Summer Camp Shower


*All characters in this story are 18*


It was a crazy hot day, the week after I finished my exams and left college for the summer. I was on a camping trip with some friends, 3 dudes including me and 5 girls I didn’t really speak to. We had 4 two- person tents, one with two guys in, two with two girls and I shared a tent with one of the girls (her name was Chloe) we were meant to sleep in the two separate compartments in the tent, but last night she drunkenly stumbled into my part and snuggled into my sleeping bag with me, where we both fell asleep. Anyway, we all woke up quite early in the morning because 1 of the guys was throwing up everywhere most likely as a result to the excessive amounts of alcohol we shared last night. All of the girls and they other guy went to have showers, leaving me in the very pleasant company of ted (sick dude) As I sat next to his heaving ass and patted his back, I scrolled through Instagram. I saw a message from my drummer from my band: ‘we still on today for 10?!’ I slightly shat myself, as I didn’t want to miss the practice again, it was 8:45 now and it would be at least a half hour drive. I stank of cigarettes, alcohol and probably sick, so I ran to the shower room nearby, leaving poor Terry alone with yesterday’s lunch. Upon entering the shower room, I quickly realised how fucked I was, 5 of the stalls were broken, and the last one had a 5 person queue, with one of the girls just finishing.

“Do you think I could go next guys? I really need to be somewhere.”

“Sorry dude, but we’ve all got work at the restaurant in about an hour, we need to rush too” Dan ( the other guy) said.

“Ah shit, ok”.

Me Chloe, and the three remaining girls all waited outside on the bench while Dan showered. I just started chatting with Chloe and Amie, while the other two girls whispered to each other about something or other. He took fucking ages. bostancı escort bayan I was about to just give up and leave as a stinky mess, until he opened the door with a towel round his waist and said “it’s free.” The two girls who were whispering went in together next, and I tried not to get too carried away with my thoughts.

I checked the time. 9:15. Me, Amie and Chloe sat there in an awkward silence while listening to the not so well disguised giggles and moans of the girls inside. I tried to ignore the growing bulge in my pants.

At around 9:35 they came out, grins on their faces and towels barely covering them. I caught a nice view of their barely covered asses as they walked away.

Next was Amie. She only took ten minutes, but I knew I was not gonna arrive for 10. “Ah shit, I’m gonna be so late.” I groaned.

“Same, fucking manager is gonna go on about it all day too.”

As Amie came out, Chloe went in. I sent an apology to the band, saying I was gonna be late. They were fine with it.

Around five minutes after she went in, Chloe popped her head out the doorway to the shower room.

“Maybe we should share, to save time?” I felt my heartbeat quicken a bit, and the idea excited me a lot. I tried to suppress my reaction.

“Sure, sounds like a good idea.”

I got up and walked into the room, where Chloe was stood naked. She was quite short with curvy thighs and small tits that barely came away from her chest. I quickly covered my eyes “shit, sorry, thought you’d have a towel on” I barely managed. She laughed.

“We’re about to share a shower and you’re worried about seeing me naked? Get those clothes off and jump in.”

She got back into the stall and turned the water back on. I was bright red, and my dick was standing to attention. I started to strip. I was average looking, I had a bit of a belly but I wasn’t fat, and my ümraniye escort dick was around 6 and a half inches at full mast. As I pulled my shorts down my cock flipped out of my boxers, hard as a rock. Chloe stole a quick glance and bit her lip, before looking away and getting on with her shower. I put and hand over my crotch in a half hearted and useless attempt to cover my hard on. Chloe was just stood there washing her hair. I got in the shower, brushing against her slightly as I reached to get the shampoo. It was very cramped, which only made my boner worse. I moved my hand from my crotch and put shampoo in my hand. My dick was against her thigh now, but I just carried on washing my hair.

Chloe grabbed the body wash and started washing herself all over, brushing her hand against my dick a few times ‘accidently’. She made a show of trying to reach her back unsuccessfully, and eventually turned her back to me and said:

“Do you think you could wash my back for me? I can’t seem to reach it on my own.” I quickly obliged, rubbing her upper and lower back, and feeling up her ass a bit under the guise of washing it.

“How about a massage? I did keep you warm last night, so you owe me” she giggled. I moved my hands up and down her back, and brought them up to her shoulders, where I gave the best massage of my life. I stared down at her butt while doing this, and accidently poked her with my dick a few times. She just giggled. After the third time my dick poked her she pushed her ass back against it. I moaned. Chloe reach around and pulled my head down, getting me to kiss her neck as she started to rub my cock with her beautiful ass. I started moving my hips in sync with her rubbing, as I cupped her breasts with my hands. Chloe moaned and grabbed one of my hands from her small tit, guiding it down to her warm pussy. I started rubbing it, hoping I was doing it right. She escort kartal turned her head to mine. We made out as she rubbed her ass against me and moaned into my mouth as I played with her pussy.

Chloe reached around and pushed me off herself, before putting her hands against the stall wall and bending over. What a fucking sight.

“Do I need to say anything?” She asked, before reaching down and pulling me towards her with my cock. She positioned it towards her pussy as I pushed in. It felt fucking amazing, she was so tight and warm. I pushed it all the way in and she moaned. I started fucking her slowly, trying not to cum while listening to her. I sped up a bit, my waist slapping against her ass as she pushed back to me. She moved her head up to me and put an arm around my head, making out with me while I fucked her as hard as I could. My thighs against her thighs, my shoulders against her shoulders. We stood fucking in the shower for a while, before she pulled her lips from mine.

“Want to try something else?” She pulled me out of her and turned around.

“Hold my ass.” She demanded. She wrapped her hands around my neck, lifted herself up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I didn’t put my dick back in her yet, instead pushing her against the wall and rubbing my hard on against her pussy. She moved her hand from my neck and put my dick inside herself. I started to push. When it was finally all the way inside, I fucked her as fast as I could, kissing her as I spread her ass and pinned her against the wall. She moaned hard, and I felt her pussy contract around me as she came. I kept fucking her until I felt close to cumming, before pulling out, turning her around and bending her back over. I put my dick back in her and fucked her some more, but I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I pulled out, and she gave a sigh. I started rubbing my dick against her ass again, my balls slapping against her pussy as I quickened my pace, getting closer to cumming. I groaned and kept pushing against her, shooting my cum all over her back and ass. She moaned, turned around and kissed me, while wanking me off and getting the rest of my cum all over her thigh.

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