Stripper Mom Gets Ganged Banged


Jake and 5 of his friends sat around the lounge room, it was a Saturday night, and was Jakes best friend, Ben’s 19 Birthday. The guys had been watching a ball game, drinking some whiskey, and smoking a few blunts. The guys had organized for a stripper, and Jake had agreed to take care of getting a hot chick, little did the guys know, it was his hot mom, Ronna who was going to be providing the entertainment.

Ronna and Jake had been sleeping together for a while, and to spice things up, had decided this would be a great opportunity, for Ronna to get her brains fucked silly.

It was nearly 11pm, and the door bell rang, Jake’s friends all thought Ronna would be out, and Jake had organized for her to arrive at about 11, in costume…

The guys all stared yelling, knowing it was stripper time, Jake answered the door, and there stood his hot ass mom, She was wearing a black latex cat woman out fit, with the cat woman mask hiding her appearance. The black tight latex spread tight over her tall form. Her perfect legs, and firm ass, looked hotter than ever, and her firm tits, sat like two rip peaches. Jake kissed her passionately, and his hands went straight to her ass, his hands gripped her cheeks, and she rubbed his cock thru his jeans, they quickly separated, and he “led” her to the lounge room. One of the guys had some slow dance music going and were hooting as Ronna entered the room. None of them had any clue it was Ronna, Jakes mom underneath the mask.

Ronna indicated for Ben to sit in a chair in the middle of the room, with a big grin on his face, he sat down, and prepared to enjoy the show, he had no idea what he was in for.

Ronna started güvenilir bahis dancing seductively, running her hands over her ass, and breasts, her hands ran smoothly over the latex out fit, she sucked a finger and looked straight in Ben’s eyes. She sat on his lap, her ass rubbed back and forth over his crutch, before long his 9 inch cock was hard a rock, and a huge bulge arose in his pants.

All the guys watching started hooting and yelling, they couldn’t keep their eyes of Ronna’s latex covered ass. Ronna had a wicked smile spread across her face, she dropped to her knees, and in one smooth motion, had Ben’s zip undone, and his fat cock exposed. The yelling from the other guys only increased, and Ben had the biggest smile imaginable on his face. Ronna took his huge cock into her mouth, and sucked him like a pro. She massaged his balls with one hand, and rubbed his chest with the other, as she worked her lips up and down his shaft.

Ronna took Ben’s cock from her mouth, and looked back at the other guys, using a finger, she ripped a small hole over her pussy and ass hole, a gaping rip spread in the latex, leaving her ass and shaved pussy lips exposed to the 5 boys.

The group of young men, couldn’t believe their eyes, they had expected a stripper, and now they were all getting a lot more than they expected. In 10 seconds flat, 5 cocks were out of their pants, and being pulled hard. Jake moved up first, and before his friends eyes (not that they knew), he slid his 8 inch shaved cock and balls, up to the hilt, into his mom’s shaved cunt. The guys cheered him on as he started pumping in and out of her sopping box.

Two of the guys moved around to Ronna, türkçe bahis and while she continued to suck Ben’off, she jerked their cocks, and they grunted as her smooth hands worked up and down their shafts.

The two remaining guys, each moved around to the front of Ronna, and ripped a little more off the latex around her tits, they took a breast into each of their mouths, and sucked her nipples.

With each of her nipples being pleasured, and her sons cock in her pussy, Ronna was moaning with pleasure, she sucked harder on Ben’s cock, and soon he could hold on no longer, he pumped 6 thick loads of cum in her throat, and she nearly cocked as the cum tricked down her throat.

One of the guys being jacked off, moved closer, and Ronna took his cock into her mouth, his cock was short, perhaps 5 or 6 inches, but very thick, her lips stretched to take all of him in her mouth.

Ben was also close to cumming, he pulled out of his moms wet pussy, and stroked his cock right in front of her face, she winked, just before he exploded all over her nose and eyes, cum trickled down her chin, as she kept sucking the wide cock in her mouth.

Quickly another cock filled Ronna gaping pussy, and after 5 minutes she screamed and bit her bottom lip as she climaxed around the large cock, buried to the hilt in her cunt.

Her climax set him off, and he came hard and fast, inside her! He bucked his hips, and held her waist tight as he shot his seed deep up her pussy.

With in a 10 minute period, each of the guys, had cum either in Ronna mouth, pussy, or on her face, and the guys were lying around exhausted sipping on beers.

Ronna stood up, and walked over güvenilir bahis siteleri to Ben, he had cum first and was hard again, Ronna slid a finger to her tight pink ass hole. She lubricated her shit shute with the semen which had trickled from her pussy, and she spat on Ben’s 9 inch cock, and moistened his entire shaft.

Standing there before 6 guys, she slowly worked one finger in her ass hole, then two, and finally three, the guys all watched in amazement. Ronna waited until her ass muscles were adjusted to the stretching, then she removed her fingers, and slid slowly down, onto Ben’s pole.

Ronna ground her hips, and wiggled her waist, with slow movements, she moved up and down on Ben’s rock hard cock. Ben held her slim waist and fucked Jakes mom’s ass, she moaned, and screamed a little. Jake came forward, and knelt, he licked his moms clitty, while his best friend fucked his moms ass, 2 inches from his face, he was so hard, he started to stroke his cock, while he helped bring his mom to orgasm.

Ben came first, his sperm gushing up into Ronna’s bowels, 20 seconds later, with some help from Jake’s tongue, Ronna came too.

Her whole body shook as she climaxed like never before. Her knuckles were white as she he held onto Jakes head, his tongue continuing to flit her clit. As the waves of pleasure subsided, her hands snaked down to Jakes hard cock, she moved her hand up and down his shaft, quicker and quicker, until finally he came fore the second time that night.

His cum hitting her waist and stomach, splattered every where, and soon Jakes limp cock hung between his legs. He kissed his mom deeply, and led his cum soaked mom to the door. She put a jacket on to cover her self as she walked to the car, The guys stood in the door way and thanked her as she left, Ben especially was grateful, he certainly had never received a present like that before, what a birthday!!!

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