 5’6 and although Katie was about the same height, she was bostancı escort wearing these high heels and taking herself a fair bit taller than him, but she leaned into the car, her arse still in the air, his lovely cock still slamming into her, feeling her vaginal muscles contracting as she came around his cock just as he spurted his hot cum inside her.

She took a few minutes to recover before standing and turning round to face him again. “Well, that’s definitely a first for me!” she said, “and now I’m really glad that I decided to take the chance” she smiled.

There were a few minutes of awkwardness as Katie put her coat back on and picked her sticky thong up off the floor and shoved it into her pocket, neither of them quite knowing where things should go from there.

“Um, you look a bit cold now, would you like to sit in the car for a few minutes?” Dan asked, Katie was a little unsure at first, but then decided to accept. She was careful to arrange her coat properly underneath her, not wanting to mess the seats up, and for about 10 minutes, they chatted about day to day stuff, neither of them being exactly expert in the area of what to talk about after sex with a complete stranger.

As they were chatting, Katie realised that she didn’t want this to be the end of it, she was still horny as hell and wanted him again. She tried to concentrate on what he was saying, as she tried to formulate a plan in her head. “Should I just come out and say it?” she wondered, then quickly decided that she couldn’t do that. In the end, she just leaned over and kissed him. It seemed to take him by surprise, but then he kissed her back. It was a lovely soft kiss, but not really what Katie had in mind at that moment in time, so she pulled her top down again, revealing her breasts and giving him more of an idea of what was actually on her mind. She shifted herself up in her seat so that he could reach them with her mouth, and soon realised that she was kneeling up on the passenger seat of his car, on a public (if extremely quiet!) road, with her breasts in his face and her skirt back up around her waist and just a pair of stockings for underwear. This turned her on even more, and soon she was pulling at his trousers, trying to release that lovely cock for her to suck on again. He soon got the idea and pulled his pants down for her, and she knelt on her seat and leaned over to take him into her mouth. It wasn’t an ideal position though; the steering wheel was getting in the way, so he pulled her up again to suck on her nipples.

He soon realised that she could take quite a bit of pain in that area, and was squeezing them very hard and pulling them, making her moan. He knew for sure how much she was enjoying it when she began to play with her clit, still moaning. “Yes, come on slut” he said, “make yourself cum, play with that pussy for me” His coarse words turned her on further, and she was more than pleased to feel him sliding his fingers into her as he chewed on her nipples. She had to steady herself against the back of the chair, but carried on working on her clit as he told her what a slut and a whore she was, feeling as though she was but surprisingly loving it.

She stopped playing with herself after a few minutes, the cramped position wasn’t really ideal, but started again at his words when he told her to carry on “Come on you slut, I’ve practically got my fist inside you, four fingers whore, rub that clit until you cum” Katie couldn’t believe it, she’d never been exactly shy in the bedroom (so to speak) but this was a new level of horniness even for her. A complete stranger, in his car, in a public place, almost naked and now he was telling her he had four fingers inside her! She came then, her body convulsing as he told her how dirty she was and how next time he was going to have other men for her to fuck, lots of different hands and cocks all over her, cum on her face, on her tits, in her pussy. Quite honestly, Katie couldn’t wait, and was almost disappointed that they weren’t there right now!

She removed his hand from between her legs, looking him in the eye in the darkness, and lifted his fingers to her lips. A groan came from him and she knew he liked what she was about to do, but even she was surprised when he helped her to lick his fingers clean, covered in her juices and his cum from before. They both sucked greedily, each trying to get as much as they could, ending in a passionate kiss, both of their mouths and faces covered in sticky salty fluid.

He got out of the car then, and ran round to the passenger side as Katie was still trying to recover from her orgasm. He pulled her by her legs so that he could push his cock into her again, and fucked her right there with the door wide open and her pussy still in spasm from her recent orgasm, telling her how all his mates would love to fuck her and that she really was a perfect little whore.

By the time Katie got back into her own car, her whole body ached, and she could feel his cum dribbling out of her onto her own seat, but she didn’t care. All she could think about was when his mates might want to fuck her and whether she could ever be that turned on again.

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