Sultry Sister Ch. 02


I used to stay with my younger brother, John, while he was still studying in college, but he graduated last summer and was going to go home. That was when I realized I was tired of living alone and I decided to go back with him and stay with my family.

Father and my brothers were obviously overjoyed that I was going back. Mother was happy as well, because she was not privy to our family’s little secret. Somehow, we were able to keep it all under wraps from her and my younger brother while I was still living there.

It was a saturday morning. After waking up, I washed up in the bathroom before heading downstairs for breakfast. As usual, I was the last to wake up and the rest of my family members were already downstairs waiting for breakfast.

As I entered the dining room, mother who was cooking in the kitchen spotted me and yelled, “Could you put on some clothes!”

It had been my preference to sleep naked since even before I moved out. However, I only started staying naked all the time at home after I was living alone. Naturally, my father and my brothers were not perturbed by my habit, but my mother thought that it was improper for me to be naked in front of my father and my brothers.

“Yes, mom. I’ll do it after breakfast,” I patronizingly replied as I sat down at the table next to John.

Mother stared at me for a while but eventually gave up and continued to prepare breakfast. She knew that I was not going to do it, because we had the same conversation for the past three months since I came back home.

Looking around the table, father was reading a newspaper while drinking coffee, while Mark was staring at the television and John was playing games on his phone. I leaned over toward my younger brother and reached for his groin.

“I need my morning milk,” I whispered into his ear as I lightly caressed his penis over his boxers.

John immediately shuddered when my hand touched his penis. He looked at me in shock and whispered back, “We can’t, mom is going to find out!”

I ignored him as I reached for his penis through the opening in his boxers and pulled it out. John stopped protesting when I started stroking his penis in my hand. It did not take long before my younger brother’s penis was fully erected in my hands.

As I felt his rock hard bahis firmaları penis in my hand, I was tempted to just ride him then and there, but that would have gotten us into a lot of trouble. Instead, I got down under the table like any good elder sister would and started licking his penis.

As my tongue ran up along the shaft of John’s penis to the head, I could feel his body stiffening up. My hands were softly caressing his thighs as I slowly moved my tongue all over my his penis. However, as I was having the time of my life licking my younger brother’s dick, I heard mother’s voice.

“Where’s your sister?”

My heart almost skipped a beat. I thought there was still going to be a while before she was done cooking. My tongue was still on John’s penis as I froze in fear.

“Umm, she went to the toilet,” John replied.

“Well, breakfast’s ready and I am not going to wait for her. We’re starting without her,” mother said.

I breathed out a sigh of relief. I waited for a while for them to start eating before I continued with my meal.

I made an o-shape with my mouth and took my younger brother’s penis in my mouth. My head started to bobbed up and down on my younger brother’s penis, making a slurping sound. With the sound of the television blaring in the background, I was not worried that mother would hear me.

It did not take long before John reached his limit. His body jerked violently as he ejaculated into my mouth. I tried to swallow every single drop of semen, but there was so much that some of the semen spilled out and dripped onto my body.

Swallowing the semen in my mouth, I started to clean up the mess. Cleaning my younger brother’s penis was easy, I just had to use my mouth and my tongue. After sucking his penis a few more times, I ran my tongue all over it before tucking it back in his boxers. As for the semen on my body, I used my hands to gather them on my palm and then drink it down. Finally, I wiped my cum stained mouth and licked my palm clean.

I was done collecting my morning milk from my younger brother but I was still hungry for more. However, it was still too risky with my mother eating at the table, so I decided to wait. After a while, my mother and my brothers had finished eating and only father was still eating.

I silently kaçak iddaa crawled over to father’s seat while being careful not to make any noises. By then, he had already placed the newspaper on one side and was eating his breakfast. When I started his legs, his legs went tense for a moment but quickly relaxed.

Ever since I came back, I had been making love to both of my brothers and sometimes to both of them at the same time. On the other hand, it had been quite difficult for father and I to find time to make love with each other due to our different work commitments.

I buried my face into the fabric of his boxers as I deeply inhaled the scent that I sorely missed. The smell of the man who made me a woman on my eighteenth birthday filled my nostrils and sent signals into my brain.

I reached into his boxers and pulled out his penis. It was smaller than John’s but it was still my favorite. Taking my father’s penis in my mouth, I started sucking it. I could feel it getting harder in my mouth and knew that it was ready. I stopped sucking my father, stood up and faced my back toward him.

Father was surprised and wondered why I suddenly stopped. However, he soon realized the reason and tried to stop me. It was incredibly risky but I was too horny to think about anything else.

“Not here!” Father whispered, but I ignored him as I held his penis and positioned the tip of his penis at the entrance to my vagina.

As I lowered my lower body, I began to feel my father entering me. It was a wondrous feeling to have such an intimate moment with my father. It was even better than doing it with my brothers. The feeling of having my father’s penis penetrating my deepest place was so incredible that it took everything I had to stop myself from moaning.

However, we were taking too long. In the past, we would be taking our time and making love for the entire day. However, mother was in the kitchen and could come out at any time. We had to finish as soon as possible.

“Dad, you need to help me. Otherwise, we’re going to get caught,” I got up and whispered to my father.

As I bent over the dining table, my father understood what I meant. He stood up and entered me in one go. I was surprised by the sudden entry and almost moaned out.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl, kaçak bahis I should punish you,” father whispered in my ear.

I braced myself against the dining table as my father started to pound me from behind. I was feeling wave after wave of pleasure as my father’s penis slid in and out of my vagina. I lost count of the number of times I came, but it was really a miracle that I did not moan out.

At the moment, we did not care about anything else. So what if mother discovered us? It did not matter to us at that moment. We were relishing the blissful moment of the union between father and daughter.

However, all good things came to an end. I knew my father was going to come. His thrusts started to sped up and his breathing became ragged. He softly groaned as he released his semen inside of me. I could feel a warm feeling spreading throughout my lower regions as my father’s seeds filled me up.

The both of us collapsed onto the chair with my father still inside of me. I could still feel my his penis throbbing as it released another wave of sperms to impregnate me. We were lying there and enjoying the moment when a voice startled us.

“Aren’t you a little too old for this?” mother said.

I looked up to see mother looking down at me. I panicked and tried to explain myself but no words came out. Thankfully, she seemed to have misunderstood something.

“Honestly, if you really wanted to sit on your father’s lap, you should at least wait until you finished your breakfast… and make sure to put on some clothes first!” mother said while shaking her head.

Then, mother turned to father and said, “And you, you’re being too indulgent with her. She’s already 26 years old. She’s already past the age where she can sit on her father’s lap… even more so if she’s naked! As her father, don’t you think you should discipline her a little?”

Mother continued to nag for a while before she went back into the kitchen to continue washing the dishes. I breathed a sigh of relief when she finally left. I though I was done for but I guess normally someone would not think that their daughter was having sex with her husband.

I quickly took the chance when my mother’s back was facing us to stand up. My father’s semen was dripping out of my vagina as I made my way to my seat. I was going to personally see to my father’s cleaning up, but it was a little too risky and I was a little too shaken up. I quietly sat down to eat my breakfast as my father finished his breakfast and left the table.

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