Submissive Ch. 02


Submissive II-Lover Revealed

Carol Johnson was sitting at the kitchen table in her tank top and sweatpants talking to her daughter, Kristin. It was early Thursday evening, two days after her illicit encounter with Kristin’s best friend, Becky. They were talking about nothing in particular, just typical mother daughter stuff, when there was a knock at the door.

Kristin jumped to her feet. “That’s probably Becky. We’re going to the mall for a bit,” she said as moved toward the door.

“Hi, Becky. Come on in,” she said, opening the door. “Go on in and talk to my mom. I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

“Good evening, Mrs. Johnson,” Becky said as she entered the kitchen.

“Hi, Becky. How are you this evening?” Carol asked.

Just then, they heard the sound of a door slamming upstairs. “Come over here, slut” Becky said.

Carol responded obediently, rising from her chair and moving to the young woman.

“I’ll pick you up at the north entrance to the mall at 5:00 PM Saturday. Be prepared to spend the night. Dress is casual, and you won’t need a night-gown,” Becky told her matter-of-factly.

“I’ll be ready.”

Without further fanfare, Becky took hold of the front of Mrs. Johnson’s tank top and slid it up her chest until her bra-less breasts were totally exposed. She placed a hand on each breast, squeezing them, mashing them into the older woman’s body. Then she eased Mrs. Johnson backwards until her back was pressing against the refrigerator. Finally, she leaned in and kissed her, darting her tongue in and out, while her lover’s tongue responded in kind.

Becky broke off the kiss, yet still kept Carol pressed tightly against the refrigerator as she looked into her eyes. “I’m looking forward to Saturday, when your body will be completely at my disposal,” she whispered into her ear.

Before Carol could respond, they heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs. They broke their embrace quickly, giving Carol just enough time to pull her tank top over breasts before Kristin came in. “All set,” Kristin beamed. “Let’s go.”

As Kristin headed for the door, Becky called after her, “I’ll be right there.” She turned to Carol. “You are not to masturbate between now and Saturday. Do you understand me?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Carol answered, nodding her head, but knowing full well that she would be doing that very thing in a matter of moments.

* * *

Not daring to keep Becky waiting, Carol arrived at the mall at 4:30 Saturday with nothing but her purse and cosmetics bag and waited just inside the north entrance. Five o’clock came and went, leaving Mrs. Johnson nervously pacing the floor. She began to wonder if Becky had changed her plans and not told her, or maybe she’d never meant to show up in the first place. In short, Mrs. Johnson was a nervous wreck, like a schoolgirl going on her first date.

Five-thirty arrived, and so did Becky, pulling up to the curb and honking the horn. Carol hurried out and got in the car. “Hi, Mrs. Johnson,” Becky greeted her, leaning over and giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Hi, Becky,” she answered. Carol noticed that Becky was wearing blue jeans and a pullover fleece, the kind of clothes she always wore. That fit in nicely with her own outfit, a mid-length blue jean skirt and a powder blue zip up sweater.

They drove to the other side of town, gossiping about this and that, but nothing in particular. Finally, they pulled into the local Suites Motel and parked near the rear of the building. Becky opened her car door and looked at Mrs. Johnson, waiting until she followed suit. Both women then emerged from the car and grabbed their bags.

Becky took off towards the back entrance to the motel, with Carol hurrying along behind her. Once inside they took the stairs. When they reached the landing midway between the first and second floor Becky stopped, dropped her bags, pushed Mrs. Johnson against the wall, and planted a big, wet French kiss on her lips. She broke the kiss, still holding her prey against the wall. “I’ve got big plans for you tonight, slut. Now, grab my purse and bag and bring them to room 212.”

As Carol fumbled to pick up the bags, Becky disappeared up the stairs. She hurried along behind as quick as she could, looking for room 212. She finally reached the room, set down a couple of bags to free up a hand, and knocked. Becky opened the door almost immediately. “Come in, slut” she said. “Set the bags and purses by the closet.”

Mrs. Johnson set the bags where instructed, then got the other two from the hall and brought them in. She set down the bags and turned to face Becky, but before she had time to realize what was happening, Becky had a blindfold around her eyes and was tying it tightly behind her head.

“Miss Becky,” Mrs. Johnson asked. “Do I really need this?”

SLAP! Her head jerked to the side from the impact of the stinging slap. “Don’t ever question me, slut. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m sorry, Ma’am. Please forgive me,” she begged.

Becky didn’t answer, but she güvenilir bahis did check to make sure the blindfold was tied tight and completely covered her eyes. Then she took Carol’s hand. “Come with me.”

She led her into the living room area of the one bedroom suite. “Stand right there,” she commanded.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Carol responded meekly. Then there was a small amount of movement, followed by several moments of silence.

She sensed someone standing in front of her, then felt hands on her head and fingers running through her hair and stroking her cheek lightly. But they didn’t feel like Becky’s hands. They felt different somehow.

The hands moved to the sweater, unzipping it slowly until it hung open. “How thoughtful of you to not wear a bra, slut,” she heard Becky say from across the room. “You’ve made it very easy for your secret lover.”

Mrs. Johnson held her face straight ahead, as if she could see right through her blindfold and into her secret lover’s eyes. She felt two hands brush back her sweater and take hold of her tits, and she moaned softly as the woman began massaging her. Then she felt the sweater being pushed over her shoulders. Unlike the previous episode, however, this time her lover removed the sweater completely.

She sensed the woman kneeling before her. Then she felt hands releasing the buttons of her skirt and allowing it to fall to the floor, leaving her in naught but her thong and sandals. Feeling a hand on her right foot, she lifted it carefully, allowing the woman to slide off the sandal, then return her foot to the floor away from her skirt. The process was then repeated with the left foot.

Finally, she felt the woman’s hands on her hips, slowly sliding the tiny thong down her legs to the floor. Then she stepped out of the thong, leaving her completely naked in front of her mistress and the unknown woman. And her body tingled, even as her juices began to flow.

“Thank you for undressing me,” she said, hoping to hear the woman’s voice.

But it was Becky who spoke next. “Now you undress her, slut.”

“Yes, Miss Becky,” she replied obediently. She reached out her hands, groping for the woman, at last touching her shoulder. First, she reached for the hair. She slowly ran her fingers through it, holding it out from her head and letting it cascade back. Then she stroked her cheek with the back of her hand, before holding her face softly between the palms of her hands. Leaning in, she kissed the woman, lightly at first, and then with more passion as their tongues interacted together.

There was a familiar feel to this woman. She knew her. She was not a stranger, yet she couldn’t quite put a name or a face to her.

She moved her hands to the woman’s shirt and felt the buttons running down the front. She fumbled with them one by one until she reached her pants, then tugged the shirt out and finished the unbuttoning. Then she pushed the shirt over the woman’s shoulders and off her arms, letting it fall uselessly to the floor.

She hesitated a moment, then reached for the woman’s breasts and began kneading them through her bra. Releasing the breasts, Carol concentrated on the bra, feeling it, running her hands over it. It was a lacy bra with lots of frills. It was a beautiful bra, made for pushing up a woman’s bosom, accentuating her cleavage. And she realized that she saw one just like it whenever she washed her daughter’s underwear.

Kristin Johnson felt her mother’s hands as they moved over her bra. She watched her face as the look of recognition suddenly appeared. ‘She knows,’ Kristin thought to herself.

Suddenly, her body was wrought with tension. How would her mom react? Surely she’d be upset. Why had she gone along with this, anyway? This whole damn thing was obviously a big mistake.

It was Becky that broke the silence. “Is something wrong, slut?” she asked.

Without uttering a sound, Carol lifted her hand in Becky’s direction, extending her palm towards her, silently telling her to stop. For the moment, at least, the game was cast aside. Emotions were flying through Carol’s head faster then she could sort them out. Going to extremes to satisfy her sexual needs was one thing, but with her daughter?

Then again, her daughter must want this to happen. In fact, it already had. Last Tuesday, it was her daughter who’d been her secret lover. It was her daughter who’d finger fucked her ass while eating her pussy. And it was her daughter who’d brought her to a series of mind shattering orgasm.

But that was Tuesday. What would happen if she walked away now? Would they be able to overcome this? Or, what if she didn’t walk away? What then?

She shook her head slowly. Looks like there was nothing to do but go with her heart, and her heart said she loved her daughter, and that nothing would ever change that.

She took Kristin’s face in her hands, leaned in and kissed her softly, lovingly. She turned her blindfolded face in Becky’s direction. “I’m sorry, Miss Becky,” she finally answered. “I must have gotten temporarily distracted. It won’t türkçe bahis happen again.”

She turned back to her daughter and took a long, slow breath. “If it’s okay with you, Miss Kristin, I’d like to continue.”

“Yes, slut. I think I’d like that,” her daughter responded, speaking for the first time.

Carol reached behind her daughter, unsnapped the bra and pulled it forward, freeing her breasts from their constraints. After tossing the bra aside, she unsnapped Kristin’s pants and lowered the zipper. Dropping to her knees, she eased the pants and panties over her daughter’s hips, easing them down her thighs until they fell to the floor. And then she leaned forward and scattered tiny kisses all over her daughter’s stomach.

Kristin took hold of her mother’s shoulders and coaxed her back to her feet, turning her gently so her back was to her. She wrapped her arms around her slut mother and nibbled on her neck, before moving one hand to lovingly caress her breasts while the other hand snaked its way to her pussy.

Carol moaned with pleasure as she felt the loving caresses of her new lover, her legs nearly giving out on her. She pressed her body back into Kristin’s, feeling her breasts against her back and her hips against her ass. For the moment, she was in heaven.

“Slut,” Becky called out.

“Yes, Miss Becky,” she responded instantly, being pulled from her revelry. Her daughter stepped away from her, leaving her alone, naked and blindfolded, in the middle of the room.

“Do you remember what I told you just before I left on Thursday?” Becky asked.

Carol hesitated. “Yes, Ma’am. You said I couldn’t masturbate before I saw you today,” she answered sheepishly.

“That’s right. Do you have anything to tell me, slut?” she asked.

Carol lowered her head. “Yes, Miss Becky. I masturbated.”

Becky was silent for a moment. “Earlier, I had to slap you for challenging my authority, and now I find out that you deliberately disobeyed me. What am I going to do with you, slut?”

“I’m sorry Miss Becky. I’ll be good from now on,” she promised.

“I’m sorry, slut, but that’s not good enough. I think you need a good spanking,” Becky declared. “Maybe that’ll get through to you. Kristin, I think you should handle this.”

Carol stood motionless. She heard a noise that sounded like a kitchen chair being moved. Then she felt fingers grab her firmly by her nipples. “Come with me, slut,” Kristin said.

“Yes, Miss Kristin,” she responded instantly.

Her new lover led her across the room by the nipples, stopping after several steps. “Bend over my knees, slut,” Kristin demanded.

“Yes, Miss Kristin.”

Reaching out with her hands, she located her daughter and lowered herself across her lap. She trusted her daughter and she trusted Becky. Yet her body was trembling on Kristin’s lap. She was scared. But she was also highly aroused, and her juices were dripping from her pussy.

She felt a hand on her ass, gently stroking it at first, then slapping it suddenly, but not painfully. She felt the hand return to her ass, but this time it moved toward her pussy. Subconsciously the prostrated woman arched her ass to the gentle hand, gasping audibly when two fingers slid into her pussy and began moving slowly in and out of her womanhood. But before she could get into a rhythm with the fingers, they withdrew.

SLAP! This time it was hard. This time it hurt. She gasped out loud, biting her lip to keep from crying while trying to deny the pleasure she felt swelling up within her.

SLAP! She gasped again. But the feelings within her kept building.

The fingers returned to her pussy, thrusting in and out of her, sending shivers throughout her body. She could feel her orgasm creeping up. Again, the fingers withdrew.

SLAP! SLAP! This time she cried out in pain as tears swelled up in her eyes. And then she cried out in pleasure as her orgasm overwhelmed her. “Oh yes,” she cried out. “Harder, Miss Kristin, harder.”

“SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The pain was awful, but the orgasm was intense. Her whole body shook as wave after wave of pleasure/pain washed over her.

After a while — how long she couldn’t tell — she regained her composure. “Thank you, Miss Kristin. Thank you for teaching me to be a good slut.”

She felt Kristin grab her shoulders and ease her off her lap. The next moment Kristin was on her knees with her, and they were locked in a tender, loving embrace.

* * *

After a few minutes Becky moved over and stood above them. “It’s time to move into the bedroom,” she announced. Kristin and Carol got to their feet and followed Becky, Carol in front with Kristin guiding her by the hips.

“On the bed, slut,” Becky said. Carol felt around for the bed, and quickly sat down.

“No, slut,” Kristin said. “On your back, in the middle.”

“Yes, Miss Kristin,” she said. She lay down gingerly, very much aware of the discomfort emanating from her buttocks, and eased into the middle. She felt the two women sit on the bed beside her, one on each side. She felt them güvenilir bahis siteleri each take hold of an arm, spreading them sideways just above her head. Then she felt a rope sliding over each wrist and being pulled tight. Finally, they moved to her feet, spreading her legs wide and attaching a rope to each ankle.

Testing her restraints and finding that she had a reasonable range of motion but nowhere near enough to free herself, Carol did the only thing she could. She lay there, totally exposed, wondering what would happen next.

What happened next was a pair of hands reaching behind her head, untying her blindfold and pulling it off. Carol looked up to see Becky and Kristin on either side of her. They were on their knees, facing each other across her belly. She watched her daughter as she reached across her and took hold of Becky’s nipples, and she watched Becky’s hand as it worked its magic on her own pussy while Kristin continued playing with her nipples. Then she heard Becky moan as Kristin leaned across and took a nipple in her mouth while her hands massaged the round globes of her chest.

Finally pushing Kristin away, Becky leaned across and took her tits in her hands and mouth. Carol could see the passion wash over her daughter’s face as Becky devoured her breasts, even as Kristin’s hand moved to her pussy and began stroking her love button.

But then Becky backed away, stood up, and moved to the other bed. She took her position on her back, holding out her arms for Kristin.

Kristin moved quickly to join her lover, burying her head between Becky’s legs while she straddled her face with her dripping pussy.

Carol turned her head and watched the two as best she could. Her body was on fire as she thrashed her hips, seeking relief for her pent up arousal, but finding none. She watched as the two made passionate love to each other, as they rolled around the bed, switching positions but not lessening the attacks on each other’s womanhood until their bodies began jerking spasmodically atop the bed as their orgasms overtook them.

At last they lay quiet, faces still locked in each other’s womanhood, as Carol moaned in frustration, unable to find relief.

Finally the girls separated. “Should we do something for the slut?” Becky asked.

“I don’t know,” Kristin teased. “She seems okay to me.”

“Please help me,” Carol pleaded.

“I don’t know, Kristin. She looks pretty desperate.”

“Well, maybe we could help a little,” Kristin responded.

“Oh yes. Please help me,” Carol pleaded again. “Please help me cum.”

The two young women quickly changed beds, one on each side of Carol. “We put on quite a show, don’t you think, mom?” Kristin teased her mother as she tickled her breasts lightly with her fingertips.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, feeling Becky running her fingers lightly up and down her inner thighs. “You two are so hot. You make me crazy.”

Kristin lowered her mouth to her mother’s breasts, sucking on the nipples like she did as a little baby, while Becky moved her head to the other breast, nibbling lightly on that nipple. Both girls moved their hands to Carol’s pussy, with one stroking her clit while the other stroked her pussy in and out like a piston.

“I’ll bet you wish it was your cunt I was eating, don’t you?” Kristin teased, lifting her head briefly from her mother’s breast.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “I wish you were eating my pussy right now. Please eat my pussy, Miss Kristin. Please make your mother cum,” she begged.

Kristin looked at Becky and nodded. Moving quickly, they each released a leg and an arm from the ropes that bound her. Carol sat up slowly, free from blindfold and rope for the first time. She pulled Kristin to her, sitting her on her lap like she was reading her a story. But instead of reading, she wrapped her arms around her daughter and held her tight. They kissed long and passionately while their hands explored each other’s body, each seeking little ways to pleasure the other.

After a bit Carol rolled Kristin onto her back, straddling her face as she lowered her own head to her daughter’s pussy. As they licked and sucked each other, time lost all meaning. It could have minutes, it could have been hours. The pleasure they gave each other was passionate, yet tender. When they were both satisfied they lay wrapped together in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

* * *

When Carol awoke, it was morning. Still half asleep, she started to get up, only to find that she was once again tied to the bed. This time, however, she was tied face down, with the covers removed. Although there was more slack in the rope then there had been the night before, there was still not enough for her to free herself. She turned her head to look around the room, but saw no one.

“Miss Becky, Miss Kristin,” she shouted. There was no answer. Her first reaction was one of alarm. They had left her there, alone and tied to the bed. Helpless. Gradually, she began to calm down. She knew they wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. She just needed to be patient and wait for them to return. It appeared that, despite the tenderness and passion she shared with her daughter at the end of the evening, when it was all over she was still her slut. This must be their way of reminding her of that.

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