Summer Heat


The day she met him at the top of the hill for a hike down to the creek was one of those perfect summer days at altitude in Colorado. Bright sun, a gentle breeze, and clean air. They were going to spend an afternoon just being in the world and catching up after having not seen each other in person for way too long. He was excited for her company. The thought of her made his heart rate and his mouth water even though they had never even kissed.

She was wearing a denim shirt over just a sports bra, hiking shorts, and her long toned legs looked amazing even in hiking boots with socks peeking out the top. Her long ginger-blonde hair was arranged in two long braids flowing from under her sun hat and her freckled nose and cheeks glowed with life above her wide, inviting smile. He knew her shining bright blue eyes were sparkling behind the sunglasses when she pulled back from the hug she gave him in greeting.

That hug. It felt so good. Had she felt his hard cock through his shorts? He hadn’t tried to hide it, and she had not pulled away. It had seemed like she had actually lingered just a little. Hiking with a boner was going to be interesting, but he’d rather hike with a boner than without her.

“Ready?” he asked.

“I’m always ready!” she replied.

“Of course. That’s one of the things I like about you…” he responded as he set off down the side of the hill toward their destination – about half a mile and 900 feet of elevation down from where they met. He was glad this was private property and that there was no chance of anyone else being around to intrude on this time together. He had snacks, water, a first aid kit, and a picnic blanket with a couple inflatable travel pillows in his backpack. There were great places to just spread the blanket and relax by the creek. Some of the grandfather pines were hundreds of years old and the pine cone pieces dropped by generations very fat, happy squirrels had grown to several feet deep over decades of solitude. He could think of nothing more comfortable than a blanket over the top of this natural cushion and planned to enjoy the comfort of a perfect afternoon with a beautiful friend, the soft sound of the moving water, and the sound of the wind moving through the trees on it’s way through the valley.

They caught up with each other’s lives as they walked through boulder fields and a section of the property that had been destroyed by a forest fire several years before. The standing dead trees were starkly beautiful in their own way, and the fallen trunks made them pick their way carefully as they made their way down the steep parts of the slope. When he walked this way on his own, the trunks were a pain, but today he was blessing them for the opportunity to touch her as he held her by a hand, or lifted her down from a boulder with his hands on her waist. She didn’t NEED the help of course. She was fit and could probably out-hike him almost any day of the week, but he was a gentleman, and she didn’t mind being reminded that she was a lady. She was letting him touch her. She was teasing him by asking for help she didn’t need. She was flirting with him and they both knew it. She could probably see his cock outlined by his shorts, and he knew she had watched him when he had to adjust it’s positioning as they moved down the slope. There was no path. This was territory he knew, but still an adventure each time he experienced the place. It was always a little different, but always wonderful and satisfying.

After about 30 minutes they reached the meadow at the base of the slope and could hear the water moving in the creek. The sun lit up the opening in the trees like something from a Disney movie come to life. They shared a drink of cool water from his supplies and caught their breath.

“That’s going to be a real workout on the way back up” she observed.

“Well, we’ll worry about that later. We’ll just have to save some energy for the climb… Let me show you my favorite spot and then we’ll explore a little.” He set off down a path made by deer and the annual parade of free-range cattle that were a quirk of old-time property laws in Colorado. Property owners were still responsible for fencing cattle out of a property rather than livestock owners being responsible for keeping their cattle in.

He helped her climb down through the cleft between a couple huge boulders, duck under the branches of a centuries-old pine, avoid the thorns of a few wild raspberries and step around a prickly pear cactus that he always appreciated for its tenaciousness and marveled at how that little dude had found this wonderful valley. It sure as hell beat living in a desert in his opinion.

When they stepped on the rocks to cross the creek and up a few feet to the base of his favorite tree on the entire planet, he saw the expression of awe and wonder on her face. It warmed his heart because he felt that way every time he came down here. He didn’t break the silence. He just set down his pack and spread the blanket under the tree on the bed of loamy pinecone debris he loved so much. He set some river stones on the blanket’s bostancı escort bayan corners, sat down, and invited her to join him for another drink and some snack bars.

They sat in silence for several minutes, just breathing and listening to the wind and the water. She reached over and held his hand. Sometimes silence is the most powerfully intimate connection between friends. This was one of those moments. He savored it and her.

“Such a beautiful spot”, she sighed with a languid stretch.

“I’m happy you like it. Very few people have ever been here.”, he replied. “Come check out this boulder, the moss is like velvet.” He got up and held out his hand to help her to her feet and he lead her over to a boulder about a dozen yards up stream. The rock was about four feet high and 8 feet wide with an angle that invited leaning. He leaned forward resting on the velvety softness of the moss. He rolled over to see why she wasn’t leaning down next to him. She chose that moment to stretch out full length on top of him and kissed him soundly. Her hand went directly to his cock and started rubbing it through his shorts. He returned the kisses with one hand cupping her ass and the other going up to take one of her braids firmly in hand to adjust the angle of their kiss so his youngest could better explore her mouth and move down to taste her throat.

She let out a low moan as he kissed her throat. Her head tipped back to allow him better access while her hands worked to unfasten his shorts. Her hand moved into his pants and wrapped around his cock with a firm and intentional grip of her long warm fingers. Then her other hand pulled his shorts down allowing full access. She slid down his body and without a word took the head into her mouth. She sucked and licked the head moving more and more of him into her mouth. Her hands stroked him lubricating him with her saliva. When she opened her throat and took his full length into her throat he almost came and couldn’t keep his gasp from echoing down the valley. She was making her own happy moans deep in her throat as she stoked and swallowed him. He looked down to see her gorgeous eyes looking up at him from behind her sunglasses. He leaned back and took a braid in each hand, matching her rhythm and telling her how beautiful it was to see her enjoying the way she toyed with him and that if she wasn’t careful she would make him cum too fast. Soon it would be his turn to make her gasp.

She was amazing. He was not going to win any biggest cock awards, but he wasn’t small and she was taking him all the way down time after time when she wasn’t using her hands to keep him right on the edge. Her touch was firm, but she knew not to just pull him, but let the slick wetness from her mouth and throat allow her hands to slide along the shin of his shaft and rotated her fingers around the head before taking him into her throat again and again and again. Just before he was about to come he pulled her up and turned her around with her back to the mossy rock. His hands went to unfasten and remove her shorts and pantries as she removed her shirt & sports bra with one practiced motion.

Her fit body shown in the summer sun. She had freckles on her suntanned collar bones and to his surprise, both of her large brown nipples were pierced. Those nipples called to his lips and he kissed his way down her neck, to her sternum and then over to her right nipple. He sucked it into his mouth and flicked the tip of his tongue around and over the hardening nerves. He played with the nipple stud which made her breathing catch. When he moved his right hand down her tummy and across her pubic bush and gently touched her clit in passing, her legs trembled and she gasped a throaty “oh fuck…”

He moved his hands into position and with a firm grasp easily lifted her to a higher spot on the soft mossy rock and moved down as he spread her legs. He kissed his way down her stomach as he spread her legs wide. As he moved near her clit he flicked it once with his tongue and moved down more to taste the honey dripping from her pussy. He explored each fold of her labia and traced the hood of her clit, coaxing her bud to come out and play.

As tasty as she was, he wanted to savor the experience more. He’d been waiting or years for their friendship to become sexual and he wanted to make sure she never ever regretted letting him in. He kissed the softest skin on any woman’s body, her inside thighs right at the transition from thigh to sex. Here’s didn’t disappoint. The shin glistened with the wetness of her excitement. It made his cock stay hard knowing that she was so wet and turned on. Some excitement can be exaggerated, but this kind of wetness only happened when the lust was real and hot. He loved the way her wetness tasted. He loved the smell of her sex and moved in to slide his tongue as far into her as he could and was rewarded with another gasp from her mouth and flow of sugar from her pussy. He let his tongue go wide and flat as he used it to separate the folds of her skin and open her completely as he shifted ümraniye escort his attention to her sweet little clit.

It was swelling and straining out from under its hood and he slid the tip of his tongue in circles around and under the hood until her hips were moving to the rhythm they had found together. The rock was at the perfect angle to hold her weight and he moved her back a little so he could free one hand come holding her and slid two fingers into her wetness to stretch her wide while one finger bent to stroke her g-spot in time to the movements of her hips grinding against his lips. She kept moaning his name with “yes, fuck, of god, shit” and increasingly involuntary focalization soft her pleasure. He could tell she was getting close to orgasm as her pussy started to contract and her cervix started moving to meet the small in and out thrusts of his fingers deep inside her. To keep her at this edge would be cruel, so he sucked her entire clit into his mouth with powerful suction and strong long strokes of his tongue in rhythm to the movements of her hips. Her pussy started clenching and spamming around his fingers and her wetness splashed against his hand. She arched her head back and let out a wail of pleasure that would have gotten them arrested if they were not miles from the nearest human.

He thought about giving her a moment to recover, but he needed to be in her so much he couldn’t wait. He moved his way up her body, spread her legs wide, and entered her to the hilt in one fantastic moment of tight extacy. If she had not been so wet and slick with her own cum, he would barely have fit. She cried out and her eyes rolled back in her head as his big cock stretched her pussy wide and so deep it felt like there was no room for anything in her body or her world than his hard flesh inside her womanhood. He thrust into her again and again. Taking her like an animal in the wild. Their mouths found each other and she kissed and licked her own wetness from his face.

She growled into his ear her desire for him to fuck her hard and deep. She growled “fuck my little tight pussy! Fill me with your hot cum!” And, “I’ve wanted you in me from the moment we met, keep fucking me, you feel so good, I’m going to cum again…your going to make me cum again…keep fucking me…oh so deep…fill me…fill my pussy with your cum!”

He felt his cock shift from just hard to pulsing in the pre-cum anticipation. He looked at her and told her to look into his eyes and keep her eyes open looking into his. She complied. Their mouths upended and tongues met and with an intense burst of energy and with their eyes locked he started pumping her pussy full of stream after stream of cum while her orgasm pulsed on time to his strokes. He kept moving in and out of her smooth, cum-filledpussy long after his orgasm had subsided because her tightness was made all the more exquisite by the perfect lubrication of their shared cum.

When he could breathe again, he smiled at her and she smiled back. With one smooth motion he lifted her in his arms and carried her back to the blanket.

They sat and shared a drink of water. And then with a glint in her eyes, she surprised him and said “I need a snack” as she pushed him back onto the blanket and took his cock back into her mouth. One hand stroked his balls while the other fingered his nipples. His cock was limp and covered with their mingled cum, but not for very long. She pulled back long enough to tell him she loved the taste of her pussy and his cum all combined on his growing cock. He had no reply, but just laid back to enjoy her gift.

His dick was not hard after having just filled her minutes before, so the whole thing fit easily into her warm mouth. Her tongue was doing magical things to him, sucking any remaining cum from him and licking the musky, salty-sweet residue of their lovemaking from his skin. Her fingernails ran over the skin of his balls and her breasts pressed against his thigh as his cock started to respond & grow in her mouth. He found that his hands had started unwinding her braids and releasing her gorgeous long air to fall across his skin.

He was in heaven. He was not good at surrendering and just receiving, but it clear that she was enjoying the giving as much as he was enjoying her gift, so he turned his need to control the encounter to neutral and surrendered to her lead. She was taking him deep again and using her hands more aggressively on his balls. He held her hair out of the way to watch the beauty of his shaft disappearing into her mouth. She was looking up at him with sparkling eyes. Her pupils were dilated with her lust. She let a mouthful of spit slide over his cock and with one smooth motion straddled him and buried his cock in her pussy again. They gasped simultaneously, then she leaned down over him to kiss him with lips softened and swollen from giving the blowjob. Her hips started to slowly move on his shaft grinding her clit against his pubic bone. He adjusted the angle of his hips to allow her clit to ride his shaft with each stroke up and grind into him each time escort kartal she moved down to accept his full length into her soul.

She moved from his kiss to suck, lick and nibble his ears and neck. She whispered “you feel so fucking amazing inside me, so fucking good…just move with me…so fucking gooooooddddd…” He made no reply other than wrapping his hands around her and massaging her back in motions echoing her movements. His touch also added strong pressure and power to her grinding into him. He expected his pubic bone would be bruised and sore, but he also knew his cock was stretching her enough that she would be sore too. Her pushy was so tight & he feel her pussy lips gripping him with each stroke even though her pussy almost splashed with moisture each time she rose up on him and then slowly slid back down to impale herself on his slick hardness.

Her breathing subtly changed so he started matching the movement of her hips. He began slowly rising up to receive her downward motions and add power to the force of the pressure on her clit. When she rose up he made sure the head of his cock almost, but never fully left her. He stopped kneading her back and reached up to grab two fists full of her hair and pull her head back. He pulled hard enough that her back arched and the full length of her throat was exposed for him to kiss. He drank the sweat beading up at the hollow of her neck and sat up enough to catch first one nipple and then the other with flicks of his tongue.

She had started moving with several grinding motions between each vertical stroke. He felt her pussy tighten and the texture of her wetness become more silky. Her cervix was stroking the tip of his cock when she slammed down on him with a cry & ground her clit against his motion and let her orgasm take over. He moved with her as one body and let her head tuck back down to his ear as she whimpered and moaned with each wave of pleasure consumed her from the inside out. His hands moved down to her hips and slid back up her spine to let her know she was safe and loved as she returned back to their blanket beneath the grandfather pine.

After a few moments to catch her breathe, she rose up on him & stretched. Her hair was magical, her breasts glowed in the dappled sunlight, and she wiped some tears from her eyes with a smile and sighed. He sat up and wrapped his arms around her kissing her breasts, neck and lips. She shifted her legs from being on her knees straddling him to wrapping them around him with her full weight in his lap and his cock still buried inside her.

He locked his eyes on hers and kissed her again. He allowed his attention to consciously circulate his yang energy into her through his cock and receive her yin blessings from her eyes and mouth. He felt the energy start to move through them, wrapped an arm around her ass, lifted and turned her onto her back without breaking the flow or letting his hard penis slide out of her.

He rose up and stretched her legs out wide to give her a stretch and kissed her calves and the soft skin behind her knees. He looked down at her and was breathtaken with her beauty. She was there, completely open to him. Her hair framed her elfin features, brilliant eyes and high cheek bones. Her breasts invited him to kiss and suck her nipples. He accepted that invitation while he withdrew his cock to be just inside the walls of her pussy and started moving with slow shallow strokes teasing her sensitive opening and feeling the wetness of her orgasm heighten every millimeter of contact. He could smell the sweat of their skin and the sweetness of her pussy combined with the smells of pine and nature all around them. The moment was primal and gentle and better than anything he could have imagined.

He kissed her and moved deep in and out of her again before he moved one of her legs over to turn her on her side. He bent the knee of her top leg up to give him full access to thrust into her deep while he straddled her lower leg and his balls slid along her inner thigh with each stoke. The view of his cock moving into her and the wetness covering her from pubic hair to asshole and a good third of the way down her thighs turned on his dominant urge again and he started to thrust into her harder.

He loved the sight of her ass and with one hand spread her ass open & stroked his opposite index finger slowly up and down through her ass crack and circled her rosebud asshole moistening her opening with the smooth wetness of her own juices and their mingled cum. She moaned with pleasure at the taboo sensation so he continued gently probing the area to encourage her to relax the opening enough for his finger to slide inside her. It didn’t take long before she arched her hips inviting him to slide the finger just inside her first circle of anal muscles. Now he added a little motion and pressure to the wall between her pussy and ass. Her eyes were closed as she arched her body even more onto his finger allowing it to slide deeper into her tight secret pleasure. His finger went past her second set of muscles and he slowly moved it in and out of her ass as she relaxed and accepted this exploration. He lubricated another finger with the wetness flowing from her and gently slid both fingers into her ass. She was breathing deeper now that her little pussy was full and her ass was opening to his touch.

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